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Gameday blog: No. 16 UM at Clemson

CLEMSON, S.C. -- The 16th-ranked Canes open ACC play looking for revenge against Clemson in a high noon kickoff here in Death Valley. Watch it on ESPN2 or listen to it on WQAM.com. Feel free to participate in our discussion below as you tune in.

LAST MINUTE NEWS (Updated at 10:05 a.m.): Canes RB Graig Cooper -- no surprise here -- didn't make the trip. Clemson safety DeAndre McDaniel has a small broken bone in his hand, but will play. 

REWIND: Each of the last three meetings have gone to overtime with the Tigers winning two of the three meetings -- including last year's 40-37 victory at Sun Life Stadium. The last time the Canes played at raucous Memorial Stadium (80,301 capacity), Kenny Phillips secured a 36-30 win in triple overtime with an interception. UM leads the all-time series 5-3.

C.J. Spiller is gone, but Clemson still has Jamie HarperABOUT CLEMSON: Do-it-all running back C.J. Spiller (who torched UM last season) and receiver Jacoby Ford (who caught the game-winning TD pass last year) are gone for the Tigers. But there are still plenty of dangerous weapons including the bruising backfield tandem of Andre Ellington and Jamie Harper, who are anchoring an offense averaging 215 yards on the ground. Clemson is looking for help at the receiver position, but tight end Dwayne Allen is a dangerous target. He leads all Clemson receivers with eight catches for 156 yards and a score. Quarterback Kyle Parker is coming back from banged up ribs, but still has a solid offensive line in front of him that has only given up two sacks this season. Defensively, the Tigers rank seventh in turnover margin (+5) and fourth nationally in tackles for loss. Safety DeAndre McDaniel had two interceptions last year against Jacory Harris -- including one he took back for a touchdown -- and leads the Tigers defense with 20 tackles. Clemson has two beasts at defensive end in DeQuan Bowers and Andre Branch, who each have three sacks and can create a lot of pressure.

> If Jacory Harris continues to throw interceptions. Whether you blame the receivers for not fighting for the ball enough or point the finger at the quarterback for throwing the ball up for grabs, the Hurricanes can ill-afford to continue turning throwing interceptions. After throwing two picks in the first half at Pittsburgh, Harris only attempted 10 passes in the second half against the Panthers. Most of them were safely executed passes on rollouts. With Clemson expected to dial up the pressure, Harris could end up doing more of the same. 

> How much playing time freshman Seantrel Henderson gets at right tackle. The Canes gave up two sacks last week at the right tackle position between senior Joel Figueroa and redshirt freshman Jermaine Johnson. UM coach Randy Shannon said Henderson, who came in on goalline situations and third and short running situations a week ago at Pittsburgh for eight plays, will see more time this week in special packages. But if Johnson and Figueroa struggle, Henderson might be forced into more action. Either way, this was the No. 1 question on the offense coming into the season. It's important for the Hurricanes to sure up this position moving forward.

> The discipline of UM's swarming defense. Clemson's offense is predicated on keeping defenses off balance with mismatches and passes against the grain. Parker loves to scramble backwards and drawing the defense in before throwing the ball back across the field to his running backs and tight ends. The Canes, who lead the country in tackles for loss and rank second in sacks, have to do a good job not over pursuing, staying disciplined and making good, solid tackles in the open field.

MY PICK: Death Valley can be a really difficult place to play considering how loud it gets. But the Hurricanes aren't a young team anymore and their offense is not predicated on making too many adjustments at the line of scrimmage. That being said, Clemson has a tremendous amount of talent and I wouldn't be surprised if we see these two teams meet again in the ACC championship game. But this Saturday, I'm going with UM. I can't see Jacory Harris making the same mistakes he's made the past couple of weeks. If Harris wouldn't have turned the ball over three times last year UM wouldn't have lost to the Tigers a year ago. As long as he keeps the picks down, the Canes should win. Clemson's offense isn't as good as it was a year ago and the Canes defense is better than it was a year ago. I think the rematch will be a much better game. UM 35, Clemson 20.

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"After throwing two picks in the first half at Pittsburgh, Harris only attempted 10 passes in the second half against the Pirates."

No wonder the Pirates are doing so bad at baseball this year. They're focusing of College Football too much.

i thought they were the panthers

its alright everybody makes mistakes

LOL. This place has fallen so far. Not only are they crying and whining publicly about Jacory not talking( which was the result of all the gasoline the herald thru on the racist tweet fire, making it out to be so much more than just some idiot, making it front page material, which now has Teddy reconsidering) but now they can't even stay focused on which sport they're writing about. This used to be a happening place, where people traded links and info about anything and everything canes. Now it's just a Sun Sentinel Re-run with drama queen crying/whining.

My canes by 3 TDs

Your a good dude but you have to pay attention to your writing & get little things like the correct name of the opponents.

we need an o line that can block

Gonna type a little defense this gameday morning_
A defense with this much talent and depth is fun to watch and hard to find a weakness to exploit. All defenses with the talent level the Canes have go into games looking to shut out their opponent while understanding that field goals will not beat this Hurricane offense.

watching this D-Line get penetration and beat double teams has me curious if these Canes can keep Clemson out of the endzone the entire game.
Call me Homer cause i see this Game as a come-together Cane Day. All three phases do it well today.

•be aware of the reverse• Miami's backside DE will lose contain at times which has lead to successful end-arounds last season. ºExpect to see Clemson run at least oneº

Miami loses thanks to Jacory's pick-6 in the 4th qtr.

The canes will lose by 1 points today due to japicky's 4 picks today. Damn mediocre again

BTW, per ESPN, 'S DeAndre McDaniel will start Saturday's showdown with Miami despite a broken bone in his right hand, ESPN's Joe Schad tweets'

I'm in Tuscaloosa visiting the local hospitals scoping out the credit card situation. If you guy's hear of any dying girls please be sure to hit me up.

My prediction:

The Prison in Ganiesville... 7 felony arrests

Has anybody seen my girlfriend?

I just texted (from the back seat of a Gainesville police car) the SOB that scheduled this game with Bama...well you know the rest of the story.

Who ever heard of the Gators playing an away game against an opponent with a winning record? Next they'll be telling us we have to play more than 4 road games a year.

My prediction:

Gainseville Reformatory School....... 3 NCAA investigations

Can we please pound the ball..........

My prediction all along has been Canes by 2 TD's. Nice to a pro agrees with me.

No wonder the Pirates are doing so bad at baseball this year. They're focusing of College Football too much.
Posted by: jp | October 02, 2010 at 12:38 AM

LOL Terrible brain fart. That's what I get for covering Marlins-Pirates Thursday.

bottom line is if the canes play like they did at pitt, they will not win.

Is Bridgewater really reconsidering?

Canes 28-27

Bama 100
The UF alternative school Gators 3

more gator posts than C_A_N_E_S

Clemson 30 UM 20--mark it down; more road woes for the NR4PT Canes--Not Ready for Prime Time

besides the end-arounds Speed receivers concern me. The front 7 is as good as i've seen here in a long time. A dominate front 4 makes the back sevens job that much easier. So why be concerned? Ray Ray and all his greatness is somewhat limited in zone coverage as most True Sophomores are. Tell-a-Mack is playing better ball this year but he has not shown that Ed Reed speed and playmaking ability, yet.
I like the corners. Tornado Harris is a top 5 corner, Mr. Hill is making the most of his senior year, and DVD is long armed and solid.

Big game Cane fans!!! Jacory just needs to to take his time, and let the playmakers make plays. D needs to be strong and withdtand thier early push! go Canes!!!

anybody on here with any "insider" info on Hurricane recruiting info? need some updates!!

anybody has a online link?

http://atdhe.net/ u can watch the game there

Nice drive... Hank messed up, but he made up for it!! lets get a pick 6 D!!

Why does JH keep going for the long ball? I dont understand the play calling here...did we not learn from last week? Stick with short middle passes man!

2nd and 2 . 2 passes c'mon

Jacory sucks. Can we get a QB that can throw a pass with some velocity?

Ummm. Its called "blitzing" coach. You might want to try it sometime. 3rd and 10 and he has all day. Remember last year? yeah...same guy that torched us cause he had all day....incredible...

Jacory 1-7 22 yards. 5 of those passes could have been picked and one was overthrown by 10 yards. He is just aweful


Just 1st Quarter. I am not impressed with J12's long ball at all. Commentators suggesting that Whipple and Shannon are encouraging J12 to throw it up, let receivers go get it? He is throwing into double and triple coverage. This is just crazy. No accuracy at all! picks surely to come.

Somebody tell me why Miami is getting away from the power running game? the passing game is simply pathetic.

Okay so no passing/offense and now no defense...this will be another long day. Do we have anything to rely on here? this is ridiculous..

velocity ? play calling is the problem !

It's ridiculous listening to people talk about Jacory. They try so hard to make him sound good. "See, that's what is so great about Jacory Harris, he is so accurate." That TD pass was one of the simplest passes. Any high school qb makes that throw. Again, it's not the occasional decent throw that determines whether or not you are a good QB, it's the bad mistakes that make you a bad QB.

another jacory pick.

Nice interception Jacory! Thanks!

Whipple has to be getting paid off. He can't be this stupid.

It's just comical now with these picks

Whipple would be great with the right QB. Harris is not the man to run a Whipple offense. Give him a Stanzi or and Andrew Luck and it works like a pro team. So, don't blame Whip.

jacory was the main reason the Canes were beat by OSU, and will be the reason the Canes loose any more games as long as he is the starting QB.

Did Harris really graduate high school?

Ron: He did graduate...it was on Twitter

does whipple watch film because we keep running that same playaction pass with two receiving options. im willing to bet thats 75 percent of j12 ints to benjamin. why not put a bigger receiver out there or not run that play at all.

Hurricanes looking good! Stopped my yardwork when I hear Joe Sagacki screaming.

Jacory Harris is proving all you haters wrong!

I agree, Whipple would be a good coordinator with a good QB. unfortunately he has Harris and looking forward he won't have a QB here either.

if its not whip then why did we run the ball so succesfully on the first drive then start runing that playaction and had to punt the ball. why doesnt he demoralize them and ram it down their throat we obviously can do that. bad playcalling plus bad decision making equals losses. it starts with whip.

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