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Hi everyone.

It's SUSAN MILLER DEGNAN at Scott Stadium on an absolutely gorgeous day in Charlottesville.

Manny isn't here today (he's covering Heat game tonight), but I'll have this blog set up so you guys can comment during the game.

I'll try to write some stuff during the game, but please free to chat.

Here come the Cavaliers -- orange jerseys and blue pants. The Canes are running out now with white jerseys and green pants.

I'm wondering if the Canes will come out flat, or come out with fire. I'm expecting fire, but you never know.

Cavs just won toss and deferred to second half.

Nice pass and catch by Harris and LaRon.

UM doesn't make its fourth-down attempt. UVA does because of pass interference on JoJo.

Wow. Beautiful pooch punt by UVA. Hurricanes take over at UM 6.

No on the Cover it Live. Sorry.

 Somebody must have taught the Cavs how to tackle and play rush defense this week. They came into the game ranked 114th nationally in rushing defense.

whoa. Jacory was nailed. Lying on his back. Not good.


We still haven't gotten a report on Jacory Harris, other than he's out for the game. Poor guy. He can't catch a break.

Stephen Morris? Wow. What the heck? There goes that redshirt.


UM has not given us any updates on Jacory. "We don't talk about injuries," said Chris Freet, associate athletic director for the University of Miami. And that's after I asked if Jacory was taken to the hospital.
However, UVA sports information director Jim Daves said as of halftime, Harris was not taken to the hospital and remained at the stadium.




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Maryland might actually win last week. They just spanked Wake.

Shannon is a disaster. I think Morris played well but Virginia was up 24-0 and was willing to give Miami anything short in the 4th quarter to kill time.

Look at Miami's signature wins this year: UNC and Clemson. One lost today and the other barely beat William and Mary.

Did Allen Bailey even play today?


It does not take 5 years to turn a program around. Thats Shannon talk. Look at Auburn. In less than 2 years, Chizik has made Auburn a top 5 school. In two years, he has a heisman candidate Qb, a stud freshman TB and the best DT in the country. Only Shannon needs 10 years.

And...oh by the way...no so-called "Big Name Coach" will come near this program. Good or bad, our fan base has become so spoiled that even when Coker beat Nebraska for the 5th National Championship there were a goodly number of our fans loudly complaining and attacking Coker because they believed we should have beaten the Cornhuskers by more.

Some keep trying to convince themselves it's a money issue...no dice on that either. Think about it--one BCS apperance would more than pay for a high priced coach for X amount of years. So, common sense tells you that the pocketbook would be opened if they could find anyone that is truly qualified willing to get into bed with the Canes.

As a karate expert, I will not talk about anyone on the coaching staff...

Anyway, I come away wondering why we come out flat and unprepared too often. Also, why was Morris not listed as the No. 2 QB coming into this game? I know it was just a portion of one game but this kid puts some zip on the ball and gets rid of it quicker than J12. If they see him consistently perform this way in practice against the 1's, WTF???

I am also unimpressed with Fortson. He seems slow and was pushed around a lot in this game. I saw him stop on one play, stand up straight, and look around for the ball carrier. Bosher, WTF? Usually solid. I dont know what went wrong there.

I said I would give Randy till the end of the year to see if anything changes. It doesn't look like we are going to see much of a change. You might as well put in Morris and let him learn the rest of the year. I am f'in pi$$ed off because I've reached a point where I'm not surprised that they lose to a team we are supposed to beat.

.......the rent is too damn high!!!

Donna Shalala is "NOT" going to fire Randy Shannon. No matter how mad people on this site become it is simply not going to happen…period…end of story! And the Board of Directors is not going to vote to dismiss a Chancellor that has improved on every important academic metric and cleaned up a football program that many around the country refer to not so affectionately as “Thug U”.

The wildcard in all of this is what will Kirby Hocutt do? He doesn’t appear to have the liberal leanings that guide Shalala and is in this to produce winning programs. Don’t be surprised if Hocutt resigns before this is all over.

PS: Understanding the frustration, but threatening not to buy season tickets or attend anymore games is hardly a threat as having a couple of hundred or even a couple of thousand less people attending games that are already woefully under attended is not going to threaten the budget.

it was still winnable late but...

a. we should always have a prepared back up especially for qbs and kickers
b. of course it was a trap game but everyone knew that so be ready
c. mid game tackling was woeful and those scores were the difference

change the coach

Bdot I don't know about U but I could wait for another coach to come in here and start winning. At least we would know we were heading in the right direction. But it would not take Harbaugh, Peterson, Patterson or Petrino 4 or 5 years to win a national title with the talent we have. As far as recruiting we aren't going to sign but about 15 or so this year anyway because of the scholarships. Plus SHannon isn't exactly burning up the recruiting trail this year anyway. So this is the perfect time to make a coaching change. IF Shalala the little fat troll can raise all that money a year then it should not be that hard to buy out the contract and I am sure some of the alumni would pitch in as well. Either way SHannon's got to go. We gave him the benefit of the doubt now he has blown it. He is a loser at this job. Canes fans support winners not losers. we don't need to wait 20 years to see that he hasn't got what it takes.
Cut ties and stop the bleeding

Thats right we are rabid fans and all we care about is winning championships. So Peterson, Patterson, Petrino, Harbaugh if you want titles come to Coral Gables and you can win all U want. Just got to fire Shannon first. Come on SHalala times a wasting pull out that pinkslip with SHannon's name on it and give it to him. We want to win now not have to wait 20 or 30 years for it to happen.

I hope next week there isn't anybody at that cheap imitation of the Orange Bowl but the players and coaches. We are sick of losers. Get it in your head. We are the Canes not the nerds, SHalala.

U idiots............
If they fire Randy right after a contract extention. They have to pay him out plus whoever they bring in.
Yes Shalala is not going to fire Randy.
The board of directors are not going to fire Shalala.
A blog is not going to get anyone fired. Now next year after his full recruiting class are seniors maybe.

Well then I and the rest of us that are tired of losing are going to blog until someone gets the message and fire his ass then. Now U can support this loser if U want thats your call but the rest of us are sick of Shannon, SHalala, and the rest of them. They need to take a look at what brings in the money and that is football. Football is all the U is known for Nationally and world wide. Not losing to teams like Virginia. Mel, Randal, Mike the playmaker, Ray and the rest of the greats holla at the troll so she gets the message.

U idiots pull for Shannon the loserthen Cause us real Canes are fed up. And don't tell me they will not can him. U get enough heat from boosters and alumni and U are gone. I'd say the thermometer is turning from red to white its getting so hot.

You don't get it...in your world football is the most important thing (I understand), but they are NOT going to fire Shalala because of who her football coach is...simply NEVER going to happen.

The Board will PROBABLY apply pressure, but if you know Shalala's background you know she is NEVER going to fire Randy...NEVER!

So, people can huff n' puff on message boards all they want, but unless you can change Shalala's view of the world you are pzzzing into a Hurricane...in this case a very short Hurricane.

They should stay with Morris

Man football is the most important thing at the U not in my world. Don't tell me she won't can him if it means her short fat self not having her job. That little ugly thing likes to eat too much. Secondly why isn't holcut the one that would make the firing happen anyway. He is the AD. I could care less about her background or what it is. Someone hired her little fat ugly self and someone can fire her just the same. So the rest of us are going to continue bashing both of them until it happens. so let the pissing begin.

Maybe they won't fire Shannon, but that won't stop me from coming on here to call him a miserable sack of crap. He's an f'ing waste of space.

We need to boycott games until the troll gets the message. We don't want Shannon.

It's really a shame because these kids have talent.

its these dumb losses that set the program back. Alot of us just wanted an ACC championship to build on for 2011-2012. Was that to much to ask for? i guess it was, damn it! Any head coach worth a damn would have got this squad to an ACC title and a BCS bowl game to put the Canes back up there with the big boys. but no! To UM standards we did not ask for much, hell a even a shot at the ACC title would have been an upgrade! Couldnt even do that! The football team is the reflection of its head coach, the leader, the man, and Randy you are neither!

this entire staff needs to be canned. I am tired of This same base 4 -3 defense, even with third and 1/2 yard. The d coordinator is only shannons puppet. Shannons handprints are all over this defense.

How in the heck is whipple a div-1 offensive coordinator. He should be fired first and Shannon right behind him.

This team is soft and weak, i donate a lot of money to this program, today that ends.

I hop ethey donthave the nerve to wear the Nike Combat uniforms. If I was Hocutt I would not dare bringthemout this season. No way.It would be comical. Those players have no passion. No enthusiasm. No energy.

Randy Shannon can play a Zombie in hallowewen. He has no expression.

And talk about Nepotism. Cna someone tell me how exactly Spencer Whipple got to play today? How exctly did they think he could be a D-1 QB?

If that move doesnt tell you how clueless Shannonand Whipple are, I dont know what will.

Shannonhas no communications skills. No interpersonal skills, no personality. Why does Shane ne like him?

WHo you gonna give the game ball to this time Randy? The cleaning lady?

This teamis pathetic. If they came out and fought from the whistle and tackles and the coaches actually kne how to coach I would be ok with a loss. But the hype and the empty promises drive me crazy.

The hype: Bailey beinga beast, a firt rounder. Bosher on the Lou Groza list, blah blah blah. Damien Berry this Damine Berry that. The secondary this. The secondary that. The swag is back the canes are vback. All talk. All BS


You make me sick


I'm with U Junk, and Fire Shannon the coaches are pathetic. I'm sick of the false hype and hearing about Randy Shannon's hard life story. Who cares make a hallmark movie about it, give him the money it earns and fire him. Oh and other than Morris just what did U see, nieves that makes U so positive. All I saw was another game in which Shannon gets outcoached, the team isn't ready, and we lose to a much less talented team, again. Its like a damn series on TV when U know somethings going to happen but in the end Shannon's going to lose.
I say bring in Patterson, Peterson, Petrino, or Harbaugh. This crap is pathetic.

Shannon you got to go. Whipple you got to go. We need "Mike Irvin,Warren Sapp,Benny Blades,Melvin Bratton,Jessie Armstead,Edgerrin James" to come to the U and take over coaching.

It's a shame to see how much talent we have that is sitting on the bench. You mean to tell me that "Spencer Whipple" is better than "A.J Highsmith"? Are you f%^&ing me? I think they not where is "Ashantae Clevend" why didn't he play? Richard Gordon is garbage along with Chase Ford. All I have to say is this Stephen Morris is the starter and Ashantae Cleveland needs to be a main guy to go to.

fire randy and hire a gun slinger- mike leach anyone?

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