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Canes video: Behind the scenes of UNC win

Here is a fun behind the scenes look at UM's 33-10 win over North Carolina courtesy of Hurricanes Gameday including a peek at UM coach Randy Shannon being presented the game ball after the game.

Tune into CSS on Thursday at 5:30 pm and Saturdays at 10:30 am for the full episode including an interview with Shannon each week.


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You know it baby! Let's see the Canes surge the rest of the season, play at a high level and show the passion and intensity that, with talent, brings in the big winners. Go Canes! Put it to UVA!

everyone has an opinion, all of us are upset about the "2" in loss column. that said, take a step back:

BOTTOMN LINE: 12-2 or we have to make a change.


NOT hating on Randy

NOT on the Leach bandwagon

We are losing BH, Bailey, Hank, Kosher and Franklin next year---as much as we gripe, these guys are CARRYING our team.

Can you imagine our offense without Hank this year?

this is just food for thought....next year isn't going to be any easier guys.

Trust me, Mike Leach is not wanted in S. Fla. Chud is OK, I wish he would start whispering in Chase's ear.

BTW: Anybody seen Chase?

So bull gator you are going to sick the most racist party "Black Panthers" on another racist? Isn't that adding fuel to the fire?

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