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Linder, young line a fresh dose of hope for UM

The first time they met as teammates they didn't say much to each other at all.

Brandon Linder "We were all kind of hesitant, you know," said Brandon Linder, describing the moment he, Seantrel Henderson, Malcolm Bunche and three other University of Miami freshmen offensive linemen crossed paths inside their dormitory at UM. "I think we were all trying to size each other up. Be tough guys, you know.

"I think about an hour later, when all that toughness broke down, we started giggling and stuff. Now, we're all each other's best friends. We love each other. When we're watching film, were always critiquing each other. I think it's going to be a lot of fun the next four years."

Fun sounds like a welcome change for Canes fans. Since the 28-point loss to rival Florida State two weeks ago, it feels like everything related to this team has been accompanied with a sense of a negativity because of a failure to meet expectations. Fire Randy! Bench Jacory! We only beat Duke by 15?

If you are searching for some fresh hope, the Canes are starting to provide some of that too. Freshman linebacker Kelvin Cain and tight end Asante Cleveland provided two large doses of it Saturday at Duke. But the biggest reason for hope in my opinion is what's happening with Linder, Henderson and the rest of the Hurricanes' young offensive line.

In case you missed it, sophomore right guard Brandon Washington earned ACC Lineman of the Week honors after grading out at 97 percent against Duke. With redshirt freshman Jermaine Johnson back home (supposedly because he was sick), Henderson made his third straight start at right tackle and played the entire game for the first time in his career. Linder, meanwhile, made his first college start in a jumbo package and played the most he had all season.

And although UM's offensive line appeared to have some major issues at the start of the season with Joel Figueroa injured and struggling to handle a switch to right tackle, pass protection hasn't been as a big of an issue lately as some feared it might be. In fact, the Canes have only surrendered eight sacks this season -- that puts them on pace to finish with half as many as they did a year ago (35) at season's end.

Outside of left tackle and senior Orlando Franklin (and possibly Figueroa if he is not granted a medical redshirt), the Hurricanes will bring back all of their offensive linemen next season. Starting left guard Harland Gunn and center Tyler Horn will be seniors. The rest of the group will be made up of talented underclassmen.

The group of true freshmen -- led by Henderson, Linder, Bunche and accompanied by Johnathan Feliciano, Shane McDermott and Jermiane Barton -- "is going to be real special" according to Horn.

"All of those guys are really, really good and they're going to be really, really good players," Horn said. "They get reps and go against a really good team on scout team and it's starting to show up. They're pushing guys around like its nothing."

Said UM coach Randy Shannon: "I'm very excited. They're big and competitive. Malcolm Bunche is doing a great job of competing down there, Jermaine Barton we just got back this past week - it's a slow process because he's been out for a long time [with injury]. And Feliciano has been doing a good job. They give our defensive line a lot of fits because they're big, they're physical and knock guys around. Anytime you have guys competitive like that on scout team they give you a great look and take pride in doing it, it's always good for your team."

Linder, who is currently backing up Horn at center, has taken reps in games at guard and as a third tackle on overload packages. Horn calls Linder "extremely smart" and said his attention to detail in the film room has helped him get on the field early.

"He's one of those guys whose always in the film room, hounding [offensive line] coach [Jeff] Stoutland to teach him, teach him, teach him," Horn said. "He also plays hard, runs downfield, never gives up on a block, never stops blocking. It's a mixture of effort and the desire to learn."

Henderson, tabbed as the top high school recruit in the country, was supposed to play at some point this season. But the fact he cracked the starting lineup in just UM's fourth game, Horn said, came as a result of his work ethic.

"He didn't come out here and say 'Hey I'm the No. 1 recruit.' He said I want to earn it the right way. And he's done that," Horn said. "I respect a Seantrel a whole lot because of it. I'm really proud of the way he came in and instead of being all high and mighty, he came in all humble with a chip on his shoulder to really prove he's the best."

Washington said he thinks the Canes will potentially be just as good, if not better than the impressive offensive line Florida State has groomed over the past few seasons. Just like the Seminoles did two weeks ago, Washington believes its only a matter of time before the Canes start dominating up front the way they did.

"If we can get everybody clicking on all cylinders, by my senior year, it's going to be crazy," Washington said. "You'll have Malcolm Bunche, Seantrel on the same side -- that's 600, 700 pounds alone of meat and muscle working together to blow open some big holes. It's going to be a beautiful thing."


Damien Berry > The more you hear players talk about Damien Berry, the more you realize how much he's not only a huge leader but how much the offense feeds off him and his big runs.

"It's like blocking for your brother -- your blood brother," Horn said. "When you see him run over one of the safeties down the field, it fires you up, you want to open a bigger hole for him so you can see him run it again. As the game goes on, he doesn't get tired. It's like he gets more amped up, excited about running over people. It's a lot of fun to block for that guy.

"He's fierce," Brandon Washington said. "He's a powerhouse, a one-man wrecking crew. It feels good blocking for someone like that knowing if I just stay on my block this could spring for a 20, 30-yard run. If I can make my play, this could be a great run."

> With Berry getting the bulk of the carries these days, you wonder how the guys behind him are feeling about their limited opportunities. Berry said he talks to a lot of the guys behind him on the depth chart about having patience and points out how he had to wait to the middle of his junior year to run the ball.

"I talk to Storm [Johnson] and Eduardo [Clements] a lot," Berry said. "But they know there are four great guys in front of them that have playing experience and when it is their time, they just have to show out. Everybody will get their opportunity.

"You can't get down. Me and [Graig] Cooper are like best friends. Sometimes he does have his days. But it's never down in the tank. It's more like I have to do more to help this team."

For fun I asked Berry if he missed playing safety. His response: "That's like asking me if I like riding the bench."

> For those of you who believe some of these players don't demand enough perfection from themselves, when I asked Brandon Washington if he was proud of the Canes' improvement in allowing fewer sacks he just shook his head at me. "Eight sacks? We're not proud of that at all," Washington said. "We want zero sacks. The first half of the season is behind us. We want to end the last six with zero sacks and more pancakes."

> If you are wondering where those six big freshmen offensive linemen dine together, it's not off campus. According to Linder, they can't go anywhere because "none of us have cars."

"Freshmen aren't allowed to have cars," Linder said. "So we go to the Rat and stuff, tear it up."

> Another great quote from Tuesday's press conference came from the lips of Tyler Horn. When asked about the recruiting stars system, Horn said: "You can have all the stars in the world, it doesn't mean your going to be a good football player. It just means you have the potential to be a good football player. I've always been told potential is a nine-letter word for bad."


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Good blog Manny. BUT, I don't particularly think that folks are concerned with the star system. We the fans want passion and intensity. You know the kind of stuff that Coach K at Duke is legendary for. When u play against a Duke hoops team, u betta know u are playing against a team that is going to make u earn everything u get, THAT makes people wanna be a part of something greater than themselves.

Hiding behind lies and nonsense (see the silliness over at lamespace) only shows you where the fanbase is with its love of mediocrity. Nuff said. I am done with these blogs and folks who probably have never played a down of football or a second of organized hoops.

Great article Manny. Once our line gets totally in sync, they are gonna be awesome. Our young RBs have nothing but good things to look forward to.

Promises and more promises from the RANDY SHANNON staff.. FIRE RANDY and bencch JSKINNY thats the best thing that can happen to the U right now...

Posted by: 2 star U | October 21, 2010 at 03:58 AM

You still here? I thought you were going to find a real team to root for? The gators have a lot of room on their bandwagon. You already knew that though.

Bite it, Blog Pog. It is still easy to identify your blubbery stench.

You still suck, Pig. Are you still a virgin?

Posted by: J smooth | October 21, 2010 at 08:18 AM

No the best thing that could happen would be for you to choke on one of the 50 twinkies you eat for breakfast every morning.

The truth is U canes could talk all u want about how good ur gonna be? but that dosent mean s... right now because u r not producing on the field... so until u scrubs like J12 beging to produce keep ur mouth shut.. I hope UNC D Line puts u out for the rest of the season J12.... Go Canes...

Poor little Curse, whats wrong did someone upset you and reveal who you really are? Looks like you took it to far with one of your racist rants this time

Whatever. More hype about the future...we've all heard that before. A few months ago the media (and team) was claiming that Chase Ford was the next Jeremy Shockey.

Since the Northwestern boys haven't exactly panned out as anticipated, we're now focusing on the freshmen again. Gotta keep hope alive, I guess. Is this a college football program we're talking about or the Obama campaign?

Talent is not the question here. We are pretty stacked.. It's the "IT Factor"..We do not have it this year and guys seems to lack confidence in our schemes, play calling.. We get down on ourselsves if we give up a big run, int, fumble etc...We just need to be tougher and stop thinking to much out their..Lets just Play and believe in our schemes, players and coaches!

Posted by: 2 star U | October 21, 2010 at 03:58 AM


This is the gator troll who likes to spend his time on our boards day and night.

I agree with U JP.. this team has become nothing but talk and for those of u who keep beleiving there little lies... good luck because sooner or later U will agree with us.. this squad under shannon has become nothing but promises about the future...Here is your chance prove it now.. dont save it for later...Go Canes
By the Way wat are they going o say after saturday?.....UNC will beat MIAMI, wake up people.. FIRE RANDY SHANNON

The first time they met as teammates they didn't say much to each other at all.

"We were all kind of hesitant, you know," said Brandon Linder, describing the moment he, Seantrel Henderson, Malcolm Bunche and three other University of Miami freshmen offensive linemen crossed paths inside their dormitory at UM. "I think we were all trying to size each other up. Be tough guys, you know


no more talk about potential, we want to see results now.

Confidence is a funny thing. I agree with the poster above...talent is not a problem here. We have the same talent and depth at every position right now that a lot of top 10 programs have. All of them are thin somewhere and all are young somewhere. But confidence is what we lack. Needless to say, this door swings both ways. You have to have confidence to succeed, but the more you succeed the more confident you become.

I, and everyone else, thought that the successes over FSU, GT and Oklahoma last year would have propelled this team this year, and I'm not sure what happened. These receivers are praying that they'll catch the ball instead of fighting for it. Telemaque said it best this week...he didn't feel comfortable talking and being a leader until he did something of note on the field. I think this whole team feels like that right now, waiting to accomplish something great instead of going out and taking it. To me, that's a coaching issue, and they have to crawl out of this funk and start believing how good they are, and it had better happen this week or we're looking at another few years of rebuilding.

For those of you that Jharris benched, could you tell who will start................That's the most stupid post I've read.

Confidence is the key. Everyone talks about how there is no "I" in team... there is an "I" in confidence. Until "I" have that self confidence and know that I "can" I will not perform at the highest level. When I reach the confidence level of say an Ali or a MJ and am able to talk the talk and also back it up "I" will not reach my full potential. This is all the Cains are missing. The talent is there they just need to look within.

4 out of 6 is as bad as 8 out of 12 by the end of the season.Maybe I'm dreaming but our team looks tired,no life,too many mistakes.Tar Heels always beat us in the 4th quarter when Canes are most vulnerable.And they know it.It seems our season is over and already talking about next year.C'mon lets beat NC and VA next.GO CANES!!!

Randy Shannon is in the unenviable position of restructuring a program that many, who post on this log and other blogs, believe we enjoyed success because of the perception all of our players were thugs and renegades. And/or our head coaches prowled the sidelines like caged tigers growling and swiping their clawed paws at their players, coaches and officials.

This restructuring is a painful educational process that includes educating fans on the fact that times have changed and trying to recreate what occurred in the past in today’s environment is a ticket to probation, if not worse knowing those in the media and NCAA harbor a grudge against the Canes that they would desperately love to act on. To that point you have to look no further than the FIU game that broke out in a melee that paled in comparison to the melee that broke out in the press afterwards as they declared war against the “U” making the rest of the country wonder if there was even another team involved in the fight as FIU was never mentioned.

Florida is currently learning that even with so-called thugs it doesn’t guarantee winning. Further, in a world of political correctness, a world that now demands the NFL regulate how hard players can tackle one another and the media gets up in arms when players celebrate a hard hit, then you better know that change is upon us and if you don’t change you will be left behind or made insolvent.

The platform Randy is building will insure greatness for the Canes over the next 20 years. Many of the same people who are currently complaining the loudest are the very same people who screamed that due to Larry Coker the program was forevermore destroyed or best case scenario would take 10 years to rebuild. Yet today, these same people point to Nick Saban and other coaches as examples a to why Randy is such a failure because within a year or two they have turned their programs around. Ironically, these people who love to hate Randy, his coaches, the players and Donna Shalala and her administration conveniently fail to mention that Randy walked into a program by their own admission was crashing all around him, a program left for dead, where Saban and the others basically had talent and a solid program that required different schemes and not much more.

The Miami Hurricanes under Randy Shannon’s leadership will once again be ranked at the highest levels of college football. This will not be an easy ride as we are witnessing and like it or not will require more time that could equate to another year or two. During this restructuring period no matter how many facts you present to some or common sense thinking they are going to howl and demand everyone be fired, if not executed as they want instant gratification. I too want instant gratification, but those who have lived long enough and enjoyed life’s experiences know only too well this is not how the world works.


Posted by: Firethewholeprogram!!! | October 21, 2010 at 09:34 AM

You are quoting a freshman on his first DAY at school and saying he didn't play tough against other teams?

I wonder what any Gator freshmen said about their first day?


"What's it like having a roommate now in a dorm?

I'm rooming with Dominique (Easley). It's been fun. We stick together like glue. We do a lot together, hang out together and play video games and stuff like that."


its not Randy Shannon fault receivers are having a rough time this year...there suppose to be our most talented position. FIRE WHIPPLE the play calling is HORRIBLE...Lovett is doing a great job putting pressure on opposing offenses. FIRE Whipple!!! WE DONT NEED THIS BORING OFFENSE!

There are alot of issues with this offense, but it is not boring.

You must not remember the Nix bubble screen era.

Very well said CANES FAN! If the so called die hard cane fans can't understand what you said then we don't need them. The Lakers success with phil and kobe didn't happen overnight, mack brown and the longhorns didn't happen overnight, even when we had butch davis that didn't happen overnight, look how long it took Coack K to get over the hump! Many would point out that the program was on probation when butch took over, but you might say that when randy took over it was like we were on probation because Coker stopped recruiting S. Fla.

Canesjunkie, you and the others are not getting it--there's not going to be another rebuilding project!

The players/recruits are disgusted with how the Canes fan base is slamming Randy and Jacory and as LeBron said; they are going to take their talents elsewhere.

The one and only reason the Canes have the history they do is back in the day recruits thought it would be cool to come to Miami, a school that had never won anything and do something special--there was no tradition, those cats decided to come make history, thus tradition!

Today's recruits and current players are starting to say the opposite of those early Canes screaming at the top of their lungs that they do not like the fan base any longer--hello--are you not getting this and the damage you and the other haters are creating????

I reaize on this site that many of the posts come from the mentally disturbed racist posing as a Canes fan using a variety of screen names. But, if you visit the UM Rivals site you will find the same hate there that you do here, which sadly Miami has become infamous for around the nation...laughing stocks. But, here's the thing...recruits and there family's read these blogs and form opinions (the racist knows this hence his many lie filled posts). Now put yourself in their shoes, based on what you read here would you want to join a program whose fans say is a disaster, all of the coaches should be fired, the administration should be fired and all of our players stink for one reason or another? This is not rocket science folks, those complaining the loudest are doing more harm than good. Shalala and Hocutt ARE NOT GOING TO FIRE RANDY SHANNON THIS YEAR OR NEXT YEAR...LIVE WITH IT!!!

Of course it doesn't matter what facts are presented to some of you as you are going to continue with your hate rants, which will become a self fulfilling prophecy...the ole catch 22...the more than fans complain, the worse the program becomes...the fans continue to complain and spew hate and the program becomes even worse...the fans hate, complain and call for firings and skewer the players and now recently even the recruits and the program becomes a disaster...SOON THE SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY MEANS---NO PROGRAM!!!

CAN THE TRUE CANE FANS PLEASE STEP FORWARD? A true fan will support its tream when its down and not performing.

DO YOU so called CANES Fans think these kids want to lose? Lose to OSU? Get blow out by FSU?

Are you kidding me? Get on board and support this team or SHUT THE F UP on this blog!


WE are not supporting a team that gets there A's beat by FSU at home. there was no competition, they did not put up a fight...So NO MIAMI FANS DO NOT support loooooosers.. when this team and thats IF this team decides to step up then we will support, till then UUUUUUUUU suck J12...GO canes

I hope UNC D stomps J12 on the grounds and put him out for the rest of the Year.... no more babying these canes... either u step it up or U will be hated....

Don't give me this you're not a true fan if you're disgusted by their performance nonsense. Is Shannon heads and shoulders abover Coker? Yes. Does that say much? Probably not. Tell me what any of you saw during the FSU meltdown, and the Duke walk-thru that left you with any encouragement. Granted players are dropping balls, and missing tackles....well bench those players, until they are held accountable they will continue to make the same mistakes, and we know the definition of insanity which is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Does Randy have to scream like he just escaped the asylum? No, but you know what...football is an emotional game that I've played from the time I was in 2nd grade and through college, so don't tell me that his non-chalant attitude hasn't permeated the team. There is no excuse for the way they played against FSU. This team seems to lack fight, discipline, and general motivation. Right now I'm frustrated because 1) this IS my favorite team in any sport EVER, 2) Randy and the players spoke all preseason about taking the nexty step, and 3) yes I'm a spoiled 80's baby that is used to excellence and I despise mediocrity that appears to be the result of again no dicipline, motivation, or heart. So if you don't like our criticisms about the state of the program , the coach , certain players, well go kick rocks but don't tell me that I'm not a real fan....I love this team, I love my city, and we as a fan base should expect them to win but more importantly, play a certain way. Show me somebody who doesn't want to be the best and I'll show you somebody that won't succeed in life.

Sorry had to get that off my chest. I love all my fellow Canes fans regardless of where you are on the keep shannon/fire shannon, bench jacory/start jacory side of the argument

Maybe it's time to accept the fact that this team really isn't that talented and that Miami will never be an elite program again

I agree with U ted i am a dedicated to the U above any sports..The truth is that we have people who want to hide the truth and make excuses for this team... People WAKE UP!!! this team is an embarrasment to the U. everyone looks at the U now and laughs... they do that because they know that this team is all talk NO action... is just a bunch of kids thinking theya re big and Bad beacuse they wear the LOGO of the U.. thats all. GO CANES>>>>> J12 sucks... and RANDY SHANNON needs to be FIRED...

The U can and will be a dynsty again.. but it will only happen when we get rid of RANDY SHANNON and his way of coaching.. is time to move on randy and let someone else lead us with new ideas... ur time has passed...now let someone else take us to the promise land....

Hey "Smooth", Meyer called and he wants you back at Gator Clause! Your posts are laughable! Does UM have issues to resolve? Yep, but is UM self-destructing like the Gator program? Not even close! And UF is paying over 6 million a year for that train wreck to the north!

Does Meyer even go to practice anymore? He seems to be moving into the "Bowden" role at UF. I bet he doesn't even know the names of his recruit's!

Sorry but i am not a GATOR FAN.. I hate The Gators.. i am 100% a cane fan, but i also have enough sense unlike U to understand that this team and the coaches are giving MIAMI a bad name..maybe u should ask ur mom to let u stay up late on saturday to watch UNC stomp UM... Go canes. I am not supporting a bunch of kids who are wanna B's.. I support the REAL U...so until RANDY SHANNON GETS FIRED.. i will not drop another dime on the U

you negative fans dont help at all it is what it is miami will win saturday and on we will have 10 wins we will beat fsu acc championship and then u none fans will be posting the same negative things randy is the man for this job enough said

J Smooth (Gator racist posing as Canes fan),

Give it a rest moron...just like in the past anytime a blog starts to get a good vibe you clutter it with your nonsense...nobody is fooled...FOOL!

By the way...how are those mighty gators doing? Funny story going around...apparently some SEC team lost at home to a team that doesn't even have the forward pass in their offense. That wasn't your gators was it? That Brantley is a sure fire first round pick...in the LINGERIE LEAGUE! Oh yeah, who isn't impressed with that big, bad offensive line that you were telling us Canes fans is the best in the country...how's fat Pouncey doing with those snaps you clown. Please tell me your mighty gators haven't lost 3 straight games, 2 of those at home in the Septic Tank. Well, at least you haven't had any players arrested if you consider 35 felony arrests to be not any. Rainey threatening to murder that girl is a nice story--now crazy meyer is trying to blame the murder threat on Rainey having a concussion--do you think meyer had a concussion after Bama squashed you little girls last year and meyer had to be carted out of the stadium in a straight jacket and then quit the team?

It's not the talent level we do have talent and we will have a very strong offensive line in the future, so that is one bright spot. The area, to me we need to concentrate our recruiting, on is at De-tackle and Lb. We just haven't had consistant performers their in like forever. I think we need to refocus our efforts to recruiting true LB's not kids that are 6'1 & 190 and trying to put 20lbs on them. We need 6'2 215 when they come in as freshman. The biggest area we need ultimo improvement in is consistancy, especially in big games, which we seemed to tank in. That comes down to coaching and we fall like a ton of bricks when we have a chance to advance in the polls or position ourselves to win the ACC and it's been that way ever since we've been in this conference, we can't win the big games.
Recruiting is like a crap shoot, some pan out some don't and if they can't take criticisim and don't like how we vent tough. Hey we gonna love you long time when you win and play with passion and lay down and roll over, we're going to tell you when you stink.Hey we're greedy fans, we won't more ships,not one that's sinking because of leadership!

To any Gator recruits and their family’s reading this…do yourselves a favor and find another school to play for. Our football program had a few good years because of Tim Tebow and has now become a joke that is only getting worse with each passing day. 35 felony arrests and counting…mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be Gator Felons!


You can be a real fan and hate on the coach, but you can't be a real fan and quit going to the games just because you don't like losing.

CANESFAN, when you compare Randy and Saban's situations though I have to disagree. Saban took over a program that had 3 seasons better than 7-5 in the previous 10 years. Saban turned it around quickly with plenty of his own recruits, tmany of which had impact roles on the 12-2 08 team.
Granted Andre Smith, Glen Coffee and John Parker Wilson were Mike Shula recruits, but Cody, Mcclain, Hightower, Ingram, Jackson and Jones were all Saban guys that had a huge impact. Sure Randy didn't have any Andre Smiths on the roster when he took over, but he didnt have any Rolando McClains or Terrance Cody's making big impacts by year 2 either.

Randy didn't have Saban's experience when he took over either, so its not really a fair comparison, but to blame our current situation on how Coker left the program is an excuse at this point. Randy was a first time HC who had to learn the ropes. Remember all the maddening wasted timeouts in the past 3 years? Those are mostly gone, so he is learning, but at this point it's Randy's team and there are few Coker players left. The success or failure of this program is now fully on him

Hey Bull Gator... F.. the Gators. but is funny how guys like U keep talking about the gayturds on this site and this is suppose to be a U site. lets talk about the biggest FRAUD this UM team is promising fans like U. UR the the Dumb ...A that keeps beleiving this team is the real deal.... GO canes

Posted by: J smooth | October 21, 2010 at 01:59 PM

Dude Halloween is a few weeks away. Change out of your Cane fan costume. You don't fool anyone. Could this be you?


UR the the Dumb ...A that keeps beleiving this team is the real deal.... GO canes

Either you stutter or are the pot calling the kettle.

Canes Fan:

A 10 year timeline?

Butch Davis turned probation Miami around in 5 years. What's the other 5 years, Randy Shannon's on-the-job training?

Larry Coker is still the reason we stink?

I think you're either reaching or expecting something to happen to Shalala in the next 10 years.

It's generally accepted that talent will win 7 to 8 games, the rest is coaching and luck.

The guy can recruit, he can't coach. So now we win 7 or 8 and call it progress. Now people see this and he's going to progressively lose his ability to recruit. Guess what is going to happen next? This is why I think he needs to go now. Use the recruiting rankings as your guide on this point.

Don't come on here preaching Randy Shannon's coaching ability and tell me we're on the right track. If there's a 10-year timeline and we're supposedly getting better, we will be undefeated in a couple of years, no? Use our BCS ranking as your guide on this point.

For all you "fans" slamming Randy as a coach, go to WQAM's website and listen to the Antrel Rolle interview and what HE has to say about Randy Shannon's coaching.

Stick behind this TEAM, GOOD and BAD, or go be an FSU fan or something. HATERS!!

J Smooth is a TARD>> LOSER!!


How to put this politely---you are full of shyt!

Randy Shannon can't coach? Why don't you crawl back under the dumb rock you came out from beneath.

Clearly you are playing the role as a Canes fan, but are really a hater from another team. No real Canes fan would ever be so stupid to claim Randy Shannon can't coach knowing his coaching background.

You are to painfully stupid to realize when you say that Randy can't coach you are at the same time saying Jimmy Johnson is dumb and would allow someone who can't coach work for him...MORON!!!

You might want to do a little research as to the Canes football history before your next uninformed ignorant post.

Canesjunkie says:

Canes Fan:

A 10 year timeline?

Butch Davis turned probation Miami around in 5 years. What's the other 5 years, Randy Shannon's on-the-job training?

Larry Coker is still the reason we stink?

I think you're either reaching or expecting something to happen to Shalala in the next 10 years.


What are you talking about (screaming with frustration). I am starting to understand why no one can get through to you as it appears you cannot understand what people are writing about.

I NEVER said it would take 10 years, you just made that up. I NEVER said the Canes (using your typically wrongheaded words): "Larry Coker is still the reason we still stink", you just made that up or hallucinated it.

At first I thought you were simply a misguided Canes fan, but have come to realize you are nothing more than somone pretending to be a Canes fan.

Each and everytime someone makes a positive valid point based on fact about the Canes you come back with your nonsensical negative ramblings.

If you are not someone posing as a Canes fan, then sadly you are someone suffering from severe learning disabilities.

From this point and going forward let's agree that we will not try to communicate with one another as this is only going to degenerate into heated exchanges...as my response proves out.

I am begging that the recruits and their parents who read this blog consider this exchange and the postings of Canesjunkie and other of his intellect. These people in no way represent the majority of true Canes fans.

Day in and day out I see more bickering on this blog, when you read all the comments it is hard to think we are talking about a NCAA college team and not a little league Pop Warner team. Everyone finds blame with the coach or the QB. It is this or that juat like elementry school kids in the playground. I wish that for just one week this rule applied. "IF YOU CAN NOT SAY SOMETHING SMART, INTELLEGENT, OR WITHOUT MALACE OR MEANNESS PLEASE SAY NOTHING AT ALL". However I know this will never come about because there are just too many so called friends that just love to see their name in print. "It's their 15 seconds of fame." Too many of you just want to get under someone's skin and print such rediculious statements it's hard to fathom that you are considered a real U of M fan. Give me a break stay off this blog if you are going to print something negative. We have heard it all before, you are nothing new. Instead of bad mouthing try something simple. "Get behind the players and the coaching staff. Remember that mistakes are going to be made. We will win and lose some games. This team could really be something very special and it needs it's fans to support it 100% win or lose. Thanks

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