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Canes talk Florida State

Here is a collection of video interviews from Tuesday as the Canes prepare for their Saturday night showdown against Florida State at Sun Life Stadium. I'll be back later with some notes...


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Over an hour of video interviews!

For a team that supposedly doesn't give much access, Manny and Susan sure are providing alot of detailed information on the Canes!

Go Manny!

Shannon sounds so much better when you listen to him speak than he does when you see his quotations written down.

The guys sound pumped, and that's good to see. I know it's FSU, but I'm still worried because of coming off the road trip and the perception that FSU is worse than Clemson that we'll relax a bit without even thinking about it. But they look amped and ready to go. There should never be any need for extra motivation for this one. This is where we show we're really the class of the state of Florida this year.

I'm getting nervous about Harris' shoulder. But FSU is the perfect thing to get Travis Benjamin out of his funk. He owns these guys.

Go Canes! Dominate this game!

This will be a good day for Benjamin - he will prevent 3 ints by playing defense on Jacory floaters.

Can't wait for Saturday night. Does any one know what the temp. will be. I hope the offence shows. Jacory will play! He played most of last season with a
n injury to his throwing hand and this one is not on the throwing side. If he does get hurt then we will have all the questions answered about NO VIABLE BACK-UP. What kind of message does that send our BACKUPS???

Jacorry dont matter. This game has to be won in the trenches and establishing a running game. We run the ball 20-30 times for 150 yds, we win.

HAVE TO RUN THE BALL WELL. ANd cant quit if FSU is semi succesful initially stopping the run. The moment we become one dimensional, it may be over.

Defense has to make Ponder run for his life and hurry his throws.

I guarantee Fisher will make him throw bubble screen after bubble screen to counteract the defensive pressure. Got to watch those screens/ LBs have to be disciplined and takle well./

Unrelated to FSU, but manny except for storm johnson and clements (who barely saw the field) and henderson and linder I've yet to see another freshman out there... I mean i'm glad we have the depth now but do you know how they've been practicing? I'd like to see some of them push starters especially players like latwan anderson, keion payne, kacy rodgers, and the guy you wrote so much about kevin nelson. Btw any news how Dyron dye is practicing? should be good now that hes not injured

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