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Colin McCarthy, Jermaine Johnson practicing

Good morning.

Randy Shannon said linebacker Colin McCarthy and offensive tackle Jermaine Johnson did not make the trip to Duke because they were sick.

This morning, both McCarthy and Johnson were in their position groups practicing.

Offensive lineman Joel Figueroa, who didn't travel to Duke, was not at practice.

Tailback Lamar Miller was out there practicing as well. All the quarterbacks practiced, including backup A.J. Highsmith, who still has a support on his left wrist.

Defensive tackle Josh Holmes, who also didn't play at Duke, was out there practicing with an elasticized brace over his left knee.

DT Marcus Forston has a shin bandaged, but he seems fine.







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It will be great to get Holmes back for this game.

To finally beat UNC will be another step forward for this program.

McCarthy sucks he had 4 games to prove something in the middle. He's wiffed on a lot of tackles ben out of position a lot, and missed a lot of tackles. Stick with Cain he shows promise not afraid to come up an put the stick on you. Also for you Randy bashers who is Cain he sucks bla bla bla eat crow.

There is no way in hell Colin should ever see the field other than special teams.

This is a great chance for Randy to show that accountability matters and stick with Cain.

That's becauase McCarthy is better as an OLB. MCCARTHY was moved in the middle from the outside because we had no one. McCarthy is good. He has always been a beast in primetime games, especially FSU (other than the last FSU game). But he performs better on the outside. Maybe Cain can provide the stability we need on the inside. Somebody has got to stop the run up the middle, and passes up the middle. Cain, at 6'3" can help. Taller than ran Lewis by 2 inches. If we can stop the run, we will run the table and play FSU in ACC championship. CANE 4 LIFE

McCarthy doesn't have the size to play MLB the way it should be played, hence why he has been an OLB the majority of his career. You do what's best for the team. He was in the middle bc no one else stepped up. Futch is coming around and now so is Cain, so maybe we'll see him back in the flats before his time is up.

Repost by popular demand:

Hopefully most of you realize that 75% of all these posts slamming Randy, the kids, the program and anything orange and green are from the racist.

Once he was banned at the Sun Sentinel serious football discussions ensued and the cluttered up site with mostly nonsense and hate directed at the coaches and players disappeared.

His gators are in the toilet and their fans are openly booing Meyer and the players and tearing them apart on all of the Gator websites after losing 3 straight games. So, he has now become a fulltime antagonist on all Canes sites seeing how much destruction he can do to our recruiting.

During the Duke game he was back to posting his racist comments on this Miami Herald site calling Randy "Marble Mouf", etc.

To the real Canes fans...we've got Butch Davis and a very good North Carolina team on Saturday. When we put it on the Tar Heels we are the favorites to win the Coastal division...this is getting fun!

Go Canes!

McCarthy is also terrible at olb if you can't tackle in a an b gaps what the heck makes you think he can tackle in space. He's had 5 yrs to prove something an he hasn't showed me anything Cain do your thing.

I got to see Cain up close here in Durham. Thats a big dude.

Michael W - I agree totally. Now lets drop Travis B down and give Thomkins or someone else a shot;
Go Canes!!
Beat NC and show Butch who is Boss.

Yeh, I dont undertsand Teddy B saying we are down on Jacory. It isnt any better in Gainsville. There killing Meyer and the players and they have won two titles in 4 years. TB, we still love J12. We want you here also. Hey, were 2-1 in the ACC and the goal anyway was to get to the ACC championship. All is not lost. GO CANES!

I second UCane305s post - CMAC should be playing on the outside. He's just not big enough to play in the middle. Hopefully Cain can continue to play lights out. Shouldn't take long to figure out...UNC is going to pound the ball up the middle all game long after watching that FSU debacle.

You suck blog Pig. Pseudo-intellectual slob.

Kendall Thompkins needs to get some PT in the slot. Wouldnt mind seeing us use Streeter like Randy Moss and make him our deep outside threat. Byrd and Aldarius do not get enough seperation from DBs for me and are to slow. Put some speed on the field Randy and do you see how difference our offense look with Lamar 4.2 great vision Miller? Speed kills and Ashante Cleveland better have passed Chase BUTTER FINGERS Ford on the depth chart..

If anyone here believes Colin McCarthy was really sick than you are just as dumb as Shannon. We are not getting the full story from shannon, as usual. Whether you like McCarthy or not, most people here know that a cold would not hold this guy back. He probably told shannon what a bum he is.

During the Duke game he was back to posting his racist comments on this Miami Herald site calling Randy "Marble Mouf", etc.

Posted by: George Mira | October 19, 2010 at 10:05 AM

Yep. Of course, the Gator fans that supported his actions all this time are suddenly shocked to see some Canes fans retaliating for his three straight years of attacks.

After 9/11, I bet they said we shouldn't go after Bin Laden, too.

His Taliban-like supporters are dwindling though, as the bandwagon unloads like it was on fire.

They won't be missed.

I don't know who's smarter Randy or Urban, Jacory or Brantley. Urban recruits a pro-style QB to run the spread & wildcat offense he loves and Randy recruits Shot-gun or spread option QB's to run the pro -style he loves. Jacory is not that comfortable under center & Brantley looks the same in the spread. In case you haven't noticed Bridgewater plays in the same system Jacory did and Driscoll is more of a pro-style QB. Maybe Urban and Randy should swap numbers and talk about a switch!

Just in case our Gator interloper didn't see it here's a re-post:

'Later Gator' by CowboyCane

Gator, Gator what's your plan?
Sinking lower if you can?
The Swamp is drained to all but dust,
Your title hopes are all a bust.
FSU gonna' spank dat _ss,
Your precious Timmy is gone at last.
Without Mr. T. you sure look lost,
In this state you're no longer boss.
Missing teeth and lots of tattoos,
All wrapped up in orange and blue.
Your redneck fans are in dismay,
Do I wear that UF tee-shirt today?
"Who let the dog's out?" is Georgia's cry,
Next game in Jax ya'lls tail is fried.
3 losses in-a-row will soon look good,
'Cause 4 in-a-row is next understood?
Urban Meyer is clutchin' his chest
Maybe it's time for him to rest.
So goodbye Gainesville you trashy dump,
On the football road you're just a bump.
Loooooong time coming for your revival,
Hard to believe you were once a rival.
All good things must come to an end,
This season for sure is not your friend.
Gator, Gator what's your plan?
Handbags and shoes made by hand?
Skinnin' lizards has become great fun,
Adios you losers your run is done.

McCarthy is Bobby Carpenter 2.0. If you watch him closely he has trouble shedding blockers. He gets knocked down too easily and when he's not blocked he has a tendency to over run a play. He's a below average linebacker who has been overrated locally. Should not be drafted before the 5th round.

Hopefully you all realize there are real fans who criticize the program.

Listen to Gino Torretta on WQAM and you'll get plenty of descent.

'Later Gator' by CowboyCane, LMFAO!!! ;)

The defense is going to have change their 4/3 scheme and show different looks. Jimbo Fisher did an excellent job of destroying it and running the ball against us. You can bet old Butch has an ace up his sleeve so the CANES coaches have to come up with a better game strategy. McCarthy to the outside seems to be a better fit.

However, for the most part the D is not the problem. The onus of the CANE debacle is on the offense and Coach Whipple. It is his responsibility to improve Jacory, reduce mistakes, (i.e. false starts, drops, and time management). The CANES better bring their A game this weekend.

Let's GO CANES!!!

McCarthy should also drop on the depth chart.

Cain should start at MLB.

Benjamin should also sit or move to the slot(if we ever utlize a slot receiver again).

Is it me or are the offensive alignments much less creative now?

A little tidbit from Pat Forde's 40 yard dash.

But the real disaster is Florida (4-3), which is on pace for Urban Meyer era lows in scoring, total offense, rushing offense and passing offense.

McCarthy is an excellent LB. Everyone loved him for the past 3 years, now he is a bum. You guys are just crazy. I would love to see a sample of your work...I am sure it is perfect.

Did everybody just happen to forget how good Mccarthy was at the outside? If it aint broke, why fix it. Move Mccarthy back to the outside and insert Cain in the Middle. It's that simple.

I am very happy that the 'Canes fans are not dogging the program and talking about positive changes that could be made and looking forward at UNC. I must say this is the first blog that I have read that really has made me happy we have finally started to move forward. Lets kick some UNC butt. They lost their tight end now. The time is now. I agree, Randy and this team need to run the Table and get a shot at FSU. I would love to watch an ACC title game with UM vs FSU, just the way they planned it when we joined. Screw UF, they suck. We will get them next year. Focus on UNC, win that game and keep moving forward.

And Cowboycane, that is a funny post. I love it.

This is an important game this weekend. I complain alot but I spend alot of money on this team. Changes need to be made but we always show up . I sure hope the D brings thier A game because UNC is almost gaurenteed good field position. And also , I don't know if i would like to see a rematch with FSU . I hope FSU does well , but not good enough to do that to is again. If we had just a decent QB and two reliable recievers I think we would be in a lot better shape at this point. Does any one know if we even have a recievers coach?

All of you bashing Colin McCarthy are pure idiots and know nothing about football. He is a better OLB than MLB, but he is an excellent football player. He has a nose for the ball, and is in on many plays. He has good speed and is excellent stopping the run from the outside and in coverage in the flats.

He was moved to ILB because no one else was capable when the season started, and because he is the biggest LB we have. I love Sean Spence as a player but he is too small to go inside. If Cain steps up, we will be an improved defense with McCarthy and Spence on the outside.

As far as knocking Jacory, can't stand that either. Playcalling needs to improve (Whipple). Say what you will, but I love J12's toughness and heart. Offensively, I want to see more TE and RB passes, and more 4 wide sets to exploit our receiving corps. Should be capable of doing that with the O-line freshman studs continuing to improve.

Go Canes!

You really think Harris is upset about racis remarks, come on this is 2010. He is just upset because he is getting his ass handed to him. Wideout are killing him. still can not see any fire in this team

McCarthy, bench those two words go together. Why would we move Ramon Back to the bench. Colin's short comings were covered up as we can tell now. People wondered why Spence had to move to slb now we see why. Colin is a over achiever misses way to many tackles an can get knocked down by a fly, sorry I've seen enough he had his chance. On to the next one which seems to be Cain. Where are all the Cain haters now STAND UP.

Most of you are idiots whose only football experience is on playstation or x box...

If all of you are fans then let's support the team. Bashing McCarthy - Bashing Harris. I think these two proved themselves during the UNC game. If you don't then you must not have been in the stadium. Everyone loved McCarthy for three years. Now you want to throw him under the bus??? I agree he is a better OLB but he has great instincts on the field. If you know McCarthy, he will dig down to get the "W". I don't think he is the only one who missed a tackle or two. One guy doesn't win the game and one guy doesn't lose the game. Unless there is only one guy on the field at a time - The word is TEAM.

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