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Gameday blog: North Carolina at Miami

MIAMI GARDENS -- The 25th-ranked Canes will try to end a three-game losing streak to North Carolina and avoid taking a huge step back in the Coastal Division race. Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. at Sun Life Stadium where a crowd of at least 40,000 is expected. Watch it on ESPN2 or listen to it on WQAM. Feel free to participate in our discussion below as you tune in.

REWIND: As mentioned earlier, the Hurricanes haven't beaten North Carolina since 2006 and the Tar Heels own an 8-5 edge all-time in the series. The Hurricanes lost 33-24 last year in Chapel Hill and dropped a 28-24 decision the last time the teams met in South Florida. 

TJ Yates ABOUT CAROLINA: The Tar Heels opened the season with a pair tough six-point losses to LSU and Georgia Tech before picking up wins against Rutgers 17-13, East Carolina 42-17, Clemson 21-16 and Virginia 44-10 in the past month. While the team was obviously rocked by the suspensions and dismissals of several key defensive players, quarterback T.J. Yates has kept Carolina in the hunt. He owns the lowest interception percentage in the country (1 INT) and has completed nearly 67 percent of his passes for 1,495 yards and 11 touchdowns. His favorite receiver, senior tight end Zack Pianalto, was knocked out for the season last week at Virginia. But receivers Dwight Jones (19 rec., 302 yards, 3 TDs), Erik Highsmith (14-205-2) and Jheranie Boyd (12-297-3) are all capable targets and big play threats. Carolina's running game, led by Johnny White (86 att., 464 yards, 4 TDs) and Shaun Draughn (63 att., 287 yards, 4 TDs), has averaged 164.7 yards a game over their last three. Defensively, the Tar Heels live off turnovers. They've forced 16 this season (11 interceptions, 5 fumbles). Where the Tar Heels are vulnerable is against the run, where they currently rank 9th in the ACC.


 > As usual, turnovers... We keep trying to figure out the identity of this team. Not sure why. It's obviously turnovers. When UM's defense is forcing them and quarterback Jacory Harris is avoiding them, the Canes have a real good chance to win. Last season, Harris threw four picks against North Carolina and lost. I think the magic number for Harris and the Hurricanes to have a chance to win this week is plus-2 (as in turnover margin).

> How much action the true freshmen see... Last week at game, Kelvin Cain started at middle linebacker and had a stellar game. Tight end Asante Cleveland came in late for Chase Ford and got open for two catches. Seantrel Henderson started his third straight game at right tackle and played the entire game. Receiver Allen Hurns had one pass thrown his way last week. It will be interesting to see if all four get more or fewer opportunities this week. Personally, I'd like to see more of them. We've already seen what the other guys can do. 

> Red Zone and third down efficiency... As documented in my story earlier this week, the Canes offense has been dreadful in both categories this season. Carolina ranks sixth nationally in red zone offense and fourth in red zone defense. The Tar Heels are average on third down, though, ranking 70th on defense (40.0%) and 72nd on offense (38.8%).

> MY PICK: UNC 30, MIAMI 21. You want to believe this game would be the turning point for Miami -- especially against a UNC team hurt by the loss of so many key returning players. But there is nothing I've seen from the Canes -- outside of the defense's ability to create turnovers -- that has really impressed me this season. And North Carolina doesn't turn the ball over. It's like all of the Tar Heels' strengths are the Canes' weaknesses. I think UM will come to play tonight (unlike FSU and Duke). The sad thing is I just don't believe it will be enough. 

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No good reason to have Randy Shannon as a headcoach and Jacory Harris as a QB. We are getting whipped by a team who lost most of their star players.

What do Randy Shannon and Jcory have in common....

Need I say more about Shannon.... hahaha getting outcoached again...getting his bt kicked... I hope we loose the rest of the games it that is what it takes to get him fired..

Remember, this is another so-called BIG game and right on cue, Miami let's a fat boy run nearly the length of the field for a touch. Missed tackles, overrunning coverage and whatever else can go wrong. Oh yeah, Jacory is already pysched out of his brain with little or no confidence. Watch his next set of downs for another pick, fumble or sack.


I hate Randy and Jacory.

Miami will not score a touchdown tonight with Whipple calling the plays.

the catch by Aldurius johnson put a smile on my face...... lets go O ignore the haters and rely on each other to play some ball

that catch by aldurius johnson put a smile on my face.... lets go O.... true fans still got faith in jacory lets go

Hmm. Randy Shannon = Jacory Harris = DOUBLE IGNORANT pieces of dog crap.

Almost half..6 points against second stringers hahahaha this is a new low point...thanks Shannon and Shalala U R GR8...
Shalala when U fire Shannon Please don't go to the FLEA MARCKET shopping for another HC

This is pathetic across the board.

Special teams, defense that can't tackle, an offense that can't score against a 2nd team UNC defense.

Shannon and this team may be uncaring towards the fans but this requires a wholesale change of ALL their coaches.

Even if UM wins this game, Shannon and Hocutt (Mr UF himself) need to explain what is up with the sloppy play on D, O and oh so Special Teams.

How can the team be so sloppy for FSU, Duke and UNC? Where is all that great Spring ball...or is it that they only practice well?

Watching the game from St.Augustine. 10 min to go in 2nd quarter & not important any more who wins. The bottom line is Miami has better talent & is poorly prepared & coached. Jacory Harris is a dud & Miami has not good back ups. They're screwed! In another few games, they'll be playing in front of 25 to 30 thousand fans. Maybe they can move to a high school field closer to campus.

Ataboy Whipple---2nd down and two and you have Jacory drop back 15 yards and we get nothing.
RUN THE _AMN BALL on short yardage!

nice to see Cleveland getting involved in the offense. Nice looking player!

I hate to say this, but a loss here might be necessary to get rid of the head man. Otherwise, it might be postponing another lost season.

On a better note, I think we have found a TE with this Asante Cleveland kid. You never know how a season is going to play out...all preseason was Chase Ford this and that.....and no one mentioned this kid and look at him now. Same thing about Kevin Nelson being an impact freshman at MLB....and its Cain that has played. Ratings mean nothing, mostly

2nd down again on the 6 yard line and Jacory is given a pass play. AGAIN YOU DUMBASS WHIPPLE...R U N on short yardage!

Best drive by Jacory and the Offense i've seen in awhile! Way to finish it off with a TD to Byrd! Let's see somemore of it!

Other than the run-back by NC the 'D' is starting to take a toll on the NC offense. NICE LICKS! I'm beginning to see some heart. PLEASE maintain that energy. GO CANES!

Enjoyed 1st half play. Energy and enthusiasm is obvious. I've seen some dancing and prancing after the big play! If we could just get Shannon to take his girdle off and light a fire!

man ignore the haters and prove them wrong
lets go miller cleveland, telemaque show em ur the big bad LBC


Finally.....some fire from a U player...Congrats to U Mr. Telemaque for doing some chewing on that sideline...That's what this team has needed for so long...Keep it up!!

"Who the hell are you to be speaking up for me or any other fan
Youre just another typical fan that no matter what Miami does you will never be pleased so go to that Oregon board where you belong until they lose a game"

First off, many of us does not include you. I guess Manny's pick makes him a bandwagon fan. Many of the posts I have put up have had similar sentiment. How many announcers have talked about the same things I am posting...uhm...all of them?

So take your nerd raging internet tough guy bully act off the thread and post actual things about the team that contradict my perceptions or take it like a man that our team is not as good as it could be.

"Its worth nothing coming from a fan like you"

People are not posting to satisfy you. You are not playing, the critique has nothing to do with you. Don't tell me who to cheer for.

There is at least 10 posts prior to mine asking for the firing of RS, the ints, ect.. of which mine do none of. I did not start his thread with a loss prediction. So if you call me out, call everyone out.


Who the hell are you to be speaking up for me or any other fan
Youre just another typical fan that no matter what Miami does you will never be pleased so go to that Oregon board where you belong until they lose a game

Its worth nothing coming from a fan like you

Posted by: And Thats A Fact

These posts are not to make you happy. Don't tell me who to cheer for. There are at least 10 other posts asking for the firing of RS, or j12's ints, or bashing on Donna of which none of my posts do. If you are going to call people out, start at the top. I guess Manny is a bandwagon fan cause he predicted a loss? There is nothing I have posted that most broadcasters or other writers have not echoed or previously stated.

If you are gonna call people out, call them all out. Otherwise, take your nerd raging internet tough guy bully act some where else. We are not here to please you. AND THATS A FACT!

TRAVIS B. -- WHAT A CATCH FOR 6!!! That Carolina defender must be embarassed!

The haters are silent now!

THe Dallas Cowboys have to many penalties and mistakes and everyone knows the coach is not up to the job. We have the same problem. He must go.

Not many posts since 8pm....i guess the 'fans' have nothing to complain about...bunch of bustas!!!

Go Canes!!!!

26-10!! Where are the 'fans' now????? Haven't posted since 8pm!!! HATERS!!!! lolololol

playing against 2 true freshman db's. Nothing to be raving about. Running game looks better though

Mark - made same comment comparing us to the cowboys last week. Very similar in all aspects.

D is looking great ( minus the big run)! if offense can become consistent, we could win the ACC

Get me Sean douchebag's address. He will never type again.

Did Gator lose today?

You can see that with every completion, Jacory's confidence is growing!! it's a bueatiful thing!! We were quick to trash the kid, no lets give respect where respect is due! good game Jacory

Hope we can build on the next 2 games and get ready for the big payback on Nov. 20th!! Va Tech must pay!!!

jacory confidence? He skied a ball against 3 freshman db's. Bailey is an animal!

AB is out there showing his ass tonight! Keep it up!

Congrats to the staff & the boys!

Nice win!! Keep it going guys.

great win tonight , and vaughn telemaque is an emerging leader , where are all you team bashers now huh ???? i thought so

GREAT WIN MEN!!! It's kind of quiet in here (lol).

Great Game Canes!!!

Soon to be ACC Champions!!!

You so called CANE fans" are lame. No confidence in your team......GO B ITCH about another team and leave it to us, the true CANES FANS to keep the faith...



BTW...Manny....YOU WERE SO WRONG....Nice try though, jumping on the haters band wagon...



manny Navarro:

EAT your words, you pathetic excuse for a reporter.

You picked UNC. Why? Was there something you knew that 90% of didnt? Did you have inside info?

I've seen the same UM team that you have, and I knew UM had the team to whoop UNC.

But you decided, that you were going to pick UNC.

Either it was a ploy to get people to argue with you, or you really are a poor predictor.

Now, As I said before, Man up manny, and apologize for being a dum= fk

Boy that kool-aid ive been drinking sure tastes pretty good right now. Way to show all the many and i mean many doubters wrong.

Randy Shannon...took a program over on the brink of extinction and now has the "U" positioned for an AAC Championship and a BCS Orange Bowl Championship and top 10 year end finish.

Jacory Harris...Leadership...Determination…Success…The Man…21 of 32 completions (several dropped, one a TD pass)…217 yards…3 Touchdowns and 1 interception.

Damien Berry…4th straight 100 yard game…19 carries…109… 5.7 average…1 Touchdown.

Receiving Corp…Brilliant…3 touchdowns…Did I say Brilliant!!!!

Defense…Lovett is Da’ Man…3 turnovers…a Blanket Secondary…Bailey—fuhgettaboutit…Brutal…Awesome….Great!!!

Vaughn Telemaque provided GREAT leadership that started a fire on the sideline and the passion was off the charts. As the commentator Davies said; “This team is improving and on the verge of being great!!!”


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