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Hi everyone.

It's SUSAN MILLER DEGNAN at Scott Stadium on an absolutely gorgeous day in Charlottesville.

Manny isn't here today (he's covering Heat game tonight), but I'll have this blog set up so you guys can comment during the game.

I'll try to write some stuff during the game, but please free to chat.

Here come the Cavaliers -- orange jerseys and blue pants. The Canes are running out now with white jerseys and green pants.

I'm wondering if the Canes will come out flat, or come out with fire. I'm expecting fire, but you never know.

Cavs just won toss and deferred to second half.

Nice pass and catch by Harris and LaRon.

UM doesn't make its fourth-down attempt. UVA does because of pass interference on JoJo.

Wow. Beautiful pooch punt by UVA. Hurricanes take over at UM 6.

No on the Cover it Live. Sorry.

 Somebody must have taught the Cavs how to tackle and play rush defense this week. They came into the game ranked 114th nationally in rushing defense.

whoa. Jacory was nailed. Lying on his back. Not good.


We still haven't gotten a report on Jacory Harris, other than he's out for the game. Poor guy. He can't catch a break.

Stephen Morris? Wow. What the heck? There goes that redshirt.


UM has not given us any updates on Jacory. "We don't talk about injuries," said Chris Freet, associate athletic director for the University of Miami. And that's after I asked if Jacory was taken to the hospital.
However, UVA sports information director Jim Daves said as of halftime, Harris was not taken to the hospital and remained at the stadium.




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hire mike leach, leach got it done. randy can stay around for recruits but he's lost as hc leach is proven.

I'm watching a well coached football team run all over another pretty good football team. Nebraska handling Mizzou.

A few years back when Randy was hired I figured for sure the UM program would be back in no time and Nebraska would stuggle (like we are now). In fact I even told my Nebraska buddy that.....I should have STFU because there really is no comparing where the two programs are at and where they are headed.

I hate Randy Shannon............

Peterson can bring his whole staff and we fire the rest of them with SHannon.

I miss Brock Berlin
And Larry Coker

Never thought I'd see theose words Dustin....but I'm begining to agree!

Way to go team. An excellent all around game and effort by all. It was an inspiration to watch both players and coach fired up right from the start and playing on all cylinders.

Oh wait... Wrong game.

Game over. Season over. Any recruiting hopes over. Next 5 years over. But just wait. We'll be back in 2020. I have a good feeling!!

Firing Shannon ain't enough, Shalala must go as well. The fanbase deserves better.

Championships....I really wish we would get Peterson, but who knows with this administration.

They should be firing Randy Shannon right now. No recruits are going to come play for this idiot. He can't even beat Virginia.

im sUre that jacory has an "Upper extremity" injUry & i wonder when they are gona pUt randy whipple & lovett on th IR w/an "UPPER EXTREMITY" injUry??

I'm with U Wrong. Get her outta there too with her ugly self. We want to win and all her fat self does is take money from the football program. I say that the money we make goes to the football program to hire coaches not build science labs and crap like that.

Nebraska would spank us right now. Even Notre Dame would spank us.

Get this guy out of here! I really don't feel like losing to FSU, FIU, Nebraska, Ohio St., Notre Dame, and Florida in the next few years.

That's what we're looking at right now.

No way. They lost this game for one reason. They lost there qb and have no reliable backup. One thing became clear though stephen morris is clearly the second best qb on this roster. The defense spent way to much time on feild and it was clear when jacory went down after his int. With the score 0-0 that this team lost whatever emotion they had to start and the defense showed that. Say what u will i dont think they win the acc vt will only lose 1 game probably to miami at most in the acc. So miami isnt making the title game. That said its hard to win in this game when u have no reliable backup with game time experiance. None of miami;s backups had that. They should of got morris some experiance against north carolina or some of the other games where they have 14 or more pt lead with 5 mins or less to play. If jacory is healthy enough to play next game on then this team will be fine if not well stephen morris will get alot of playing time.

Junk I'm with U in that the administration is the problem. What I can't understand is why did we not pursue Patterson at TCu more. Just look what he has done there. I would take Harbaugh first, peterson and patterson 2nd. and then petrino at Arkansas. Any of those 4 would own this conference with this kind of talent. Plus they would recruit real QB's not drawed up dweebs, or 5th string qb from U Mass. I do like what I saw from the Morris kid though.

BAD COACHING!! No signs of improvement in 4 years...love ya, but c-ya later Randy!! I know we can't afford anyone good so...It was fun while it lasted! Going to go consult with fans from teams that are consistantly mediocre to find out how to cope every year!


Shannon Came in Being embarrassed by VA and he will leave being embarrassed by VA!!!!!!!!!!!

They lost this game and every other game they have lost because we have no head coach. We would have lost this game even with Harris becasue all he does is float passes. Morris is without a doubt the best QB on this roster. Harris should be the back up and whipple needs to be back at Umass. Morris has the arm, mobility, and brains that Harris doesn't have. Shannon's gotsta go.

Susan I am sure you are a nice person but that is the ugliest picture I have ever seen. God get this woman another picture.


Once again;
WE GET A BIG WIN AND THEN LOOSE to a STRUGGLING UNRANKED TEAM THE FOLLOWING WEEK. AND now we must now wait for him "RANDY SHANNON" to blame it on the injuries, DROPPED BALLS and O line and so on with the EXCUSES. Face it Miami Hurricanes, if you guys need something to motivate you for every game how about this.. YOU SHOW YOUR FANS NO PRIDE AND NO EMOTION. HOWEVER ITS ALL ABOUT YOU GUYS AND NOT THE FANS! AFTER ALL im always there in the stadium wasting my money to see you guys win against DUKE, FAMU, CHARLES SOUTHERN and OTHER UNRANKED teams. WELL HERES SOME EXTRA MOTIVATION FOR ALL OF YOU KIDS. YOU HAVE YET TOO WIN AN ACC CHAMPIONSHIP AND NON THE LESS, YOU FALL THE FOLLOWING WEEK EVERY TIME YOUR RANKED. Anyway maybe us fans should remind you to eat your "BURRITOS BEFORE THE GAME"

(Season ticket holder)

RIP - miami hurricanes football

Randall Hill just called WQAM and was upset. Wanted someone to call him and explain what's wrong.

What the football alumni need to do is talk Randy Shannon into quitting. This is just sad at this point.

If Stephen Morris is not the Starting QB for next weeks's game, I will give up my season tix and boycott all other games.

Well Thrill Hill, I will tell U whats wrong with this team.
1. Head coach is terrible
2. Strength and conditioning coach is terrible and has our boys doing palatees instead of pushing weights
3. No offensive or defensive game plans.
4. Coaches not developing talent,
5. Head Coach makes promises to QB to play and runs all the competition away.
6. No capable starting QB or back up. The only real resemblence to a real QB was on the scout team redshirting until today.
7. Wour defensive coordinator plays an outside LB at Middle LB thinking just because he wears Dan Morgans # he is going to be able to move over like morgan did and play MLB. IT aint workin
8. We are slow and Weak physically and have no brains on the coaching staff.
9. We have the worst special teams coach any team could get along with the worst coaching staffs top to bottom in the country.
Those are just 9 of the many.
Try talking randy into resigning please.

luisa= I've dione that already. I will not cannot spend any more of my hard earned money, and pay $25.oo for parking for these:

no heart
no pride
no desire
coaches and players

This was pathetic, unacceptable, disgusting, sad, despicable, lazy, display of pop warner playing and coaching.

You players ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

You are the bottom of the rung.

Allowing yourselves to be manhandled like that by one of the owrst D-1 teams in college football is the antithesis of what being a Miami Hurricane is all about.

YOU PLAYERS SHOULD ALL QUIT AND THE PROGRAM SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN TOMORROW, and start fresh in 2011 with new coaches and a whole new bathc ofplayers.

All starters should be sat down. Some should lose their scholies

Shannon has to be fired

Lovett, Whipple, all should be fired

The most pathetic un-inspired example of football. Humiliating to say the least. Youplayers humiliate us 3 million south floridians who call ourselves Miami fans. I am so sad.

What are you losers going to do next week in front of 10,000 fans? I mean who here is going to go to the game and spend $25 on parking and then sit threw this torture?

wow...terrible play-calling!! What's with these long, low percentage passing plays?? Why does Jacory keep throwing it into double coverage..he's a damn junior!!??Why don't we do more screens, or underneath routes?? Why does Jacory think he has to make a big play everytime he throws the ball? Where's the emotion?? So many questions with this team!!!!! Frustrating!!!

Who U gonna blame this week randy?

Morris looks to be #2 next week. The players responded to him once he got the butterflys out . You gotta admit , he looks like a viable backup!Jacory will get the start even on crutches. Fire the recievers coach. Play calling did not look that bad. Why do they go with the long passes when it is windy?

If I were Shannon and wanted to win I'd let harris sit and Go with Morris starting. He is a better QB than Harris.

The problem is that this is exactly what the University wants. Shalala will still swoon for Randy because he graduates players and there is no controversy because all the players are good boys. What she doesn't seem to realize is that it's the football program that has paid for all of those great medical programs.

It's time to dump some of that money back into the football program and hire A REAL FOOTBALL COACH!!! Throw sentiment out the window (Coker, Shannon)! There is no place for it!!

All of our recruits that were on the fence are gone!

Firstly, Colin sucks.

I love RS but believe we might have made a huge mistake not going after tuberville last year. Imagine what Spurrier would do with morris. He has a cannon.

Was it me or was Whipple opening the offense more with Morris than J12? It seems like he trusted him more than j12.


I'm really trying to figure out of it's coaching or the players? I mean Tressell's team got blown out at Wisc. Saban's team lost by 2 TDs at SCAR. No.5 and 6 are getting dusted on the road. And they have solid coaches.

So what gives with this generation of ball players opposed to our players from the 80s, 90, and early 2000s? It just seems like this generation of players are not hungry enough regardless of whose coaching them.

Either way though, this game is about adjustments and leadership. And since we can't get RS to do either on a CONSISTENT basis, then I have to nod with the consensus that RS must go.

Go Canes!

Randy Shannon + Mark Whipple + Top 25 recruiting classes the past 4 years = BUST

With or without Jacory this team comes to play every week with a recipe for disaster. Whipple does not even give this team a chance to win with the type of play calling he gives. Pass pass pass! That is all he does. Opposing defenses know what they are gonna do. When he does run the ball for a nice or decent gain he goes back with the play action or some other passing play on the next play. Ridiculous! Run the ball! Run the ball! Make the opposing defense honest to respect the run and the big plays will come! This rinky dink offense might work at UMass but not on this level Coach Whipple!!!

We suck we suck we suck that game sealed Randys fate goodbye Shannon

I agree with all the BLOGGERS. Shannon has got to go and i think that Leach or Patterson would be a ggood replacement but i also feel we found a QB in the process. For some strange reason i don't feel bad about the loss. Kinda hope Harris is lose for the season.. Want to see more of Morris. Can't wait for the next game with S.MORRIS as the starting QB.. Go CANES!!

After reviewing all these games the past 4 weeks and not just the ACC, but its strange how teams are going down and how they are losing (Fla,Miam,FSU,ND,Pen sta,Mich,VT).It started with VT and now look at how they are playing now.These are big programs.We lose to an 0-3 Va team in the ACC.This season and games are fixed.Someone is getting paid and these games are being thrown. Trust me.This is deeper than your own school is losing and college football.This is crazy how team are losing each week especially in the top 10.Look at how teams that are ranked #1 going down.Someone want certain teams to win and want them to go to certain bowls.Just look at the Aub and Oregan game.If they lose and how these lose don't tell you something.What is going on.

Ok, Now that the season is pretty much over with 4 games left I will stop defending RS. I have tried to keep positive because Miami held their destiny in their hands. If they were to win out then things would have been different but now they are 2 games behind VT in the Conference and if they lose one more game they will finish with a worst record then last year. They still have to go on the road to GT and have VT coming for a visit and could end up with a 7-5 record if they play like they did today against those two teams. Not to mention that Maryland and USF are not going to lay down and let Miami win either. Just think, if they play like they did today they could easily end up losing their last 4 games and not bowl eligible. I think that a record of 8-4 or 7-5 or god forbid 6-6 or 5-7 is unacceptable and even RS knows that and since he is an honorable man he should resign his position and save the program some face and tell the recruits that he didn't do what was expected of him and so he did the right thing and stepped down. They went 9-3 last year and actually 9-4 after the disgusting loss to Wisconsin. I have to say I am very disappointed about this year. We lose to a UVA team that GT, UNC, and VT all killed. I had a bad feeling about this game and it being a trap game. I agree Harris being injured played a huge part in the loss but before he was hurt Miami wasn't doing much on offense. Now that being said, it is the ACC and after FSU got beat last thurs I guess you could hope that GT beats VT next Thurs and Miami runs the table Miami can still win the ACC, but right now after this loss I am actually wondering if they can even beat Maryland next weekend.

UNC is getting beat by William and Mary as a little note.

This team really makes me scratch my head. They have as much talent as any team in the nation. It reminds me of UF when they had Ron Zook who could recruit and had the so much talent but he couldn't win to save his life. Then they hired Urban and that next year he won a National Title with Zooks team. That being said, the coaches aren't the whole problem, RS has been a disappointment after winning a National Championship at every level with Miami but the players also have to step up. I just can't explain it, fire the coach or don't fire the coach, right now I don't think a new coach could make much difference but it worked at UF so it couldn't hurt. RS doesn't miss the tackles, throw the INTs, get the penalties, or drop the passes. I am now starting to think that as much as I want to give RS a chance and let the players have a chance to step up, I definitely feel they have had more then enough chances over the past two years and have done nothing but let down the fans, school and name of Miami.
So, after thinking and watching this season I can't find a reason to defend RS anymore. Even if they win out it is still not an ACC championship, it is still only a 9-3 record and it is no where near the National Title expectations. I can not defend RS anymore. I love the 'canes and want them to win out but at this point I can't see a reason to keep RS as the head coach. I still support him and the team but it might be time for a chance now.

What is this? Did Shannon take some of Obama's stimulus dollars. I see no improvement. Embarrassing! At this point, what is that the coaches get out of this season? Where is any improvement over the last few years. Big step backward today.

Will the Herald get its money back for covering this mess?

Did Miller do anything???

That was not UM players, it was trick-or-treaters wearing UM uniforms......guess what the fans got!

I agree with u @championships is all that matters.....that is the ugliest picture I've ever seen.

Just an observation, but its apparent that the other coaches have seen some things about this U team. They know exactly how to attack us and we can't do squat to fix it.

Again yall.They will not eat that contract.You get rid of him then eat the contract, then you bring in a bigger name & you know you have to pay bigger bucks which they dont want do.Dont blame the coaches. This is bigger than Miami.After reviewing all these games the past 4 weeks & not just the ACC, but its strange how teams are going down & how they are losing (Fla,Miam,FSU,ND,Pen sta,Mich,VT,USC).It started with VT & now look at how they are playing now.These are big programs.We lose to an 0-3 Va team in the ACC.Then we get blowed out by FSU at home.Notice they have a (FSU)likeable coach & they want this program to get back where they belong.This season & games are fixed.Someone is getting paid & these games are being thrown.Trust me.This is deeper than your own school is losing & college football.This is crazy how teams are losing each week especially in the top 10.Look at how teams that are ranked #1 going down & the top 10.Someone want certain teams to win & want them to go to certain bowls.Just look at the Aub(look at score of Miss game) & Oregan game.If they lose it should tell you something.Roadblock weekend.What a way to name this weekend.What is going on.Think about this, if RS dont get fired(which I dont want to see)after this season after how the team played, its bigger than you thgt.Why do you think they gave him a 4yr deal.They will not eat that.You think they are going to buy him out on that big contract.Do you think they will get rid of Urib Myer at Flda.Its about your school waiting its turn to win the championship or be in a big bowl game.

Time for house cleaning. How many times are we fans (and boosters) suppose to endure a team that is not prepared to play. I have lost all faith in all the coaches.

fire everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone wants to win now. If you bring in a new coaching staff you will still have to wait another 3 to 4 years. You will lose recruits. You really want another coach and wait another what 5 yrs to get this program back to championship material. Miami will not buy RS out and eat that contract. If you do that, you have to get a big name and he will have to prove himself if he wants more money and years. Miami is not trying to go that route and spend big money on a coach. They really have not paid a coach at the U. They still have to win out and need GT to beat VT on thursday to get to the ACC championship game.

I am grateful for this game. It can only increase the possibility of firing Randy but I still don't see it happening. I am glad Morris got some time and he will be the QB for the rest of the year. There is no way the blow his red shirt if Jacory is coming back this season. Oh wait, nvm I give this staff too much credit.


Donna Shalala is "NOT" going to fire Randy Shannon. No matter how mad people on this site become it is simply not going to happen…period…end of story! And the Board of Directors is not going to vote to dismiss a Chancellor that has improved on every important academic metric and cleaned up a football program that many around the country refer to not so affectionately as “Thug U”.

The wildcard in all of this is what will Kirby Hocutt do? He doesn’t appear to have the liberal leanings that guide Shalala and is in this to produce winning programs. Don’t be surprised if Hocutt resigns before this is all over.

PS: Understanding the frustration, but threatening not to buy season tickets or attend anymore games is hardly a threat as having a couple of hundred or even a couple of thousand less people attending games that are already woefully under attended is not going to threaten the budget.

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