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Gameday blog: No. 16 UM at Clemson

CLEMSON, S.C. -- The 16th-ranked Canes open ACC play looking for revenge against Clemson in a high noon kickoff here in Death Valley. Watch it on ESPN2 or listen to it on WQAM.com. Feel free to participate in our discussion below as you tune in.

LAST MINUTE NEWS (Updated at 10:05 a.m.): Canes RB Graig Cooper -- no surprise here -- didn't make the trip. Clemson safety DeAndre McDaniel has a small broken bone in his hand, but will play. 

REWIND: Each of the last three meetings have gone to overtime with the Tigers winning two of the three meetings -- including last year's 40-37 victory at Sun Life Stadium. The last time the Canes played at raucous Memorial Stadium (80,301 capacity), Kenny Phillips secured a 36-30 win in triple overtime with an interception. UM leads the all-time series 5-3.

C.J. Spiller is gone, but Clemson still has Jamie HarperABOUT CLEMSON: Do-it-all running back C.J. Spiller (who torched UM last season) and receiver Jacoby Ford (who caught the game-winning TD pass last year) are gone for the Tigers. But there are still plenty of dangerous weapons including the bruising backfield tandem of Andre Ellington and Jamie Harper, who are anchoring an offense averaging 215 yards on the ground. Clemson is looking for help at the receiver position, but tight end Dwayne Allen is a dangerous target. He leads all Clemson receivers with eight catches for 156 yards and a score. Quarterback Kyle Parker is coming back from banged up ribs, but still has a solid offensive line in front of him that has only given up two sacks this season. Defensively, the Tigers rank seventh in turnover margin (+5) and fourth nationally in tackles for loss. Safety DeAndre McDaniel had two interceptions last year against Jacory Harris -- including one he took back for a touchdown -- and leads the Tigers defense with 20 tackles. Clemson has two beasts at defensive end in DeQuan Bowers and Andre Branch, who each have three sacks and can create a lot of pressure.

> If Jacory Harris continues to throw interceptions. Whether you blame the receivers for not fighting for the ball enough or point the finger at the quarterback for throwing the ball up for grabs, the Hurricanes can ill-afford to continue turning throwing interceptions. After throwing two picks in the first half at Pittsburgh, Harris only attempted 10 passes in the second half against the Panthers. Most of them were safely executed passes on rollouts. With Clemson expected to dial up the pressure, Harris could end up doing more of the same. 

> How much playing time freshman Seantrel Henderson gets at right tackle. The Canes gave up two sacks last week at the right tackle position between senior Joel Figueroa and redshirt freshman Jermaine Johnson. UM coach Randy Shannon said Henderson, who came in on goalline situations and third and short running situations a week ago at Pittsburgh for eight plays, will see more time this week in special packages. But if Johnson and Figueroa struggle, Henderson might be forced into more action. Either way, this was the No. 1 question on the offense coming into the season. It's important for the Hurricanes to sure up this position moving forward.

> The discipline of UM's swarming defense. Clemson's offense is predicated on keeping defenses off balance with mismatches and passes against the grain. Parker loves to scramble backwards and drawing the defense in before throwing the ball back across the field to his running backs and tight ends. The Canes, who lead the country in tackles for loss and rank second in sacks, have to do a good job not over pursuing, staying disciplined and making good, solid tackles in the open field.

MY PICK: Death Valley can be a really difficult place to play considering how loud it gets. But the Hurricanes aren't a young team anymore and their offense is not predicated on making too many adjustments at the line of scrimmage. That being said, Clemson has a tremendous amount of talent and I wouldn't be surprised if we see these two teams meet again in the ACC championship game. But this Saturday, I'm going with UM. I can't see Jacory Harris making the same mistakes he's made the past couple of weeks. If Harris wouldn't have turned the ball over three times last year UM wouldn't have lost to the Tigers a year ago. As long as he keeps the picks down, the Canes should win. Clemson's offense isn't as good as it was a year ago and the Canes defense is better than it was a year ago. I think the rematch will be a much better game. UM 35, Clemson 20.

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these refs stink!

This is the poorest coached hurricane team ever. Basic fundamentals this team lacks not to mention a few white boys would help in the mix

wth cares what race they are? just get them to play!!!!! The D is winded after the J & Whipple crap!!!

"Can you imagine these wr's with a good qb (mallet, locker, etc)"

Unfortunately all we can do is imagine for the next few years until our program is in shambles and they fire Shannon. He does not like real qb's. He likes athlete qb's. Just another example of how he doesn't get it. You don't run a pro-style offense with an athlete qb. You need a real pocket passer to run an efficient pro-style offense.

I told you? this team is not BCS ready. No sustained offesnse, stupid penalties, poor QB play, no killer instinct on Defense. We'll be very fortunate to escape with a win. Clemson scheduled Miami for their Homecoming? Did you hear me? The "U" for homecoming fodder. Their Homecoming should be trashed and we are not punishing them for this huge slap in the face. I am disappointed in teams performance midway through 4th quarter.

Last 5 years of the "Great passer" Dan Marino:

92 TD 66 INTS 58% passing completion.

2+ years of the "Terrible" Jacory Harris:

46 TD 32 INTS 60% passing completion.

The problem with blind hatred is that you always have to make excuses for disrespecting someone who doesn't look like, but we all know who and what your really are.

What a joke this Offense is and I have to say, it ALL starts with the QB.

Until and if Shannon can bench Jacory for minutes or entire games, we go nowhere fast.

As I said, I've really supported him but even with him on the sidelines, instead of studying plays, he's sitting around watching our D and their O.

I can also imagine what this team would look like with a real coach running it. I watch Stanford and what Harbaugh has done and it makes me sick to see what our once great program has become. Stanford reminds me of the old 80's Canes and they don't have nearly the talent we have.

whipple is terrible he is trying to sabotage randy. fire him randy before they get rid of u.

Can we leave Figueroa in Clemson?

4th quarter desperation forward lateral by Jacory. Wouldn't it be great it his team had good coaching and a half-way decent QB?

How did Jacory ever get into U of Miami (academically). His IQ can't be more than 70? His lack of judgement is scary. And Shannon is stuck with him for another year after this one?

Where's Brock Berlin when we need him?

I have never seen such an undisciplined team as this one.

Careful everyone! Ciao has figured out that if you think Jacory isn't a good qb you are a racist. Please do not say anything else other than positive things about Harris and make sure you throw in that Marino was a bad qb. We have to admit our mistakes.

review? of course

Ron I agree

Ron, not only are we stuck with him but we don't even have a decent qb on the team so we will be stuck for several years. Whatever happened to recruiting actual qb's from Pennsylvania and Texas that actually know how to play the position rather than someone who was the best athlete on their team so they were made the qb? Oh, I remember what happened... We hired Randy Shannon as our coach.

Every qb that might remind you of Dan Marino has left the team. They know that Shannon doesn't like something about the way they look.

Not impressed at all! Too many penalties, poor QB play, no killer instinct on defense. Total disrespect by Clemson to schedule Canes on their Homecoming. Miami should have been prepared to slap Clemson silly! Commentator Bob Griese says "Miami is known for the turnover" he is right! Canes not ready for a BCS bowl or championship, they have lots to clean up. J12 is very disappointing.

I just want to say I love the U, I'm being heavily recruited by them but yo I'm seriously reconsidering.

We were lucky to leave Clemson with a win. The coaching staff has not recruited a QB since Jacory came in. Without a competitive back-up Jacory knows he has nothing to worry about, they're not going to bench him for Highsmith. Shannon and Whipple need to re-evaluate their QB's ability.

J Harris QB rating this game 119, this year 134.

Robert Marve:::::> out again for the year!

Kyle Parker QB rating this game 62.

Lousy referees calls.

Face the facts not your hatred.

OK..Jacory threw 4 TD's...but, I'm telling you folks, he's not the brightest light on the Christmas tree....and, half the players on this team are the same way....THREE OF THE SAME PENALTIES FOR NOT ALLOWING THE PUNT RETURNER TO CATCH THE BALL....and, as usual, Randy is on the sideline looking like he's in the friggin' TWILIGHT ZONE.
Does he know he's at a football game? There was a bad call against UM...(the first "penalty" for impeding the kick returner, when he muffed the punt and it bounced into Streeter's hands)...that should have been UM's ball...NO DOUBT ABOUT IT...and, Randy, after seeing that they not only gave the ball to Clemson, but the tacked on a 10 yd, penalty ON A REVIEW PLAY, just stood there...no emotion...no bitching about the call...nothing!
The guy is a nice guy...but, as a football coach...for God's sake, show some emotion...get pissed off when you're team is given the shaft by the refs....but, NOT RANDY...just standing there like a deer caught in the headlights....Also, 115 yds. in penalties...that's on the coaching staff, sorry folks!

Also, if not for Jacory's INT's in the first half, Miami could have had 41 points on the board...IN THE FIRST HALF!!

Again, he's not too bright...sorry. I call it like I see it...and, if any of you call me "racist" - YOU'RE ALL CRAZY....just because I can feel comfortable complaining about Jacory, the same way I complain about A WHITE GUY, doesn't make me a racist!!

Next weekend, at Sun Life: Whoop the Noles!

Nuck the Foles!!

Hey Ciao, be prepared to call all of the NFL analysts racists as well when Jacory isn't playing on an NFL team. Unfortunately you are not going to be able to pick Harris for your fantasy team anytime in the future. Unfortunately for Harris it won't be because of his ability, it will be because everyone is a racist who disagrees with you. Hopefully you will figure things out some day. Meanwhile the rest of us will keep watching and hoping our team improves.

too many penalties...bad coaching! whipple refuses to pound the football. Harris just won't improve upon his mistakes, keeps making the same bad reads! lucky to escape with a win today. looks like every acc game is gonna be a fight. we just have to fight the opponent more, and ourselves less!

harris will eventually cost us another game this year but hopefully the defense continues to bail us out and i think it will. Figeroua is terrible and should not see the field the rest of the season...RT will improve with Henderson, johnson, or linder need to win the job

what do you guys have to say about the game now? i take 2 picks and a win any day. so much for you so called "FANS". Find another team to cheer for, CRY BABIES.

Great win CANES!! kudos to Coach Shannon. That was a good road ACC win. Game balls. Hankerson,B.Harris,Ray-Ray,R.Hill and the D-Line. The goats are J.Harris(ugly int's),Whipple(for not running more)Figuroa(been struggling all season)Benjamin(need to get more physical)LB's(still missing too many tackles and blown coverages)FG protections team(giving up too much penetration and Punt protection team(teams are getting closer and closer to blocking our punt are having too many breakdowns. OFFICIALS had a bad game(way too many bad calls especially the Streeter muffed fumble recovery.Clemson got too many calls.

lets look at the team another way.
if they can focus, cut the penalties and interceptions this team is scary good.
right now they are just a bit scary :)

j12 is a very unintelligent qb. no matter what his color. cant read a d or go throigh his progressions. o line a little better this week

The most pathetic bandwagon fans ive ever seen. Some of you morons are never satisfied. Dont call yourself a Miami fan. Youre no Miami fan, youre just an idiot that has no clue what its like to be a real fan of the Canes. The Canes win by 11 on the road and its still not good enough for you morons, so you want another QB, HC and OC. Stop posing as a fan already


jokyla & UMike I totally agree with your posts!

Here are a few of my thoughts of the game.

1- Jacory just try to much..Throw the ball away to the stands PLEASE stop throwing up for graps in double coverage..He seems to be defitinely favoring his left arm or shoulder(it seems to be hurting him)..He just needs to play smarter and reslize we are winning the game..
IF is play not corrected will eventually lose a game down the road..Could be next week FSU playing a lot better now after their Oklahoma debacle.

2- Whipple..Please if it is 3rd & 2.. Run the ball we have 3 good running backs.BIG OLINE if we can not run the ball for 2 yards we should not win the game anyways.. Stop the roll play action agains fast d lines like clemson, and fsu next week it will not work..

3- Joel Figueroa is not a D-1 Player Please don't put him at guard,OT, TE, Whatever he has bad feet got beat inside, outside..let the younger players play..He is not very good.

4-Travis Benjamin seems to be in a funk,maybe all the critcisim from the coaches. He is running bad routes, ran backwards on a punt, dropped couple passes..We need him..He is our "big home threat"..This week GIVE some "TLC' to snap him out of it..

5- B.Harris play below his usual level.. He let clemsom get a 3rd & 12 in front of him, had a bad pass inteference, he gambled on a int that ellington got a 1st goal on..But he made a great tackle on 4&1.."The play the game"

6- Penalties.. Offense killed drives, special teams 3 for 50 for yards and they were the same cal & play..Got to clean that up for next week!

7- Our D played pretty good..But again over ran holes and got burn cut backs, some bad tackling. Hey #7 when are u going to show up and make plays..I think he is overated.I liked all the turnovers created need to create more next week..

8- We need another receiver to step up..(Where is Byrd, Benjamin, A.Johnson) I have heard the promises of streeter, thompkins..Someone else needs to take some pressure of hankerson..Team will eventually double him..

This game should been over at half time..We really dominated the game except for the 2nd part of 3rd quarter. We need to limit our turnovers and score more in the redzone..

"That's all folks.. See ya next week..Go Canes!

ill take a win on the road any day! i think clemson has a tough crowd to deal with... but for those of u that take the win and cant take the criticism dont understand that the truth is miami made a lot of mistakes and if u want to be a top 5 or top 10 team the mindboggling mistakes have got to go... im very happy with the win and happy with where randy has this team heading but when i see a qb in the gun on the five yard line and he throws a pic i have to question the coaching decisions at that moment.. and it doesnt mean that all of a sudden i dont like randy cause he is black...miatakes are mistakes weather your white or black and he and the rest of his coaching staff have got to clean up the mistakes and work harder on getting this team more disciplined.. but with criticism comes praise because i still think that all and all they forced 6 turnovers and i know clemson would take the win too so good job miami and just keep working to get better

The blog Pig has posted at least 8 times under different IDs. You are a stupid sick Pig.

I really can't imagine why you are still a virgin. What woman wouldn't want a grotesquely obese Internet troll?

Wow! I'm just hoping like hell that current recruits do not read this stuff. I mean come on folks. These are 18-22 young men, NOT pro athletes. This is their 3rd consecutive road game in a hostile environment. They went 2-1 in 3 road games people. How many of the top 10 have played 3 straight road games against D-1 opponents? No one else but the U. Give these guys some love for a tough win on the road--again.

Yes we have some things to fix, but the vitriol coming from so called fans is ridiculous. Be a fan with perspective or just don't comment.

Future Canes. Trust me when I say that real fans appreciate and respect your efforts. Please come to the U despite the crap some of these folks may write on this blog.


Im gonna start my own betting agency. All the canes fans who are all to eager to bet against their own team can come on down. Keep betting against Jacory, you'll make me a rich man.

Good win.

Has any one seen the QB from St Thomas Aquinas?

That kid IS A pro-style QB. he has better mechanics than J12 and zips it, That kid is who we should have gone after HARD! Not another J12 clone.

The STA kid has given a verbal to IOwa. IOwa?

Come on cnaes recruit a real QB. Go to the St A QB and tell him--- YOu WILL Start as a freshman if youbeat out J12. Which he would.

Everyone is jumping on Whipple for not running more? All off-season the noise coming out of UM was how the Jacory and the WR wanted to throw the ball more. Well here it is...here's the Northwestern like offense you guys wanted. Only thing is that our QB takes too many chances.

Whipple should recruit the QB himself. Teddy Bridgewater is not the answer at QB, he's a Jacory clone with more mobility.

Posted by: We need a QB PLEASE!:

No QB is going to beat out Jacory Harris at UM. Jacory is Shannon's boy (for whatever reason) and he can sit out there all day throwing picks. There's no way Randy Shannon will pull Jacory Harris this year or next.

The funny thing is that we've got a great OC with a great pro-style system. You would think we can recruit any drop-back passer in the nation. We go out and get Teddy Bridgewater.

How does 8 years of the same QB play sound to you?

Whatever happened to Kyle Wright?
Whatever happened to Matt Patchan?

jacory is fine... with an offense managed like wipples their js gonna be high moments of greatness and low moments of mistakes... i think miami is playing good and their playin better each week... dam guys we won... look at penn state and florida both got spanked.. and we are 3-1 at the top of our conference.. yes jacory has growing but to think some kid can come in here and outplay him... forget it.. this kid has heart and thats what breads a winner.. i know when i have gotten frustrsted with him he has shut me up with some great stuff.. he will be fine ... j12 i got faith in ya... hes a tru cane....

I still think we should recruit that Aquinas kid.

Good Morning Canes Family,

I agree with what some you are syaing gman555 in regards to Whipple. He is coached in NFL systems like the Eagles and steelers system. Yesterday Whip actually called a lot of running plays especially ater half-time. We have 3 pretty good running backs..Who can run, catch & block pretty well.Mike James came in the 4th ran hard preserve the win..We got a FG out of it..The thing that bugs about me Whip somethimes his 3rd down & red zone play calling..The 2nd Int by J12 should have been a fade throw to Hank or Byrd in the corner in the end zone.. We had a3rd&2 we could run it for 1st down and Whip wants throw..That play calling that comeback to haunt u!!
Also way Too Many PENALTIES AGAIN...
We have big game next week against talented QB +plus a rivalry game..Canes play every play likes its your last..Control the line scrimagge..Whip trust oline to pick short yardage run plays..D keep creating turnovers, and better tackling.. Canes congrats big win in death valley very tough place to play!!!

Seantrel Henderson is the man period. We need more lineman like him.

Clemson 30 UM 20--mark it down; more road woes for the NR4PT Canes--Not Ready for Prime Time

Posted by: ponce | October 02, 2010 at 11:34 AM

Excellent pick man!!! You nailed it!!! uh um...nevermind...

It's both Jacory and Whip. Whip can call better plays and Jacory can watch game film more

no suprise here !

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