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Spencer Whipple backup QB for Duke

Spencer Whipple, who started the season as UM's No. 3 quarterback behind starter Jacory Harris and A.J. Highsmith, appears to be the No. 2 quarterback going into the Duke game at 1 p.m. Saturday (ESPN3 on Internet; No TV).

Whipple is the son of Miami offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Mark Whipple.

Coach Randy Shannon  on A.J. Highsmith after Wednesday morning practice: "Nicked? He's Ok. Left hand, but he's OK. I don't know the extent of it. He didn't do nothing today as far as contact and taking snaps from center and stuff like that. We just have to monitor it and see where it's at.''

Highsmith is wearing a wrist support on his left wrist. There are no bandages or any protection on his hand.

Whipple, who completed one of two passes against FSU, has been in five games (he's the holder) and has completed four of six passes for 32 yards. He has no interceptions.

Highsmith has played in two games -- in the second half against FAMU and for one play at Pittsburgh when Harris was sacked and injured his left shoulder. He has completed four of seven passes for 18 yards, with one interception.

Many believe that Highsmith, the son of former Hurricane great Alonzo Highsmith, will be redshirted this season and converted to a safety.

Look for Miami to get Whipple a decent amount of playing time at Duke, that is if the Canes get a comfortable enough lead. I think Jacory needs to rest up his left shoulder (he now wears a shoulder harness) and groin, and whatever else is ailing him, as much as he can before North Carolina and Butch Davis come to town Oct. 23.

 Some comments from Spencer Whipple, a junior, after Wednesday's practice: "Nothing has really changed for me. I've just been preparing the same way all year. That's the way I like to prepare, to be ready for anything that happens, whether you're sixth on the depth chart or 1 or 2. You always have got to prepare the same way, watch the same amount of film, take notes in meetings and be ready whenever your number is called.''

How much does it help getting into games?  Whipple: "It's good. It's fun. Everyone wants to get into the game. It's good experience. But these reps out here in practice, we do periods against our first defense all the time -- two or three times a day. And that's great experience, too, going against those guys because they're so talented."

Spencer, who transferred last year to UM from UMass, said he was "fifth, fourth" team at UMass. "But that doesn't really make a difference. You have to prepare as if you're No. 1, wherever you are. I haven't changed anything about the way I go about practicing or studying film. It has all been the same.''

He asked how he has changed since UMass, where he played in one game in 2008, against Bryant, and completed a 16-yard pass on his only attempt.

"It's just experience,'' he said. "I wasn't very confident while I was there, and my dad has kind of helped me with that, which is a good thing. It's something I kind of needed to build up, my morale and confidence in saying, 'Yeah, maybe I can play.' Being more confident in practice throwing the ball. I think that's the biggest part of my game that has changed.''

On his dad being his coach and giving him advice, Spencer said, "He just supports me. And like I said about the confidence part, when I have a bad day or something goes wrong, sometimes I'm really hard on myself. Coaches have told me my whole career that I get down on myself too easily and my dad is always there to pick me up and show me the positive things I did, which helped bring me out of a slump.''

On Jacory, Spencer said, "He's a confident guy. I don't have to say too much. He knows what he needs to do. He's done it last year. He's taking care of business. He's going to be fine. He's a great quarterback and nothing really much needs to be said to him. He knows what he needs to do and he's practicing really well this week. He's going to do great.''







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I hear Bobby Bowden is available!

Why is it when I post a comment it does not appear on the board?

By that U mean an intelligent attitude rather than some rambling, incoherent bull$hit attitude like yours, correct? Look little fella, I know about the flop, how they quit playin us once we started beating them every year and all of that has nothing to do with the problem your little duffus boy Shannon has created now. And u better believe I am who I say I am.
By the way if you think Harris is better than Brantley you certainly don't know jack squat about the QB postion.
Now Zook didn't really leave the cupboard all that full albeit it was a step above what COker left Shannon. But Shannon cupboard was not bare either. He much like Coker had a staff that just did not develop talent ala Jon Beason, Kyle Wright, Ryan Moore, and Sam SHields.
Now let me get this straight you think SHannon who has not even won a divison title much less a conference championship game and dare I say 2 national titles is a better coach than Meyer. Are U insane, just what proof do you have that substantiates you case might I ask? (this will surely make me fall out laughing along with everyone else when I get your response)
I tell you what little boy go back to your little room smoke your crack rock and tweek on it for a while. I look forward to hearing your intelligent rebuttle. Oh that means you are on deck little fella.

If there's a way to find a leader, do it! That includes Randy as the eye of the hurricane he is way to calm and needs to mix it up. Now is the time to forget the promise's made and play as a team again. A pocket passer is one of the easiest targets in today's game and puts a lot of pressure on the line. RUN THE BALL and set up the pass, better yet, catch it!! Silence is powerful pregame tactic and we need to gather up the big U's energy for the rest of our games. Wont be able to get rid of the sick feeling from FSU unless we win out!!!!

For someone who rambles and clearly has an elevated opinion of his intellect, shouldn't your ID be, "championships ARE all that matter?"

just saying.

Just trying to communicate on your level to help u out. Thats all. At least my points have merit and credibility, which is more than I can say for the Shannon excuse makers.

Championships is all that matters:

For someone who has absolutely no idea what they are talking about, you sure do have a lot of confidence.

Now listen up junior, everyone and I mean everyone, which includes Meyer admitting to this fact, knows Zook left Meyer with the best players Florida had seen in 50 years. Zook’s recruiting prowess also set the table for the following years that Meyer unfairly gets all the credit.

No, I am not insane, but after reading your incoherent, nonsensical ranting and ravings the same can't be said of you.

Nimrod's like you point to National Championships as the ultimate measuring stick. Yet, you hate Larry Coker who won 2 National Championships (yes, I count the game Terry Porter stole from ‘MY’ Canes), beat the Gators and FSU every time he played them and had one of the best win/loss records in college football at the time of his dismissal. Meyer is a pathetic comic book character, he runs a high school offense (jump pass boy!), is officially insane and has never had control of that joke of a Gator program with 32 felony arrests and those are the ones we know about as I believe the crime wave is much worse than reported. Meyer is all but out of Trailersville.

Brantley has been a disaster for the cowardly Gators. His play has been so atrocious that during the LSU loss they floated the story that he was playing with 4 broken rips and a broken thumb. Of course the absurdity of that claim made it clear that the Gators were lying AGAIN and forced them to retract it as anyone with a brain knew it was deep fried manure (a delicacy in Gainesville). If the Gators had Jacory there’s a good chance they would be undefeated at this point. Jacory has been in the Heisman conversation, where Brantley is in the ‘has been’ and ‘never was’ conversation.

Again, you are clueless as to the Canes football history…at the very minimum Google ‘Miami Hurricanes football’ and have someone read to you the Wikipedia entries, then you can ‘pretend’ to know at least something!

Miami will win the Coastal Division, beat FSU in the ACC Championship game and win the BCS Orange Bowl game. And next year they will hoist the flag of their 7th National Football Championship.

Here’s what I know…you are a fraud…you come on this site to do nothing but slam the Hurricanes…no real Canes fan would EVER defend the Gators and slam the Canes in the same breath…and your IQ is that of a turnip…no offense meant!

PS: And your screen name of “Championships is all that matters” is grammatically incorrect and should read “Championships ARE all that matters”. But a brilliant guy like you must have already known that…right?


Who cares about the Gators? They are trying to win at all costs, that's fine. What does that have to do with the state of Miami Football?

I'm not trying to defend Florida, but at least they have a plan.

Why don't you try to discuss the real issue....we're the 3rd best program in the state. That should enrage you, not the Gators.

3rd best program inthe state this yr, but last yr we were 2nd.

FSU's win was a combo of UM playing awful, as awful as they played since that last OB game, and FSU playing out of their minds. Had UM played to their abilities, the game would have come down to a field goal, either way, and we still may have lost.

That said, dont be surprised if Clemson beats FSU at Clemson, NC state, and dont be surprised if UF destroyes FSU.

UF stinks this year as well but they have a good defense.

We just need a QB. This has to be the worst run of UM QBs and receivers since the 1930s:

Berlin Leggett
Wright Moore
Marve Hankerson
J12 Benjamin

Can we get a QB and a receiver? Please? Someone that can pass? Someone that can catch?

Hello?! Maybe if we recruit better lineman, we wouldn't have such a significant need for QBs that will eventually get hurt!

Canesjunkie: "we're the 3rd best program in the state."

Nonsense! The Canes would tear the Gators apart this year. Yes, FSU put it on us, but as the season progresses this Canes team will only get better and will even the score with the Noles in the ACC Championship game.

Canesjunkie, you are like the other guy...no matter what the Canes do you have to find something to complain about.

Stop the moaning and get onboard. Yes, the FSU game was pathetic, but the rest of the season is going to be epic...enjoy!

PS: Those of you that suggest our recruting will be hurt due to FSU are going to be proven wrong again!

PS: And no...it is not okay when a team elects to try and win at all costs as the Gators are now doing. This pathetic approach only lasts for a short period of time and then implodes the program for 10 or 15 years...and is bad for all of college football

This instant gratification BS ends up being the worst thing that could happen to a football program. This is why Randy is methodically building a power base at UM that will last for the next 20 years. Of course when he does succeed the malcontents on this site and other will be telling people they knew it all along. Randy is going to find success despite those people versus because of those people, which means they will have had nothing to do with the Canes future victories and championships.

The other thing is that this team has absolutely not one consistent playmaker. A game breaker, ala Devin Hester,Frank Gore, Willis McGahee,even Kellen Winslow. A player that WILL place the team on their back, and say gimme tha ball, coach.

None. Not Berry, Not J12, Not anyone in the defense including Spence.

And who is the gamebreaker for FSU? ...more nonsense.

Yeah, I do have alot of confidence or swaggar as its put. Perhaps you should go take out a loan and get yourself some. But be confident as I am in facts, not doomed dreams or prejudices.

Now let me get this straight, u think those FLorida Gators were better than my boys, mel bratton, ALonzo Highsmith, Vinnie Testaverde, Steve Walsh, Craig Erickson, Michael Irvin, Randal Hill, Cortez Kennedy, Jerome Brown, Bennie & Brian Blades and the list goes on and on and on. You do know that they fall within that 50 year time frame correct? Now I know U are smokin Crack. I bet U think Randy Shannon is better than Jimmy Johnson or Dennis Erickson too don't U ?

U are correct in that I hate Coker for what he let happen to the program inspite of the last National title win from the 01 season. U can't count 02 dummy even though we were robbed by that official. As far as Meyer I could care less how many players get arrested under his watch or who recruited some players at Florida, the only thing is he has those things called National Title rings and wins to his credit, what has Shannon won. Zilch, nada, nothing. He can't win a freakin Emerald Bowl game against a Cal team with only one real player at running back. Then we get dominated by Wisconsin last year with a couple of TE's and a big running back that ran the same plays over and over again and just dominated us. So when u take a look at Wikipedia for the two coaches U will see Meyer 2 and Shannon's name no where to be found.

Now as far as Brantley goes I said he would be a perfect fit for our pro style offense not for Meyers option based offense dummy. Do tell me this though, how do U think Harris would even survive in that offense and that conference when he can't stay healthy in a pro style offense, in which he runs very little out of, and a conference as weak as ours. He can'r run and he can't throw, all he can do is hobble to the sideline to his little happy place and wish Robert Marve was here instead of at Purdue.

And for someone who claims to be a Cane Fan U sure do spend alot of time watching and reading up on the Gators. I know it is boring watchin Randy get out coached game, after game, after game, and witnessing us be unprepared for our arch rival Florida State and the a $ $ waxing they put on us with a coach in only his first half of his first year as a head coach. But look at it this way, brighter days are ahead little fella. SHannon will lose to Butch and UNC again, then Beamer will come down here and kick our rearends and Shannon's again, and then we have to go to GA Tech and u know they are gonna put it on us again. By then SHalala and everyone will finally get the message and fire that moron and we can get us a real head coach, who will recruit a real QB so we can win National Titles again.

IF you take a look at one of my prior posts, you will see where I explained my gramatical error for U.

Oh and by there is no such word as sensical. Just tryin to help U out. I mean just cause you are insane to even attempt to validate those arguments and statments. Plus when U go back to eat your delicacy in Gainsville, I wouldn't want U to sound too dumb and embarrass yourself by saying such dumb things.

Bull Gator:

There's no way I'm jumping aboard the kool-aid drinker express.

Randy Shannon isn't building any power base at UM. The NW kids graduate next year, we don't have a lot of scholarships this year, and FSU and UF are going to recruit hard to fill all of their gaps.

This is going to be an epic ride....downhill...all the way down.

We can't get the program back until we get a new coach.

Oh yeah recruiting won't suffer, I mean it can't get any worse than it is now. What are we 40th or so in recruiting. Nah, I'd say Shannon can't do anyworse than he is now but heck he's proven he can do worse everytime he coaches a game. Get it in your head players want to go where they can win championship not where they can get blowed out.

I don't know about U guys but a guy that will do whatever it takes within the rules of the NCAA to win championships sounds pretty good to me.

And just where is this powerbase or powerhouse that U speak of that Shannon is building? You have to have brains to build something duffus.
The only thing SHannon is building is more bumps on that knotty forehead of his.

I think it has now become very clear that "championships is all that matters" is the pig racist posing as a UM fan.

You know pig racist you were holding it together pretty well, but I've got you on tilt again, which was the whole purpose of my posts directed at you.

The Florida Gators a sad history of failure!

don't know about U guys but a guy that will do whatever it takes within the rules of the NCAA to win championships sounds pretty good to me.

Posted by: championships is all that matters


That's just the point moron, your Gators are not following the rules and are cheating at every turn, which is how they backed into those 2 national championships.

First of all dumbass how am I a racist? Is it because I state the obvious, that SHannon is not proven to be the answer as our head coach.
Is it because he is imcompetent and I point it out. Is it because he coincidently ran off three white QBs so his boy who is black could start when harris does not have the arm, or speed or brains of Cook or Marve. Or is it that you back him and defend him with nonsense as u put it, just because he is black not because he is a good coach.
That would be the latter.

Look moron I could care less what color shannon or harris are whether they are black, white, or pink with lime green pokadots on their skin. The fact is neither gets the job done and that is wins plain and simple.
You are truly a pathetic excuse for a wanna be Cane. The fact is you my friend are a racist because you pull for someone just because of their race, not because of the job they are doing and I aint afraid to call u out on it.

U have no point U tard as in retard. What rules have Meyer and Florida broke. None to date. U should know u have your nose up Meyers rearend all the time. Give u a hint pay more attention to the Canes and what we aren't doing right and then you would not be coming on here sounding so freakin stupid. And how can U call ur self a Cane fan when ur name is Bull Gator. You're more like a retarded castrated gator.
All day long baby come get u some more.

I bet u thought Notre Dame and Wahington should't have fired Tyrone Willingham either now did U?

I bet u thought Notre Dame and Wahington should't have fired Tyrone Willingham either now did U?

Posted by: championships is all that matters


Great examples Lombardi...by the way how's Notre Dame and Washington doing since they fired Willingham...I'm guessing they have 5 or 6 national championships since Willingham was dumped...right?

Seriously, are you really this dumb or are you trying out for the 3rd role in the next...Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest of all?

Not only a cowardly Gator, but dumb to boot!

Coming on here and defending Shannon is just insane to me. The guy is a bad coach. To borrow from Alonzo Highsmith in The U....look at the numbers.

I can't wait until you Shannon defenders see the next recruiting class. It's going to be loaded with 1-star talent.

Any player with championship aspirations would be crazy to play for Randy Shannon.

Shannon doesn't need to be defended from a bunch of infantile jerks who have only collected and washed jock straps having never worn one.

This canesjunkie and the championship clown are two losers who have nothing better to do than whine about people that they try to get autographs from.

You two little weasels should take a hike before someone pinches off your misshapen heads and shyt down your throats.

No back in your playhouses little girls, it's way past your curfews.

Any time one of u wusses wants to try and pinch something off of me then put on your big boy pants, push your little boney chests out and come get all you want. Judging by your pathetic comments you would have to get yo mama to tie your shoes for u so come on I guarantee I will make u famous.
Oh and Bull at the rate we are going with SHannon Notre Dame and Washington will have 5 or 6 of those titles each before we even get to the ACC title game.
tootaloo gayboys

Judging by your comments you already have all three roles locked down dummy

Hey Canes Junkie some people are so stupid that they just can't stand the truth. You are right no kid in their right mind would want to come play for that spineless shannon unless they just want to get blamed for every screw up that he and his boy are responsible. What a bunch of dummies

oh I appreciate the Lombardi comparison. When you are good you're good and I know it too.

Championship douche, you are as bitter as they come. A real Internet tough guy. What's the matter, not enough lovin' from your pig wife.

I would pound all the bitterness and hate right out of you so give me your address and maybe I'll visit one of these nights, tough douche.

Well arty I tell you I am not really a bitter person. The internet thing I just call it as it is. I can tell that I have gotten under your skin which was not that hard to do. Oh and where do you get that pig stuff from? I bet your girl is as big as a bull cow the way you talk. Cool I get all the lovin a man could want from all the women I want. Why don't you come visit me. I'm not that hard to find especially since I am the only one brave enough to have a Big ole U on my car. So hit 95 and ride a while or give me your address better yet and I'll come see you when I am bored. And then we'll get you on that famous list that have been laid out. Ta ta dummy.

A tough guy, a stud and a genius all in one package? Wow. And you are posting on a Friday night? Hmmm. Something seems inconsistent.

Finish off your Natty Light you doofus and go bang that pig wife of yours. Then get up early to keep posting your gibberish.

What a dope.

Who is the real internet touch guy Arty? C'mon, you Gaturd trolls are always making threats.

Yeah I have been called the Total Package many times. Son when you have done what I have done Friday nite is just another nite to you. Unfortunatly losers like yourself never get to experience my way of life. All they do is follow the Gators, u know that stuff you do. Just so you know I don't drink regularly unless I am partying. Now as far as banging the wife, I have bangged so many wives I'll get mine shortly hey I might even have banged yours since I have been known to go dark from time to time, Nah I do have standards she probably looks like a pig and built like one too since you are obsessed with pigs.


Can anyone defending Shannon tell me he could come close to doing what coaches like Harbaugh,Patterson, Peterson have done at Standford,TCU and Boise State. Or what Leach did at TX Tech(not a leach fan for us just an example).How would Blandy do at Memphis or some other mid major program? Could he do what Sumlin has done at Houston or what Gil did at Buffalo? He would crap the sheets at those place 10 time worse than how he squanders the talent he has at the U.


I do like Jon Gruden. he is fiery smart and will definitely bring the swagger back

Who are these two tough guy's canejunkie and championships is all that matters? Please tell me they are NOT canes fans, only ignorant gator trolls.

The championship guy clearly has learning disabilites and the junkie is also a simpleton.

Let's put these two juvenile fools on ignore.

Arty, bull, Miami 75 Whatcha have to do make up a new name. You're so ignorant you're funny.
I like Gruden as well chad. I just wander how he would do in the college game though. He has swagger and has a good eye for talent especially at the QB position something we don't have now. And he's got a ring too. So there is instant credibility.

Shannon doesn't need to be defended from a bunch of infantile jerks who have only collected and washed jock straps having never worn one.

This canesjunkie and the championship clown are two losers who have nothing better to do than whine about people that they try to get autographs from.

You two little weasels should take a hike before someone pinches off your misshapen heads and shyt down your throats.

Now, go back in your playhouses little girls, it's way past your curfews.

Posted by: Canes Pride!


Great Post!

How many times are U gonna post the same thing dummy. It truly is hilarious jabbing you all night. Its like you're my new toy.

Well lookie here, dumb ole Randy banned twitter a month ago and now look who is following his lead:

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP)—North Carolina football coach Butch Davis has told his players to stop using Twitter.

UNC football spokesman Kevin Best says Davis gave the order on Thursday at practice that players are forbidden from using the popular microblogging service.

Best says players who currently have Twitter accounts have been told to deactivate them, and players without accounts are barred from joining the service.

champiuonship moron:

The guy accurately labeled you a infantile jerk, jock sniffer, weasel, loser, little girl and is going to shyt down your throat and your take-away is YOU punked the guy...F'ing priceless!

You are not only the stupidest person on earth--you may well be the stupidest person in the universe and beyond. Making this all the more funny is you actually think you are smart...LOL!!!

"Championships be all that matters" is not a very bright guy. He makes up for his stupidity by attacking people and acting like a tough guy.

Seems a little insecure. Probably drives a corvette and wears Ed Hardy y-shirts 3 sizes too small.

In essence, a cheeseball clown.

@bullgator. listen, relax fella. its just a game. no reason to get that upset. 5 championships 2 two though.

Anybody know a way to watch the Duke game today? It doesn't seem to be on TV. Any websites streaming it?


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