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Gameday blog: Miami at Duke

MIAMI -- Our Susan Miller Degnan is in Durham today as the unranked Canes try to rebound from their embarrassing loss to Florida State last week with a win at Duke. Kickoff is at 1 p.m. at Wallace Wade Stadium. You can watch the game on ESPN3.com or listen to it on WQAM.com. Feel free to participate in our discussion below as you tune in.

REWIND: The Canes own a 6-1 all-time advantage and 4-0 record since moving to the ACC against Duke. Last season, UM pulled off a 34-16 win at Sun Life Stadium. The last time the two teams met in Durham, the Hurricanes were led to a second half rally by Jacory Harris in a 49-31 win. A win over the Blue Devils would give the Canes their third road win in a row on the road. UM has played four of its last five away from Sun Life Stadium.

ABOUT DUKE: The Blue Devils are 1-4 and their only win came over Elon in the season opener. They've lost 54-48 at Wake Forest, 62-13 vs. Alabama, 35-21 to Army and 21-16 at Maryland. But they've had an extra week to prepare for UM coming off a bye. The Blue Devils are one of the most productive passing teams in the country, ranking 15th nationally by averaging 295 yards per game. Quarterback Sean Renfree is second in the ACC in passing yards and has tossed 10 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. He has three dangerous receivers in Conner Vernon (34 catches, 548 yards), Donovan Varner (31-386) and Austin Kelly (25-269). The offensive line has only given up eight sacks this season, but four in their last game at Maryland. The team relies on its other quarterback, Brandon Connette, to run the football. He ranks third on the team with 129 yards rushing. Defensively, the Blue Devils have improved over the last two weeks. Since giving up an average of 510.7 yards per game over its first three games, Duke has held its last two opponents to 313.5 yards per game. Five players have made interceptions for the Blue Devils this season. The Blue Devils love to blitz. Duke kicker Will Snyderwine is 9 of 10 on field goal attempts. Punter Alex King is averaging 43.5 yards a boot.

> How long quarterback Jacory Harris remains in the game... It's likely the Canes will try to rest Harris some this week against Duke. Spencer Whipple, AJ Highsmith and Stephen Morris all made the trip to Durham.  We might finally get to see what UM's backups really look like.
> How much time freshmen LB Kelvin Cain and WR Allen Hurns get... UM coach Randy Shannon said this week both players might see some action. Keep your eyes open.
> How much pressure the defensive line gets on Duke's QBs... After failing to record a sack last week, I've got a feeling the defensive line is going to come out with something to prove. I'm expecting Allen Bailey and his friends to have a big game.

MY PICK: No reason Miami shouldn't win this game and get some backups into action -- especially coming on the heels of last week's loss. This Duke team isn't as good as the last few Blue Devils teams UM has faced. If this is still a game in the fourth quarter, something is very wrong. MIAMI 45, DUKE 20.

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I would not consider a win margin of 15 points as "turning things around". Wasn't Duke a 1-4 team prior to today's game? Oh how far the cane's have fallen from their once great status. The problem begins at the top, Shannon is about as inspiring as a freshly laid dog turd. Oh, Well.

Not feeling the we're doing the best we can attitude Ran Man......all i got.

Coaching can't FIX ANYTHING...another game with 90 yds. in penalties...I don't think these players are too bright, fist of all...nor is the coaching staff!
With SEVEN TURNOVERS, Miami should have knocked this team out by about 45-3...instead, it was a close game.

Randy & his coaching staff have to go. I shudder to think what a big, defensive team like North Carolina is going to do to us next week...I hope I'm wrong, but I haven't seen anything that will convince me that UM can beat both NC and V.Tech....this team is soft...this team has no passion (like their coach)...this team is average (like their coach's ability to coach)....this team is NOT TYPICAL OF UM TEAMS...not tough at all!

I'm so sick of this crap, I could spit.
Coach Shannon ran off the field like he won a big game...he should be very concerned about how he is going to handle NC, given that they wull have their best RB back (Houston)....we'll have to play lights out to beat NC.
We need to run the ball...what the hell is with this passing on every down...and, twice on 4th down when we only needed 5 or less yards, WHY do we have to throw the ball to the endzone? WHY..WHY..WHY..WHY...? We're not fooling anyone... I KNEW it was coming, so I'm sure that other teams know it's coming....what's wrong with a screen to James with his great speed and blockers in front of him...?
Awful play calling...defense was OK, but still gave up over 300 yards of offense TO DUKE, a basketball school!!


a win is a win, but there are a lot of things to look at.

Whipple. Not shannon musct go.

The running game is still solid. Through ISU, Clemson, FSU, Berry is on pace to run >1000 yds this season.

The problem is play calling. Run the ball until you cant run it anymore. How do you run succesfully then go 3 and out with long bombs?

Tb is still dropping balls

Cain is showing us something, so is Cleveland.

Why do the stubborn robots not put in other wrs like Thompkins or Hurns?

WOW!! what a flat, lethargic and lackluster performance that was. That was hard on the eyes. To many penalties from a uninspired emotionless team. Has Shannon lost team? You get 7 turnovers and only come away with 28pts. What has happened to the offense? I think the team has quit on Shannon. For some strange reason. That win feel like a lost.

WHere U at Arty, Bull or what ever U want to call yourself today. I failed to see you since the begining for the first page. I am sure u are out pumping your fists and banging your chest like Shannon defeated Godzilla. Ha HA Ha it took a fumbled fingered Duke QB to fumble the game away for Shannon to get the win. Boy SHannon is definitly coaching at the highest level. I mean he just beat a 1 and 4 Duke team that beat the mighty Elon Phoenix. Now thats impressively bouncing back. I can't wait to see what SHannon does to Butch and UNC next week. I know the heels are terrified since they are going up against such a strong, powerful, and fast team with the brain trust that miami possesses with SHannon and company.

Thats Randy ball for you. Kinda like getting a root canal on both sides of your mouth. Painful and agonizing.

Watching this team play is pathetic. I have no hopes, nor expectations of a win next week against Carolina. How can we find it acceptable saying that we have trailed to Duke (do they seriously have a football program) at least once the past four years? Randy needs to go. The talent is there but the execution and the play calling are not. Which means the coaching SUCKS!!! We need to go back to the drawing board and start from square 1 and that starts with the departure of Randy Shannon.

I couldn't watch the game , but judging by what I've read here , doesn't sound like anything's changed .

If the administration wants to help, fire shannon the schedule wasn't a problem. Why do we wait so long to get rid of a coach who's dumb. Coker should have been fired after the LSU game in the Peach Bowl and SHannon should be fired after last weeks game.

This was a moral defeat. You would think this team would come out and play physical and emotional football. No way!!! These are Randy's Canes....just brutal.

Way to go Coach Shannon.

Way to go Canes!!! Another 'W' for the good guy's!!!

Duke played a helluva game and their head coach, David Cutliff, implemented a great game plan.

Towards the end of the game we got our tight ends in the mix, which is a big improvement over the past few weeks.

Coop is really starting to get his legs under him and will only get better as the season progresses.

Our DB's are starting to ball hawk and taking advantage regarding take-aways.

Seantrel Henderson is a flat out beast and with more experience he will be the best offensive linemen in the country.

Berry was like a battering ram who doesn't know the definition of quit.

Bring on Butch Davis and his Tar Heels as they are going to get taken apart by the "U"!!!

It's great to be back on the winning track...we are one step closer to getting revenge on the Seminoles in the ACC Championship game.

Go Canes!

The team plays like he coaches no emotion a cigar store indian for like the 7th year in a row there isnt 1 player who gets any better, the longer they stay the worse they get.

Replying to Sidcane! I agree 100%. The D bailed us out again. Lets all remember this. We beat Duke! Thats right Duke!!!Every year they always play us close. However, todays game is inexcusable that the D has 7 turnovers and Miami cannot cover the spread. I hate to say it but this poor offensive play calling, along with poor execution, penalties and miscues will haunt us the rest of the year if they do not get it fixed. 7-5 record or 8-4 regular season record at best!

after last week's massacre i wouldve expected a ferocity and anger in this football team. i guess i was wrong. not with a shannon coached team. knowing him he probably downplayed last weeks loss. thus eliminating the motivation to take out their frustrations on duke. pathetic...

Posted by: Bull Gator:

I don't like Coop getting the carries that should go to Storm Johnson and Eduardo Clements.

I love Coop, but we have to start getting those guys in the mix.

I agree that they need to get in the mix, but Coop has given the team a lift each time he is inserted in the game and can get to the edge.

This offense is painful to watch. Just horrible. Wipple and Randy both need to go.

I agree Whipple needs to step it up. He is not in Division 2 anymore, you MUST run it to be successful on this level.

Has Whipple ever been a play caller in anything higher than D2?

listen. shannon is not a good coach. we all know that because he cant produce big wins with a ton of talent. that, in a nutshell, defines a bad coach. the real question is whether to root against UM so he gets fired before 2011 season. good guy, bad coach. sorry randy. you just arent head coach material.

7 turnovers but only 28 points vs. Duke????????

Whipple might be a problem. Say what you want about Jacory but he doesn't call the plays, and I saw us go 3 and out many times without a single run.

Fire Randy Shannon and fire him now!!!!!

Something is wrong with this offense. Whipple should stick to being a QB coach b/c he can't call plays.

Our D was dominant thou.

I remember East Carolina giving the 1983 soon to be National Champion Canes all they could handle pushing the Canes all over the field and we only won the game when the great Eddie Brown made a spectacular catch to bail us out that afternoon. After the game many were saying that the Canes ride was over.

The East Carolina of those days would make the Duke team of today look like a college powerhouse. In other words, East Carolina was real, real, real bad!

PS: East Carolina knocked off undefeated NC State today…college football…it just doesn’t get any better!

As long as Whipple learns to call plays before the ACC Championship game, we will get our revenge on the Noles soon enough.

Somebody please tell Whipple he is not in D2 anymore, you can't just call bombs every play. With our big OL and backs we should be running until they can stop it.

Yes our D was dominant but this was Duke we're talking about! I could round up some boys at the local field an play them pretty tight. So that's not saying much.


We will lose next week! Do you think the offense knows it playrd like crap or will Shannon just tell them they did a good job and make sure you study for your litature exams next week!!

Hey Manny, did Shannon's lack of truth telling and giving quotes start to rub you the wrong way? It seems like you're one of those leading the charge against randy.

Duke's Offense is a lot better than their D. But our Offense struggled and D dominated.

Whipple needs to do more.

I'm with you Manny and judging by the posts on this blog I am not alone, in fact from the looks of things 99% of us Canes want SHannon Fired. Glad you are a voice for us Canes. Keep on reporting the truth.

Thank you Randy The Robot for not running up the score!

Of course the media hates Shannon. He makes their job much harder. They are not Cane fans thou. Shannon's first responsibility is to the players, sorry he doesn't let you know every detail about their life and injuries.

Can we please just hire Bobby Bowden!

Fellow Canes, it could be worse. We could play like the Gatards. Wow. Disgusting puke, like their campus.

I feel better after watching that rag arm Brantley shooting chili peppers out of his arse all over the field.

Duke would beat Mississippi State by 30 points!

"championships is all that matters" says:

Your with Manny? Wow! Stop the presses--you are with someone who has something negative to say about the Canes. Are you sure, because normally you do nothing but point out all of the positives relating to the Canes.

Hate to ruin your night cupcake...Miss St. 10...Gator Pigs 0

Please tell me you guys are watching this--crazy urban goes for it on his own 40 and gets stuffed--meyer is another of those media made heroes, when he's really a clown.

Last week meyer tried to sell the story that brantley had 4 broken ribs and a broken thumb to explain away his pathetic play--this week--severed spine and discolated throwing arm!

Poor Miss State. They were hoping this would be a signature win but because the Gatatds suck so bad, it will be embarrasing if they lose.

Too bad for all the Gatard trash out there. Don't blame Addazio because your players suck.

How is Urban's brain zit?

Interesting how this blog quiets down when the cowardly gators are playing and you don't read all the negativity about the canes coming from supposed canes fans.

I wonder why that is?

I don't know about U but I am enjoying what Mississippi State is doing. That can only help the Canes . God knows they need all the help they can get because they sure can't rely on Shannon. Psych u think Duke would blow out Mississippi State? keep smokin the rock and blowing your boyfriend. Your choice sugarbreeches

Am I the only one who sees the discrepancy in officiating in these past 2 games? I just finished watching the FSU game tape (I was at the game) and I can't believe how many huge calls favored the Noles.

Just in the 1st half:
*No call on the horsecollar on Jacory on the first drive. With that call, AJ's catch at the 12 is actually a TD.
*FSU RT clearly holds Bailey and instead they call a borderline offside. Result-2nd and 2 instead of 2nd and 17. They scored a TD on the next play.
*Obvious PI on the drive just before the half is ignored. Instead of the ball at the 32 w/ 10 seconds left for a quick completion and a field goal attempt-nothing.
Before you accuse me of being a homer, even Musberger all 3 of those calls were missed-hardly a Cane sympathizer. And that's just the 1st half! U could have called a half dozen holding calls on FSU in this game. Easy. Do U realize that Miami outgained FSU by 30 yards or so w/ 5 mins left in the 3rd qtr but trailed 31-17. What if . . .?

I'm not saying that everything is great in the Gables, but think about how many points we're talking about with just those 3 calls. At least 14 points, not to mention the impact of the momentum changes. Its a completely different game if Miami's not trying to chase those points all night.

Look at the discrepancy today! Duke has 1/2 their average penalty yardage against Miami, despite being completely dominated statistically, and physically. Doesn't add up, folks.

This team is not as bad as things appear. Consider these #'s.
*On 19 of 41 running plays, FSU gained 3 yards or less.
*Miami got FSU to 3rd and 9 or more, 9 times.
*More than 1/2 of FSU's rushing yardage came on 3 carries-there was holding on all 3!
Hardly domination.

I've felt all along that 2011 is the year to judge this program. They are still a young team and only in the 2nd year of their systems. They were also missing 3 top DT's for this game, (Holmes, Porter & Lewis) and the young LB's are going to be a huge improvement.

But this officiating nonsense has to stop. Dropped passes, missed tackles, INT's, etc., are a factor, I know that. But all teams have those. Other teams do not, however, have to beat the officials every game in addition to their opponents.


Miami moved the ball against FSU, but couldn't do it consistently.

We also gave FSU great field position all night.

I don't think FSU is that much better than us, so that result only happens if they show up to play and we don't. That's what we're so upset about.

Good breakdown though.

the canes are still in trouble. they can only put up 28 points, come on. even at 4 and 2 this team will not beat virginia tech, they will probably be embarassed again next weekend by north carolina. shannon is horrible, so is whipple.

Wisconsin blew ohio st out!!!! Im convinced itscoaching now. shannon its time to put up or shut up. Much better game planning


Shannon can't do anything but shut up because he can't speak, or coach or develop talent or win unless he plays some team with no talent or a coach worse or as bad as himself. Of coarse he needs to game plan better but to do that he first has to get a brain. hence 45-17 last week against a Florida State team that just squeeked by BC at home who does not have a QB and bouncing back Big against A terrible Duke whose only win came against Elon.
Oh psych I knew u were infatuated with meyer and FLorida but I had know idea that U had your head so far up his A $ $ that u were in his head as well. Now U truly are a dedicated Gator fan. Stick by him after Mississippi State ran all over your Gators.
want to try again gay boy

Mephistopheles, I agree great breakdown of the game last week. I agree that their were some penalties that were completely blown by the officials such as the Horse collar on Harris, as well as the pass interference that should have been called on the pass to Benjamin. However even with those calls FSU would have still killed us. That offensive line time after time opened up gigantic holes for their backs to run through. Did you notice how big our line was compared to their offensive line. Those guys looked like TEs on the Oline. Our guys looked big but slow and were continually getting beat off the ball. I still say that something is wrong in the weight room. As big as our line is we should be able to manhandle defenses so our backs could just pound the ball straight ahead. U can and do have the choice to wait to judge next year if that is what you choose to do. I just can't see the improvement needed in our team to continue on with a coaching staff that is incompetent and can't develop talent. Just imagine what Duke's coach would have done to us had he possessed the talent on his team that we have and Shannon had his poor teams talent. Cutliff could have put triple digits on Shannon if he had our talent on his team.
The bottom line is the officials can play parts in the outcomes of games that are tight, case in point the 2002 national title game against Ohio State, however this game was total domination by a much better prepared team over a more talented but uncoached team.
That is the unfortunate part of the whole thing.

Well , we are better than the gators. At least the teams we lost to are ranked.

"Travis Benjamin gotta catch that ball...."


CanesSuck !!

Posted by: MarbleMouf | October 16, 2010 at 02:49 PM

"Brantley gotta throw that ball...."
"Demps gotta run that ball...."
"Kicker gotta kick that ball...."
GatorsSuckWorse !!

That was your HOMECOMING game, you racist sicko, and you stunk it up for those fans crying all on the sidelines.

Did you see the Mississippi State players OWNING that field after the game? Your kicker ran off it in shame, they stayed and asked him to come back.

Keep going, racist. MarbleMouf has a better record than UrbanLiar this year, and will be higher in the BCS.

Heck, FIU and FAU and UCF and USF might move ahead of 0-3 UFelony!

Go to your Klan rally and leave us Canes fans to celebrate our road win, while you "celebrate" homecoming. LMAO at Curse the racist. You should be banned for your actions, but since that isn't happening, you get the abuse you deserve instead.

2-3 in the SEC Least? LMAO!

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