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Rogers decommits, could Bridgewater be next?

Miami Northwestern receiver Eli Rogers told me Wednesday his dream is to spend the next four years catching passes from his best friend Teddy Bridgewater. Now, it looks like that might no longer happen -- at least at the University of Miami.

Teddy Bridgewater Sunday, the 3-star receiver told Canesport.com that he has decommitted from the Hurricanes and he's reopening the recruiting process.

"I'm open to any colleges that want to talk," Rogers told Canesport. "Coaches know about [the decommitment]. They said they can understand my reasoning and that they're still recruiting me and still see me the same. I told them I just want to open back up my options and they said they're cool with it."

No word yet on whether Bridgewater, one of the nation's top high school quarterbacks and the only QB in UM's 2011 signing class (at the moment), will do the same.

On Wednesday, when I drove to Northwestern and spent about two hours watching practice, Bridgewater told me he was still planning on being a Hurricane. But he also said he was a bit disappointed by the Florida State loss and what he's seen from UM's offense this season. He also admitted he's been having second thoughts about his commitment.

"I’ve been paying close attention," said Bridgewater, who went to the UM-FSU game. "The season is going good so far. But it could be better. They have to improve in some areas.

"More can be done in the offense. I paid attention to the Florida State game. Third and 10, Third and 8, they came out unbalanced. I’m just asking myself 'What’s going on? Why aren’t they opening the offense at this point of the game?'"

Bridgewater also said he's been paying close attention to the way Jacory Harris has been struggling and the way he's been criticized by fans and the media.

"I’ve been paying close attention to that," Bridgewater said. "That’s the one thing that stands out. It’s something to think about. The way he’s playing, the way he’s been treated, everything. He’s playing good. The wide outs have to help him also. I talked to coach. He said the past five games the wide receivers have dropped 30 passes. That will bring a quarterback’s confidence down.

"Everywhere I look, everyone on TV, the internet, everybody is dogging Jacory. That’s something I really don’t like because he comes from the same school I play at. He’s my role model. Seeing that, seeing him go through that it makes me wonder do I want to go through the same thing. It upsets me a lot. It upsets the coaching staff, the alumni, everybody at Miami Northwestern.

"People need to keep the faith, don’t give up, don’t give up on Jacory or the team."

Bridgewater said he thinks the biggest thing Harris needs is competition.

"From what I’ve seen, I would like to come in and play – or push Jacory at least," Bridgewater said. "I think that’s the one thing he’s missing. I think he feels like he has no one there to push him. He might be a little relaxed or something. That’s one role I’d like to play."

Bridgewater said a number of schools have continued to recruit him over the past few months including the University of Florida, South Florida, Louisville, LSU and Michigan.

"All of them want me as a quarterback," said Bridgewater, who at times has been dubbed by some recruiting analysts as a better receiver than passer. "I’m paying attention to everything. It’s like the whole recruiting process is rebuilding. At one point, I thought it was over. Now, more teams are showing interest."

Stay tuned. I'm guessing this story is far from over.


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And there you go fans. Fair criticism of the coach is one thing, but this is all witch hunts get you. Manny, you as the lead coverage person for the leading newspaper in Miami shoulder some of that for the continual sarcasm and tone of your recent tweets, articles and comments.

Manny, I think you're starting to catch on to the real problem with this offense, and it ain't J12, or the OL, it's the OC.

Go. Go away. Go to Oregon or Rutgers or whatever. If youaint a cane, you'll never be a cane.

You aint much anyhow. Look how pathetic youlooked against real competition when Columbus trashed you all. Imagine your performance in the big leagues

I am just tired of these kids, whose word means nothing.

let us stop publishing and announcing these so called verbal commits.

By the way, teddy brdige is hurt why would we want him anyhow, esp since he is a J12 clone?

lets get kids who really want to be canes.

By the way in case you, eli, or anyone out there havent noticed...

UM continues the streak of former canes scoring TDs in the NFL for consecutive weeks: 128, as Andre Johnson (yes, Eli a real cane receiver) scored for Houston.

See, eli, Its a cane thang. You wouldnt understand.

"People need to keep the faith, don’t give up, don’t give up on Jacory or the team."


Truth, that quote sticks pretty much in the face of the last post by Manny.

Bridgewater also expressed concern over Hurricanes’ fans treatment of starting QB Jacory Harris, a Northwestern grad: “The way they’ve been treating Jacory is indescribable right now,” Bridgewater said.

Meanwhile, Bridgewater’s teammate, WR Eli Rogers, told Canesport.com he de-committed last week.


Our brilliant fan base and lame brain sportswriters have now run off Eli...and Teddy will be gone in short order…congratulations experts!

Now let’s fire Shannon, Whipple, Lovett, Shalala, Morris, Haith, the Ibis and the guy who sells the popcorn in section 204…he’s a real loser!

Oh Yeah! Let’s cut Jacory, Benjamin, Hankerson, Coop, Seantrel, Fortson, McCarthy, Berry, Highsmith, James, Miller, Van Dyke, Hill, Armstrong, Spence, Buchanan, Washingto, Franklin, Robinson and Porter

Bridgewater will be next!!!

Hey Manny,

Maybe you should write another story and slap it on the front page about a rougue fan that wrote a dumb racist tweet to Jacory. Then you should write a story belittling Randy. That always helps recruiting. I mean it's not like your bitter because he won't let Jacory talk to you anymore because of your knack for blowing everything out of proportion. That is, when your in between covering wrastling and the Marlins. Thanks Manny. Thanks for your unbiased journalistic integrity. When kids say they don't like the way the media is reacting, please don't think that he's talking about you. That would just be ludacris.

Really dont care where they go. Kids trying to run the program. Criticism will exist wherever they go. Go cry somewhere else.

I hope Bridgewater decommits. We don't need J-12 Jr.

I live in the Tampa Bay area and am a graduate of the U.

Unfortnately the naysayers are dominating the media, but only the ones who want a return to the good old days of embarassment after emabarassment.They must have a screw loose.

Don't they remember that Butch Davis built the greatest team in Miami's history and he did it the right way. I have yet to read that comment.

So let's not let one segment of fans skewer our thinking.

This guy is crazy.He talking about all this stuff that JH is his idol and he looks up to him but he wants to decomit.If JH having all these problem you would want to come there & help him out & not take other visit while you committed to THE U.What a Hypo?We fans that is reading this article is lol & shaking our head and is like, did he just say/do this.He been paying attention to all these reporters & articles.Man are you kidding me.You wanted to be the only selfish QB taken in his classs but want to punk THE U while you do it.Child & I mean child please (Can't say the other word).Now you want to be a quitter.We need to go get that package deal like WIs & the other school are meaning Brissett, O'Leary, & that DE.Remember Bridgewater you will be critized everywhere you go.

Eat a dick brigewater.

kids today are such Puss...!!! They are all about themselves. What i got, what i want, what you don't have. The sense of entitlement makes me sick. Go earn your respect and there is nothing to worry about. WHINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope u Monday morning quarterbacks are happy. You will really have something to cry about when Highsmith is our starter in 2012.

should we hold your hand through everything in life eli and teddy?! Seriously learn to be a man the right way and stop being so sensitive. obviously if this bothers you what are you going to do when adversity comes your way?!! BITC.!

There you go, eli. You thought we fans woudl come out and beg you to reconsider.

You see, a real competitor would see this as a great chance to come in and maybe be the playmaker that UM is lacking. Since no one currently is stepping up, you COULD have been it. But your weak a%% couldnt even keep your manly word.

Is Bridge next? Let's see.

Could J12 have had anything to do with this?

See, I am sick and tired of the Miami NW connection. Overhyped selfish kids ( Sean and Forston excepted) who think of themselves only.

Lets see- players who have transferred or decommitted from UM: Where are they now-Memba them?

Willie Williams
Pat Devlin
Charlie Jones
Arthur Brown
Bryce Brown
Taylor Cook
Canon Smith

LOL. where are they now?

Brigewater supposedly said thatat the FSU game it was 3rd and 8, 10 and Um wouldnt open the offense up. True, but could you have done better? Was that a diss at j12?

who cares u said it! young punks who are being guided by morons

This is not surprising at all. This program is a disaster with Randy Shannon as Head Coach.

And you guys blaming Manny, he's not the one coaching this team into the ground. Blame Randy Shannon for losing recruits. Manny is just reporting the truth, there's a problem with this program. Manny job isn't to write propaganda for UM.

Who cares anyway, the last thing we need is more Northwestern flops. Jacory is my idol...please. We should get on here and be happy about getting blasted by FSU and surviving at Duke.

Go somewhere else, noone here blames you. UM doesn't care about winning.

I am an alumni of Northwestern High, most young people today have no heart, no matter what their economic background maybe the emphasis is the "easyway". What they don't realize is that the "easyway' may not always be the bestway. Case in point young Mr. Rogers assumes that by decommiting he can go to a better school (hence the easyway) and improve his chances of going pro. However through his impatience for looking for the "easyway' he is unwilling to let the events play itself out. For no one knows what will be the final outcome of the season. By the way February is a long will till signing day.

Another big thing that we are forgtting on what Bridgewater & Eli is saying, by the time they get there JH will be a senir & Whipple will still be there.This is a knock on JH & Whipple that they are displaying.They don't like Whipple playbook or play clalling.These two Qter's could have shown us fans how its done if the team is struggling.The last I have checked, when a big program is stuggling you would want to go there and make a difference & it will be your chance to start or get more playing time as a freshman. Hey U fans, didn't I see on NATIONAL FUCIN TV Northwestern get there azzes handed to them on Friday.How did those two feel then.Im thinking that have pressure on them so lets see if they Q the team now that they may be out of the state playoffs.This happens when things don't go your way.

And on the subject of Randy and the nit-wits calling for him to be fired...here's a news flash...NO COACH WORTH A DAMN WILL COME HERE BECAUSE OF THE IDIOT FANS AND THE LOCAL MEDIA THAT FEEDS THE HATE!!!

After Butch left no one wanted the job and that's how Larry Coker ended up with it. Don't believe the BS he got the job because the players demanded he get it, because if 'ANY' name coach had expressed real interest in the job it would have been his for the taking.

The same holds true when Coker was fired. One of the nations top head hunters in matters of collegiate football coaches was retained by the UM and his conclusion...NO ONE WILL TAKE THE JOB...not a division 1 coach, division 2 coach or a high school coach.

Just look at the crap Manny created simply to take a shot a Jacory. As any moron knows or should know because apparently Manny didn't get the memo, you can make numbers and stats say anything you want when trying to support an arguement...even when that arguement is pure manure simply to attack a good kid.

Being critical is one thing....but being over the top with it can be a two edged sword. We gotta remember that these kids are just that...kids who are very much a part of the 'social networking' environment. Bridgewater is reading some of the 'venom' assoiciated with some of the fans' feedback. Maybe this will sway his opinion and maybe not. Just remember other recruits that the fan base may deem as BETTER than the NW connection read this stuff too and they may begin to form an opinion of the U fan base. Just a thought.

What a loser....have any of these kids learned that Respect is earned!? If you can't come in, work hard and play your a** off, stop making excuses than maybe FIU,NORTH TEXAS....ect is the team they should consider.

Bridgewater offers HIS 'opinion'...just like some of these fans post on this site and what happens??? THEY JUMP ALL OVER HIM!!! lololol...wow.

Eli Rogers can go..who cares. I watched the Northwestern vs. Columbus game. He didn't look like a top recruit. He had some drops. Besides we have a lot of WR's that's waiting for their opportunity. If Teddy Bridgewater wants to go. That's fine. Everyone is forgetting about Stephen Morris. He red-shirted. Whipple hand picked him so he must have seen something in the kid. Criticism comes with the territory...stop whining babies.

You can blame Manny all you want, if this team was winning it wouldn't be an issue.

Here's the way it works, Randy coaches the team...Manny reports about it. So when the team loses by 21+ at home and gives no effort at all...Manny writes that story.

What you really want to read is some sugar-coated story about how everything is fine and it's OK we lost to FSU since we beat Duke?

Where's the truth in that?

Please! Bridgewater's idol is J12? Go find another idol and another school. We don't need another J12 Jr.

As bad as we are about critcizing Randy Shannon, any SEC fanbase is 10x worse. Yet, somehow, they manage to hire coaches.

Sht, yall thought we have problems now(Being Serious: If you really think about it). Let us lose this game on saturday against North Carolina. Lol. It will be dang near a riot. People would choke Manny, kill Shannon, and hurt Shala/Kirby.

If he can't handle criticism now and he isn't even on the team what can he ever do? He is weak and has no BALLS. The best come in and prove people wrong, not run away. He probably can't pick up the offense anyways. Nobody in the media is to blame. No fans are to blame. People need to take responsibility for themselves and he is chickening out before he gets to Miami. Is he gonna run away like Taylor Cook, Cannon Smith, and Robert Marve. I understand that they all know Randy will live and die with Jacory but stay and give him a fight. He knows that coach won't pull him so what does he have to worry about.

"You can blame Manny all you want, if this team was winning it wouldn't be an issue."

You mean like they did this week?

Fans should support the team. The only thing fans can do is get loud when the d is on the field and cut checks for the athletic department. Other than that they should stop knocking kids like J12 who is laying it on the line for the U.

No doubt the O has struggled but let the season play out and if you're a cane you're a cane for life. F the BS

Also half the critics are probably gators or noles.

I am an alumni of Northwestern High, most young people today have no heart, no matter what their economic background maybe the emphasis is the "easyway". What they don't realize is that the "easyway' may not always be the bestway. Case in point young Mr. Rogers assumes that by decommiting he can go to a better school (hence the easyway) and improve his chances of going pro. However through his impatience for looking for the "easyway' he is unwilling to let the events play itself out. For no one knows what will be the final outcome of the season. By the way February is a long will till signing day.

Posted by: revsmalls70 | October 17, 2010 at 05:15 PM

Let them go away and the easy way...Let's go get better players and true canes all the way...Revsmalls70 you are right on the money...

It is simply stunning...even after seeing proof of their handiwork the same whiners/haters continue their bashing.

Granted, some of this idiocy is probably coming from Gators and others posing as Canes fans, but they are not in the majority.

When Bridgewater lays it out for you, giving you insights into what these KIDS (meaning not only him, but other recruits as well) are thinking the nimrods don't miss a beat and start slamming him again...F'ing unbelieveable!!!

And for the nimrod that suggested Teddy and Eli go to "FIU or NORTH TEXAS"...well Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Jimbo Fisher and about 20 other top flight coaches from the best programs in the country would get on their hands and knees to convince Teddy to sign with them, so some division 2 team signing either one of these guys is absurd--which speaks to your overall thinking.

Further, just because you watched 1 game that Teddy played in where Columbus outmanned and outcoached Northwestern hardly makes you an expert on his abilities...just like tuning in on Saturday to watch a couple of hours of the Canes playing does not make you an expert on what ails the Canes.

I know this post won't change the minds of the haters, because this is how they take out their constant failures in life. But, those of you who truly love the Canes and understand the damage many of the fans are and have been doing it is important you make your voice heard.

February is months away...We shouldn't recruit primadonas...Manny you are doing an excellent job as always...Kids afraid of criticism, grow up as man or go hide in the bushes!

Seems like Bridgewater offered the fan base some criticism....the fan base aint taking it too well. Follow your own advice.

If the U won their remaining games in the same fashion they won against Duke, would u b pleased?

Didn't bridgewater say he was having second thoughts about UM and turn right around and say "People need to keep the faith"??? Players change thier minds every day, if you decide to change your mind , thats ok. If not get in here and make something happen. If you were paying so close attention then you would have mentioned that the recievers are dropping so many balls to support your "Idol". You will have to grow up one day , because whever you go you will likley be a backup to start your career and when it comes time if you throw INT's you WILL recieve criticism

i think Teddy's comments are totally fair game.

if we are questioning the state of our program, wouldn't "you" as the next face of it do the same thing?

Any xommit cam do as they please. They should keep in mind, however, that today's media and fans are relentless and highly critical.

You think there is anyone writing love letters to John Brantley right now? Hey, Teddy, gonread the Orlando Sentinel or Gainesville Sun's blogs. Brantley is getting pasted. The fans in Georgia are killing Richt like Randy is getting killed here. What di you think Bowden went through? Tuberville? Masolinis getting slammed in the Oxford, MS papers.

It is like this now because any dirtbag with rudimentary typing skills has a platform. It was not always like this.

The point? You want to avoid all this bashing? Then win. Or play in the Ivy League.

If anyone watched what Bridgewater did in the game against Columbus, you would be taking a big sigh of relief right about now. Since so many of you hate Jacory, remember this...Jacory is a better QB than him. Do you want to put another 3 years after J12 leaves on a similar QB that so many of you don't like and thinks sucks? Or would you rather UM switch to an Oregon, Michigan, West Virginia.etc., type offense? The sooner he decommits and allows the U to go after a true QB the better....just my two cents worth.

rjwolf... No because I happen to be a "company man". I would (and have) taken the reins to make my organization work more efficiently. People who whine are not leaders. People who say "This can and will be fixed" are the ones we need.

Teddy has stood on his head when constantly saying that he does not like how the Miami fans are treating Jacory and other UM players.

Now I know trying a common sense approach with some of you is a waste of time, but.....if Teddy is feeling that way doesn't it stand to reason that other kids are feeling the same way?

The "Poodle" is feeling depressed...

And uh...when you stop recruiting primadonnas you are pretty much left with the 3rd string offensive tackle from Miami Curley High as your best QB prospect. The media, parents and fans have made most all of these kids primadonnas.

Once Kids get on to something, like wearing their pants so their butts hang out thinking that's cool, it usually goes from being a one-off situation and becomes a trend. The instant it is no longer cool to play for the UM is the instant Don Meredith will start singing--Turn out the lights, the party's over for UM football...

On yahoo canesport.com where it was first reported, Eli mentioned that he was going to attend the game against North Carolina on TV Saturday. If Bridgewater or Eli don't like drama like they are saying in this article, they should stay away. I don't think this is a good idea after decommitting from The U on this day of Sunday. This is where I want Manny to interview or call him on Sunday morning of next week on why he did not attend the game o Saturday. I really want to here that x-cuss. I wonder what cop-out he going to use.

We need "Dreamers" not daydreamers.

No "championships are all that matter" some kids have been raised to have commitment to what they say and do. If they truley are CANES then there would be no doubt. I really believe Seantrel Henderson wanted to come to the U but his father decided USC was the best for him ... oops! I meant his son.

...no one out here is jumping ship...calling out our beloved 'Canes program for what it has become is fair game...Teddy is simply saying what we are all feeling "what is the state of the U?" None of us know right now.

p.s. all good businessmen are constantly evaluating their decisions.

All good buinesss people do in fact evaluate their operations on a regular basis--what they will not tolerate are having nimrods who are armed with about 10% of the facts re-evaluating their every decision and then going public with their mostly ill-informed and destructive comments that prevents them from recruiting and hiring other top executives.

A top CEO will not quit on a plan that takes time to institute and develop simply because those sitting in the cheap seats want instant gratification.

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