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Hi everyone.

It's SUSAN MILLER DEGNAN at Scott Stadium on an absolutely gorgeous day in Charlottesville.

Manny isn't here today (he's covering Heat game tonight), but I'll have this blog set up so you guys can comment during the game.

I'll try to write some stuff during the game, but please free to chat.

Here come the Cavaliers -- orange jerseys and blue pants. The Canes are running out now with white jerseys and green pants.

I'm wondering if the Canes will come out flat, or come out with fire. I'm expecting fire, but you never know.

Cavs just won toss and deferred to second half.

Nice pass and catch by Harris and LaRon.

UM doesn't make its fourth-down attempt. UVA does because of pass interference on JoJo.

Wow. Beautiful pooch punt by UVA. Hurricanes take over at UM 6.

No on the Cover it Live. Sorry.

 Somebody must have taught the Cavs how to tackle and play rush defense this week. They came into the game ranked 114th nationally in rushing defense.

whoa. Jacory was nailed. Lying on his back. Not good.


We still haven't gotten a report on Jacory Harris, other than he's out for the game. Poor guy. He can't catch a break.

Stephen Morris? Wow. What the heck? There goes that redshirt.


UM has not given us any updates on Jacory. "We don't talk about injuries," said Chris Freet, associate athletic director for the University of Miami. And that's after I asked if Jacory was taken to the hospital.
However, UVA sports information director Jim Daves said as of halftime, Harris was not taken to the hospital and remained at the stadium.




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So no cover it large?

I mean cover it live

We Ned a turnover!


Ranked 22nd Miami Hurricanes vs Virginia.


We should have a fun game today. GO CANES!!

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the running game is off to a slow start. lets go offense!

flat flat flat

Where is the emotion? Dropped passes, missed tackles & no blocking!

What do we have ray ray for. This guy cant tackle. he continues to struggle tackling. mccarthy over pursue plays and also cant taackle

Add throwing into double coverage to that list

sloppy playing

fire mark whipple

he finally got his son in. will the fans comment on that bs.

Thanks to our PUTRID OL now we lost our QB. Can't run, can protect... pure garbage!!! a reflection of the coaching staff!!!HORRIBLE!!!

Jesus J-Ice got WHACKED.

Love the canes. Thhink they are on the way and will one day be "back", but man, this team is hard to watch.
With most talented teams, you watch each week wondering who's going to step up. With this team, you watch every week wondering who's going to **** up.

Good teams find a way to win; this team looks for ways to lose. It's hard to know where to put the blame from outside the program, but something is definitely wrong. Too much talent to play this way.

They are no longer fun to watch. Have to stop waisting my Saturdays. Thank God Jacory is alive though. Man, he looked like my 70yr old mom on that hit. God speed J12.

our offensive line isnt that bad whipple has been trying that bs play and he finally got jacory knocked out. thanks whip your some hot garbage.

This University of Miami team hasn't had "swagger" since 2005. We'll likely lose against Virginia since they just scrambled Jacory's eggs.

Oh no. We've seen the last of J12 today. Looks like a pretty bad concussion. Will it be Whipple or Highsmith? Looks like the running game, O Line and "D" will have to step it up to pull this one out.
PS: Virginia just scored. They're pumped up. We need an "answer" drive right now.

what fucin swag. trap game to the fulliest.

THanl you Virginia..You have prove my point..Shannon must GO!!! NOW!!! everybody scores 40-50 on this guys ...we have 0!!!

I like McCarthy, but he's missed at least three tackles, and now he was burned for a TD on 4th down. Get him out of the game.

more cooper

Shannon should show pride and love for the U and resign!!! that is the decent thing to do.. maybe BK has job oportunities...

f mark whipple

Virginia's wins: E.Mich, VMI, Richmond

f mark whipple. now he will change his playcalling

Our QB get's splattered and the defense comes out and promptly allows a very bad Virginia team put a 70 yard drive on them...these cats can talk about swagger and all that other crap, but they need to send one of the trainers back to the team bus to see if they cane find some...PRIDE!!!

whipple is the most over-rated OC of all time.

He's never called plays beyond division 2... and they pass deep every play. That dont work on this level. And the defenses have figured him out.

he has been purposely calling that bs to get his son in. what a dusch bag.

wr cant catch. what is going on with these drops

Is Randy Shannon's desire to not have a real second string QB going to come bite him in the *** now?

For all of you begging to see UMass' 5th string QB, there you go. We need AJ in there like I've been saying all along, not because he is a great passer, but because his running ability gives our offense an added dimension.

WOW! We are gonna lose to Virginia! OMFG

How the F did Shannon not want a 2nd string QB? He cant control if a kid thinks he should be a starter and transfers.

And if you have seen any of Cook or Smith they suck at their new schools also.

Well this UM team is now a different kettle of fish...

mccarthy and ray ray are garbage

Here is where the NEW Miami feels the pressure and packs it in. I wonder if Ed Reed watches these games with a vomit bucket at his side.

44 burned again.

Will the Randy Shannon defenders still be talking if the Canes lose to UVA??

Hard to decide if the offense or defense is more inept right now.

ed reed next coach at miami after he retires from ravens. Shannon can't even speak, he is a ghetto kid

Yikes. Whipple just threw that pass like a shot put! Ugly. Don't wait too long. If you need to mplay Morris... do it! And what's up with the defense. They're getting gashed against a poor Virginia offense. 14 - 0! Giving up huge plays. WHAT IS GOING ON? Oh Mr. Shannon. If your team lays an egg today, next week will be a living nightmare for you. Better do some screaming and hollering to wake these guys up. I hope they haven't quit because J12 went down. Let's see if they respond to adversity or wilt away. The rest of thids game will be a great test of the future of UM football. Let's see what we're really made of.

Sha-nay-nay doomed UM Football forever

JHarris not coming back today per QAM announcers

ok im tired of defending oUr coaches - granted they can't block or catch the ball bUt it's time they all go - sorry bUt this is embarrassing

Thank You AGAIN Virginia 14-0... hope Kirby and Shammooo are watching...Shannon has to fired PERIOD...
Next year we'll see Cheap Shalala shopping for a HC at the Flea market jajaja

three's always next year for JH to throw more ints

No way Miami will get to the ACC championship. Even if they win this game they will still lose another 1 or 2 games. Every week there are missed tackles, dropped balls, turnovers, etc. Every week players and coaches talk how it will improve but I still have yet to see ANY improvement in this team.

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