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Gameday blog: No. 23 FSU at No. 13 Miami

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- The 13th-ranked Canes are looking to win their second in a row against Florida State and earn their first win at home over the Seminoles since 2004. The game will be played in front of the first sellout crowd for a Canes game at Sun Life Stadium since UM moved over from the Orange Bowl in 2008. Kickoff is at 8 p.m. Watch it on ABC or listen to it on WQAM.com. Feel free to participate in our discussion below as you tune in.

REWIND: Since 2000, only one game between these in-state rivals was decided by more than 10 points (UM's 49-27 win Tallahassee in 2001). The last three games have been shootouts (UM won 38-34 last year, FSU won 41-39 in 2008 and UM won 37-29 in 2007). Saturday's game marks the first time both teams have been ranked in the series since 2006 when FSU won 13-10 in the season-opener at the Orange Bowl. FYI, the team that has scored first has won 22 of the past 25 meetings.

ABOUT FSU: Coming off a 7-6 record in Bobby Bowden's final season as coach, the Seminoles were picked in the preseason to win the Atlantic Division title. But after a 47-17 loss at No. 6 Oklahoma, a lot of folks dropped off the FSU bandwagon. The Seminoles, however, have responded by cruising to wins over BYU (34-10), Wake Forest (31-0) and Virginia (34-14). Under first-year coordinator and former Hurricanes assistant Mark Stoops, the defense has made drastic improvements from last season. FSU leads in the country in sacks with five per game and is second to UM in tackles for loss (9.40). They've gone from a man-to-man pressure to defense to a unit that plays a lot of zone. Offensively, ACC Preseason Player of the Year Christian Ponder and the pass offense hasn't made too many big plays. Only six passes have gone for 25 yards or more. Then again, FSU's potent running game hasn't required Ponder to do too much with his arm. The trio of Jermaine Thomas, Ty Jones and Chris Thompson has rushed for 853 yards (7.2 yards per carry) and nine touchdowns behind a veteran offensive line that gets 3-year starter and left tackle Andrew Datko back this week.

> Quarterback Jacory Harris' health... Coaches -- and parents -- have tried to downplay the amount of pain Harris has been playing with since being driven into the ground and injuring his non-throwing shoulder at Pitt. But it is painfully obvious Harris is being a bit tentative with his delivery. Aside from his physical ailments, which I'm sure the Seminoles will target, Harris has made his share of mental mistakes the past several weeks. The Hurricanes could ill-afford to lose Harris or have him continue to turn the ball over. Since the Ohio State game, all four of Harris' interceptions have been thrown on the opponents' side of the 50. Miami can win Saturday -- even with Harris throwing picks -- if that remains the case.

> UM's right tackle spot... Freshman phenom Seantrel Henderson is expected to make his second consecutive start Saturday against FSU. Whether it's Henderson or redshirt freshman Jermaine Johnson blocking on the right side, the Seminoles figure to do most of their attacking from that side. Sophomore defensive end Brandon Jenkins leads FSU with 4.5 sacks. Senior Markus White (2 sacks) should also be a handful.

> How much work Graig Cooper and Storm Johnson get in the backfield... With speedy redshirt freshman Lamar Miller not expected to play this week with a right shoulder injury, Damien Berry and Mike James figure to get the bulk of the work. But Cooper, UM's leading rusher each of the last three seasons, and Johnson, a true freshman who has worked primarily on special teams, figure to get some work. FSU's run defense ranks fourth nationally. An unexpected lift from Cooper or Johnson could prove valuable in this game.

> UM's blocking on special teams... Greg Reid could turn into a huge headache on punt returns. But the real concern is how UM blocks during kicks and punts. Last week, Clemson blocked an extra point and came dangerously close to blocking two punts. Three weeks ago, Ohio State blocked a UM field goal. The Hurricanes made it a point to work heavily on special teams this week. Let's see if it pays off. FYI, special teams standout Corey Nelms is out for this game.

MY PICK: Any Hurricanes fan who believes UM should blow the Seminoles out because of what happened to them at Oklahoma needs a reality check. Sure, BYU is 1-4, Wake Forest is 2-3 and Virginia is 2-2. But FSU still handled all three of those teams with ease and is a much better football team than they were last season when they went 7-6. Bring up the history and the rivalry and you know the Seminoles will not only be jacked up for this one, but so will the Canes, who by the way rank 112th in penalties per game. I just don't see this game being lopsided like some UM fans believe. And I wouldn't be surprised if FSU won at all. But I think it's time for the home team to win in this series. The Hurricanes win with defense yet again. UM 23, FSU 19 

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Reminds me of the Virginia game in a few years ago that disgraced the Orangle Bowl. Who was coach for THAT game? Was it Coker or Shanon?

If Shannon is not gone this week, my season ticks get traded in for some FIU golden panther ones. At least they are competitive.

Florida State exposed us a team with serious problems in coaching and playmaking ability. JHarris isn't the solution at QB. Our receivers are below average when it counts, and the defense cracked and crumbled as did the team again. Shannon is the only holdover from the coaching staff that came on board in 2007. We need a new coach. He's been signed on for another year, and he doesn't deserve it. This will be a long year.

CaneDunn..why stop blaming Shannon? he is the theme of the problem. these kids are playing out there with no emotion or heart. i blame the caoch for that. last years bowl game was another example of how a coach failed to prepare his team. all good or great caoch are able to raise their tea's spirits to overcome..this fool doesn't do that...i can't wait to hang up on those poor souls who call me for donations. i am going to hava them call Donna who is also partly to blame.

Thats the question I have been asking for years. Why does it take so long to rebuild our program? It only took Saban one year to take Alabama to a top 5 ranking. It only took meyer a year to make Florida a National Champion. The reason why is Shalala takes all the money that the football team made and blew it on crap other than football and took the cheap way out and hired this feel good story of randy shannon coming from nothing to be the head coach of the Miami Hurricanes. Aint that just pathetic.

I've been a UM fan since 1974, and up till now I have been giving randy shannon the benefit of the doubt. But I have begun to think this lifelife, uninspired, undisiplined team is a reflection of the head coach, and the coaching staff. We have a VERY limited QB, WR's who can't catch, and a bunch of defensive players who are good individual players but play poor team defense, and can't tackle. I do not care about the loss, I have seen many over the years, but the lack of effort and responsibility is disgusting. How many dropped passes before a coach gets in a players face? Hankerson drops 3 passes and its like oh well I had 160 yds last week so no big deal.

Hopefully this will be the end all this we're bac non-sense. It happens every year and every year we lay an egg in a big game. There is no we're back. Time to make like ND, Nebraska, Colorado, and other fans. There is no back. Let's just hope to have a good year, here and there like Haith and his guys.

The days of Miami having a relevant football program are over. Haven't watched this team much this season because I knew this year was gonna be just like last year. No coaching, no inspiration, just a team that barely goes thru the motions. If you aren't willing to pay for a good coach, this garbage is what you get, year after year. It's like the '60's and 70's again. Nice twenty year or so break from mediocrity, but this school just can't hang with the big boys anymore.

um was outcoached, outplayed, and unacceptable in my eyes. I am a die hard hurricane fan, and to watch us get dominated in all phases of the game in unacceptable. did we prepare this week? fire all coaches, and put 2nd string players in...at this point who cares. i live and breathe orange and green..apparently this team doesn't. fsu has talent, but i am throwing up right now the way this frickin team played tonight...

Thank You Randy!!! great coaching job. Team came out Sharp as always. Special teams where outstanding. Fenomenal gameplan and above all GREAT MOTIVATION level players gave everything they had... uuupppss wrong coach Thats Jimbo not Randy.... I just wish we had a real coach!!! maybe Shalala watched the game, she should be static Randys graduation rate is tops in the nation..oooohhh wrong again this is Football... well lets reschedule Temple,FIU, Texas A&M, and 2 other subdivision teams and play to our level.... this way we wont get embarrased.... THANKS RANDY

Randy is the worst coach we have ever had over the last 40 years. He is a very good recruiter but is a terrible teacher (Coker good coach bad recruiter). Sure kids behave and may graduate but the National title game will not be attended by him anytime soon. This program will flirt with the top 25 but will not contend up to their talent. He is a good guy (like his mentor Dave Wanstead)but a poor game day coach. He is unable to adjust like the better coaches do on gameday. Thanks for putting us on the map again Randy but in order to take the next step you need to go.


UM needs to fire shannon. i said to myself give him a a chance he recruited well but has not shown ability to lead. But now Bring in someone who can keep recruits and win game games. Its not just about recruiting but winning and leading.
Shannon u did well but cannot lead or play call a gae. stay as a defensive coordinaor and show ur cane blood.

Game over! Fire all the coaches, clean house! Seen the president packing! Jaboy gotta go to. Try wipple! can't be any worst then jaboy.

graduation rates and kids behaving doesn't bring people to games and doesn't bring money in. Winning championships does. So at this rate Miami will be broke before long.

Steve Spurrier Will be the Next UM Coach !!!!!!!!!!

U think any Gator players will be out partying tonite ?

Hell, we both sucked, but Conferece Championship games are right there for the taking ...

"sense of urgencey" ?


Today is a very sad day for hurricane football. Another poor performance on the national stage continues to set the program back. It's OK to replace the coach...it doesn't mean he is a bad person...just not a great football coach. The bosters need to make some noise for a staff change.

another post..beacuse i am so pissed off the way this team played. wtf....defense...what defense..mcarthy, you are a senior and you played like crap..out of position all game..reading wrong plays all night. i read a lot about jacory blowing the game, but the defense looked like puke. very disappointed...gonna go jump off the roof now..crap!

45 to 17 I would say if I was a booster I would be raising h e 1 1 since the 2nd quarter knowing my money was being wasted on this idiot. Shalala bet ur phone is doing a tap dance 2nite.

I agree the defense did look like puke and Jacory is puke

people understand, miami gets the acc money win or lose. so why worry about winning? in the big east, the bowl money was at least 1/2 the teams. the acc everyone gets some. so why care. its a business. this is the new U. like it or not

WOW, Just got done watching the Phins get blown out at home......oops nevermind, that was the Canes.


I think you can be sure that Randy will find his demise at the hands of FSU. Not this game but the future games he will not have the team ready to play.

I thought I was in a sporting goods store looking at a Mannequin wearing Canes apparel when I realized it was Randy on the sideline. It's really a shame seeing all that talent going to waste on the team.


And BTW, try recruiting good QB's, you know, the way we used to!!!!

This is a damn shame,randy and whipple need to go ASAP.Whats with the play calling on 3rd and 12 we go for a bomb 40 yards down field instead of taking a short rout underneath.Randy has no clue what he is doing on that field,your players mess up you get in their faces and let them now,you dont clap your damn hands and give them a tap on butt and say good job.That kind of leadership will never get this team going in the right direction its only a matter of time before these players quit on this lame duck of a coach.we need someone with some fire on the sideline with some common sense whose not afraid to get in his players face.Just look at the other sidelines and look at the differnce in attitude.

Fire Shannon. Bring in a good qb. Our players are ego maniacs. They celebrate after everything. Someone needs to get them straightened out. Also Jacory really really sucks. All his passes are weak. All this is just poor recruiting and a poor job by Shannon.

Players, play games.Coaches win games.We have neither! I'm just sick to my stomach.I'll try to sleep this crap away...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA......Good guys 45 - U of Misfits 17! Where were the 75K Dade County Community College faithful at the end? Fair weathered south FL fans you are a joke. U dont support the Dolphins, Marlins, or the Panthers unless they are on top. Just a lot of hot air like your weather unless you're winning. NOLES WIN, NOLES WIN, NOLES WIN!!!!!!!!

How many more years does Shannon get a pass for the teams getting out played and out coached in big games.. just pathetic...

Posted by: Canadian Cane Fan | October 09, 2010 at 11:31 PM

Exactly, couldn't of said it better..

Harris is so frail! Even Dorsey wasn't constantly hurt in one way or another. He just seems weak. Wouldn't you think they could fill him out at all?
The deep throws are dead ducks.


Sorry buddy, but Dorsey's last year he was only sacked 7 times. His line is way better!

There is no hiding for you. We know who you are. Another stolen identity.

Alabama - lost

Arizona - lost

Floriduh - lost

......one of those days.

Go back to your dump troll!

My Prediction - Steve Spurrier Will be the Next UM Coach !!!!!!!!!!
- a good season allows Spurrier to leave SC on a good note.
- coaching UM allows Spurrier to recruit with the big boys
- Spurrier Wins Natl Title at UM within 3 years !!!

team is in as primetime as a game gets.. recruits up the yingyang watching and shannon has absolutely no emotion.. guys making mistake after mistake and he is showing no anger.. its like parenting when u coach kids.. weather they like it or not u gotta be in their face constantly on their mistakes or they will slip and continue to make bad decisions.... hmm sounds a lot like miami week in and week out.. show some darn emotion randy its ok

They need to officially change the name of the stadium when Randy enters it. It should be called Sun stadium because Randy takes the life out of it!!!!

Does everyone realize that miami has the worst coach in the ACC probably the SEC and Big east combined. ITs sad when wake forest and Virginia have better coaches than us

I would take Spurrier. no problem at least I know he would light a fire under their rearends and win. Thats what the U is all about or was

This team regresses every game - same mistakes over and over again (e.g missed tackles, dropped passes, confusion over who should be on the field). Fact is - this coaching staff just isn't getting it done!!

That Whittingham guy at UTah would be a nice coach they flat out will blow somebody out. Harbaugh would be better though bringing that power running game and play action passing. I know we kinda do the play action thing but at least he would recruit a real QB instead of a blue balled skinny wanna be pimp like Harris

i was reading shannons quotes.. heck he even blamed himself for not preparing this team.. it was that bad that he couldnt put blame tonight.. kirby houcutt i hope u saw reality.. as sad as it may be for randys future

Its about time. Shannon is pathetic.

Randy Shannon is a disgrace, this program is going down the drain.

That will be the last sellout of that stadium.

LOL! So much for UM's defense winning it, right Manny? Ahh, it's ok. I still love ya bro. Next time!

No recruit in their right mind should go to Miami, this program is pure crap until a new coach his hired.

Bridgewater and anyone else thinking of going to Miami should commit to another school. Even if you guys are UM fans, you'll be helping the program if you attend another school. This way the administration can see how disgraceful we have become.

You'll be playing in front of an empty stadium until Shannon is fired.

it losses like these that will make all the talent take off to the nfl! they have to keep this team moving forward before that cycle starts all over again!

Coker had 15 losses when he was fired, Shannon is already up to 17 or so, no?

Who sucks less U or the Turds ?

How pathetic! Uninspired play. No leadership for coaching or players. Jacory stinks. Please put Highsmith or someone else in. Why play Jacory if he is injured? Dropped passes, no tackling. Oh, excuse me. All tackling done by the kicker!! Matt Bosher is great, but he should not have to be the one making ALL the plays on special teams. This team should not be ranked. Will this be another lose the Emerald Nuts bowl game if they even get that far? Why is it that other schools can find that phenom freshman QB? I was giving Shannon the benefit of the doubt, but it is obvious he is not head coach material. Randy "The Robot" has to go. The new athletic director needs to make some serious decisions. I really hope Duke and Maryland do not kick our butts! BBJJ-Bring Back Jimmy Johnson.

Do we have any Tight Ends on this team? You wouldn't know by watching last night's game.

Let’s start a website WeWantJimmyBack.com or hire Jimmy back for 4 year to groom someone younger to take his place like Rob Chudzinski and bring Ken Dorsey as our quarterback coach until Rob takes over as a head coach then hire another quarterback. Or brings these guys back Gary Stevens, Mark Tresman to help run the offence.

Why is that none of my comments get posted?

you fair weather fans. o line is a joke but thr bigest joke is the qb. cant even do a sze slide with no ond close without hirting homself.

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