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Canes video: Behind the scenes of UNC win

Here is a fun behind the scenes look at UM's 33-10 win over North Carolina courtesy of Hurricanes Gameday including a peek at UM coach Randy Shannon being presented the game ball after the game.

Tune into CSS on Thursday at 5:30 pm and Saturdays at 10:30 am for the full episode including an interview with Shannon each week.


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The guys presented randy with the game ball and he gave it away. I'll bet that made them feel a lot better . Shalala does not even belong in that locker room. I'll bet she already sold it .

wat is that midget doing in the locker room?snow white is in the forest... she needs to go back to the ugly cave she came out from...

Sid - Did you even watch the video? Looked like Shannon gave Shalala an honorary game ball and moments later Jacory pulled out a game ball which he presented to Shannon for taking down Butch.

So again, let's not start s**t here for no reason. Randy didn't give away the ball the kids gave him. He gave the Pres a ball and then the players gave him one.

Shalala doesnt deserve that ball...she probly was upset by our image saturday

Posted by: fastmoneycashmoney | October 28, 2010 at 10:17 PM

You dont deserve to be taking up space by posting on here seanwilson523@hotmail.com
Dont you have to catch up on your facebook buddy Justin Bieber and his life

good to see the respect the team has for coach shannon. glad they gave him the game ball.

Shala and Shannon has to be dating or something. Great win saturday but im not impressed that Shannon finally beat butch Davis without the cornerbacks, top 5 defensive end pick, 1st round defensive tackle pick, and there best WR Greg little. We have 2 cupcakes the next 2 weeks and than i will judge these guys once again against V.T. ACC CHAMPS nad BCS CHAMPS or Shannon must go. I doubt it though because the football team is not the money maker at the school any and i heard Shala raises close to a billion for the school every year. We are on here mercy...

Wow! I got goose bumps from the pre game speech!
We need to win out!
Win the ACC title game!
Win our bcs bowl game!
These seniors will be stars in the NFL!
New Recruits will come our way!

Sporty-j aka Sean Wilson, Go crawl back in your cave and shut the heck up already
We arent impressed with your posts or the fact that you rent a trailer

See- NC state 28, FSU 24

THis is why we cant get too upset at Miami and RS. games like that happen all the time esp when you are rebuilding. NC state lost to East carolina. East carolina!

So, Miami didnt show up against the noles. The only thing that we will never know is >>>What if they had shown up?

But that is neither here nor there. The canes have destiny in their hands.

Go canes.

Destroy the cavaliers.

yep i told everyone shannon's the guy for the job. just becuase he is not having panic attack like some scraps doesnt mean he doesnt care. this is the man for the job. yes sir.... 2011 nat'l champs

Why is a guy wearing an f'ing mask in the lockeroom during pregame.

Why is that troll in the room during post game?

Posted by: Yep..Bacon Is Trying Again

Nope ...i'd much rather be gettin acquinted with ur mamas mouth !!!

LOVED this video...wish we could see more of the behind the scenes.

That said, giving the game ball to Shalala? Are you serious? What the heck is she doing for us?

The best pass of the year Jacory made was stealing that ball and giving it to its' rightful owner---Randy Shannon, whom finally showed fire and passion for our beloved 'Canes.

Lead Randy, FIRE up our weapons, our amazing athletes, we are with you....it's 12-2 or bust. Sorry we are so demanding, but anything shot this season after all the hype and we are going to be FURIOUS out here.

HIRE MIKE LEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was excellent!! I got jacked up and wanted to hit something!!!! Cavs are in trouble!!!

Shannon no more L's this season.. if shannon looses to VT, he must go..no respect for wanna b's either u bring us national titles or move on for the next person that will....

Wow, watching the pre and post game speach gave me goose bumps. Coach Shannon needs to continue being loose win or loose so these guys can begin to play up to their potential.

Great Video!! It shows the players have a lot of love for their coach. Hopefully this team can build on the NC win and play with more consistentcy. Especially on offense. Canes fans on this blog need to wake up to the new reality of college football. We are no longer in the 80's and 90's where the canes would just show up and win. There is much more parity in college football like in the NFL. The canes have also not had a great quarterback since Dorsey and college football is all about the QB. Look how average Texas and Florida are without McCoy and Tebow. Is Urban Meyer now a bad coach? No, his QB's are doing nothing. Wether you like Shannon or not, his fate will rise or fall with the play of Harris and his future QB recruits. After watching this video, I am pulling for Shannon and hope Jacorey plays better.

well said ebailey

Great video there.

Dominate means dominate. Not throwing ducks that your talented receivers pluck from midair. How can you guys drink the Kool Aid that RS and Jacory are serving you? You throw ducks against good teams (Ohio and Fla State) and you get smoked. How on earth can you call yourselves canes fans by celebrating a win against a handicapped team? Ed Reed's speech would mean nothing to these guys because they are not LED. All of ya'll are canes fans because "canes" meant coming in to someone's house, destroying them and leaving in a little dance for the whole world to see. Don't even focus on the UVA and MD games--Miami shouldn't even worry about games like this. But I can see the headlines now, "Harris' 3 TDs, stout D Put Away Cavaliers/Terrapins." Get it through your heads, when Miami doesn't dominate, something is wrong with the universe. Rebuilding was over last year. A well-coached team--really--a well coached team last year goes into Blacksburg and dominates! It sure as hell doesn't lose to Clemson, UNC or Wisconsin. Why are you people settling? Miami means bringing recruits in from the greatest hotbed of football talent in the country and leading them with hungry yet unproven (and underpaid) coaches who will probably leave after 4-5 years. Why are you canes fans if you accept this mediocrity? This is the greatest college football outfit ever to step on the field....let your blog posts reflect that. Randy Shannon is a great cane fan, a decent recruiter and defensive coordinator--Jacory would have been a good QB at USF, why are we accepting such low returns? And don't even pull the race card because you can't.

Did you see Larry Coker with the mask on. I guess its true once in the family always in the family!

Posted by: indiacane | October 29, 2010 at 10:26 AM

No race card needed but I do know the turd card fits. Worry about how you will cope with losing your fourth straight tomorrow. The gators suck so bad you have to disguise your self as a disgruntled Cane fan.

I think we need to stick to the game plan, play within our selves, have fun, execute, play mistake free, peel our ears back, lick our chops, bring it, and show everyone who invented swag. That's my speech and it's about is chilling and thought provoking as the ol banana in tail pipe gag.

Jesus Christ FIRE SHANNON NOW! What is he going to do in Blacksburg? He can't win the big game, ever. It's back to the Colt 45 Bowl.

Posted by: Erik Rullman | October 29, 2010 at 12:38 PM

Can you say 4 in a row..........

Great, we are beating teams we are SUPPOSED to beat. How about beating a team that matters?

I say Mike Leach, Perry Schneider, or Rob Chudzinski.

Posted by: Erik Rullman | October 29, 2010 at 12:38 PM

Hey Sean if you were a Canes fan like you claim to be then you would know they we play VT in Miami this year you clown

Youre a freaking moron

I was talking about VT, homer.

Trust me it doesnt matter....we will be let down AGAIN.

Rob Chudzinski is a good cost effective choice.

Wow we beat UNC !!! Greatest win is school history, Shannon got a game ball>>> Great Job
what a SUPER coaching job!!! look out NFL might come knocking on the door... the only missing part was the trophy presentation!!! IT IS PATHETIC..... now we are LUUSER U ... thanks Shannon

You said what is he going to do in Blacksburg
Well you tool I just told you that the Canes dont go there to play them this year
Now go back and play with your facebook buddy Justin Bieber seanwilson523@hotmail.com

Have U seen Miami's record at home... it's a loosing one we suxxx big time at that ugly cold officelike stadium... There is no home field advantage and since our coaches suk we are doomed anywhere we play..period!!1

Change ids all you want but youre still the same seanwilson523@hotmail.com that we have all come to hate with a passion
Time to cancel a few more accounts before people find them out as well and then what will happen when you cant follow your best pal Justin anymore

They game could be in the orange bowl in front of every last hurricane player and it still wouldn't matter. SHANNON can not win the big game. Dan Morgan hears what I am saying.

Speaking of...if any ex-canes/NFL'ers are looking for condo's near the arena I got them. Walking distance to the AAA.

I love that FSU lost last night....but imagine for a minute, if the U had Ponder for the last 2-3 years. Kirby would have had to budget for an extension for the trophy case.

Great arm, has no qualms about running - actually good at running - and is intelligent

An outstanding student who boasts a 3.7 gpa over the course of his collegiate career...earned a bachelor's degree in finance in two and a half years. He has a master's in business administration and is working toward a second master's in sports management.

The U media guide fails to mention any of Jacory's academic goals, achievements, or degree being pursued.

You need to have it between your ears to be successful in Bigtime College football folks.

Don't even get me started on the NW kids. Teddy is the spitting image of Jacory. I hope he does change his mind.

Erik/Sean, You dont have a clue about Teddy
Stop reading what the media tells you and get off your trailerpark arse and go watch a game for once in your pathetic life

Posted by: Yep..Bacon Is Trying Again | October 29, 2010 at 01:25 PM

But he sells condos on sobe............

I HAVE seen him and he is as clueless as Shannon and Harris. If you read this teddy, go to USF no pressure there.

I said downtown area not Sobe but got them there too. What do you do for a living? Let me guess - camp out here all day reminiscing of the glory UM days until it's time to start your shift at Sears? Shannon is not going to bring us back.

Go f your self loser


So Sean you are able to judge football talent how?
We didnt realize living in a trailer and cleaning road kill from the hiway gives you insight into how to breakdown a players skill level
Which games did you see him play and where did you sit?
We`re waiting

Posted by: Yep..Bacon Is Trying Again

U always wana call sumbody seanwilson but maybe your da real seanwilson...get off everyones D**K!!! Let us all share our opinions and stop b!tch!n!!

Which former player is doing the pep talk this week?

Nice spelling Sean
Is that how you and the toothless posse do things over there in trailerville

Sean Wilson,

Are you so patently stupid that you don't comprehend that now that your name and email address have been made public people are working to expose your home address, telephone numbers, family members, place of business (doubtful you are employable) or school and all other information.

Are you so ignorant that you think people are going to give you a pass or forget about all of your hate filled racist posts? Do you think you will not have to answer for the lies and hate you aimed at Bryan Pata and his family calling Bryan a drug dealer who deserved to be murdered, along with your racist comments aimed at this fine kid and his family?

Your miserable life is going to get even worse. I can promise you once all of your contact information is made public I will forward it along with your story to the NAACP, The New Black Panthers Party and any other group that will eradicate your act...and oh, by the way...I have copied and saved most all of your hate filled racist posts that will also be forwarded to these organizations.

So, as I posted before...tick-tock racist, your time is up!!!

Posted by: Yep..Bacon Is Trying Again

U always wana call sumbody seanwilson but maybe your da real seanwilson...get off everyones D**K!!! Let us all share our opinions and stop b!tch!n!!

Posted by: fastmoneycashmoney | October 29, 2010 at 02:50 PM

You know the solution.

Post a comment in the Sun Sentinel Board, under the name fastmoneycashmoney. Say something like "I am not Sean Wilson, otherwise known as Curse Piggy."

Do that, and we will know you are a regular poster and not the obsessed Gator Troll that has harrassed these boards for the past three years.

Will you do that? I know that "JSmooth" decided to disappear once he was outed as Sean Wilson. Guy used to work at the Shands, jumping from terminal to terminal posting garbage.

Were you around for those days? If not, take my word for it, you sound alot like him when he pretends to be a Canes fan.

Posted by: Bull Gator

You're a moron. None of that stuff(NAACP, The New Black Panthers Party and any other group that will eradicate your act)happened to the guy who posted that garbage on Jacory's twitter page and you think they are going to go after a blogger? You are delusional, please don't root for the U anymore, you dinosaur.

That idiot closed all of his accounts and quickly went into hiding and hasnt been heard from since
Erik/Sean dont go around claiming you are a Miami fan
Dont you have the toilet to scrub at your trailerparks clubhouse?
Now scram Sean

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