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Rogers decommits, could Bridgewater be next?

Miami Northwestern receiver Eli Rogers told me Wednesday his dream is to spend the next four years catching passes from his best friend Teddy Bridgewater. Now, it looks like that might no longer happen -- at least at the University of Miami.

Teddy Bridgewater Sunday, the 3-star receiver told Canesport.com that he has decommitted from the Hurricanes and he's reopening the recruiting process.

"I'm open to any colleges that want to talk," Rogers told Canesport. "Coaches know about [the decommitment]. They said they can understand my reasoning and that they're still recruiting me and still see me the same. I told them I just want to open back up my options and they said they're cool with it."

No word yet on whether Bridgewater, one of the nation's top high school quarterbacks and the only QB in UM's 2011 signing class (at the moment), will do the same.

On Wednesday, when I drove to Northwestern and spent about two hours watching practice, Bridgewater told me he was still planning on being a Hurricane. But he also said he was a bit disappointed by the Florida State loss and what he's seen from UM's offense this season. He also admitted he's been having second thoughts about his commitment.

"I’ve been paying close attention," said Bridgewater, who went to the UM-FSU game. "The season is going good so far. But it could be better. They have to improve in some areas.

"More can be done in the offense. I paid attention to the Florida State game. Third and 10, Third and 8, they came out unbalanced. I’m just asking myself 'What’s going on? Why aren’t they opening the offense at this point of the game?'"

Bridgewater also said he's been paying close attention to the way Jacory Harris has been struggling and the way he's been criticized by fans and the media.

"I’ve been paying close attention to that," Bridgewater said. "That’s the one thing that stands out. It’s something to think about. The way he’s playing, the way he’s been treated, everything. He’s playing good. The wide outs have to help him also. I talked to coach. He said the past five games the wide receivers have dropped 30 passes. That will bring a quarterback’s confidence down.

"Everywhere I look, everyone on TV, the internet, everybody is dogging Jacory. That’s something I really don’t like because he comes from the same school I play at. He’s my role model. Seeing that, seeing him go through that it makes me wonder do I want to go through the same thing. It upsets me a lot. It upsets the coaching staff, the alumni, everybody at Miami Northwestern.

"People need to keep the faith, don’t give up, don’t give up on Jacory or the team."

Bridgewater said he thinks the biggest thing Harris needs is competition.

"From what I’ve seen, I would like to come in and play – or push Jacory at least," Bridgewater said. "I think that’s the one thing he’s missing. I think he feels like he has no one there to push him. He might be a little relaxed or something. That’s one role I’d like to play."

Bridgewater said a number of schools have continued to recruit him over the past few months including the University of Florida, South Florida, Louisville, LSU and Michigan.

"All of them want me as a quarterback," said Bridgewater, who at times has been dubbed by some recruiting analysts as a better receiver than passer. "I’m paying attention to everything. It’s like the whole recruiting process is rebuilding. At one point, I thought it was over. Now, more teams are showing interest."

Stay tuned. I'm guessing this story is far from over.


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listen to you people worried about what some 17 year old kid is saying.....who cares...decommit and go somewhere else,good for him...i say stop recruiting at nw any how...other then spence they're all overratted anyway...i only wish shannon would de-commit...

Butch Davis took 5 years to turnaround the program in 2000 (12-1) his last year.At which time UM lost 6 straight games to FSU.This is year 4 for Shannon. So it was not a quick transformation for Butch.Please fire Shannon, bring Cristobal and Marve,Tyler Cook,Cannon Smith so you fake canes can be happy.Good luck.

well put!!!

well put!!!

First,it took Butch Davis 5 Years ,12-1,in 2000 to turnaround the program. At which time 6 straight losses to FSU. Second, the days of the great quaterbacks from Cali is over for Um. USC and the other Pac 10 teams have that on lock. So go get your overated 5 star recruits:Brock Berlins, Kirby Freemans, Kyle Wright and Robert Mavre. You fake canes will reap what you sew.

Eli, go to the Gators, because their offense is so good without Tebow. Please Bridgewater, go to another school, we DO NOT need another four years of another Jacory. That will completely kill the program.

man up. come in and prove naysayers wrong. hopefully youre paying attention to supporters too. come in and compete. dont worry about what others say and do. its on U not them.


MRA I agree with you 100%, it is one thing for you and when I say you, I referring to the people, that's including the Miami Herald writers as well to criticize the coach, but every time you turn on the computer and log into a UM site, you are bashing the players as well. I said once and I will say it again, that type of reporting is not needed. For whatever reason, everyone continue to forget that at the end of the day these are still kids, something that you or I once was, so they are going to make mistake, they will lose football games, but if you continue to bash them the way people are doing, they will lose out on top recruits. Nobody oce to play in a city where expectations are so, so , so high one is afraid to make a mistake. That's not being humanistic and its unfair to these kids. GO CANES!!!!!


You would not have found more dire hard Canes than Teddy and Eli. Yet, after witnessing the attacks on Jacory and other Canes players these kids are having second thoughts. But, of course, that will not sink in to most and they will just continue their hate aimed at Randy, Whipple, Jacory and any other Cane that doesn't perform to their impossible expectations.

Yesterday, I too was less than happy about how we played, but after about 30 minutes I started to enjoy the positives from the game and realized that victory put us that much closer to the ACC championship game and a rematch with the Noles.

For weeks now current Canes players have been saying publicly that they have to find a way to ignore the hate being directed at them by those who call themselves fans and realize that they can only trust and depend on each other...again, not the so-called fans!

I have no doubt that the slamming of the kids and coaches will continue by the so-called UM fan base, just as I have absolutely no doubt that the program will continue to erode because of this destructive behavior.
Please, please, please call me names and insult me because at least it will take your hatred off the kids and coaches for a brief moment.

The biggest immediate improvement that could take place that would insure more wins is if we could fire some of the fans.

PS: The evisceration of Larry Coker by the fans began with the victory over Nebraska for the National Championship because certain fans didn't like the style in which we won. Then and only then did the recruits begin to consider the program radio-active and would not sign, which gave the haters even further juice to complain not being smart enough to realize they helped get us there. In other words it was a self fulfilling prophecy.

couldn't agree more on the CEO comment...it does indeed (as we all know) take time to revamp a failed business, what have you.

that said, i think what we are all feeling, and what is behind the vitriol, is this is year "4"...junior laden class, coordinater continuity for once, green and orange head coach, 4 and 5 star players all ove the roster...

...yet here we are, contemplating the thought that we may never be "back"...i think that's the root of all this. we have to face the fact that we may never Dominate like we used to...and that hurts.

two footnotes:
-forced 7 turnovers, scored 28 points
-2001 team crushed two top-15 teams in succession by 50 points

here we are my friends

This is only the begining of our inability to recruit.

Randy Shannon is losing credibility with every pathetic outing this team has. You see fans who were even unhappy with the win over Duke.

He's really only got one chance to turn it around...ACC Championship and the BCS game that come with it. He really has to win both IMO.

Posted by: ceddyj | October 17, 2010 at 07:13 PM

ceddyj, Didn't Butch have to deal with a lower number of scholarships? He's done pretty good head to head against Randy.

Bridgwater sounds like he is ready to bail. In his defence, why would a top player want to be Cane. J12 is struggling, the WR's are droppers, and Highsmith is evidently not ready...after 2 spring and two fall practices...this means Whipple is no good. If Benjamin's brother becomes a Nole, we have real trouble.

Well, here we go again with our local sportswriters fueling a negative spin on the Canes programs. The poll questions and article headings over the past month have not been pro Canes. I wonder if Manny and crew prefer to see the Canes fail so they can have a story to write about. How about writing stories that talk about the positive things in the program and with our Alumni in the NFL. Help convince these young stars that they want to be in S. Florida as a Cane.


I have been a fan of "The U" since the late eighties when I was a not even a teenage yet. The one thing I can not stand is someone to bad mouth my team. That includes other so called fans. I know that Randy Shannon doesn't have the resume that some coaches out there but he has shown improvement each year. There is something wrong with the team, and it is up to this team to find it out. As a fan all I can do is cheer and stick up for the team that shows up each week. I like Randy, and I think we will eventually win a N.C. with him as coach. J12 is a good QB, but needs improvement is some areas, but I will root for him as long as he is the starting QB, for my Canes team. Everyone out there that is a Canes fan either needs to talk positive about your team or find another one to root for. I have nothing but positive things to say about this years team win or lose. That is what a true fan does.


You are the poster child for what's wrong with the Canes...not Randy Shannon!

So, you have now decided that the only way Randy is a keeper is if he first, qualifies for the ACC Championship game, then wins that game and finally wins the BCS Orange Bowl. Anything short of that he should be fired...if nothing more your comments on this site are good for comedic relief.

It is pretty clear at this point that the various aliases encouraging Eli and Teddy to attend a different school (yes, these are still school kids, not professional football players like some of you) are those posing as Canes fans as no Miami fan with a grain of a brain would suggest such a thing.

Not that it will change the thinking of those who love to hate the Canes, but there has been point after point made by others on this site today to factually prove how polluted your thinking is and it doesn't even remotely stop you with your slamming of the kids and coaches. In other words, you are not going to allow the facts to get in the way of your hate fest.

The fact that many of you swore up and down that the program would never recover because of Coker are now saying that Randy should be fired for not having already won a National Championship with the same program you were bellowing was doomed...now that's some high level logic!

que carajo?

Gotta love the fans that say the Eli and Teddy should man up and grow up. I'd love to see these people getting just an ounce of criticism at their own jobs....bunch of useless idiots talking trash to 18-21 year olds. I'm not happy with the way J12 has played, but I stand behind the kid cause he plays his heart out and in the end, is a player for the U and thats all that matters to me.

There is a reason I don't enjoy going to our home games and instead go to 2-3 road games, I hate our own idiot fans...the majority of which are like ths jackasses on this blog.

Randy fire whipple or u are next! do the right thing he is garbage.

Holla, leave.....decommit!!! We need kids that wanna prove themselves. If Jacory doesn't like the criticism do something about it. Be a baller and not a bitcccccccccc. Bridge get the hell outta here!

The problem is not Manny pointing out the obvious. Let's take notice that Randy has a simple media plan. He does not feel the need to elaborate on the team's failures which ultimately fall on him. How can you have success when you are blaming the receivers for all the ints? Receivers not fighting for the ball is a COACHING ISSUE. Penalties that still plague us is a COACHING ISSUE. Dropped passes are a COACHING ISSUE. If the kid cant catch, maybe he should not be in the game even though he "put in his time." Jacory playing hurt, with no confidence is a COACHING ISSUE. A coach that wont win a game by rushing the ball is a COACHING ISSUE.

Has anyone bothered to even watch a UNC game? They have players that WANT IT. They have players that are overachieving. They have the same record with how many second stringers? How is this possible? COACHING.

The hurricanes are the dallas cowboys of the ACC. Tons of talent, put up decent numbers, play down to the opponent, and you guessed it, get out coached in the big games.

Why do we recruit dual threat QB's with Whipple's scheme? You know the qb is gonna have to eat it sometimes to make the throw and yet we dont get the Ryan Mallets, the Andrew Lucks that have the physical ability to endure a season.

Attitude in coaching has to change. Randy's attitude may have been successful as an individual and I commend him overcoming his challenges in life. At some point he has to say, maybe what worked for me does not work for the collective. Sure its easy to say, well he is winning more games every year. You can also say, the program as a whole, penalties, drops, coaching, still continue to have issues. When you have a team that is 2 years of experience in this system and there has been no improvement from last year in these areas, you have to ask WHY?

Last year's failures were linked to Jacory's thumb. Don't get me wrong. J12, you are tough and have taken the criticism and beating on the field like a true man. I don't think you deserve the majority of the criticism. Now that you have shoulder and groin issues, will our hopes be pinned to him finishing the season injury free again? With our talent, we should have been able to start Spencer against Duke, run the ball, throw when we had to, play ridiculous defense and win the game. (OSU, BAMA,UNC, all can win these types of games) Yet, it seems that a battered Jacory is miles above our back ups. 4 minutes in the game, 2 scores up and we still have him in. Unreal.

the rogers kid can't quality academically that his problem.

Rogers is never going to touch the field at Miami, he is not a top receiver so good riddance brother, go to USF or UCF or FIU where you belong... you are not a Cane and I for one I'm glad to see to go. Bridgewater, if you can't take the heat then don't go in the kitchen, what, you think those rednecks in Tellahassee, Gainesville, Alabama, Georgia, etc... are not going to get all over you if you start messing up in games? Get real brother, you either have it or you don't, nobody is going to hand anything over to you, you have to come in compete and earn it!!! These is another example why these kids at Nortwestern, BTW and the other Miami schools are soft, they expect to have things handed to them because they are Bulls or Tornados, or whatever, these kids today at those schools are soft and that is why Miami is struggling these days.... at least one of the reasons...

Do you see us getting any good recruits without a BCS Bowl win? I would at least think we go to the game an play well...that's the minimum.

Who said anything about a National Championship? That's funny, Randy Shannon coaching in the title game.

Hey, don't listen to me. Listen to the football alumni who also believe something is wrong.

Boy, when I read THIS :"Everywhere I look, everyone on TV, the internet, everybody is dogging Jacory. That’s something I really don’t like because he comes from the same school I play at.(etc) I wanted to vent.
Thank you folks for saving me valuable time. Thin skinned is an understatement.
What till he hears it from the fans in Gatorland.

Anyone have todays number of TD's scored by Canes in the NFL? Just curious.

btw, you would never hear any of those Canes crying about criticism.

Who cares about Bridgewater? Why is the kid being guaranteed anything? Does Randy have to guarantee him playing time so he comes like Jacory.

Kyle Wright was treated like garbage but Jacory came. I guess the negative stuff didnt bother him. He definitely should not go to Bama. Saban ripped his team and told them they had won nothing.

Randy Apologists now have their newest excuse. Its the fans fault.

Go back to lamespace. You all slurped Whipple now hes the problem.

I don't know if we will get good recruits any longer if we play in a BCS Bowl game or win a National Championship, because there's an undercurrent amongst kids considerng the "U" that they think our fan base is a confederacy of hate filled dunces and they are begining to think they do not want to play here.

If you don't believe that just listen or read the comments coming from the players currently on the UM roster.

I would strongly suggest that all UM fans once again watch Billy Corben's the "U" documnetary to educate or remind themselves as to how this all happened. There is deep meaning to the statement; "It's a Canes thing--you wouldn't understand!" The kids that have the potential to bring this program back to its glory days are now questioning if they want to be associated with the program due to our fans. And the solutions of those very fans is to insult these kids with false and unearned bravado telling them we don't need them and go to some other school.

From the comments I read some of you have no idea what has transpired and what is really transpiring today. For one of you to call Jacory and other Northwestern kids soft makes calling you stupid and uninformed an insult to stupid and uninformed people the world over.


Maybe you should watch the movie again. Better yet, why dont you actually listen to Corbin's take on the state of the U. Listen to WQAM on Friday and you will truly learn.

How has Miami went from telling Jeff George either come here or get beat by Miami to this?

Let the Rogers kid go. Miami doesnt need another 5'10 reciever as a package deal who will never see the field. Thompkins kid ring a bell.

Manny, it is not a employee of the U: Manny it is just a clown!

i love the canes as much as anyone no matter what winning or losing but we have to be adults and remember these are kids and sounding off like that will not make anything better they are kids remember that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

these kids are a different breed and they only want to go to winning programs that will do whatever to get them to play for them they dont have the heart of the canes of old and we need to stop comparing them to the ole school canes who has brought so much joy and respect to the community and cane nation lets develop what we have an recruit those with some heart and the will to win and be a man of their word we dont not need to act like the gaytrud nation when players want to leave or play somewhere else

Why do we recruit dual threat QB's with Whipple's scheme? You know the qb is gonna have to eat it sometimes to make the throw and yet we dont get the Ryan Mallets, the Andrew Lucks that have the physical ability to endure a season.

Posted by: staticnc | October 17, 2010 at 08:33 PM

Mallett's got a concussion from getting lovetapped on the head.

Congratulations. Perhaps this is the start of a new Coker-like streak where we go three years without signing a quarterback as one after another decommits.

Then in three years we can sign four quarterbacks, have three transfer a year later, and begin the cycle all over again.

Oh well if we lost bridgewater i dont see the issue. This kid is like 150 lbs soaking wet. Im shocked he hasnt gotten hurt before the columbus game. I dont know why miami recruits such stringbeans.Dont get me wrong kid looked ok on espnu when i saw him . That said maybe knowing bridgewater will decommit will make miami go recruit another qb or 2. They could use 1 more at least. Im not so sure highsmith is gonna even be a qb next year. As for the criticsm of the qb its warrented he trows into double and triple coverage at least 5 time a game. Some if it is dumb dumb playcalling by wipple but j12 has to know to not throw to the one guy covered by 3 others. Oh and if they think what j 12 is going through is hard try playing qb in the nfl. Look at the criticsm they take week after week by analysts.

Alright as a club member and a season ticket holder enough is enough. Now they're losing recruits from our back yard. Ok Shalala , you want to be the Havard of the south. TO BAD. This is the U. We're known for our football program. When doing well, it brings in alot of money. Enough of the coach sitting on the sidelines with his arms crossed. Seven turnovers yesterday and the score is only 28-13. Not acceptable. Where is the swagger? There is no leadership on the field. I'm just over it by now. I'm done with the wait till next year.

If Bridgewater decommits that is more than fine. GO!! Please!! All he is is a Jaskinny clone and we see how that is all turning out. We are not going to win w/ Shannon or a S. FL QB. Really, 28 points against Duke?! Is this basketball or football?

And if Bridgewater thinks that criticism is confined to Miami think again pal. Go to any major college program and lose by 4 TDs to your biggest rival and see how that works out for you on the call in shows. That is the most idiotic statement I have ever heard. Just like Jaskinny, this guy does not seem to be any smarter. GO TO LSU!! PLEASE!!!!

Please U guys are breaking my heart crying about how Manny and the fans that are sick of losing are causing us to lose recruits. That right people the real Championships is all that Matters is here not that moronic cheap crackhead immitation that is so infatuated with me that now he wants to try and use my ID. U idiots are just standing up for SHannon because he gives U hope in that if a loser like Randy can nab a job like Miami I have to be able to get a job at something. The fact is the young man does not want to play for a loser. Serious players with talent want to win and win championships not come play for a guy who can't prepare a team for games week end and week out. Case in point 45-17 last week, remember and 28-13 against a Duke team that only beat Elon this year. Any dummy that says I'd take 12 wins like the one against Duke is no Cane fan to begin with. Shannon could't beat Duke 12 times to begin with because Cutcliff would out coach him everytime like Saturday until he won at least three times even with that horrible team he has. We have talent to win and win big other than QB we just don't have a coach and QB that can get the job done. Fire Shannon and hire a bright intelligent coach that knows how to win and recruits, wins, championships, and greatness will be ours again.

Vos you are completely correct.
Dumb head coach + terrible QB,s = losing 45-17

Well the clown looks smarter than U dummies. A reporter just reports the truth and this one deserves a raise. Up the anty Herald and pay this man.

Exactly. Miami will not win anything w/ Shannon as head coach or a S. FL QB running the offense. Its time to fire Shannon and lets hope he takes Jaskinny w/ him.

And I hope Bridgewater does go to LSU b/c clearly he is not very bright and he would be playing for a coach his equal, namely Les Miles. Plus he can follow in the footsteps of another pathetic LSU QB named Jordan Jefferson. And go ahead and lose by 4 TDs to Alabama or Ole Miss. Lets see how nice those people are to you then. Go ahead, go to LSU Bridgwater, Christmas would come early in my mind if that happened.

What I don't get is that if U Shannon lovers are true Cane fans why do U support a head coach that week after week is outcoached by teams with much less talent. Why if U are true Cane fans do U like to see our boys get slaughtered like they do. The Shannon regime is like Vietnam, our boys are unprepared, without direction or leadership, and don't stand a chance against decent teams. Now can any of U tell me why we should have lost to Wisconsin or Cal in the two previous bowl games or why we should have lost to Ohio State or got blown out by Florida State at home in front of a sold out crowd? the answer is Shannon. Can anyone tell me why players are better as freshman than as juniors or seniors? the reason is no player development or coaching. SHalala fire Shannon before we have no talent or recruits.

Champs, so Miami only beat Duke by 15 points. Even in losing, Cutcliffe outcoached Shannon. If Cutcliffe had half the players Shannon has to work w/ Miami would have lost Saturday. Shannon is an awful coach!! Period! It took 7 turnovers for Miami to win. You would think a team that gets 7 TOs would have won going away. Nope! Not w/ this head coach and not w/ this QB.

I like many can't blame the kid however I really wish this had been about the Bridgewater kid decomitting but hey maybe he will decommit as well. I haven't seen anything from bridgewater to suggest that he was going to be that great a QB anyway. Heck if Harris is his idol or role model then he is a loser anyway. That kid really has low standards for himself. Any QB that is that stupid needs to be moved to another position. Recruit a head coach and a couple of real QB's and forget about it.

If Bridgwater decommits, its addition by subtraction.

VOS that would be correct we had 7 turnovers and we could only win by 15 pts against a 1 and 4 Duke team who's only win came over the Elon Phoenix. And if u think that is bad we had basically a 3yr QB going up against a 1st year starter. Not only that but Duke was inside the 15 yd line about to go in for another score when their QB fumbled the snap. Shannon was that close to coaching us to another loss, at Duke of all places. That shows just how bad our poor team is under Shannon.

VOS I could not agree more addition by subtraction of a loser.

Let's cut to the chase on this one! If Bridgewater wants to decommit and thinks he can get on the field at Alabama or Michigan--please go ahead. Jacory Harris is more than half way through his scholarship. To suggests that he's been treated unfairly because fans want to get to a BCS bowl game or a BCS title game and are impatient or haven't seen enough growth is ridiculous! High School football is not NCAA football, so if he thinks he can run a spread offense and will be better prepared for the NFL by skipping out on Miami---"SEE YA" guys that talk like this are afraid and want some Coach to promise them something. Miami is not going to be made by an one individual. If you lack mental and emotional toughness Miami is the wrong school for you. Period!

These players nowadays are SOFT! Take your sorry behinds elsewhere. Give me 2 & 3 star recruits who are HUNGRY! Of course we need to have a coach who is also hungry and not one who acts as in the way his puppemaster (er.. mistress) tells him.

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