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Hi everyone.

It's SUSAN MILLER DEGNAN at Scott Stadium on an absolutely gorgeous day in Charlottesville.

Manny isn't here today (he's covering Heat game tonight), but I'll have this blog set up so you guys can comment during the game.

I'll try to write some stuff during the game, but please free to chat.

Here come the Cavaliers -- orange jerseys and blue pants. The Canes are running out now with white jerseys and green pants.

I'm wondering if the Canes will come out flat, or come out with fire. I'm expecting fire, but you never know.

Cavs just won toss and deferred to second half.

Nice pass and catch by Harris and LaRon.

UM doesn't make its fourth-down attempt. UVA does because of pass interference on JoJo.

Wow. Beautiful pooch punt by UVA. Hurricanes take over at UM 6.

No on the Cover it Live. Sorry.

 Somebody must have taught the Cavs how to tackle and play rush defense this week. They came into the game ranked 114th nationally in rushing defense.

whoa. Jacory was nailed. Lying on his back. Not good.


We still haven't gotten a report on Jacory Harris, other than he's out for the game. Poor guy. He can't catch a break.

Stephen Morris? Wow. What the heck? There goes that redshirt.


UM has not given us any updates on Jacory. "We don't talk about injuries," said Chris Freet, associate athletic director for the University of Miami. And that's after I asked if Jacory was taken to the hospital.
However, UVA sports information director Jim Daves said as of halftime, Harris was not taken to the hospital and remained at the stadium.




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when you have a team with this many good players, and they play this poorly, you have to look at the coach. shannon doesn't have his team ready to play. and for a guy who played D and coached D as well, hard to believe a crappy team like UVA just runs right through all his highly recruited players. it all goes back to shannon.

We've been getting easily 5+ per carry in the 2nd half but he kills drives with passing. Our OC is bad.

Bye bye ACC Championship game. Bye bye recruits. Unfortunately for UM fans its not going to get any better. Shalala isn't going to fire Randy due to the progress he has made academically. We will continue to wallow in mediocrity until a new Pres is brought in that wants to win football games.

Are you kidding me, throw a jump ball pass in the end zone with a rookie QB. Nice offensive play calling.

benjamin gets out jumped again

He should of threw the check down

Any1 blaming Shalala just shows you're an ignorant clueless clown. She's been very good for the football program.

You throw a jump ball to your shortest receiver?!

Are you kidding me?

Ok... Officially the dumbest play call I have seen all year.

Need we say more, you have the ball first and 10 at the 15 and We throw the freakin ball

That ball neeeds to go to the checkdown

God I hope they dont go to a bowl game!!!

Randy Shannon is a great coach..

sincerly yours,

We cant be stopped running but he calls that????

Fire Whipple and let some1 else finish the game.

Shannon should be fired!

This team stinks

Shutout by one of the worst teams in the country???

Shannon's biggest mistake as coach has been never finding a good OC. Plain and simple.

WTF??? Whipple is an awful play caller!!! Get some momentum and throw a jump fade to your smallest receiver....what a joke. Every passing play in his offense looks unorganized and jumbled. He is a joke!! HIRE MIKE LEACH DONNA!!!!

Why in gods name is benjamin split out wide? He is a slot reciever not a split end. Use his speed over the middle in the slot. This has to be the biggest waste of talent in college football history by a coaching staff.
Put Streeter in out wide and throw it up to him. Heck we fans are better coaches than what the U has and the sad part is we are doing it for free and those dummies are getting paid.

This team wasn't ready to play today. C'mom Randy Shannon WTF man.

Most lackluster performance from the Canes.. This goes to coaching, I can't believe they can't motive this team.. Shannon needs to go and go NOW

Whipple's gotta go.

Whipple has never called plays at this level.

He's a Division 2 coach. At the NFL he never called plays just worked with the QB.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Virginia should not be able to handle either sides of the Line. Why isnt lamar miller in more. We send graig cooper to throw passes. Come on now. I better not here anyone say they are that close to greatness again!

Get rid of Shalala....and WHIPPLE!!

Canes are an embrassment

We got 7 per carry in the 2nd half but Whipple killed another drive. Sad.

jojo has killed us

I was so proud when Randy Shannon was hired as the coach at Miami. Now I wish it would have never happened, he has done nothing but stand on the sideline with that same stupid look on his face.

Miami is an average team.

The players have not improved under RS.

Too many times, the team seems unprepared.

There is no emotion or pride.

There is no senior leadership.

Oh well...there is always next year.

BTW, RS isn't going anywhere. He just signed an extension, and the University cannot afford to buy him out.

randy shannon and his staff has to GO

why in the world would they let stephen morris throw it up for grabs like that. a 4th string freshman who's never thrown a pass in his life!!!!! definitely killed momentum after a huge interception. this coaching staff sucks!!!

The fact of the matter is good teams, with good coaches, win this game. Miami's talent is a million times better than Virginia's. Good teams would stop this pathetic offense and force 3 and outs and turnovers. And on offense they would run the ball down Virginia's throats, with the 3 good RBs that we have.

This is a poorly, poorly, poorly coached team.

Without or w/o Harris this team is underachieving!!!! Whipple can be a scapegoat, but Shannon STINKS as a head coach!

OK: We're beating ourselves. One main thing: Who is this guy Morris? I like him, a lot better than J12. UVA is blowin' right through the DL. We look bad, but hope rests w. Morris, trust me.

Spencer Whipple should not be in uniform. We're worse than flat, no emotion, no nothin'. We're showing up to play, but thatz it. No way this UVA team is in the same talent pool as U.

We're losing the game up front, no pressure. if Morris is the fUtUre, I say start him NOW! We obviously have some probs, but I, like others, can't put my finger on them.

Where is Forston, Aldarius Johnson, who might be better at DB. We have the type of team to be much better than this.

I ask U: Have we thrown in the towel? Jimmy Johnson and Benny Blades, if U can hear this, plz help us.

Is that Minnesotta I hear calling for Shannon? God I hope so. PLease let them want this piece of crap so we can get out of that stupid extension Holcutt give Shannon. Please Minnesotta help us out.

Its time for us to voice our suggestions directly to kirby hocutt:

3052842689 and email: athleticdirector@miamiedu

The defense could rush the passer, missed tackles, no heart.

The offense cant even sustain drives.


boise state coach, mike leach all available.

Randy must go, today.

What's with this "ICE" thing? Jacory isn't ice, he's crap!

So is Shannon...so is Whipple (the coach) and so is Shalala!!

J-12 my A*S!
He's horrible, he can't take a hit...he's a punk, too!

Can't wait till we get a REAL QB back at "THE U" - along with a REAL COACH, too!!

Any1 blaming Shalala just shows you're an ignorant clueless clown. She's been very good for the football program.

Posted by: West | October 30, 2010 at 02:24 PM

Obvious sarcasm.


Schnellenberger brought football off the respirator and Donna is about to kill it. Academics are key but this team needs a coach it fears not enjoy playstation together!

piss poor coaching. players feed of the coached emotions and there are none! shannon has to go at this point

Shannon can recruit they say but what good is that if he can't coach.

Just horrible do you see how the guys look on the sideline this team was lethargic from the start. Right how its hard to support Randy Shannon right now. Marc Tresman for Head Coach!!!!!!

hey fed up is that your age, iq, or jock size???


Did i just watch an interception where our entire team refused to make an effort to tackle the guy?...they are laying down..they quit....

I can't defend the coach on this one... He did not prepare the team well enough for this game. He will not be fired this year, so stop screaming for that to happen. Just let the team play out and as I type this... ANOTHER **BLEEPING** INTERCEPTION! we can only hope for G-tech to beat V-tech and cross our fingers to beat V-Tech......

It "was" a good season.

Someone defend Shannon now.

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