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Spencer Whipple backup QB for Duke

Spencer Whipple, who started the season as UM's No. 3 quarterback behind starter Jacory Harris and A.J. Highsmith, appears to be the No. 2 quarterback going into the Duke game at 1 p.m. Saturday (ESPN3 on Internet; No TV).

Whipple is the son of Miami offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Mark Whipple.

Coach Randy Shannon  on A.J. Highsmith after Wednesday morning practice: "Nicked? He's Ok. Left hand, but he's OK. I don't know the extent of it. He didn't do nothing today as far as contact and taking snaps from center and stuff like that. We just have to monitor it and see where it's at.''

Highsmith is wearing a wrist support on his left wrist. There are no bandages or any protection on his hand.

Whipple, who completed one of two passes against FSU, has been in five games (he's the holder) and has completed four of six passes for 32 yards. He has no interceptions.

Highsmith has played in two games -- in the second half against FAMU and for one play at Pittsburgh when Harris was sacked and injured his left shoulder. He has completed four of seven passes for 18 yards, with one interception.

Many believe that Highsmith, the son of former Hurricane great Alonzo Highsmith, will be redshirted this season and converted to a safety.

Look for Miami to get Whipple a decent amount of playing time at Duke, that is if the Canes get a comfortable enough lead. I think Jacory needs to rest up his left shoulder (he now wears a shoulder harness) and groin, and whatever else is ailing him, as much as he can before North Carolina and Butch Davis come to town Oct. 23.

 Some comments from Spencer Whipple, a junior, after Wednesday's practice: "Nothing has really changed for me. I've just been preparing the same way all year. That's the way I like to prepare, to be ready for anything that happens, whether you're sixth on the depth chart or 1 or 2. You always have got to prepare the same way, watch the same amount of film, take notes in meetings and be ready whenever your number is called.''

How much does it help getting into games?  Whipple: "It's good. It's fun. Everyone wants to get into the game. It's good experience. But these reps out here in practice, we do periods against our first defense all the time -- two or three times a day. And that's great experience, too, going against those guys because they're so talented."

Spencer, who transferred last year to UM from UMass, said he was "fifth, fourth" team at UMass. "But that doesn't really make a difference. You have to prepare as if you're No. 1, wherever you are. I haven't changed anything about the way I go about practicing or studying film. It has all been the same.''

He asked how he has changed since UMass, where he played in one game in 2008, against Bryant, and completed a 16-yard pass on his only attempt.

"It's just experience,'' he said. "I wasn't very confident while I was there, and my dad has kind of helped me with that, which is a good thing. It's something I kind of needed to build up, my morale and confidence in saying, 'Yeah, maybe I can play.' Being more confident in practice throwing the ball. I think that's the biggest part of my game that has changed.''

On his dad being his coach and giving him advice, Spencer said, "He just supports me. And like I said about the confidence part, when I have a bad day or something goes wrong, sometimes I'm really hard on myself. Coaches have told me my whole career that I get down on myself too easily and my dad is always there to pick me up and show me the positive things I did, which helped bring me out of a slump.''

On Jacory, Spencer said, "He's a confident guy. I don't have to say too much. He knows what he needs to do. He's done it last year. He's taking care of business. He's going to be fine. He's a great quarterback and nothing really much needs to be said to him. He knows what he needs to do and he's practicing really well this week. He's going to do great.''







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Ice melts ...

I'm stupid? You still believe Randy Shannon is a good coach..what does that make you.

You guys are so clueless you can't even back up your boy Randy.

Don't get mad and Championships and me....we just took off our blinders. You should try it.


The Duke game is being streamed on ESPN 3.

Go Canes!

Don't get mad and Championships and me....we just took off our blinders. You should try it.

Posted by: Canesjunkie


When talking about you and championship...Blind people don't need blinder's...with you 2 it's more like the blind leading the blind!

Give it a rest Pop Warner...hopefully for you a Miami kid will do something wrong today so you'll have more to whine and moan about.

The way its been going, they will need to drop 80 on the dookies!

Have you ever listened to your own posts. "Blind people don't need blinders." That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard even from a retard crack head like U. Oh and wouldn't U like to know what it is like to ride in a vette. The closest thing to that you get is riding the bumber cars at the county fair. And by the way who told you how to spell corvette cause with your lack of knowledge that U display I can't see you knowing how to spell it on your own.
Wow your boy really bounced back big today 28-13 over Duke. Wow that was impressive it took a fumble inside the 20 for Shannon to seal the deal. Looks like Coker with a really dark tan out there coaching. Oh I forgot Coker could actually coach when he had talent Shannon can't. Sorry, how many times you gonna change your name today so it seems like Shannon has more than one dummy supporting his incompetance. See ya dweebs

Randy Shannon= clown Jacory=overated clown and they are ruining our program because Shannon has apparently promised him something.He is the same idiot who blew the championship game vs OSU by not blitzing Krenzel on 4th and 12 I could go on for days about these two program crashers but remember COACH LEACH is just a phone call away .The U in NY I give props to ya cause we seem to be on the same page.

Chewbacca? Who and where does your son play high school football??

It's not always about the wins and lost, I hope your telling your son the samething because when I was choosing my schools to play for my parents told me that. They said son look for a school thats going to give you the education that you need, because there's life outside of football. RS is doing a great job of keeping these guys out of trouble and in the classroom you never here about them getting into trouble not playing because of their grades. You none football players and never have been football players keep doing what you do best watch the game and wish you were the person on TV. Chewbacca you said something about your son on here because you want to put his name out there he probably plays for one of them low end high school football programs in DADE. 2A and 1A football isn't anything bring your son up in the 6A and watch him get tossed around like a kid..

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