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Canes talk Duke, bouncing back from FSU

I'll be back later with some notes and thoughts from Tuesday's press conference before the Duke game. But for now, here are some interviews from today.


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shannon sucks. he should have been gone last year. send whipple's sorry a@$ packing too. they call that a pro style offense. that crap sucks.

Attention everyone, Attention. dolphin77 has figured it all out. We can all go home now and stop wondering why we didn't beat FSU. Thank you dolphin77, thank you. Your insightful commentary has brighten all our days.

Thanks Dolphin77...they should hire YOU as coach...in fact, you should just rule the entire world.

FIRE RANDY SHANNON...big talk agaisnt who? duke? wow thats a b-ball school not a football schoool. who cares if u win by 60 points.. thats not bouncing back. the back up players should be playing by the end of the 1st quater. take that crap somewhere else cuz all that big talking only proved one thing saturday... that the canes need change now....randy leave or get fired

I'm not here to click on interviews. Not really interested in hearing what these players have to say until they can beat a ranked team with something on the line. Canes of old could talk the talk and walk the walk! with these new wave Canes--they jury is still out.

I could care less what they say, too. You're suppose to jabber the jibber not jibber jabber.

Just stop talking and win one for the Gipper.


I have no doubt they will beat a duke team that is horrible this year. That said i dont think shannon should of been fired last year. What was the reason improving by 2 wins from previous year. That said i always said to giv ehim 5 yrs to prove he can get this team back . I think this is yr 4 That said we are starting to see a pattern This team seems to overlook very good opponents. How can u overlook a 4-1 fsu team whose your biggest rival they didnt even show up to play. At least randy took the blame and didnt throw it all on the players. Of course if im a player and i watch a guy who cant seem to remember what the play is half the time or route he should run and tends to give up on his routes 85 pct of the tiem in benjamin keep his job i tend to stop beliveing if i dont play hard ill lose my job.

I have no beef with Shannon but I would like to see some fire once in awhile! Guy acts like he cannot remember anything about Canes teams he played on. All the mularkey about not looking at the past and so on, so forth--maybe he should. Somebody better let these players know--scholarships can be rescinded! remind them constantly that this is the "U" and if you're going to perform poorly--the fans WILL call you out--unmercifully if need be.

Just curious, of all the fans who are saying fire randy and whipple now, how much do you want to bet these are the same fans who were saying fire randy and make whipple the head coach? my bet is theyre one and the same

Jacory Harris will haunt all of our memories forever. Go Blue Devils!!

Mike Leach!!!!!! The guy would come cheap and he did a lot more with a lot less talent at Texas Tech in a better conference. Pro style offense doesn't even work best in the pros anymore.

Get with the times or the times will leave you behind.

I agree that Shannon shouldn't have been fired last year. I don't think he should have ever been hired in the first place. Miami wouldn't swallow it's ego & re-hire Butch Davis. Then, they had a chance to hire Tommy Tuberville & passed. Now, they're stuck with Shannon & mediocrity for another few yrs until they fire him.

Any Georgia Tech, North Carolina or Virginia Tech football players. Miami players are soft, punch them in the mouth cause they are a coward, bully team.

Jacory Harris is not in shape, and isn't a D1 QB anymore. Please snap our twig QB in half. Thank You.

Grateful Cane Fan, when you beat us & knock our punk QB into retirement!

Go Blue Devils!!

Blitz our twig QB every chance you get...please send him to the hospital.

randy please fire whipple or u will be next.

Me thinks it is time for this blog to shut down. There are things being said that are subhuman and anti-human. Either filter the blog or terminate it.

the fsu game reminded me of the Canes my senor year 73 the d. and the o. and sp.t's were'nt even at the game and the coaches are afraid to think creatively and use players so they can compete in GAMES not practice RS seems to forget when he was a Cane and Whip seems to have lost his imagination...oh well...lots of season left to salvage...think and play smart

It's sad to see the things being written on here by supposed UM fans. I feel like I am the most die hard fan there is and I was and still am pissed at how they played Saturday night but you people are ridiculous. I support Shannon and I realize (gulp) that Jacory is the best QB we have right now. Try supporting instead of hating. Go Canes!!!

Wake up people, these are kids that are 18 to 20 years old so dont be shocked when you but all your cards in their hands bad things can happen. I'm a long time canes fan and yes the loss to FSU was bad but the program is better than it was 3 years ago and we still have a chance to win our division and play FSU in a rematch. If Randy doesnt keep improving each year, we will havea new coach and then start this all over again.

Food for thought...How about Butch Davis?Probably looking for a job at the end of the season.He had to play the game to get anyone to come to UNC.H e got caught.He did it RIGHT by all accounts when he was here.H e won't need to break the rules ...the talent is on his doorstep here.He probably won't be overpriced.Please don't give Coker credit for bringing in what is possibly the best team ever in college football.Butch has all the background we need.Players,administration,fans all liked him(till he bolted).He can get players to the next level and graduate them as well.Makes perfect sense to me.

Is Steve really going to allow the sub-human piece if garbage to post with the ID of "Sickle cell.". Really?

This is more from that same blog Pig who should die a painful death in a horrific car accident. That is, if there is a car big enough to load his bloated carcass into.

You still suck, Pig.

caneshope, me thinks the crap above is the same stuff the gaturd trolls do all the time.

Posted by: Sickel Cell#12 | October 12, 2010 at 08:23 PM

Posted by: ATTENTION PLEASE | October 12, 2010 at 08:18 PM

Man there ain't nothing to support except mediocrity, a coach who should not be the coach, a coach who has got all of the talent in the world and he can't get them up to play FSU. U damn right I hate, I hate losing but besides that I hate losing when we have superior players and the school doesn't care about the major money making sport enough to hire a real head coach, Instead they go hire someone who can barely speak two sentences. A cheap imitation of one that is on his fourth year and has yet to beat anyone other than a beat down injury riddled Oklahoma team that started a freshman QB and just barely won by one point at home.

Some ofthese posts are really pathetic.

Ihave said some things myself. But fact is,

It isnt that bad...
1) We could be Florida. 4-2, plus 30 arrests and also an injured QB. and they were expected to play for the NC. Someone on here predicted that and a Brantley heisman!

2) we could be Penn state. pathetic

3) we could be Notre Damned. sad.

4) we could be Michigan. Ahhh the hopes on Denard Robinson. Poof! Gone in a spartan minute!

5) Clemson...always wishing...

6) we could be USC. On probation./

7)we could be Texas...started the yr in the top 5. Now what?

So... simmer down fans. Give it time. One week at a time.

Next up- Duke. Don't even look past Duke. Every week learn something. Improve on something (Run coverage, special teams, catchingthe danged rock)

The FSU game was embarrassing, but there's no point in looking back at it and lamenting over the beat down. Miami seems to be flat and uninspired when they play these big games. It's almost like they have no belief in themselves even when they can hang with a team.
I have no doubt in my mind that UM could've beaten Ohio State, but they played scared and careless football. Look, ultimately this falls on the players, but it also falls on the coaches. I say give Shannon more time to right the ship. See what he does the rest of the year and the next and then we can truly judge.
Do you know John Wooden was at UCLA for 15 years before he won a national championship?
So maybe Shannon isn't the same caliber coach that Saban, Stoops, Meyer, and Tressel are, but it doesn't mean he can't be successful. Maybe it'll just take more time for him.
Remember when the Canes were destroyed by Syracuse in 1998, 66-13? It was atrocious. That team was young but it had James Jackson, Ed Reed, Dan Morgan, Nate Webster, Edge, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, Leonard Myers, Bubba Franks, Mike Rumph, the late Chris Campbell, and Damione Lewis. Stacked and they still got crushed!!! The next week they come out and beat the No. 1 team in the nation at the OB.
Let's just have faith in our team and hope that things are moving in the right direction. We'll soon find out as this season and the next play out.

The most disappointing thing about this whole situation is UM is stuck with Randy Shannon for awhile. At least J12 will be gone after next yr. There is nothing to look forward too all hope is lost. 2-3 more losses ahead. Has ne 1 checked J12 for color blindness might explain why he throws it to the other team so much. Fire Everyone!!! Everyone! Hell im startin to miss Coker.

You people sticking up for Shannon are the stupidest people I have ever encountered. Oh and that team was mostly sophmores not juniors and seniors plus UCLA was not the number one team in the nation at that time either and Syracuse played at home that day and had Donovan McNabb as their QB. Theres a big difference between playing against McNabb at the Carrier Dome with a slew of sophmores and playing a rebuilding Florida State Team with Christian POnder at QB with a bunch of Juniors and seniors that have started since they got here. Sorry but that argument doesn't hold its weight in water. U could give SHannon immortality and he would never win a National Title and I don't know about you but I aint trying to wait that long.

Agreed rank the coaches in just the acc Where would shannon rank? its not all shannon's fault This team has no heart no fight As R.E. Ermy would say "there's no fight left in ya , You boys are nutless"

good to see Coop back!!

Average Coaches = Average Team

I agree 100% with you defensewins good to see Coop back and Average coaches = Average Team

Don't you Shannon defenders understand that we will be playing in front of an empty stadium from now on?

Do you see how big of an issue that will create for recruiting?

UNC game won't draw 30K...not for this team.

We are coming full circle now. It's just a matter of time before UM will be giving away tickets at McDonald's again.

Its funny you guys on here talking about break harris neck and all and he is a bum are retards. Just last year im sure you were the same ones praising him after the 3-1 start get a grip he is a kid and has to grow the only thing you can blame him for is not playing with caution because he knows his spot cant be taking. Likewise you were the same talking about how whipple had a amazing offense last year and in "08" when shannon had that great recruiting class that was probably you there to praising him so now maybe you same fans should shut up and let him coach and teach the players. It also makes you wonder if one of you who want jacory dismantled are the same ones who were saying idiot things about haveing a black qb get a life if you are a real fan be that if not move around get off the wagon and stay off.

Shalala and Shannon have killed UM Football. Wake up peope, it's going to get worse before it gets better as long as both of them are around. The troll wants us to be Duke in every way except for Basketball.

There ain't no wagon but the loser Shannon wagon. We are on the we want to win wagon dummy. I don't care if Shannon's skin color is green with pink pokadots or Harris's either as long as they would win but they aren't doing that now are they whiz kid. And since you want to bring up the race thing, do you not think it was funny that Shannon ran off 3 white guys (Marve looks white) that were QBs just so Harris could be his QB. Don't you think its strange that there are alot of white QBs that go on to other schools and are not even recruited by MIami, and all we have recruited the last few years is black QBs. Now dummy who is the racist. I am going to go out on a limb and bet that u are black and thats why you make up one excuse after another for your boys Shannon and Harris. You see with you is you don't care if the U wins National titles and gets back to being on top, all you care about is backing your loser boys SHannon and Harris because they are black not because they are best for the jobs.

Hate to break it to you but if you think a great coach makes a great team your sadly mistaking great coaches are great (and shannon is a great defensive coach by the way)but that doesnt equal championships tuberville didnt win anything out right but you want him for some odd reason butch davis didnt even when anything at any level but you think he is a great coach where is the proof the last couple of years he has had great recruiting classes no titles or bcs bowls. LARRY COKER WON A NATIONAL TITLE AT MIAMI please remember this when u suggest that it takes a great coach to win a championship. Shannon is not without fought but it could be worst he does need to recruit better he isnt feeding on backyard talent for whatever reason but again it could be worst just remember that and this no matter who comes in as coach they will still have the same academics to deal with and the fact that miami facilities are crap compared to the rest of major programs and that isnt shannons fought either. Now go ahead geniuses let me have it.

Its fault genius. Not Fought. Who said anything about Tuberville anyway. And if you think Butch did not make us indestructable U truely are as ignorant as your prior post. Everyone Knows you have to have talent to win but you have to have a great coach to motivate them, and coach them to get the most of their abilities. Shannon has all the talent a coach could want aside from a QB (which is his fault) and he can't win big games. Now yes he can beat the dukes, the FAMU's, and the Pittsburgh's of the world but when it comes to the big games he can't even beat Butch and UNC. So please get a life, alittle perspective and lose the dumbass excuses before you make yourself sound so stupid. K

Actually its most important to me that they win championships and yes yes i am black and you are definately right about shannon for some reason seeming to run off white qb or not recruit them all together it is a bit idiotic there normally better for a pro-style offense not to stereotype. But you people are entirely to judgemental you jump on then back off on a regular basis instead of just letting it play out he didnt have any players when coker left nobody thinks about that he should have succeed this year things havent gone as planned they can still win the acc and go to a bcs game now if he doesnt bring them back to national power by the end of next yr by all means it may be time to look elsewhere but he is barely through his first recruiting class and you idiots want him gone look at it like this what if coker were still there with what he was putting on the field would you be happy because he won a title give him a year and your right i will stick up for (MY BOYS) because some idiots not pointing fingers thinks race makes for great coaches and qb. NEXT

@ linksays You know that old saying? if you touch the ball , you gota catch the bal" my God, 99% of those droped balls , should have been cought, y some of you guys wer problably nicknamed butter fingers look at the isue thats the most most oviuos!!!! you gota catch the dam ball!!! iv seen miami play wen Gustafson was coach uH? heard of him? nobody in cane History threw the ball harder than Geoge Mira, problem was he didnt have that soft touch, and some of the passes he threw just ricochette

No but a great coach would have his players up for a game as important as the one last Saturday nite against their arch rival, would you not think? Wouldn't you say it is fair to say that he, SHannon that is, your boy, was completely outcoached by a guy who is in just his third or fourth game who has no head coaching experience and I might add has a much less talented team that what Randy has. Now if this was Coker, who I wanted gone as well after the 04 season, or any other Head coach that was white you would be screaming at the top of your lungs to get rid of him last year instead of now. Correct. No body said anything about race making a great head coach, so quit dreaming up stupid crap like that because it really makes you sound desperate. Look I'll see u later, got business to attend to 2morrow but I look forward to bustin your excuses and meaningless points up then. So Next!!!!!!!!!!!!

quetion?who recruited the guys that Coker Won With?


You idiotic apologists are part of the problem. you settle for less. You make excuses. We can win the weak ACC? WHO GIVES A F***!!!! If you don’t want to be elite youre not a canes fan. Stop saying “we can still…” im sooo tired of hearing that lame s***. This is the U. we are about championships. Not 9-3 seasons and a solid bowl game. stop drinking the kool-aid and be objective when evaluating our team. Look at the GIANT turnarounds from other coaches at other programs. Saban has returned bama to dominance. Butch and spurrier have taken conference doormats and made them top 25 teams. Meanwhile we are sitting in year four of shannons regime with ZERO progression and improvement. Don’t give me the “improved record each year” excuse either. Look at our wins. Many of them for the most part were either atrocious opponents or were lucky/close wins. Whereas our losses were pathetic blowouts in which we underperformed and were outcoached. If games were played on paper there would be no need to play them. stats can be misleading. look at the play on the field. Watch the games on the field. You have to see the deficiencies in this team. The players have NOT improved from the day they arrived on campus. The only difference that accounts for the record improvement is that the TERRIBLE coker era players were weeded out and are no longer starting on the team. The kids randy recruited were talented coming out of high school but haven’t progressed at all since day one. undersized players are still undersized. We still make freshman mistakes. No one has made SIGNIFICANT improvements in their craft. The only possible IMPROVEMENT exception would be hankerson because he was an absolute nobody until he sought outside help from duper. Now he is at least a somewhat decent player. We play with NO FIRE and intensity. You think any of the former cane greats would have taken that loss in the a** like that!? NEVER. The team doesn’t have the heart and passion of THE REAL U of old. Where is the swagger? Where is the trash talk? Where is the confidence? Aggression? Intimidation? Why don’t we play fearless? What happened to stomping on the other teams logo? What happened to our players wanting to annihilate the opposition? Where is kellen’s soldier rant? Where is ed’s halftime speech? The army fatigues? The U no longer has swagger… and randy Shannon killed it. Opponents no longer respect us. No one fears us. We play soft. We don’t go hard for 60 minutes. Make no mistake, randy Shannon (and the administration) is the problem. it pains me to say it but its true. He’s let top recruits slip away. he folds under pressure. Gets flustered when the heat is on. Even something as simple as a media questionnaire he cant handle without getting frustrated and thinking everyones out to get him. (which is sad because if used properly the media can be a heck of a recruiting tool) He has no emotion. his speeches are uninspiring. And he cannot coach on gameday. He is a stoic and lost looking figure. His gameplans are awful. He makes no in-game adjustments. He has way too many personel mistakes. He is constantly outcoached. He is a great man and mentor of these young kids but he shouldn’t be the head coach. A demotion back to defensive coordinator should be in order. he deserves to be kept on board at least. Although with shannons conceited attitude he would probably never accept the offer. Im just tired of it. I need to see improvement on the field. Shannon needs to win the acc and bcs game as well or its over for him. Its as simple as that.

figured id throw a few coaching names out there because I don’t see us beating UNC or VTECH which means no bcs:


hell throw out some old far-fetched choices too:


I think people need to stop blaming whipple too. The fact is he doesn’t have a qb to execute his pro-style system. If we had luck, ponder, mallet, locker, barkley, etc our offense would be ridiculous.

another thing, john gruden is the worst coach in America. And leach needs to go be lost at sea somewhere. Thank goodness you guys don’t make the hiring decisions…

oh, and for you dummies b****ing about teddy bridgewater… shut up. hes not jacory harris. hes tons better and isn’t soft like harris is. At worst he becomes a heck of a receiver. Stay with the U teddy.



Get this team up for Duke!!! No excuses this weeK. Show some fire on the sideline Canes. Jacory show some passion and RUN the ball more.

Go Canes

championships is all that matters: Im back its funny i didnt make up the thing about race that really happened and i made alot more points than just the one about race and coker. Your right though shannon sucked as a coach last week but why is it that you choose to pick and choose what you speak on from what i said speak on it all my friend. For the record i actually wanted to see then get Schiano as the coach and keep shannon as dc back then but i definately wasnt mad to see shannon get drafted and further more i never said anything about race involving a head coach idiot and i dont care if they have a green head coach as long as the guy wins and shannon has won maybe not big which definately presents some problems for him. Get your facts straight and you pretty much havent shot down much the one thing you did i definately agree with you on (shannon only seems to recruit black qbs) but other than that you havent really made relevant points if your a fan be a fan you sound like someone that is just doing what he sees everyone else doing but that just my opinion. NEXT LOL

Wow, I think it's time for second grade English class, that should get most of you off this board for a while.

1996 9-3
1997 5-7 Butch Davis era
1998 9-3
1999 8-4
2000 11-1

RS Era
2007 5-7
2008 7-6
2009 9-4

I still remember the canic holding a sign during the butch davis era "Champs to Chumps in one year. Everyone was calling for butch to get fired...

Randy will win more NC's than any other coach in the history of football. Just wait and see

first thing pisses me of about shannon!
he claims the ohio state game in 02 had no bearing ont this years game and revenge was not a factor......
SHANNON you are a dam lie! to hell if aint a revenge game ... they stole something from us ... so we need to steall some thing from them. their hearts their souls., that should have been the pregame speach. we had 50 pass attempts at fsu...they had 21 ....can for one game we run more than we pass for just one game ....i lost respect for whipple when he came out with a pass happy game plan against vtech last year.....the coaches dont realize they kill our momentum in every game .. and all this not wanting to run up the score ... that is bull sht ... we need to throttle every body get the team in a mentality to never let off the breaks so we can get a closing the game mentality.....for the rest of the year we need to put jacoru on punishment .. no deep passes and no more than 25 pass attemps .... i dont care if we run 3 straight times and 3 and out 3 straight times at least we can puint the ball and play field position... in stead of giving the ball up in our own territoty giving away points...

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