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Gameday blog: Miami at Duke

MIAMI -- Our Susan Miller Degnan is in Durham today as the unranked Canes try to rebound from their embarrassing loss to Florida State last week with a win at Duke. Kickoff is at 1 p.m. at Wallace Wade Stadium. You can watch the game on ESPN3.com or listen to it on WQAM.com. Feel free to participate in our discussion below as you tune in.

REWIND: The Canes own a 6-1 all-time advantage and 4-0 record since moving to the ACC against Duke. Last season, UM pulled off a 34-16 win at Sun Life Stadium. The last time the two teams met in Durham, the Hurricanes were led to a second half rally by Jacory Harris in a 49-31 win. A win over the Blue Devils would give the Canes their third road win in a row on the road. UM has played four of its last five away from Sun Life Stadium.

ABOUT DUKE: The Blue Devils are 1-4 and their only win came over Elon in the season opener. They've lost 54-48 at Wake Forest, 62-13 vs. Alabama, 35-21 to Army and 21-16 at Maryland. But they've had an extra week to prepare for UM coming off a bye. The Blue Devils are one of the most productive passing teams in the country, ranking 15th nationally by averaging 295 yards per game. Quarterback Sean Renfree is second in the ACC in passing yards and has tossed 10 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. He has three dangerous receivers in Conner Vernon (34 catches, 548 yards), Donovan Varner (31-386) and Austin Kelly (25-269). The offensive line has only given up eight sacks this season, but four in their last game at Maryland. The team relies on its other quarterback, Brandon Connette, to run the football. He ranks third on the team with 129 yards rushing. Defensively, the Blue Devils have improved over the last two weeks. Since giving up an average of 510.7 yards per game over its first three games, Duke has held its last two opponents to 313.5 yards per game. Five players have made interceptions for the Blue Devils this season. The Blue Devils love to blitz. Duke kicker Will Snyderwine is 9 of 10 on field goal attempts. Punter Alex King is averaging 43.5 yards a boot.

> How long quarterback Jacory Harris remains in the game... It's likely the Canes will try to rest Harris some this week against Duke. Spencer Whipple, AJ Highsmith and Stephen Morris all made the trip to Durham.  We might finally get to see what UM's backups really look like.
> How much time freshmen LB Kelvin Cain and WR Allen Hurns get... UM coach Randy Shannon said this week both players might see some action. Keep your eyes open.
> How much pressure the defensive line gets on Duke's QBs... After failing to record a sack last week, I've got a feeling the defensive line is going to come out with something to prove. I'm expecting Allen Bailey and his friends to have a big game.

MY PICK: No reason Miami shouldn't win this game and get some backups into action -- especially coming on the heels of last week's loss. This Duke team isn't as good as the last few Blue Devils teams UM has faced. If this is still a game in the fourth quarter, something is very wrong. MIAMI 45, DUKE 20.

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Something IS very wrong. Begin with Mark Whipple as backup-QB ; where is this alledged great recruiting? THE most important position in football and we have this ?
How many people actually care about this game today?

I wonder how it might have been if Pat Devlin didn't change his commitment to Penn St. a few years ago. He has since transferred to Deleware St. taking the Joe Flacco route.

An actual fan would realize that Mark Whipple is the OC and his son Spencer is a reserve QB.
The trolls are here already I see

They (ESPN) are reporting that the Gators basically had to give tickets away for their homecoming game tonight.

Apparently not many people care much about the Gator game.

And PS: dan kind, you are going to have to do a lot better than that with your hate if you wish to be thought of as one of the boys on this site. Not nearly enough Randy bashing or the perfunctionary slap of Donna Shalala...real rook stuff...pick up you hate game or ride the pine!

Is there a live feed for this game

does anyone know the exact site on justin tv to watch the game online?

anybody know where i can get a live stream

espn3 has a live stream.

2 dropped kickoffs...we're running the table already.

Duke is horrible, Miami Central would probably route this team.

and 2 passes to make it complete

How in the name of anything can J12 throw into double coverage with Chase Ford and get Ford blasted?

That was almost a pick (6:00 left in the 1st quarter mark) and this offense is lame. 3rd & 6 and they pressure Jacory at the 5:00 mark?

You would think this team would be stoked after the FSU game but its sloppy, inconsistent play.

i love my CANES bUt this is ridicUloUs - throwing into coverage (not sUre why) bUt it woUldnt matter caUse oUr receivers cant catch the ball anyway!!!

This effort is worse than last week.

i bet oUr basketball team pUtz Up a better efort than this @ dUke!!

anybody know where i can get a live stream, do not have acces to espn3, pls!!!

End of 1st quarter, Miami at Duke 17 or whatever, time expires (with the wind). Duke 3-Miami 0

You may be able to find something on U-stream or Justin.tv, not sure though.

We would be winless without Hankerson. Thank you Mark Duper.

woo hoo! on our way back end of the 1st way to go canes.

The top of my head is about to blow off...f'ing Duke is pushing us all over the field. Our offense looks pathetic and our defense looks completely disinterested.

Another quarter of this crap and you haters will have to move over and make a spot for me.


somone tell me why Pannunzio has taken the special oUt of oUr special teams............

Is it just me, or are we the least emotional team in the world? There is no fire, no excitement.....could we get some coaches with some fire?

This coaching staff hasn't a clue what the hell they're doing....having to burn up time outs for not having the "right personnel in the game" - MY GOD, what the hell is wrong with this coaching staff? Are they all in a FOG like the HEAD COACH APPEARS TO BE?
Lost...now knowing what they're doing...the routes that the receivers are running are horrible...everything is whacked out!

Get rid of all of them, from Shannon to Whipple...then, FIRE SHALALA, too!

Jacory throwing into triple coverage...UM not running any screen plays...just pass plays for Jacory...WTF!!

RANDY, you're history!
Jacory, YOU S**K!
UM: You're a soft football team with no passion, just like your head coach!

winless w/o hankerson???? imagine where we woUld be if he was able to catch the ball consistentanly.

well @ least it wasn jacory that gave it back this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These guys are not coached to their potential. They should be catching the ball better and not fumbling. Did anyone hear the interview on 740 the game earlier today?? Check it out. JJ and howard were commenting on on campus stadiums.

1 third down conversion... that's nice. fake punt failed pathetic

This is rediculously sad

the hurricanes would loose to the highschool Northwestern

How has this team won ANY games?

If you take Duke's 22 starters...their best player is not anywhere near our worst player. If you changed our coaches with Duke's coaches the score would be 35 to nothing at this point.

This has now officially become absurd!

We should call the quarterback by the number of interceptions he the throws. Right now his name would be J9…..to be continued

Look on the bright side, its statically impossible for harris to miss every one of his throws..

pUt in whipple or highsmith or morris i'm even for giving the ball boy a chance

Uh - Duke and Miami seem like they're pretty well-matched teams....sigh.

maybe oUr d can play both ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7-3 late 1st half? 2 timeouts already used, lackluster enthusiasm, no fire! they just look over-hyped. Duke stuffing inside runs, very disappointing. They'll win, but jury is way out on this bunch.

Its nice of Duke to keep us in the game

This is as sad a performance as I've ever seen from the Canes.

Meanwhile, FSU and BC game is really good.

what the immobile quarterback ran for a touchdown. unbelievable!!!!! Duke must have slow 40 times.


hey lets puts some naked fans on the field.. that would be more exciting than this lackluster game

2 and 3 BC giving FSU all they can handle at home I knew they weren't as good as we made them look. Just more proof to how bad the Hurricanes are.

this is the unpredictable acc bring

Swing pass to RB, works everytime against Miami. Every single time!

No way this team runs the table. We'll lose to UNC and VT. Doesn't matter if those games are at home, we've already seen how this team responds in big games.

Where is Coop. He was doing good. Even the Duke fans was yelling Coop.

"MY PICK: ... If this is still a game in the fourth quarter, something is very wrong. MIAMI 45, DUKE 20."

This is a quote from the Herald writer above.

So yes, it looks (sorry sounds, since Comcast suxanus) like something is either very or seriously wrong with this team.

Do we have more talent that BC? Because they seem to be doing really well away at FSU.

BC would spank us if the were on the schedule.

Sht Mack stepping his game up.

Jacory's numbers at the half

9-25 for 135 yards ... at least he hasn't thrown an INT.

This offense ran into a brick wall since last yr big game. The only reason why we got big points off of Pitt and Famu because they are scrubbs. We are in trouble as a offense. We did nothing in the second half of the Clemson and Ohio State game

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