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Spencer Whipple backup QB for Duke

Spencer Whipple, who started the season as UM's No. 3 quarterback behind starter Jacory Harris and A.J. Highsmith, appears to be the No. 2 quarterback going into the Duke game at 1 p.m. Saturday (ESPN3 on Internet; No TV).

Whipple is the son of Miami offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Mark Whipple.

Coach Randy Shannon  on A.J. Highsmith after Wednesday morning practice: "Nicked? He's Ok. Left hand, but he's OK. I don't know the extent of it. He didn't do nothing today as far as contact and taking snaps from center and stuff like that. We just have to monitor it and see where it's at.''

Highsmith is wearing a wrist support on his left wrist. There are no bandages or any protection on his hand.

Whipple, who completed one of two passes against FSU, has been in five games (he's the holder) and has completed four of six passes for 32 yards. He has no interceptions.

Highsmith has played in two games -- in the second half against FAMU and for one play at Pittsburgh when Harris was sacked and injured his left shoulder. He has completed four of seven passes for 18 yards, with one interception.

Many believe that Highsmith, the son of former Hurricane great Alonzo Highsmith, will be redshirted this season and converted to a safety.

Look for Miami to get Whipple a decent amount of playing time at Duke, that is if the Canes get a comfortable enough lead. I think Jacory needs to rest up his left shoulder (he now wears a shoulder harness) and groin, and whatever else is ailing him, as much as he can before North Carolina and Butch Davis come to town Oct. 23.

 Some comments from Spencer Whipple, a junior, after Wednesday's practice: "Nothing has really changed for me. I've just been preparing the same way all year. That's the way I like to prepare, to be ready for anything that happens, whether you're sixth on the depth chart or 1 or 2. You always have got to prepare the same way, watch the same amount of film, take notes in meetings and be ready whenever your number is called.''

How much does it help getting into games?  Whipple: "It's good. It's fun. Everyone wants to get into the game. It's good experience. But these reps out here in practice, we do periods against our first defense all the time -- two or three times a day. And that's great experience, too, going against those guys because they're so talented."

Spencer, who transferred last year to UM from UMass, said he was "fifth, fourth" team at UMass. "But that doesn't really make a difference. You have to prepare as if you're No. 1, wherever you are. I haven't changed anything about the way I go about practicing or studying film. It has all been the same.''

He asked how he has changed since UMass, where he played in one game in 2008, against Bryant, and completed a 16-yard pass on his only attempt.

"It's just experience,'' he said. "I wasn't very confident while I was there, and my dad has kind of helped me with that, which is a good thing. It's something I kind of needed to build up, my morale and confidence in saying, 'Yeah, maybe I can play.' Being more confident in practice throwing the ball. I think that's the biggest part of my game that has changed.''

On his dad being his coach and giving him advice, Spencer said, "He just supports me. And like I said about the confidence part, when I have a bad day or something goes wrong, sometimes I'm really hard on myself. Coaches have told me my whole career that I get down on myself too easily and my dad is always there to pick me up and show me the positive things I did, which helped bring me out of a slump.''

On Jacory, Spencer said, "He's a confident guy. I don't have to say too much. He knows what he needs to do. He's done it last year. He's taking care of business. He's going to be fine. He's a great quarterback and nothing really much needs to be said to him. He knows what he needs to do and he's practicing really well this week. He's going to do great.''







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I would like to see spencer start vs. duke, its duke, not vatech, NC or gatech, miami fans need a change of scenery at quarterback just for one game, we need a quarterback who doesn't make our hearts stop everytime he drops back.

Is there a bigger indictment of the lack of QB recruiting under Randy that a kid who was 4th team (at best) at UMass is either our #2 or #3 QB?

We have Bridgewater committed for this upcoming class, but we need another QB in this class. I don't care if it hurts a recruits' feelings, or if we have a small class coming in, we need to build depth at that position so we don't have to continue to running an obviously hurt, and struggling, QB out there to the wolves like we are.

All I hear from these players is a bunch of mouth and hot air. Go out and play and get it done. But I guess the question is...can they? Shannon is not a good coach...PERIOD! He needs to be gone and take Jaskinny w/ him. Both are overrated and Miami is not going to be any better than yearly 3-4 loss team w/ these 2 guys running things. But if we want 3-4 loses a year and trip to the Champs Sports Bowl, good grades, no police incidents than we have our guys in Shannon and Jaskinny. But be prepared for FSU and FL to pass this program by and not look back.

Happy we're worried about a team that is 1-4.

VOS, the season is not over. We can still win the ACC title. I rather lose now to FSU and in the way they did so it can light a fire under them. They should be more hungry then ever and now they will get REVENGE on FSU. Go Canes. Vision I agree, Jacory should rest up and let Whipple start. Also do not forget we got Morris redshirting.

Again, a minor injury and the kid is not practicing at all. His non-throwing wrist? Come on man...get out there and compete! If Highsmith isn't good enough then pull the redshirt off Morris and let him have a go! Bridgewater is coming next year and there will always be another 5-star "can't miss" QB every year that we can bring in, so saving Morris is dumb if we need him. If Highsmith is a safety then make him a safety and let Morris get his reps. The kid is big and has a cannon. What are we worried about...he might throw interceptions? So instead we bring in the fifth-best QB from UMASS, hand him a scholarship and make him the backup?

You have to fight and sacrifice yourself. I really think we're going to be trailing Duke at the half. I'm glad it's not televised.

Go Canes!

We need a strong presence at QB. A leader. Someone that has big picture capabilities, but is not blinded by the bright lights of the NFL. Jacory seems to spend too much time on things such as his beard and eyebrow lines. AND CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY HE DOES NOT LIKE TO RUN???? The run he had v Clemso saved the game. He is selfish ad becoming childlike.

I'm not convinced Spencer is the answer either. Obviously AJ is no longer in the plans.

We need to bring in a strong juco for next season - or at least to back up next year. Not every Juco QB has to become a welder after his 2nd year at Fill-in-the-blank Community College. Maybe they find a QB who isnt from the streets? The is not a B/W argument, just a QB with strong moral fiber, an ability to take responsibility, do what he needs to do to win. Jacory certainly isnt the guy. Find that guy.

I feel we pass the ball too much. I understand we have great receivers, but we should use our great rbs too. let jacory manage more and have short yardage instead of 3rd and 8s

I thought Spencer was a backup at UMass, now to hear he was fourth or fifth string, and people want him to start? Give me a break.

We need a QB who is mobile and can pickup a few 1st downs with his feet. That is AJ. Start him against. Let him play the entire 1st qtr and then get Spencer some time after throughout the game.

A running qb will relive pressure on the OL and open things up for our RBs.

"...We need to bring in a strong juco for next season - or at least to back up next year. Not every Juco QB has to become a welder after his 2nd year at Fill-in-the-blank Community College. Maybe they find a QB who isnt from the streets? The is not a B/W argument, just a QB with strong moral fiber, an ability to take responsibility, do what he needs to do to win. Jacory certainly isnt the guy. Find that guy.

Posted by: The U in NY | October 13, 2010 at 10:23 AM

Dude, are you serious? Denard Robinson is from "the streets." Jeff Godfrey is from "the streets." Guess those two starting freshmen aren't working out too well either, are they? Making race-related comments and saying its "not a B/W thing" doesn't soften the blow, its portrays you as a coward. Say what you really want to say. "moral fiber?" "responsibility?" - this kid has played hurt more than anyone i can think of in college football, yet he hasn't complained ONCE. NOT ONCE. He started taking the running lanes against FSU until he pulled up with the groin. Go hide behind your rebel flag.

i don't have a problem with ANY of the talent on the roster at UM and that includes Jacory... my problem is the way they play... which is a direct reflection of the way they are coached... i also don't have a problem with winning some and losing some even if losing some is by a large margin... but Shannon is 0-2 in big games this year... now he has 6 big games in a row coming... how many people here are confident that he will run the table in that stretch of big games?

Mark Richt.

Jskinny can saty on the bech all day ... he sucks and he is soft like cookie.. i rather watch the blue devil throw the ball, maybe he will throw it with fire..Randy shannon and his circus clowns need to go, they are hurting the U's reputation. not even duke fans respect the U after saturdays game. wat the F....

Denard Robinson is from "the streets." Jeff Godfrey is from "the streets." Guess those two starting freshmen aren't working out too well either, are they?

Robinson and Godfrey will run, Why wont Shannon's Chosen One? He needs to get a clue. Look at Kaepernick - will/does run, will/does throw. He does what it takes and no one has heard of him. Establish that the QB can run and you take at least one guy/LB/Nickel out of coverage. when there is no threat everyone is covered. Simple football.

Playing Hurt ? Don't get hurt. Put on some weight. Look at Pryor - the man is a monster. Jacory would even be too skinny for basketball. He should go to lunch with the OL - they certainly know where the food is.

Hasn't Complained? Shannon wont let him talk to the media. Everytime they some him on the sideline he is alone (another issue - leadership) and he looks like he wants to cry.

Shannon is the best at recruiting but he can't can't can't coach.

Whipple has great ideas, but it too advanced for college.

Shannon out. Whipple Out. Jacory Out.

Send a car down to the Keys and knock on Mike Leach's door. we need to burn this down and start over.

I second Mark Richt. GA is likely to let him go at the end of the season. Throw some money at him so we can develop talent again

Mark Richt would be a great hire, but I don't think Shalala is willing to spend the money.

Don't make the mistake of thinking we don't have the money. We're just not willing to spend it on football. Money spent on a coach would be taken away from an academic program.

Over the next year or so we will find out if football means anything to Shalala. An empty stadium will become a problem.

The Canes need a new QB like Susan needs a new hairdo

Mike Leach is a good idea. So is a new hairdo

i'm just curious to know why anyone would think Richt is a good hire? What excuse does he have for not winning at GA?

i think our target should be Mark Stoops.

Guys, the reason shannon is coaching here is because we couldnt get anyone better for the amount we are paying him. I believe the coach at Duke makes just as much as he does. I love coach shannon for everything he has done for Miami but he isnt going to get it done. He doesn't have the make up to be a head guy. It's like great sales people sometimes do not make great managers. We are not going to pay top dollar for a coach so we take what we can get now. I don't like it but it is what it is. Forget about Richt also. Even with the season he is having someone will scoop him up for 1.5 or more.

Plus, if a new coach were to come in and find "Another" QB to recruit he would be labled a racist by the intelligent bloggers on the site.

"A good guy but over his head"

The same instant epiphany by Canes fans nationwide regarding Randy Shannon when the clock hit zero last Saturday night.

Shannon is a good coach, but not yet a great coach. He is still a few horses shy of having an elite team but the talent level has vastly improved the last few years. (Apparently, Coker could not recruit.) UM needs a QB who can see the whole field. JH sees his primary receiver and that is it. He will throw into triple coverage rather than find an open man. His judgment is poor which is why he throw some many interceptions. And he is too fragile. UM needs to bring in several top QB's in the next class in they are to have any hope of regaining top ten status. Harris is their Achilles Heel at present. He is a mediocre QB at best.

Shalala will never fire Shannon unless he goes 2-9 or worse for several years.
She hired him even though he had no previous head coaching experience at all because she wanted a black coach. (She is a super liberal after all.) Shannon seems like a good guy and has an amazing rags to riches story. He should be able to recruit the top black players in Florida based on his story alone. He has cleaned up the program considerably and I hope he has success at UM because he is a good man and I would like to see him succeed. Time will tell.

I've said the same thing you all have saying...BUT:


At least give the guy a chance to hang hmself with this rope (this team). If he wins 10 games this year, he absolutely needs to stay. Why? Because he would hav proven thathe is improving yearly.

Did you all really think this team. This tealent (forget about the coaches) has (had) the capacity and the talent and speed and size and strength to go 13-0 or 12-1 and win the NC?
really? You guys are delusional.

RS is still in the process of building this team. It hasnt ended, and it is not even close yet. Look at our D-line and O-line (still rebuilding). Look at special teams. Look at how few Tight Ends we have (No. Gordon doesnt count!)

This team has too many missing pieces yet. I say, we and the media created this mess by unfairly inflating these kids expectations with the U this U that. FSU was ahead in the rebuilding because their O-line, which was made up of mostly freshmen in 2008, is now a veteran O-line.

Seriously. be patient.

Big Shot Bot:

Richt has a national title, but I don't disagree there might be better candidates.

Stoops would be reasonable.

Plus, if a new coach were to come in and find "Another" QB to recruit he would be labled a racist by the intelligent bloggers on the site.

Posted by: Joe | October 13, 2010 at 12:38 PM

Nah. We don't label a coach racist for grabbing a top QB regardless of race.

We label a certain troll racist for threatening to lynch our QB and head coach. We don't even say ALL the trolls on here are racist, just the ones that try to rile up the fans by making racist comments while stealing Canes fans' IDs.

The label is not thrown around lightly, only when it is deserved.

Was choosing Kosar over Testaverde and Torretta racist? No.

And choosing Harris over the other options available (Smith, Highsmith, and Whipple) is not racist, either.

Richt does not have a National Title, at least not a D1 title. Besides he's damaged goods. He has to move back to coordinator and work his way back up again if he wants to coach at the BCS level.

And Leach??????????????????? Give me a break! "Winning it all" cannot justfy bringing in that nut job! He could single-handedly set back the "character clock" by 20 years! I don't like the way he was treated by Texas Tech, but I'm not surprised he is embroiled in a lawsuit with his former school. Besides that, didn't someone report here that when he interviewed for the Miami job he smelled like booze or was actually drunk at the interview? No thanks!

Mark Stoops could be a strong candidate in a year or two if FSU continues progress, but he didn't do anything in Arizona to write home about.

The point is actually moot because Shannon will be here even if he loses ALL of his remaining games. It's a fact, so you might as well get used to it and talk about something else.

You Shannon supporters are the stupidest people on earth. First for the dummy that said Mark Richt hasn't done anything he made Georgia relavent again won an SEC title and has been to BCS bowl games and won. I might add in the toughest conference in America. What has Shannon done got to two meaningless bowl games against weak teams and got his rearend kicked both times. And how can you compare choosing Kosar of Testaverde a possible act of recism. THey are both white Italians dumbass. The racist is Shannon sho obviously wanted Marve gone and gave Jacory every chance to wiggle in but the next year would not even think of giving Taylor Cook the same chance as he did Harris the year before. Now thats racist. Cook just had enough sense to get out of there because he knew he was not going to get a fair chance to play. I don't care what color you are if you can play or coach and win I am with you but SHannon, and harris can't do either of the 3. So the way I see it is SHannon can do two things he can win or get his black ass out because until one of those things happen we are going to keep trashing him until he does one of the 2

I'll let the rest go for now, but can Shannon work on the double negatives! This is an academic team.

lets send DONNA and her followers a clear message.. empty stadium means loosing $$$$$. so do not go out and waste ur money until there is change. If u want to throw ur money away by going to see a clown show.. just send me the money ill tell u wat the outcome will be "L" under randy shannon. take that crap talking somewhere else cause the real U will get business done. GO CANES>>>>>>

That's right..GA never did win a BCS title. Still a good coach though.

Shannon will be here if he loses all of his remaining games? He might....but what does that say about the program?

If the program doesn't care then why should I?

I know that recruiting rankings are questionable, but it does reflect (to some degree) what the HS kids are thinking. Right now, Rivals has us ranked 35 for this class. 35??!!! It might not translate to on field performance (as evidenced by our 2008 #1 class) but it sure is not confidence inspiring moving forward.

Taylor Cook couldn't get out of here fast enough. That was smart.

Randy Shannon has solved a major issue....Saturday traffic around Sun Life stadium.

There will be no traffic around that stadium on Saturday as long as Shannon is coach.

They already got me for season tickets...my fault for being a sucker. But they will not get my $25 for parking, $20 for rat sandwich, $5 for flat diet pepsi.

And $9.00 for a bud light, junkie.

But I still think the man needs a chance to get out of the gutter. Let's see what he is made of. Lets see what this team is made of.

Possibilities: UM ends at 8-5 or better. RS will stay, win or lose in a bowl.

UM ends 7-6. 50% chance he is gone.

UM ends 6-7. 90% chance he is gone.

UM ends 5-8. 99.9% chance he, Whipple, Lovett, Hocutt are gone.

Some of the fans on here have no sense at all. Far as recruiting name me ONE school that 2,3,4 top recruited quarterbacks in the country in the same recruiting class? Cam Newton transferred from the Gators, simply because he had talent and could start at any school in the country. Not because he was better than Tebow and the coach showed favortism. Get real people. Jacory high school career was more decorated than any quarterback out there. Un fortunately Marve got hurt and was hard headed his freshman year. If Marve would have came in and handled his business. Jacory, no matter how cocky he might have been, would have had no choice but to redshirt. Which is what he desperately needed. The same for Bridgewater next year. I pray we are solid at quarterback to redshirt Bridgewater. Instead of tossing him to wolves.

Tell you what name one coach in the ACC that shannon is better than. Or how about the whole NCAA. Go ahead I dare anybody

Some of you guys are off your rocker. Why bring in race at all? Judge Shannon by his record. Right now it's 24-19. Give him until the end of this year before you start calling for his head. If the Canses win out and win the ACC some of you will look like fools for what you're saying. Look, I'm upset and just like Ed Reed said so famously, "I'm hurtin dawg!" Let's be angry and upset. We have that right after that performace. But let's wait and judge what the Canes do after the year is over and we see how they respond. If they lose more games and come out flat again, I'll be on board the fire Shannon train. But leave race out of it. Judge him by his record.

If Duke wins, which could happen after seeing last weeks fiasco, goodbye Shannon. Head Coaches at Kentucky or Va. seem to be up and coming, give them a chance.

To the folks who say Mike Leach is the answer, I say "grow a pair!" Leach is a head case, waiting to happen.

RS is not bad, he's not good either, but who, really, could do a better job?

I ask U: What would Jimmy Johnson do with this team? And, what would Benny Blades do out there on the field?

"championships", I think you missed my point.

I said that fans won't CARE what color the QB is, and that we don't cry racism when one replaces the other, just as we didn't when Kosar was picked over the two Italian-Americans.

The guy I replied to said the intelligent fans were racist, I was saying the intelligent fans are NOT racist.

I agree with PCola Cane, whether Shannon is racist is a different question altogether. I don't know the answer to that one, but by his actions, accusing him of favoritism is likely true.

After all, why haven't we seen a Harris/Whipple or Harris/Highsmith or Harris/Morris combination, stepping in for important series in the middle of games? Not saying that is racism, just blatent favoritism and hypocrisy compared to how he treated the Marve/Harris situation.

I ask U: What would Jimmy Johnson do with this team? And, what would Benny Blades do out there on the field?

Posted by: Cool Cat | October 13, 2010 at 03:45 PM

Hmm, based on how he handled 1984, he would do the following:

Struggle through until the end of the year, and then wipe out the coaches and get his OWN style in there.

Remember, he suffered through the trifecta of defensive lapses in Maryland, Boston College, and UCLA while having pretty much the same talent that had beaten Nebraska the year before. He disliked the defensive passive schemes, and wiped them out.

Of course, Randy supposedly already did that in 2008 and 2009, so there isn't much more he CAN do other than change himself.

Also Spencer Whipple is cute. Got a fathead poster of him from Umass in my basement

Posted by: Feral Cat | October 13, 2010 at 05:13 PM

You truly are getting desperate, Curse Piggy.

Manny and Susan, I thought when you said this ID stealing troll would be banned if he continued this behavior, that you were being serious. I am sure you have this guy's IP address by now and could follow through on your promise.

Hey Cat I agree I don't care what color the guy is or is not I am just stating that it doesn't take a brain child to figure out what Shannon is besides a loser. U don't lose 3 white QBs and not give one that is 6 ft 7 with a rocket arm a legitimate fair chance to start if you don't have a personal prejudice. Now what would it be if the roles were reversed and this was done. People Screamed for Jacory to replace Marve before, now he has transfered and Harris is throwing more interceptions and playin worse than Marve ever did and all Shannon does is blame receivers or anybody but harris when he berated and alienated Marve. And don't give me that Marve is half black thing cause he looks white. On planet earth that my brother is being racist. I just call it as it is not as I want it to be. And SHannons record is full of wins over nobody. Yeah he can beat an injury riddled Oklahoma team with a freshman QB and a bunch of young recievers, or Wandstache and Pitt with no QB and DUke I guess he can but when he plays a team with less talent and a coach who knows what hes doing all Shannon can do is lose. Around here you are judged by not losing at home, beating FSU and Va Tech, and top 25 teams and National Titles, not beating Famu, Pitt, Duke, and Wake Forest.

Tell you what name one coach in the ACC that shannon is better than. Or how about the whole NCAA. Go ahead I dare anybody

1)Dave Wannstedt 2)Larry Coker There are a few more but yes I agree, Shannon is awful. Good recruiter. For as good of a recruiter as he is he has some areas where he is so bad it makes his expertise at recruiting moot. Such as: Player development. He is very unorganized. Over rated as a defensive coach. Not very good at recognizing talent. Very poor game day coach & sideline tactician. Abominable at PR(public relations) and is just as bad at speaking and language skills. How did this guy graduate from high school let alone a major university? His English, grammar, and syntax are horrendous. Maybe that works in the living room of a ghetto recruit but if he comes to my house to recruit my son who is a HS TE currently receiving offers from top universities my son will ask all the right questions and then politely decline his invitation because of all of the above reasons and more. And I love the Canes dearly. He is just not a good coach.

I'd say he has a head to head over Wandstache, and a better recruiter than Coker but in no way is he a better coach whether it be during the week or on Game Day. Coker isn't division 1 so he doesn't count anyway. But he is just like Wandstache good recruiter but terrible coach. Now just for curiousity sake name some more and remember to look at their talent level compared to ours and time they have been there before you answer.

please get john gruden to coach that guy can brimg some swag

I'm still real angry about the entire lack of production by this team on Sat. The racial crap gets me even more ticked off. The apologists will pull out this card and use it to scare off anyone that has a negative opinion of Randy Shannons coaching ability. Is there going to be some idiot saying something racial about Randy, yes. It would probably be the same Gator troll that is always trying to incite. Just because someone does not like Randy as a coach does not mean they are racist. We went through the same crap when Randy was first hired. People would say if they didn't hire Randy it's because he's black. Knock off the stupid racial BS and look at the production. That is why everyone is angry!

I also feel the fan base has lost faith in this team. For me, I can no longer watch a game and really believe they can come back and win. No fire, no anger, nothing. Just sitting on a bench feeling sorry for themselves. Disgusting.

One last thing, Buff U, that was some funny S**T!

Posted by: Buff U | October 13, 2010 at 12:13 PM

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