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Gameday blog: Miami at Duke

MIAMI -- Our Susan Miller Degnan is in Durham today as the unranked Canes try to rebound from their embarrassing loss to Florida State last week with a win at Duke. Kickoff is at 1 p.m. at Wallace Wade Stadium. You can watch the game on ESPN3.com or listen to it on WQAM.com. Feel free to participate in our discussion below as you tune in.

REWIND: The Canes own a 6-1 all-time advantage and 4-0 record since moving to the ACC against Duke. Last season, UM pulled off a 34-16 win at Sun Life Stadium. The last time the two teams met in Durham, the Hurricanes were led to a second half rally by Jacory Harris in a 49-31 win. A win over the Blue Devils would give the Canes their third road win in a row on the road. UM has played four of its last five away from Sun Life Stadium.

ABOUT DUKE: The Blue Devils are 1-4 and their only win came over Elon in the season opener. They've lost 54-48 at Wake Forest, 62-13 vs. Alabama, 35-21 to Army and 21-16 at Maryland. But they've had an extra week to prepare for UM coming off a bye. The Blue Devils are one of the most productive passing teams in the country, ranking 15th nationally by averaging 295 yards per game. Quarterback Sean Renfree is second in the ACC in passing yards and has tossed 10 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. He has three dangerous receivers in Conner Vernon (34 catches, 548 yards), Donovan Varner (31-386) and Austin Kelly (25-269). The offensive line has only given up eight sacks this season, but four in their last game at Maryland. The team relies on its other quarterback, Brandon Connette, to run the football. He ranks third on the team with 129 yards rushing. Defensively, the Blue Devils have improved over the last two weeks. Since giving up an average of 510.7 yards per game over its first three games, Duke has held its last two opponents to 313.5 yards per game. Five players have made interceptions for the Blue Devils this season. The Blue Devils love to blitz. Duke kicker Will Snyderwine is 9 of 10 on field goal attempts. Punter Alex King is averaging 43.5 yards a boot.

> How long quarterback Jacory Harris remains in the game... It's likely the Canes will try to rest Harris some this week against Duke. Spencer Whipple, AJ Highsmith and Stephen Morris all made the trip to Durham.  We might finally get to see what UM's backups really look like.
> How much time freshmen LB Kelvin Cain and WR Allen Hurns get... UM coach Randy Shannon said this week both players might see some action. Keep your eyes open.
> How much pressure the defensive line gets on Duke's QBs... After failing to record a sack last week, I've got a feeling the defensive line is going to come out with something to prove. I'm expecting Allen Bailey and his friends to have a big game.

MY PICK: No reason Miami shouldn't win this game and get some backups into action -- especially coming on the heels of last week's loss. This Duke team isn't as good as the last few Blue Devils teams UM has faced. If this is still a game in the fourth quarter, something is very wrong. MIAMI 45, DUKE 20.

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colin mccarthy didnt play..they listed him as sick..yeaaa riitttteee. he lost his starting job and the freshmen that took his place had a good game. Mccarthy sucks. its about time he's been benched. He woulda never made the team of the miami's of the past

U cant compare a very fired up fsu coming in to miami to a fsu team looking past bc. It was a letdown game they won barely but they didnt play there a game. Miami to them was the game they wanted to win most. Also this passing offense sucks. I say do what miss st did when they beat florida for the gators third straight loss and run the ball 90 pct of our plays. That said we won at duke. Duke is a better team then they were at the start of the season when they were giving up 500 plus yds per game The last 3 they gave up barely 300 yds a game. So duke is an improved team since playing bama. That and miami really seemed in a funk I hope they snap out of it soon with davis and north carolina coming to town they better. Oh and pitt isnt that bad. Miami wins with there d this year though.

Often fans are unrealistic, and are quick to call for a coaches head, even though the coach does good things. However, Miami fans have every right to be critical of Shanon. Miami always has great recruiting classes, under Coker, under Davis, under Erickson, etc. It is only the premier program in the heart of the best highschool football in the country. So I am not all that impressed when people give UM too much credit for recruiting.

And Shanon should be given time no matter what. A coach should be allowed to have a few bad seasons, just like a player. And Shanon has increased the win totle each year.

However the increase in wins each year has a lot to do with how poorly they finished (5-7, and 7-6) in his first two years. Those teams were not very good, so it was only natural for things to pick up. And it is hard for me to believe that Coker left the program that talentless. I mean Sam Shields is a starting DB in the NFL.

Miami is not playing in a strong conference, so 7-6 is almost automatic. The bottom line is, is Miami playing good football? I mean you can be 5-7 and play good football. Few penalties, few turnovers, passion, good game management, just some bad breaks, and some unfortunate recruiting classes. But Miami is not playing good football, and they weren't last year, or the year before, or the year before that.

So, I know fans get a little worked up, but I think its fair to say the team is poorly coached and it has been for a couple years. My only question is, if football brings UM so much money and recognition, then why don't they bite the bullet and just spend money on a PROVEN HEADCOACH???

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The mighty gators (tee-hee) lost to the cow bell people...at home! Are you f'ing kidding me?

They got beat by a team that doesn't have the forward pass in their offense...are you f'ing kidding me?

Brantley, you remember him, the heisman guy, can't throw an accurate pass over 5 yards.

Their running backs look like a bunch of munchkins who are scared out of their minds any time they touch the ball.

Crazy urban will NOT last the season...no way...no how!

3 straight loses--2 of those losses in the scary swamp...what a joke!

I implore all canes fans to be polite and wave to the gators as we go by headed to the top and them headed for their normal place--the cellar!

PS: Georgia is going to demolish the mighty gators (tee-hee)!!!

You are right! That was their homecoming game that they couldn't sell-out and had to call boosters to ask them to purchase large lots of tickets. It just keeps getting better and better as they get worse and worse.

Happy homecoming gators--flags will be flying at half mast at trailer parks all over north florida.


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Miami--FSU tie
UCF 3rd
USF 4th
FAU 5th
FIU 6th
Columbus 7th
Central 8th
Cowardly, Pathetic, Weasely Gators 25th ( they lost to the cow bell people...I need me some more cow bell!)

How does a 45-17 loss get U a tie might I ask?

I am deeply ashamed of myself for coming on this site posing as a Miami Hurricanes fan when I am really a gator troll who has no life and have jealousies of the Canes that my therapist tells me are because of my cravings to be a 43 year old woman who dances in a strip club under the name, Poodle. And also due to my mommy breast feeding me until I was 22 years old…okay, I lied again, it was 27 years old!

All of the negative garbage and lies I write about the Canes are just that...garbage and lies. Like all gator fans I am very, very insecure and jealous of you Canes and know that we will never be in the class of the 5 time National Champion…Miami Hurricanes!

Tonight was one of the worst nights of my life because my pathetic, cheating, cowardly, impotent gators were beaten for the 3rd time in a row by a team that doesn’t have the forward pass as part of their putrid offense. Making this all the worse is we once again have the weakest schedule in all of college football for the 20th straight year.

Sadly, I can’t help myself and will claim I didn’t post this while blaming others for my girlie actions. When I post those lies while wearing my mommy’s panties and bra I ask that you not hate me, only pity me.

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Thanking you in advance.

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U know it is hilarious that everytime U try to make a point. or a lie in your case, I bash U and it all to pieces and when I question U all I hear is crickets or U just go rambling about some other stupid crap. I thought that steamer guy was fun to bust up but man I have been entertained workin U over. You're like a rat or bug that a person fakes like their going to step on I step down U run like hell to something else to try and make a point about. Its funny toying with U. You are out of lies little fella.

Poor Poodle...see above^

Sadly, I can’t help myself and will claim I didn’t post this while blaming others for my girlie actions. When I post those lies while wearing my mommy’s panties and bra I ask that you not hate me, only pity me.

Look at the "championships is all that matters,". Douchebag posting at 2:30 AM.

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Now, now Poodle, your gators were beat-up by the cowbell people last night and it is clear you woke up on the wrong side of mommy this morning.

Our Canes put it on Duke yesterday and we are going to bury the Tar Heels next Saturday on our way to the ACC Championship game where we will get our revenge on the Seminoles. Then we take a month off to prepare for our victory in the BCS Orange Bowl.

I'm thinking...Randy Shannon--Coach of the Year!

Go Canes!

Yeah, nice fantasy land you live in douche. Mercedes and lots of women? Sure. That fits the profile of a loser who posts at 3 in the morning.

That is great comedy, almost as good as your bitter mindless rants or that joke of a football team known as your Florida Gatards.


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So pucker up for your boy.

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