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Extra points and observations: Florida State

The point of this blog every week is to recap the good and the bad following a Hurricanes game. I will do that again this week after UM's 45-17 loss to Florida State, but I'm starting with a much broader point of view: 

THE BIG QUESTION... Was Saturday's blowout loss to the Seminoles just an ugly loss/growing pain? Or, was it a loud affirmation Randy Shannon and his staff are simply not up to the challenge of getting this program turned around?

Randy Shannon > The Hurricanes played their worst game of the season -- and probably their worst since they were manhandled by Oklahoma 51-13 in Shannon's second game as a coach in 2007. The defense gave up 298 yards rushing, produced no sacks, one turnover (forgot about Vaughn Telemaque's INT) and its leader (Colin McCarthy) picked up a really dumb penalty on a late hit. The offense produced only 17 points and for the second week in a row failed to complete even half of its passes. The special teams had a horrendous day on kickoff coverage and Matt Bosher once again had a field goal attempt go wrong. The players weren't the only ones who didn't get the job done. Mark Whipple and Jon Lovett, second year coordinators at UM, were taken to school by Jimbo Fisher and his staff in just their sixth game together. Afterward, UM coach Randy Shannon shouldered some of the blame. 

If there is one positive from Saturday's game -- and believe me there is only one -- it is that the Hurricanes can still turn things around, win their division, play for an Atlantic Coast Conference title and potentially play in a BCS Bowl game. But the real question here isn't if the Canes can do that. They can. The ACC is putrid and right now nobody in the Coastal Division is that much better than UM. The real questions: Why were the Canes embarrassed by a Florida State that was 7-6 a year ago? Why are the Canes, in the fourth season under Shannon, still struggling to even be among the Top 25 teams in the nation? 

With Saturday's loss, UM fell to 3-8 against ranked opponents under Shannon and 24-19 overall. Larry Coker went 53-9 and won a national title before he was fired in 2006. Coker's record against Top 25 ranked teams was 18-13. Add those numbers up and it makes UM only 21-21 vs. ranked teams since the start of the 2001. Greatness? This once proud program is fighting just to be mediocre.

Shannon, who signed a four-year extension before this season, can still turn things around. He can still do what he's done the past few years and finish with a better record than he did the year before. Mathematically he can. But after Saturday's whooping, are we really confident that will happen? Those wins at Pittsburgh and Clemson aren't nearly as sexy as we thought they were. Both of those teams are now 2-3. What about the rest of that "easy schedule?" Does anyone really believe North Carolina and Butch Davis are just going to roll over when they come to Sun Life Stadium in two weeks? Is Virginia Tech, which lost to an FCS school, going to come in unprepared under Frank Beamer? How about that trip to Atlanta in late November? You think Georgia Tech won't be a better football team?

College football isn't what it used to be. We know that. Parity paints itself all over the Top 25. Boise State, TCU, Utah -- they're all Top 25 teams from non-BCS conferences.

But is it really unfair to ask this program to be at the top of a mediocre ACC with one of the richest areas for talent in the country in its backyard? Is it too much to ask them to show up prepared and enthusiastic about a national television showdown with its biggest rival? The 2008 recruiting class, tabbed No. 1 by ESPN, is in its third year at UM. Those five-star high school seniors aren't babies anymore. They've been through at least two springs and three summers with trainer Andreu Swasey. Physically, they're supposed to be able to play at a high level, not get pushed around like they were Saturday by players from Florida State who had just as many stars next to their names as they did coming out of high school.

Can any coach or player on this team explain why missed tackles is still an issue, why this team still looks still terrible on kickoff and punt coverage, why they're still getting beat up front by opposing teams on both sides of the ball, and why they're still thin at positions like quarterback, tight end, defensive tackle and linebacker?

Better yet, can anyone explain the regression of the passing game when just a year ago people were talking about Jacory Harris as a Heisman candidate and his receivers as possibly the best unit in the country? It's certainly not a question of talent or having the time to coach 'em up.

The bottomline is this team isn't playing at the level it should. Individually, the list of players not meeting expectations in terms of growth and potential far exceeds those who are blossoming into better players. For every Sean Spence, Brandon Harris, Damien Berry and Leonard Hankerson, there are players like Ben Jones, Jeremy Lewis, Kendall Thompkins, Tommy Streeter and John Calhoun who have been at UM for three years and still haven't seen the field. Those aren't Coker's recruits. 

Blame the players for not delivering. But can we also point the finger at Shannon for a few things, too? Like, why doesn't Jacory Harris have a backup quarterback who could fill in now that he's hurt and struggling? Why is Harris being asked to play with an injured left shoulder, a sore groin and gimpy hamstrings? Why isn't A.J. Highsmith capable of filling in? If Highsmith isn't a capable quarterback, why didn't the Canes go out and find someone to backup Harris when Robert Marve and two other quarterbacks bolted?

Why, in the last four years, has the Hurricanes' only reliable tight end been a converted basketball player? Why are Sean Spence and Ramon Buchanon the only reliable linebackers this program has been able to bring in over the last four years and make better? Why can a guy like Sam Shields, who was a disappointment in his college career, go undrafted and all of a sudden become a starting cornerback for the Green Bay Packers? Can anyone explain to me how Willie Williams and Arthur Brown went from being the No. 1 high school linebackers in the nation to not doing a darn thing in this program? I still can't understand it.

I could go on (I haven't even really touched recruiting), but I hope I've made my point. Four years into Shannon's run as coach there are still a lot of troubling questions and trends that haven't been resolved. Again, things can turn around. Hope shouldn't be lost. There is talent here. There is opportunity. Shannon isn't a stranger to winning. He's been around it. He's been a part of it. Now, he has to make it happen as a head coach. 

And if he doesn't, if the Canes stagger down the stretch, will anything be done? You would like to think the clock is ticking, that expectations would be higher than this for a program that has won five national titles. But it seems like nobody at Miami is really keeping score of wins and losses anymore except the fans and boosters. Good GPAs and clean police records appear to count a lot more than touchdowns and field goals. That's probably the way it should be. But it just sounds strange for a program that spent 20 jubilant years collecting championships and loading up on swagger to be satisfied with mediocrity on the field. And it makes you wonder if the Canes will ever be great again.


> Senior Damien Berry had a costly first half fumble in Saturday's loss that led to an FSU touchdown. But he responded by finishing with 101 yards on 20 carries. He also had a 26-yard touchdown run. Berry has fumbled once in 180 carries at UM. That's a pretty good percentage.

> For a team that spent extra time last week catching passes, the Hurricanes are still a team plagued by the drops. Unofficially, I've counted 30 drops in UM's first five games. That's six a game. Turn half of those into completions and Jacory Harris' 52.4 completion percentage isn't the worst in the ACC among starting quarterbacks.

> Chris Thompson's 90-yard touchdown run at the end of the game was the longest against UM in team history. I don't want to accuse the Canes of quitting, but right before his 90-yard burst, Thompson had a 50-yard run called back by a holding penalty. The 90-yard run? That came on the same exact run to the same exact side on the very next play. 

> Since his punt return for a touchdown against Ohio State, Travis Benjamin has fielded six punts and returned them for a total of 14 yards. 

> Special teams ace Cory Nelms didn't play Saturday against Florida State. He's good. But do you mean to tell me he would have made up for Florida State starting a pair of drives at the UM 45 and 43 yard lines? Is Nelms' absence really the reason Greg Reid and the Seminoles (who came in with the worst kickoff return unit in the country statistically) had a field day? Seems to me like there are bigger problems than the absence of a former walk-on.

> Almost forgot -- how about some props for safety Vaughn Telemaque? His first career pick was about the only highlight for the Canes defense. But he got it. 


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I don't see the "U" running the table. Not with this coaching staff. How was Butch Davis able to amass such a talent laden team even on probation? This team continues to make the same mistakes over and over again. Where is the coaching staff to mentor and correct them? It is a sad time for the U....and I am afraid nothing will change until Donna decides she wants to win a NC....

Posted by: CANES FAN | October 12, 2010 at 12:02 AM


You continue to apologize, I won't anymore.
Good luck with that, you'll need it.

Manny, stick to your guns and facts...


Please let us know if you get any grief from the program for writing this article.

Plenty of people support you and agree with the sentiment in this article. It's great work.

Telemanque played well. I also thought Brandon Harris was the only one looking fired up when we were down. Brandon Harris is my player of the year so far, I wouldn't be surprised if he leaves after the season.

Cooper gave us a nice spark off of the bench, but I still would've preferred to see Clements or Storm Johnson.

Someone on here made the point about Benjamin not being the same after Randy Shannon threw him under the bus...I agree. I think Shannon messed with is head.


Shannon's doing great. Keep him forever. Ill start a donation to pay some of his salary. It shouldnt take much.

I think he should be a high school teacher in Miami-Dade County after his stint is up as UM coach because he can get players to graduate. He has a skill, it just aint coaching.

He is going to be fired, it is just a matter of when. I hope Donna Shalala doesn't realize it for another year or two. That would be great!

If they win out...if they run the table...if if if....what evidence do you have, either this year or the last 4 years, that shows any kind of confidence that those if's can be accomplished? Every time they face a team with talent or a team with a good head coach they lose. Every time they face a ranked team they lose. 8 and 4 and third place in the coastal. This is a mediocre team with a mediocre coaching staff. It's not just Shannon. The entire coaching staff is mediocre. Where is the improvement and development of players?

I have been a Randy backer since day one, but I've jumped off that bus. His recruiting has been similar to Coker, lots of glam without results. Remember Coker was bringing in top ten classes until the last years of his reign. Randy also is his worst enemy. He just doesn't communicate well, not that he needs to be a sound bite machine. A little information would enhance his credibility, and likability. He needs to go.

Some of the posts compared Saban to RS, not even close. Alabama has 1 (one) loss, and that loss was to #10 South Carolina. It wasn't a blow out, Alabama was in it all the way. So please don't be a RS apologist by comparing Saban and RS, it just sounds so stupid. And we don't have to recruit thugs and retard as someone mentioned. There are clean programs in the top 10, that graduate players. That's just stupid. Besides these are the types of player Georgia recruited and see where they are now. You say look at Florida and all their arrests, well if you look under the hood of the arrests you'll find that most of not all the arrests were 2 second and 3rd strings.

Now for recruiting we don't have a QB that can take over for JH either this season or when he graduates. We have 3 QB's on the roster, not enough to create competition, and critical mass. The O and D lines are maned by kids that are really big but unathletic....the Oline, or athletic without passion or explosion. All the receiver have the same dropsy problem they've had for 3 years. LB are not up to U standard except for Spence. No tight ends.And finally JH.....no arm, no poise.

As far as the Brown brothers are concerned, they aren't playing this year because they are redshirting because of transfer rule. The jury is still out on them. So whoever made that post try to learn the transfer rules. RS has been a disaster.

Sota....You're hilarious! I'm not a Gator fan. I'm a Canes fan through and through...the problem is i'm not trying to sugar coat reality. Reality: this squad was the #1 recruiting class fast forward 4 years later the Canes aren't ranked. Reality: the team was not prepared to play in primetime against their #1 Rival in the division. Say what you want about me, that doesn't change the fact that the coach said this morning that not winning the ACC championship wouldn't be a big disappointment..If you want to go at me for being negative fine...but how am I negative when it comes from the coach's mouth and any newspaper you read in South Florida...Saying positive things every day doesn't make you more of a fan than me because all your so-called positivity hasn't changed the fact that the Canes looked horrible Saturday night...I know that, former players know that, alums know that and from the calls on the sports radio shows, all of Miami knows that...you're the only one that doesn't seem to know that..This is America so I reaspect your right to be delusional as long as you respect my right to speak the facts...Enjoy your day dude!

Posted by: SinisterCane | October 11, 2010 at 06:44 PM


A post to Sarasota/Canesfool on Lamespace that puts it all into perspective for all U Cane Fans that still, after 4 years of delusion, don't get it ...

And in typical Lamespace fashion, SinisterCane gets banned for handing Sota/Canefoolazzclown his hat.

Spot on article Manny. Well done.

The seniors left are Coker's. Next year it's all Shannon's. I think Shannon's so called #1 class look like a bunch of pre-modanas. With the expection on Sean Spence I don't see anyone leaving it out on the field. I only have hope that they will see a chance for revenge if we win the Coastal. That should be the focus.

Randy Shannon got rid of his best Quarterback, because Jacory Harris's dad said play his son or all the Miami area prospects will go elsewhere. Thats why the guys from Belle Glade and other areas go to the Gators and the Noles. They know that the Miami guys will get preference over them. Jacory Harris is a very good athlete, but he is not a quality QB. He will never be an NFL QB for sure. Other coaches at Miami have recruited from South Florida, but Randy has relied only on local talent. Bridgewater is all american, at WR other than that he is J12. Go get a kid who has played QB from those pop warner days. get a kid who makes no talent WR look good, not a kid who looks good because he is throwing to talented WR



Let me tell you this. I didn't pay $400 for my wife and I to watch the game because of the teams high graduation rate.

Excellent article MANNY!!! best one all year and i hope u continue exposing the truth behind the walls. people this is simple FIRE RANDY!!!!we got b-slapped on national tv, at home by the biggest rival UM has. Um fans, suporters,lets send donna a clear message about how we feel. lets boycott the games by not showing up and NOT spend ur well earned money on this program until there is a change. I WILL NOT spend a dime until there is a change i rather watch on tv. When Donna sees the stadium empty maybe she will realize that people who love the U will only support national contenders, not a fradualent team who cant even win at home on a sell out night... Randy u have runed out of excuses... GO CANES

Howdy Fans.

A tuff loss to swallow for all. RS was right he didnt have the team prepared! It really showed on Saturday. RS should be ashamed he let everyone down by not doing his job. Some players also were not up to job. Colin has to play much better, also Forston was pushed around.

We need a QB who can also run, it was good to see Jacory run. He made some plays running. Keeps defense off balance. HE NEEDS TO RUN MORE!!!!!!

Team must rebound to beat Duke. I never saw a team drop from 13 to never neverland.

Go canes!

The only sure win I see ahead is Duke, beyond that we will have a tough time wining. I just don't see any discipline or skill progression in this team or coaching staff. God help us.

A post to Sarasota/Canesfool on Lamespace that puts it all into perspective for all U Cane Fans that still, after 4 years of delusion, don't get it ...

And in typical Lamespace fashion, SinisterCane gets banned for handing Sota/Canefoolazzclown his hat.

Posted by: Keep Ur Head In The Sand Where It's Safe CaneFans | October 12, 2010 at 07:52 AM

I see that even AFTER the Gators lost at home, you are STILL on here, attacking without READING. Our heads are not in the sand, Manny has pointed out issues on this team, and the fans are discussing it, WITHOUT your racist disgusting sicko slant. Keep it that way, stop posting comments from other blogs, and stop threatening our head coach with lynching, sicko, or things will go back to horrible on Gator Clause as well. I have left Gator Clause alone, but I did so in hopes that you would leave Canes blogs alone. I see that you don't honor your promises.

They probably thought SinisterCane was you, since you troll all Canes blogs 24/7/365 over the past three years, instigating (racist comments followed by denial of racism), stealing IDs (like you have stolen mine even after I post saying I won't be back for the weekend), threatening people (like you did to UMike on here), and you apparently have a thing for Canespace to the point that you read their comments daily.

Your team lost, my team lost, but you would rather destroy any chance for BOTH groups of fans to discuss their team in peace. Get lost.

Seriously some of you think the Team has not gotten better under Shannon? You guys are nuts. However I think this team needs to take the next step. I am willing to give Shannon one more year before we get rid of him. I think Whipple needs to change up his calls on offense he is putting Jacory in situations to make mistakes, they need to change it up. Also the team is just not responding. Maybe this will wake them up, but I know they will reach the ACC title game, and they will win. These guys want to win.

Maybe Manny should stop looking @ the * next to these guys names. Wake me up when Miami is the only program where some big name recruit fail to produce.

“despite facing a gauntlet of North Carolina, Va. Tech and Ga. Tech, and a resurgent Maryland team that may be better than some thought …”

... CanesRule21

And the hits just keep on coming !!! Unranked, Unranked, Unranked and Unranked that almost lost at the goaline, at the gun, at home to Navy is a Gauntlet huh ? Seriously, U Fool, U might wanna self induce Ur psycho self into a coma to save the Embarrassment until 2011.

Speaking of which, Joe Rose said live this morning that he felt really embarrassed for Captain Clueless when he heard that he called the Michael Irving Show to engage in a dueling, stumbling, stammering and mostly incoherent back n forth “conversation” that he didn’t understand the question that Rose Axed him yesterday … To which Rose, simply with class said, “Randy, just let it go and move on.”

U too could use that advice Canesfool, but surely U won’t be able to let it go will U ? U have a gauntlet of unranked teams to pump up in Ur little fantasy world U live in…

Don’t U forget to tune into 560 WQAM in 10 mins. to hear Gino’s, a REAL CANE, take on this final Coaching Circus curtain call staring the formerlly know AzzClown U Coach known as Raaaaandy Shaaaaaaaannon !

Should be pure Radio Gold . U enjoy now U hear

I came late but I'll post anyway. I agree with everything Manny said and I think you really need to look at the coaches hard. You can tell how this team is going to play by watching them run out of the tunnel before a game. They were hyped for Pitt and Clemson, and they jogged slowly onto the field for OSU and FSU. I've never been less intimidated watching the Canes run out of the smoke, like they were afraid to trip over each other or something. They lay eggs when the lights get turned on. That is an abysmal coaching job, and the fact that we stil have all the same problems that we've had for 3 years is aweful. Panunzio should have been fired years ago, and now I have my doubts about Aubry Hill too. As far as replacements...my vote is for Jim Harbaugh at Stanford. I love his smashmouth pro-style game. Hey, Ray Lewis will be retiring sooon...he'll bring some emotion.

It doesn't matter what anyone wants though...Randy Shannon will get another year. The fact is that the team has improved each year under him and it is likely it will improve by a game again this year, though that's not really exciting. I agreed that wins and losses are not indicating any real development in the team...there's still the same mistakes, lack of discipline, etc that there has always been. BUT, if the team does stay the same or improve, Shannon's improvement off the field, which is phenomenal and completely unrivaled by FSU or UF, will make it too difficult for the administration to fire him. Imagine trying to make the case that a coach who has the highest academic rating, the lowest number of police incidents, and whose team improved each year under his direction should be fired because he hasn't beaten a top ten team and his receivers haven't developed like we want. Tough case to make.

To be sure, I'm losing faith in his abilities and I agree that he's not the one that's going to bring us all the way back, but he'll be given one more season.

And I'll be rooting for him.

Go Canes!

Funny how when we get blown out, we know exactly whats wrong with Jacory. injured left shoulder, a sore groin and gimpy hamstrings. really?? no lower extremedy? tired of all the pampering. let the players talk, let the coaches talk and stop being the god of the program randy. its not working, unless you want to raise all acc academics banners.

Academics and Athletics can go hand in hand. Stanford may now only be realizing success but does anyone believe that they have better athletes than UM. No way, and they would probably come in here and kick our ass all over the field. Randy has done all he can do to get this program ready to be relevant again, but now it is time for someone else to get them to be a championship caliber team. Our recruiting is horrendous, Teddy Bridgewater, seriously, he is a Jacory clone. For those that keep mentioning Leach as a replacement, please, the guy is a horrible recruiter and defense for him is an afterthought. The only person that is going to get us back to where we should be is JJ, even if he only signs a 4 year deal, in year 1 we are in a BCS bowl, year 2 top 5, year 3 and 4 NC game. Then he can give the reigns over to Jim Harbaugh. That's my wish list

Canes defense needs to get NASTIER. Somebody needs to light a match under their butts. If the defense is crisp, then I believe the offense will gain more confidence. In all 5 of our championships, we won because our defense was steller. CANES, hang in there. 10-2 is not what I want, but it would likely be our ticket to play FSU again in ACC championship. It would be sweet to beat them and remove them from any championship hopes. Like old Canes on THE U video stated, if we can't go to a championship, then we will make sure you can't go either. But the defense has got to play with more fire. There needs to be some chest butting and players playing off each others hits, intereceptions, tackles. Just play nasty. I'd rather see a helmet-to-helmet penalty or ruffing the passer penalty than my Canes playing soft and missing tackles. The D-LINE has got to step up and lay some people out. CANE 4 LIFE, regardless

The Hurricanes can solve their offensive woes by hiring Don Strock as offensive coordinator!

The U have more NFL prospects than Bama this year(per ESPN) or more than most BCS schools. I know NC has more..

Excellent article!!!

Cap Locks Post = D Bag

Your blind to the facts, just like Randy Shannon.

Jacory Harris isn't even a division 1 athlete, he is lazy & out of shape. He should be a norfolk state.

I've been a Shannon backer from day one, but now have to admit he is in over his head. He's a good recruiter who should stick to that and let someone else coach the team. No excuse after losing by 12 to Ohio State, where we beat ourselves, to come out and lose by 31 to FSU. It looked like FSU players were the only ones who rememebered we are bitter rivals.

In defense of Lewis and Calhoun, they are both out for the year with knee injuries. Don't kick a man when he's down.

I also have supported coach Shannon from day 1. I believe he is a great person with high morals and values. He's done a wonderful job of keeping his kids away from trouble unlike most other Universities. However, was the "U" in that much of a mess with coach Butch Davis? I dont remember players getting in trouble during his era. So why the emphasis on changing the image of a program?

My personal opinion, and I could be wrong, is that coach Shannon doesn't have the ability to develop players to the next level and that's apparent on the field each and every year. I also believe he's an average recruiter. Don't get me wrong I think we have a lot of talent on this team, but it's a little odd that so many top talent in our own backyard keep slipping away to other programs. Coach Shanon's excuse..."we recruit players to fit our own system." Then why even bother offering them scholarships in the first place?

Last little tidbit I would like to mention is the word "swagger" which is often associated with the history of the "U." I believe it's a leadership attitude that trickles to the very last player on a team. ON THE FIELD, it's a belief that you will destroy your opponent, you will hit them so hard that they'll think twice about running that same play. Coach Shannon doesn't have that. He has shown that he would rather be a gentleman ON THE FIELD because that's the "right thing to do."

Again, I think coach Shannon is a terrific person...far greater than I with all the challenges he's had in his life and I think he makes a terrific role model. If and when he is replaced as a head coach I hope he stays with the program to continue mentoring these kids. I just don't think he has what it takes to win national championships.


5 star recruits dont want to tackle, less play special teams. You need a bunch of 3 star scrappers. This team if full of spoiled and soft players...

too may questions

As fans! All we ask is for the team to play hard and Not Give Up! I hate to say this but we rolled over against FSU! Unacceptable against our biggest rival and guess what folks this affects potential recruits. They see this and say why do I want to be part of it! I hope we can turn it around and we must play hard.

I am 56 went to the U and have followed them for decades. I still believe that ALL the problems swirl around the offensive line. Can't run effectively, cant protect the QB, can't keep the defense off the field. All I see are huge, slow confused looking young man along the o line. And, agreed he's a freshman but this new kid Henderson looks like more of the same.
Fix this and we fix our problems


After the Gators were thrashed by Bama and beat-up on by LSU Urban immediately went to the prison system for help...AGAIN!

32 felony arrests, 2 losses (more to come), an NCAA investigation, a schedule that would embarrass a junior high school flag football team and what is the Gators solution...REINSTATE A WANNABE MURDERER!!!

ps: Just for the record...the enormous amount of attaboys Manny is recieving for his hit job on the Canes are being posted by the Gator troll using various screen names.

If U cheer for the U and didn't attend the U then U are a LOSER. Period.

If you want to cheer for a geography, cheer for the Dolphins. That's what pro sports are for. Take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are a fan of UM.

If you want to cheer for a local college team, at least cheer for the school that represents Miami--FIU. FIU, Miami's public university, is as good of a school academically, costs 10 times less to attend, and is mostly local Miami kids. UM is mostly out-of-state rich white kids.

Get off the UM bandwagon and WAKE UP!

Well said Manny you wrote it perfectly. Hope they can put it together and finish this season strong. The team looked unmotivated and would be too much for Coach Shannon to show some emotion on the field? He seems boring on the sideline and I would like to see him more vocal and in the face of his players.

Manny - PLEASE tell someone at UM that in the shotgun set, the center bobs his head just before snapping the ball. FSU noticed and was all over it - notice the amazing "jump" they had on the snap. I cannot tell anyone on the staff bu maybe you can.

I love UM but really, they suck this year. They think the other team should lay down for them and when they get hit, they fold. No and I mean no fight in them. Glory boys with no fight.

Manny, there is a reason why I started posting as Canecern back in 2005. I have been wanting to change the name for quite awhile. There was a article that you got bashed for writing that we were losing our edge in recruiting. The biggest problem is the U is still living in the past. We think we can say we're the U and that is why you should want to come here. Another thing I know that players become bust but I haven't seen anything like it as what we are doing with what we call evaluating players that we recruit. Whey to many, it's just a matter of time when guys like Streeter, Holton, Thompson.... decide it was not worth coming to the U. Players like these could have been very successful at other programs and all we do is sit them. Very disappointing, you have to let them compete in games and let them make mistakes so that when the starters struggle you have more options on who is hot. Look at the top defensive players coming out of HS this year, they all say familiar thing. "I haven't heard from the U" that is why I eliminated them from my list. Can you imagine if we didn't loss Patrick Peterson to LSU and so many more of these S. Fla kids that wanted to come to the U what kind of team we would have. Well Steward, Jernigan, HaSean Clinton-Dix, Ryan Shazier, all have said what we heard in the past. The U was my dream school but they didn't recruit me, they offered but I haven't heard from them. Do you Alabama players going out of state to play for California. My point is we are lossing the edge in all areas because we have become to arrogant with " If you don't want to come here we don't want you" It's going to take a hungry, greedy coach that would not let recruits go anywhere else because they are going to be in there ear every second. Just my take!!!!!!!!!

With a couple of exceptions on the D, the Life was missing from Sun Life Stadium on Saturday night.

Manny, excellent assessment. Props to you for being one of the few writers that will ask those questions.

Quinton Moore, clueless would not begin to describe your post. (take caps lock off next time please)

One more thing from and earlier post:

Also, the "we need thugs to win" mentality is a joke - you can have good character/academics and still win. Look at the team that just beat you if you need an example.

Posted by: Credit the Noles | October 12, 2010 at 02:19 AM

Credit the Noles, I believe what they are trying to convey is that players with an attitude of wreckless abandon are missing from the team. Unfortunately, some of the players who have this wreckless attribute allow it to carry over into their personal lives and thats when they find themselves in trouble.

Larry Coker must be thinking: I got fired for this?! Too bad Shannon cant be the recruiter (except for the inexplicable lack of QB's) and bring back Larry on the sideline.
Very disappointing, probably overrated the talent or coaches just cannot improve players.

Canecern, please dont compare South Florida to Alabama again.

The whole Patrick Peterson (aka Patrick Johnson) deal stunk from the beginning. Something was real fishy about his recruiting. His brother is now committed to LSU. They can have him too.

I do agree that Randy could do better. He just isn't getting it done.

Posted by: Its_Over_For_U aka D-bag Gaturd Troll| October 12, 2010 at 12:15 PM

can someone post the rivals article about recruits rooting for fsu in our section.. how sad!

man shut up about the gators and their arrest record. Nobobdy cares about Gator crap we have our own load of crap in a head coach that needs to go down here.

Thanks Manny, I've been waiting on your broad view and opinions on the status of the program for a long time.

Before you get to all the specifics, there are two fundamental and primary problems as I see it.

1. Shannon cannot get a talented team to play up to their talent level and compete on a consistent basis against good competition. There is not a big talent gap between UM and FSU and most believe UM has more talent. If so, there is no way we should have gotten taken to the woodshed in our own yard. We should at least put up a fight. Different coaches have different styles but Shannon's stoic demeanor is not lighting the fire.

2. Game prep. How many times have we look unprepared against good teams and even bad teams? We have been outschemed and outgameplaned and outcoached pure and simple. I understand that the players make plays but we keep seeing the same issues year after year that are never fixed. Tackling issues, lousy kick coverage, stupid penalites etc. And we have a huge offensive line, some of which were very highly touted, that can't seem to get the job done against a decent defense. This all seems to come down to coaching.

The bottom line is that I don't think the current regime gets us to the next level. I'm betting the Boise or TCU coach could take this group to the national championship game. That says it all.

Best blog ever!! You've nailed it dead on. I don't know how much of this heartbreak I can take anymore.


This is the best questionnaire I've ever heard from you. I must admit, right now, you are intouch witht he fan and coaches perspective. Why have the same issues not been corrected?
And also, this is what was left since Coker. I would have never let Tyler Cook leave..

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