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Hi everyone.

It's SUSAN MILLER DEGNAN at Scott Stadium on an absolutely gorgeous day in Charlottesville.

Manny isn't here today (he's covering Heat game tonight), but I'll have this blog set up so you guys can comment during the game.

I'll try to write some stuff during the game, but please free to chat.

Here come the Cavaliers -- orange jerseys and blue pants. The Canes are running out now with white jerseys and green pants.

I'm wondering if the Canes will come out flat, or come out with fire. I'm expecting fire, but you never know.

Cavs just won toss and deferred to second half.

Nice pass and catch by Harris and LaRon.

UM doesn't make its fourth-down attempt. UVA does because of pass interference on JoJo.

Wow. Beautiful pooch punt by UVA. Hurricanes take over at UM 6.

No on the Cover it Live. Sorry.

 Somebody must have taught the Cavs how to tackle and play rush defense this week. They came into the game ranked 114th nationally in rushing defense.

whoa. Jacory was nailed. Lying on his back. Not good.


We still haven't gotten a report on Jacory Harris, other than he's out for the game. Poor guy. He can't catch a break.

Stephen Morris? Wow. What the heck? There goes that redshirt.


UM has not given us any updates on Jacory. "We don't talk about injuries," said Chris Freet, associate athletic director for the University of Miami. And that's after I asked if Jacory was taken to the hospital.
However, UVA sports information director Jim Daves said as of halftime, Harris was not taken to the hospital and remained at the stadium.




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To mother:

Fairweather fans? What closet have you been living in?
Do you even watch the games? Is it wrong some of us have higher expectations? I don't see fans quitting on the team.
After 4+ years Shannon can't beat one of the worst teams in the country???
How can anyone support this guy???

I wonder if Durand Scott is going to be all-ACC this year. Memphis midnight game should be interesting.

this is the SMARTEST THING I have ever seen SHanon do. Good!

The freshman looks good....

Wow, got the 4th string in. I'm not sure this is a rebuilding year for the U.

Jacory going down has nothing to do with what is happening out there! Your QB goes down and then you let your weak opponent to march down the field 2 consecutive times on you!!!! That is called being a LOSER! When you QB goes down, as a defense you know it is one you to win the damn game.

Remember, a team ALWAYS takes on the personality of its coach. Enough said.

THROW THE BALL EVERY SINGLE DOWN for the rest of the game you stupid bonehead! We have 3 of the best backs in college ball and our brilliant OC starts off the second half with three passing plays. When does the INSANITY stop?! 4th string QB in critical game told to throw the ball every play. If this game is lost Shannon and his crew of stooges have to go.

So what's the starting lineup: pg-D.Scott, sg-M.Grant, c-R.Johnson, pf-D.Kirk, sf-D.Jones?

You get the ball at the 50 with a true freshmen QB and you decide to throw 3 straight times when you have a massive o-line and supposedly steller running backs. WOW!

This is quite possibly the worst coached team in the history of football.

Why is Whipple throwing the ball when we are behind 14-0 and we have the ball on Virginia side of the 50. I think he is doing his best to ruin the Canes Program

Whipple is a joke. Freshman QB's first series he throws all 3 times!!!???


We have a huge line and 3 great backs.

bring in the waterboy for qb


What are the out of conference games: Rutgers, WV, Memphis, Ole Miss, and some Las Vegas tournament?

At least they did decide to put Morris in. Even his 3 incompletes looked better than Harris and Whipple's passes. That kid is the best QB we have on the roster. But our whole team looks slow and weak and uninspired. Shannon U just can't have your team play like they did last week They have to play like that every weekend.

Collin is just plain bad where is Cain. Someone please tell me why Collin is in there.

Harris is terrible and Shannon must go he is a good recruter but terrible head coach.

The whole academic thing needs to be left out of the conversation-this is about the football program and what you do with what you have-coaching staff is just not developing the players bottom line-don't give me this fair weather fan stuff-Randy is in the 4th year and continues to produce the same mediocre results. whatever happened to having high standards? i am not interested in dumming down the program so mediocre results become acceptable....still time for what...mediocre results-spare me.

Wow... what's going on with our defense? They are being manhandled. This I did NOT expect! I understand that we struggle on O without our QB, but the D is the strength of our team. The 17th ranked D being gashed by Virginia? I truly hope they haven't just laid down and quit. Very sad what's going on today.

Damn Miami where is all the fire from last week. I just dont get this team at all.

Very difficult watching this debacle. Best thing so far is watching Morris get his opportunity. Tremendous letdown! very disappointed in performance through 3 quarters.

If Whipple doesn't run it he needs to be fired.

How many 3 and outs does he want?

That's it folk. This coaching staff has to go. The players reflect the coaching

sad so far. Morris looks good.

Now we get th pleasure of watching our team lay down and take what's happening to them. Pack it in! That's the heart of our football team.

Can we get to the BOTTOM LINE...

We have watched now for several years...

This is not... not a well coached football program.

UM Players are not Duke or Michigan players in terms of smarts but they are most likely more physically talented and have the potential for good football IQs...

Missed assignments, penalities, a lack of cohesive fire... They wander around often when things are good or bad...

This is a poorly coached pretty talented football program and has been that for a few years now.

The respect Shannon but he is not making them all they can be and is not leading them on the field the way a big time coach should.

Weak, weak, weak players getting pushed around like a bunch of wimps. Get rid of Swassey too. Shannon being outcoached by another coach in his 1st year. Who would have thought it.

Finally our idiot OC runs the ball.

Please, fire Shannon...he's back to that same "I don't know what I'm doing on the sidelines for a major university LOOK ON HIS FACE" - when will people realize that SHANNON DOES NOT KNOW, AT ALL, HOW TO GET A TEAM READY TO PLAY.
A good coach would find a way to win this game...but, RS is a horrible, horrible coach.
Pack your bags, RANDY, you're gone!

And, for all you MORONS who call Jacory "ICE" -oh yea, he's real cool...sure, he has 50 TD's in his career...and, how many INT's...55..?

I hope the Canes lose this game, just to SHUT UP THE "RANDY CAN COACH" fans...anyone who has half a brain (which doesn't include RS fans), can see that he doesn't have a clue on how to show a team how to win a game like this!!


Get rid of both of them, before it's too late to turn things around!

And, F**K all of you people who STILL THINK that Randy can coach...HE CAN'T...he's horrible, terrible...and, like I said, he's got that "deer caught in the headlights" look again on his face!

GET RID OF SHALALA...h*ll, get rid of WHIPPLE TOO! He's a loser as well!!

If I were coach, I would make every lineman do 5 laps around campus with no shoes for every false start.

Another drive killed by F'n PASSING on 1st down.

We are successful on EVERY run but the idiot OC throws all the time.

We get two straight first downs by running, then Whipple decides to pass 3 straight times and we have to punt.

Whipple is pathetic.

Morris has a stronger arm then Harris and Whipple. He should be getting the reps.

wake me up when we are relevant again. this is sooooooooooooooooooo tiring. pathetic from top to bottom.

Poorly Coached!

Look at the mistakes... the types of mistakes... Look at how the WRs run their routes and don't know how to help the QB when things breakdown...

It is time to stop dumping the majority of the blame on the players... Cuz over the last 3 years we've blamed just about all of them... And their development or lack there of...

What that all means is... It is the Coaching.

And the Northwest kids have turned out to be over-rated at ball players.

University of Miami... Wow!!! Shannon why would you play a true freshman at QB.. After 6 games in the 2010 season!!! Morris maybe a hella QB but you did not prep him for the game this week. You thought J. Harris was going nevermind I don't want to even talk about how great he is... Shannon you are a wonderful coach.. We are truly lucky to have you as a coach at the University of Miami!

we run the ball and get first downs, and Mr Whipple calls three passing plays. He needs to pack it stuff and take his son, and leave S. Florida

UMike I'm with U a 100% and lets get rid of swassey too. OUr guys look slow and weak physically against of all teams Virginia.

Has Shannon unfolded his arms yet?

I turned it off.

I just could not stand it any longer.

The only thing left to play for now is to see exactly what it takes to get Shannon to unfold his arms on the sidelines.

I just saw UVA's rankings on Offense and Defense, and wow. This loss is inexecusable. Heads have to ROLL for this one. Have to ROLL.

VA just pounding Miami. Game over!!

IS it possible to fire Shannon DURING the game?

Too many embarrasing losses under Shanon. Another UVA game comes to mind -- Shanon's tribute to the Orange Bowl, a 45-0 loss to UVA in his first year.

would someone please look at getting in touch with Gary Patterson or Jim Harbaugh and see perhaps would they be interested in taking over a talented team so we can start winning.

Why does Franklin, Orlando always draws penalties or gets beat. Seems like everyone can throw slants, swing and even screens. But we can't. I'm so angry right now!

They are running through Miami's d-line like it is a spider web. As a Nole Grad/fan and Miami native I root for the U every weak, mostly so it looks that much better when FSU beats them....but damn this is embarrassing. I'm with you folks, you all need a change! Bring back Schellenberger!

Im black and I hate Randy Shannon, He really needs to get replace. Its not a race thing believe me.

Why is everyone acting surprised? We are an academic/ good christian boy school now. Why do you think Donna was hired? 1st thing she did, kill the OB. Now, kill the football program. Next, kill the baseball program. Turn school in to a politics institute.

More dumb passes from Whipple.

Mark Whipple has single-handedly handed this game to Virginia.


Cmon Morris!!!!! Goood Job

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