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Gameday blog: No. 16 UM at Clemson

CLEMSON, S.C. -- The 16th-ranked Canes open ACC play looking for revenge against Clemson in a high noon kickoff here in Death Valley. Watch it on ESPN2 or listen to it on WQAM.com. Feel free to participate in our discussion below as you tune in.

LAST MINUTE NEWS (Updated at 10:05 a.m.): Canes RB Graig Cooper -- no surprise here -- didn't make the trip. Clemson safety DeAndre McDaniel has a small broken bone in his hand, but will play. 

REWIND: Each of the last three meetings have gone to overtime with the Tigers winning two of the three meetings -- including last year's 40-37 victory at Sun Life Stadium. The last time the Canes played at raucous Memorial Stadium (80,301 capacity), Kenny Phillips secured a 36-30 win in triple overtime with an interception. UM leads the all-time series 5-3.

C.J. Spiller is gone, but Clemson still has Jamie HarperABOUT CLEMSON: Do-it-all running back C.J. Spiller (who torched UM last season) and receiver Jacoby Ford (who caught the game-winning TD pass last year) are gone for the Tigers. But there are still plenty of dangerous weapons including the bruising backfield tandem of Andre Ellington and Jamie Harper, who are anchoring an offense averaging 215 yards on the ground. Clemson is looking for help at the receiver position, but tight end Dwayne Allen is a dangerous target. He leads all Clemson receivers with eight catches for 156 yards and a score. Quarterback Kyle Parker is coming back from banged up ribs, but still has a solid offensive line in front of him that has only given up two sacks this season. Defensively, the Tigers rank seventh in turnover margin (+5) and fourth nationally in tackles for loss. Safety DeAndre McDaniel had two interceptions last year against Jacory Harris -- including one he took back for a touchdown -- and leads the Tigers defense with 20 tackles. Clemson has two beasts at defensive end in DeQuan Bowers and Andre Branch, who each have three sacks and can create a lot of pressure.

> If Jacory Harris continues to throw interceptions. Whether you blame the receivers for not fighting for the ball enough or point the finger at the quarterback for throwing the ball up for grabs, the Hurricanes can ill-afford to continue turning throwing interceptions. After throwing two picks in the first half at Pittsburgh, Harris only attempted 10 passes in the second half against the Panthers. Most of them were safely executed passes on rollouts. With Clemson expected to dial up the pressure, Harris could end up doing more of the same. 

> How much playing time freshman Seantrel Henderson gets at right tackle. The Canes gave up two sacks last week at the right tackle position between senior Joel Figueroa and redshirt freshman Jermaine Johnson. UM coach Randy Shannon said Henderson, who came in on goalline situations and third and short running situations a week ago at Pittsburgh for eight plays, will see more time this week in special packages. But if Johnson and Figueroa struggle, Henderson might be forced into more action. Either way, this was the No. 1 question on the offense coming into the season. It's important for the Hurricanes to sure up this position moving forward.

> The discipline of UM's swarming defense. Clemson's offense is predicated on keeping defenses off balance with mismatches and passes against the grain. Parker loves to scramble backwards and drawing the defense in before throwing the ball back across the field to his running backs and tight ends. The Canes, who lead the country in tackles for loss and rank second in sacks, have to do a good job not over pursuing, staying disciplined and making good, solid tackles in the open field.

MY PICK: Death Valley can be a really difficult place to play considering how loud it gets. But the Hurricanes aren't a young team anymore and their offense is not predicated on making too many adjustments at the line of scrimmage. That being said, Clemson has a tremendous amount of talent and I wouldn't be surprised if we see these two teams meet again in the ACC championship game. But this Saturday, I'm going with UM. I can't see Jacory Harris making the same mistakes he's made the past couple of weeks. If Harris wouldn't have turned the ball over three times last year UM wouldn't have lost to the Tigers a year ago. As long as he keeps the picks down, the Canes should win. Clemson's offense isn't as good as it was a year ago and the Canes defense is better than it was a year ago. I think the rematch will be a much better game. UM 35, Clemson 20.

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Jacory Harris 5/13 121 yards 3 TDs 1 INT

Kyle Parker 3/12 21 0 TDs 0 INT

Would you haters prefer Kyle Parker? Or Robert Marve who is out AGAIN with a serious injury.

Dan Marino would be very happy with Jacory stats today. And if you know anythign about UM you'd be happy as well.

Defense is starting to swarm!

Harris continues to take points off the board for Miami. It would be nice to have a back-up QB. Good job of recruiting by Shannon and company.

I ve never since a QB that kills a team as much as Jacory...another INT. Its only a question of when....does he have another year left?

So the big question once again:

Will Randy Shannon let Jacory cost him his job?

Wow, another Jacory interception! Can we please put my grandmother in at QB?

if jacory doesn't keep throwing crap, we win thsi easily

Harris continues to take points off the board for the Canes!

why is Harris still playing? yet ANOTHER poorly thrown INT...this ome cost us a TD!!!!!

Send in Clemons offense...because Jacory will pass them the ball

Although I've supported Jacory & Randy in the past to the limit, its inexcusable that Jacory cost us at least 2 games last year without clear improvement this year.

The defense is trying their best but there's only so much that they can do.

I agree canes2win. Harris is not the guy.

Wow... come on Jacory... hes gotta know not to throw that ball. i gotta question if Whipple is coaching this kid correctly. Its obvious this guy has talent. its just the mental mistakes.

how sad to lose that TD oportunity...why don't they run the fricken ball...

didnt snap fast enough...another great coaching move...good job shannon

once again, too long to snap...

to many blown opportunities by the offense!

Can we get Bobby Bowden to replace Randy the Robot?

@Ciao "Dan Marino would be very happy with Jacory stats today. And if you know anythign about UM you'd be happy as well."

That must be one of the all time stupidest things ever said. Marino would have been happy with 40% completions, 2 ints, 2 bad overthrows, 6 or 7 other balls that easily could have been picked?

As ridiculous as it sounds Jacory could easily be 5 of 20 with 8 or 9 picks. He lofted 3 passes that were caught for td's by wide open receivers. Any high school qb could have made those throws.

Is anybody starting to feel bad for the Clemson homecoming queen???

13 point lead. Now lets run the ball just like we did against Pitt in the second half. Protect the lead, then come back to Miami to play some home games!

@norm | October 02, 2010 at 01:51 PM

I guess your mama didn't teach you how to count and probably why you could not get into the U. And I doubt you ever made varsity in anything at any time.

Jacory Harris. 165 yards, 4 td 2 ints in the first half. Marino would take those first half numbers and just smile.

I've finally figured it out. Jacory Harris is just like Walsh, Erickson, Toretta,

Harris continues to be an interception machine...8 INTs (so far) in the last 3 games? we only win because other players, and the D-Unit, make up for his chronicly poor decision making

Jacory has completed 36% of his passes. If you complete 55% you are a qb that is not completing a high enough percentage. All of the commentators are talking about all his bad decisions. It's bad people. And we are stuck with this mess for at least the next few years until they fire Shannon.

Where is 47? Where has he been all year? He FOUGHT FOR and made big catches last week. I haven't seen him yet.

I counted everything for you. I showed that he has completed 36% of his passes. I explained that he made a few passes that any other qb playing high school or college football would have made. If not for blown coverages and a few wide open receivers he would looked even worse.

Marino would not have been happy with that performance.

jacory's problem is he does not have any velocity on his passes. I think the offensive coordinator is calling for those long balls. If it wasn't for are general talent we would not be winning this game.

we have 21 other players starting, how about an encouraging comment from supposed fans... forston thank u for stepping up huge and motivating the team with a great play... ray-ray thats 2int's / year! keep it up...

Look Jacory harris doesn't call the plays some of them are risky throws.

J Harris first half QB rating 141.
K Parker Rating 23

D Marino best QB rating 109 (1984)

ciao, I love that you have faith in Jacory, but your crazy to mention him in the same sentence as one of the best passers in NFL history.

Not sure where you are getting Harris' QB rating but NFL and college ratings are calculated differently. It's much easier to get a high rating in college. Also, Marino's was for an entire season.

I am not going to argue with you anymore about Jacory's performance. You can argue with all the other posters and all of the national and local football experts who agree that Jacory is not a good qb. I think you will lose that argument. I am not saying the world is flat. I am stating the opinion of the vast majority of football fans.

4 TD passes!!!! Period.


It's apparent that Whipple's game plan includes the deep pass. That's cool but we can run the ball on these guys.

It's all about Jacory. Last play intentional grounding. Why didn't he just hold it. Near interception. Real stupid. Lucky he has receiver he does. Please when it's second and two run the ball. Shannon is so out of his league. Should be beating thes guys 50 to 10. God help us against FLA St.

canes look gassed...


self destructing

this game should easily be 37-21. If Jacory and the offense keep missing opportunities they will allow Clemson to come back and win this game. Poor coaching or poor QB play, I don't know but it sucks.

whipple is gonna get j12 killed hes a good oc U j12 haters and whip lovers are a joke

Harris SUCKS!

wow morons on special teams to the end!!!!!

horrible. with all the talent (open wr's), why can't we throw simple 10 - 15 yd safe routes.

you'd think with all the pressure that clemson is putting on Harris Whipple would throw a few screens or draws

Can you imagine these wr's with a good qb (mallet, locker, etc)

Whip is calling decent plays. J12 is NOT even a good QB. Thank goodness Clemson can't catch.

The problem is that the defense has played hard but the Offense and Special Teams aren't up to it.

Combined with the REFs calling whatever they can on Miami versus the continuous holding by the Clemson O-line, well, it's a tall order.

Does anyone have any confidence that when the Canes get the ball back, that we score above a 50-50 chance of it getting picked?

I've been a canes fan since 8. I'm 34. I've been through the sanctions; I've been through the Coker years.

I'm watching this game just wondering how they're going to find a way to lose it. This is more frustrating than the sanctions or Coker because we have talent. Big, fast, athletic but find ways to lose games.

I had high hopes for this year, even entering today; but they don't make plays to win the game. They make plays to lose them. It's terribly frustrating, sloppy and hard as hell to watch.

Oh, quick observation:

Sweeney is one whiney b!T$h

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