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Gameday blog: No. 23 FSU at No. 13 Miami

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- The 13th-ranked Canes are looking to win their second in a row against Florida State and earn their first win at home over the Seminoles since 2004. The game will be played in front of the first sellout crowd for a Canes game at Sun Life Stadium since UM moved over from the Orange Bowl in 2008. Kickoff is at 8 p.m. Watch it on ABC or listen to it on WQAM.com. Feel free to participate in our discussion below as you tune in.

REWIND: Since 2000, only one game between these in-state rivals was decided by more than 10 points (UM's 49-27 win Tallahassee in 2001). The last three games have been shootouts (UM won 38-34 last year, FSU won 41-39 in 2008 and UM won 37-29 in 2007). Saturday's game marks the first time both teams have been ranked in the series since 2006 when FSU won 13-10 in the season-opener at the Orange Bowl. FYI, the team that has scored first has won 22 of the past 25 meetings.

ABOUT FSU: Coming off a 7-6 record in Bobby Bowden's final season as coach, the Seminoles were picked in the preseason to win the Atlantic Division title. But after a 47-17 loss at No. 6 Oklahoma, a lot of folks dropped off the FSU bandwagon. The Seminoles, however, have responded by cruising to wins over BYU (34-10), Wake Forest (31-0) and Virginia (34-14). Under first-year coordinator and former Hurricanes assistant Mark Stoops, the defense has made drastic improvements from last season. FSU leads in the country in sacks with five per game and is second to UM in tackles for loss (9.40). They've gone from a man-to-man pressure to defense to a unit that plays a lot of zone. Offensively, ACC Preseason Player of the Year Christian Ponder and the pass offense hasn't made too many big plays. Only six passes have gone for 25 yards or more. Then again, FSU's potent running game hasn't required Ponder to do too much with his arm. The trio of Jermaine Thomas, Ty Jones and Chris Thompson has rushed for 853 yards (7.2 yards per carry) and nine touchdowns behind a veteran offensive line that gets 3-year starter and left tackle Andrew Datko back this week.

> Quarterback Jacory Harris' health... Coaches -- and parents -- have tried to downplay the amount of pain Harris has been playing with since being driven into the ground and injuring his non-throwing shoulder at Pitt. But it is painfully obvious Harris is being a bit tentative with his delivery. Aside from his physical ailments, which I'm sure the Seminoles will target, Harris has made his share of mental mistakes the past several weeks. The Hurricanes could ill-afford to lose Harris or have him continue to turn the ball over. Since the Ohio State game, all four of Harris' interceptions have been thrown on the opponents' side of the 50. Miami can win Saturday -- even with Harris throwing picks -- if that remains the case.

> UM's right tackle spot... Freshman phenom Seantrel Henderson is expected to make his second consecutive start Saturday against FSU. Whether it's Henderson or redshirt freshman Jermaine Johnson blocking on the right side, the Seminoles figure to do most of their attacking from that side. Sophomore defensive end Brandon Jenkins leads FSU with 4.5 sacks. Senior Markus White (2 sacks) should also be a handful.

> How much work Graig Cooper and Storm Johnson get in the backfield... With speedy redshirt freshman Lamar Miller not expected to play this week with a right shoulder injury, Damien Berry and Mike James figure to get the bulk of the work. But Cooper, UM's leading rusher each of the last three seasons, and Johnson, a true freshman who has worked primarily on special teams, figure to get some work. FSU's run defense ranks fourth nationally. An unexpected lift from Cooper or Johnson could prove valuable in this game.

> UM's blocking on special teams... Greg Reid could turn into a huge headache on punt returns. But the real concern is how UM blocks during kicks and punts. Last week, Clemson blocked an extra point and came dangerously close to blocking two punts. Three weeks ago, Ohio State blocked a UM field goal. The Hurricanes made it a point to work heavily on special teams this week. Let's see if it pays off. FYI, special teams standout Corey Nelms is out for this game.

MY PICK: Any Hurricanes fan who believes UM should blow the Seminoles out because of what happened to them at Oklahoma needs a reality check. Sure, BYU is 1-4, Wake Forest is 2-3 and Virginia is 2-2. But FSU still handled all three of those teams with ease and is a much better football team than they were last season when they went 7-6. Bring up the history and the rivalry and you know the Seminoles will not only be jacked up for this one, but so will the Canes, who by the way rank 112th in penalties per game. I just don't see this game being lopsided like some UM fans believe. And I wouldn't be surprised if FSU won at all. But I think it's time for the home team to win in this series. The Hurricanes win with defense yet again. UM 23, FSU 19 

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What happened to the U? I dont even recognize the circus that's playing on the field. Wow..first the Dolphins, and now this! Basketball season cant start fast enough.... Randy will be a "Chik-Fil-A" bowl contender at best....this is not the team to do it...

It looks as if every player for Miami had
their Mother die today. This is sadder than any funeral I've been to lately. There is no inspirational leadership on this team and that miserable emotional basket-case we call a quarterback is the best player FSU has. He is frail, bi-polar and immature. He thinks he is still playing high school ball and just can't make the step up to college ball. 8 and 4 is the best it will be this year and no better next year with J12 back. Until UM loses enought TV time and ticket sales will Donna Do-gooder dismiss Randy and his sadsacks. I'm watching the FL / LSU game.

FIRE SHANNON, fire shannon, fire shannon, fire shannon please please please please fire shannon fire shannon,
THANKS GOD I didn't go to the game!!!1
HOPE they score 50 on us so that they consider fire shannon fire shannon fire shannon please please

Okay ... now I'm pissed.

Maybe UM will lose every game from here on...that is the only chance of getting rid of Shalala, Shannon and Harris. If it will work then I'm loving 3 and 8.

Yeah who do we have to get in contact with to get rid of this idiot shannon. This is pathetic. I hate this crap FSU just kicked our teeth in for another TD. He is almost as bad as COker. God why can't we get a real head Coach and QB anymore.

Forget the Canes. Their days are long gone. Shannon isn't capable as a Head Coach. He can't recruit. Our trench players are weak. Nothing like the old days where we used to put O and D linemen in the Pros every year. With regard to the Dolphins, forget them too. Let's just focus on the HEAT and forget about football. Football in Miami is dead!

I dont like Randy Shannon and I most definitely dont like Jacory Harris, but lets face it our offensive line is pretty poor. I think its time to seriously consider getting a better coach - one capable of seeing when a QB just doesn´t cut it. In particular we need a coach capable of recruiting the type of quality players that UM used to get year in and year out. I realy dont think FSU is that good, the problem is I think UM is even worse. This game makes me sad... Although this last touchdown eases the pain a little, maybe with some luck... LET´S GO CANES!

I just back home..yeah we're playing bad, but are the officials also putting it to us (no interference, Jacory horse collared, etc...no calls) or are my eyes deceiving me?

Randy should have been all over these officials at halftime, if only to show the team he's in it.

We are badly coached. Has to be.

Shalala this is for YOU. Please, at least consider replacing Shannon. The next few years are probably a wash due to Shannon´s recruiting, but the sooner you replace him with someone capable of recuiting quality players (in particular talented QB´s) the sooner UM can regain it´s position as a national power. If you do nothing, we will continue to be a mediocre team for many years to come.

I point my finger at RS. Horrible coach for this team, and JH is too hurt to continue to play the rest of the season. Oh but I forget we dont have a suitable backup quarterback because THEY ALL LEFT!! gee I wonder why???? Where there is smoke, there is a fire!!

FSU is now No. 1 in the state. UF lost. UM will lose. Too bad UM couldn't take advantage with all the recruits in the stands

The game should have been Miami 1,000 to Seminoles 20. Miami keeps beating themselves at every game with simple mistakes. The team has NFL pro bowlers and just the mistakes keeps them down. Drop balls, mis-tackles, receivers running wrong routes, special team not there, When Bosch the kicker brings down the runner and he has done it at other games, you know the other team s*&ks..I would be ashamed to say am anything even a seminole when the kicker brings you down....Go Canes fan forever..

cane fan for life
bur we suck d!ck


If you ever wanted a reason to fired Shannon, I give you Exhibit A.

sloppy performance - this team has problems five games into the season that aren't getting corrected.

Awful job by the canes coaching staff... awful effort.

The lack of discipline by the Hurricanes is appalling and a direct indictment of the coaching staff.

The U will never win the ACC with Shannon. The U will not even get close to sniffing a BCS Bowl game with Shannon.

If you needed another reason to fire Shannon, you got another one tonight.

Well theres another TD for the noles. Got to hand it to FSU and Fisher they were ready toplay and SHannon of course did not have our guys ready. What a waste of great talent that will be wasted because Shalala will not hire a real coach. This is sad and miserable to watch. Got to say the uniforms look great though. Thats sad when thats the best thing I can say about this team. Shannon you are an embarrasment to the U. And all of you SHannon and Jacory lovers who stand up for them use this game to CHoke on.

need a new QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THis is so pathetic they changed it to Stanford and USC. As a Cane I am embarrased and ashamed of that display.

REMEMBER WHAT THE SPORTS BROADCASTER SAID WHEN SEMINOLE JUST MADE A TOUCH DOWN? 99.9 of college students want to be a Cane and coach shannon can"t recruit everybody, you have to meet the academics and certain criteria to be a cane, even 60% of the seminoles wanted to be a Cane and wasn't recruited by the canes. All the star players at seminole didn't meet the cane criteria.... The seminole wide receiver that just scored was heavily trying to get recruited by the canes, just what the SPORTS BROADCASTER SAID, LISTEN TO WHAT THE BROADCASTER SAYS, 99.9 OF THE SEMINOLE PLAYERS CAME FROM MIAMI DADE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOLS AND THEY HAVE TEAM MATES IN THE CANES SIDE LINES....LISTEN, 99.9 OF ALL THE PLAYERS ARE FROM DADE COUNTY....WHAT TRASH EVERYBODY IS TALKING HERE? LEARN THE FACTS FIRST...CANE FAN

Why do you never see Jacory looking at pictures of the defense on the sidelines? Just wondering. Also if he's hurt play the other kids. Its not like he's playing great. I understand he is a leader and the coaches know more than me, but a heathy Whipple or Highsmith or Whoever probably plays better than a hurt Jacory. It seems like Shannon picks the starting QB, maybe not I don't know. Why not trust Whipple to pick?

How many more years does Shannon get a pass for the teams getting out played and out coached in big games.. just pathetic...

When you got radio for a quarterback what do u expect and twiddle dum for a coach

Hey if you want to see what real coaches look like just check out Harbaugh and Kiffen. Not to mention they have real QBs too. Its a sad day when Stanford had a better Coach, QB and team than a school like Miami who has won 5 national titles. Thats what a real head coach gets you. Harbaugh can take a bunch of nerds and make them a top team. That old fart Tad Foote wanted to make Miami the Stanford of the South, Maybe Shalala should try to hire Harbaugh.

Im so upset that i better wait monday or another day to vent. Vey dissapointed in how the team was unprepared as usual in front of a sell-out crowd. No more scheduling 4 good teams in a row because our players look gased or as if they were partying on south beach before the game. Time for me to turn my attention to the HEAT and the heat has officiallt turned CANESVILLE into a basketball town. Thanks PAT RILEY or else i would not have had anything to look forward to in the future...

hey gocanes!!!! why don't you go suck a noles nut!

Randy got to go period! That fat umpalumpa we call a president got to go!! We need to pay for a real coach not peanuts for someone like shannon!! Jacory is a joke, an not a funny one! This is not canes ball!

coaching.. dont care what anyone tells me.. whipple was awful! jimbo was involved in every aspect of the game and shannon looks lost.. he is 4-10 against top 25 numbers speak for themselves.. this team is constantly unprepared.. fire this dam guy

Will people believe me now? This coaching staff is horrible! This is like a broken record, every season SOS. Players running into each other? Defense quitting? It's safe to say we have one of the twenty worst coaching staffs in FBS.

Shalala wake up and get a figin clue! Take the money you just made from this sold out game and find a real coach! This will be the last sellout in Miami in a very long time because fans in Miami want winners not loosers. That is why the Heat have sold out every game for this year. Shanan might know how to recruit but he doesn't have a clue as a head coach. This team will never be in the top 5 as long as he is the Coach! Guaranteed!

Earth to Donna..Earth to Donna.....you're coach needs to go!!!!!

Puke, oh, excuse me. I thought I was watching a football game. This is pathetic. There is nothing to be proud about. Sorry boys, but I'm done this season. After this loses to GT and VT will be the end.

J12 sucks, WR drop balls, Defense is afraid. What happened to the Canes of old? This is pathetic. Randy Shannon needs to do everyone a favor and QUIT!!! He acts holier than thou, but had no problem showing some of the U swag when he played. He has destroyed this team.

GO BOISE STATE!!! A team with a pair

Let me quess, After the game shannon will say that interception wasn't jacory's fault! Jacory is a boy amoung men!We need a man. The problem is shannon ran all the good ones away !! Thank shannon.

Someone tell McCarthy #44 of the defense to hit somebody even his girlfriend because he has not hit anybody this game

>>==GO NOLES -->

FIU is probably playing with more enthusiasm right now!!!!! Come on CANES, WAKE UP!!!!!!

harris is so overrated its not even funny...this kid couldn'd lead a horse to water

Harris is Shannon's boy. he picked him over mavre three years ago which became a media situation..he won't change him now.

he got 7 members from Northwestern when they were the #1 ranked highschool team in the country and he has done nothing but teach them how to lose. these kids never knew what that was when they were in highschool. he needs to go and return to being a defensive coordinator..by no means is he a head coach..no way! the proof is in the pudding

I got my miracle! a complete throttling by FSU. I really want to know why? In a rich football area such as south florida does it take so long to rebuild this program, someone somewhere answer me?

how many more big games do we need to watch the Canes blow to realize that Shannon has no business being a head coach of this football team

Harbaugh harbaugh harbaugh harbaugh Harbaugh Harbaugh. Please hire this guy so we can win a title again. Shannon sucks. Look at what Harbaugh has for a QB and look at what Shannon has. Now tell me who would you want?

well if this team can somehow manage to run the table then they can play florida state again in the ACC championship. As far as today goes, total embarrasment, there were so many recruits there today which we'll probably lose now. We just got totally outplayed!!

Coach Shannon, I use that title loosely is a complete joke and the potato chip QB needs to take his pink suit and go to pimping.
This is an embarrassement for all U fans and I for one will not follow a program that allows a below average coach to stay.

UM gets blown out, FIU wins. GET USED TO IT.

Jaboy needs to go back to highschool with those throws. This is a mans game! Shannon ran all the white Quarterbacks away for this boy. Really? Jacory was our savior. I'd rather have MARVE hurt then jacory healthy.

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