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UM-Clemson postgame video

CLEMSON, S.C. -- Here are the video interviews from after the Canes' 30-21 win at Clemson.


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If jacory throws 3 INT next week we will lose to FSU for sure because they have a very explosive offense and there WRs dont drop the ball. Cant believe we only scored 3 points after halftime and we should have won by 3TDs easily. Rather than that, im happy that Forston had a break out game. Sack, TFL, INT, bated a pass for an INT, and had a couple QB hurrys. ACC player of the week for sure. Spence, B.Harris, and Ray Ray are studs as usual. Andrew Smith needs to get more PT than than M.Robinson. Dudes first step is off the charts and he almost had another sack at the end of the game. Was Smith also hurt all game because i dont know why Shannon waited so lond to play him. Sentreal held his own except for on 1 play. Figs has lost his confidence and needs to be bench. Penaltys will also cost us to lose next week and Franklin better make up for his bad play today next week. FSU is the only team left that can beat us and please do not let Ponder run because he ran all over his last 2 opponents...

So many thought we would lose to Clemson...well we are 3-1. This has proven to be a road-tested team...2 road wins so far. Defense has 6 TO's! Jacory 4 TD passes!! He's tough. Say what you want about him...he's winning.



coaches almost blew the game... first series we run 7or 8 straight times get down there then we want to throw... got a penalty and hank bailed us out ..... next series we get a drive down inside ther 15yard line ... now we want to got in some hurry up complex formation on 1st and goal .. blew points then ....then that int jacory threw in the back of end zone ... we shouldnt have even threw the ball... it should have been pound....we should have been up 28-0 that 71yard run they got would have never happen if the offensive play calling wasnt horrible... when we scored at end of half should have went for two when they were of guard .. but we kick it .. almost came back to byte us.... The referees continue to prove they are the 12th man anbgainst miami ...whipple is a pass happy fool ..even when run is working he thinks we have to run a gimmick , trick, or misdirection... lets just line up .. my man will beat your man football....i dont blame the players for this lackluster performance its all on the coaches this game

So many thought we would lose to Clemson...well we are 3-1. This has proven to be a road-tested team...2 road wins so far. Defense has 6 TO's! Jacory 4 TD passes!! He's tough. Say what you want about him...he's winning.

Posted by: Nix | October 02, 2010 at 07:44 PM


Is it me or were the refs for Clemson?

This team wins cause they have a defense thats heading to stud status. Lets not blame all of clemsons passing woes on there wr's though i counted a total of 8 drops. They weren't easy catch drops though. Miamis dbs were all over the wrs. Clemson had issues getting anyone open except there rbs. Take away the 71 yd run from ellington and miami did a great job stopping the run. The best player on d was spence followed by ray ray armstrong. He had a nice bounce back game after osu. the fact of the mater is clemsons d is 10 times better then fsu. Fsu has a nice offense but there d isnt very good. Oklahoma had issues beating utah st. Blew fsu out. Fsu hasnt played another team yet that will have a winning season. So while fsu may have a better pass offense miami just faced the best run offense they will face this year. Clemsons d is much better then fsu's though.

This was a good road win. Clemson is a talented team, that being said its apparent that this Cane team is not executing efficiently enough. Some predictable offensive tendencies on need downs and not finishing plays is hampering the effectiveness of this more Talent than you offense.

∞The Good∞
More times than not when Miami went Unbalanced and decided to run the ball they RAN the BaLL. When []_[] go big and control the line of scrimmage it wears down the opposing Defense.

The Secondary Looked great; making plays after getting beat, ala DVD using that wingspan of his to force a key fumble. Tornado Harris no more, now its All-Around Harris, this man doesn't have a weakness and covers the entire field.

Even though Clemson's guards played better than i expected against this substitute oriented D-Line, it was great to see the big Forston getting a heads up INT.

_ I never have and never will be one of those fire this coach fans, its not in my character to mudsling a man and his career when no matter how you split it they know more football than any of us.
thats a preamble to this theory_

The Wide Receiver unit is last years D-Line, the Most Under coached.

i will admit my bias; Aubrey Hill being a former Gator player losses points in my book.
Even with Leonard get your Handkerchief, The D-Line has surpassed the receiving core as thee most talented/productive unit.
Why has Hank improved leaps and bounds above the other wideouts. Maybe Mark Duper knows. http://tiny.cc/qz0fb .
I don't want to see anyone fired I, like all []_[] fans want to see the best Cane Football every game day. I could sight in-game mistakes to make my point more clear, but i won't. Its not my place...

Important Win Today. LETS KEEP'em COMING.

will end with this side note about the O. FIND THE FOOTBALL AND MAKE PLAYS. TiLL []_[] HERE The WHISTLE the PLAy is StiLL ON.
The offense needs to...come together right now... over me http://tiny.cc/ku4bh =Dominate Football

What other top 10 team has gone on the road 3 consectuive weeks against D-1 opponents? None!

The U is 2-1 after 3 road trips against tough teams. Let's show them some major love for getting it done in this early season stretch.

Please layoff J12 a bit folks. The young fella is 20yrs old. He's not Donovan McNabb or Vince Young. He's a college student athlete and he's much better than any QB we've had over the past 5yrs!


What the hell is wrong with you people. I just got back from Clemson (live in Charlotte) and that was a very good road win. Did Jacory make some bad reads again? Yes. Are there some coaching decisions that I wish would have been handled differently? Yes. BUT THE FRICKIN WON ON THE ROAD, IN CONFERENCE, against a team that as the season rolls along you will see is a very good team. They put up 27 in 1st half and then got conservative, BUT THEY W
ON THE DAMN GAME. Can't you people just enjoy the vistory instead of b****ing and complaining.

Nothing wrong with me. I think it was a tough fought win against a very talented team in clemson. I think as far as running backs go miami wont face a better tandem all year. Oh heres a question for curse. Whats better to lose at the number 2 team in country by 12 or lose at number 1 by god knows how many LOl right now its 31-6 bama. that sucks i thought brantley just threw his 4th pick. whats that a gator threw 4 picks u say no way. Lol enjoy the drop in standings. Your offense is non existent.

Didn't realize we lost today, although I did enjoy reading the few POSITIVE posts despite us being defeated by Clemson.

This Canes team is not yet hitting on all cylinders, but when they do they are going to be great --hopefully top 5 by season’s end.

I can still remember when a long, long, long time ago Canes fans actually celebrated wins, especially big wins! But today if these KIDS don't win and earn style points many jump right over the outcome and begin unmercifully slamming players, coaches, cheerleaders and water boys.

What evades me is that people, who I will assume are not perfect in their day-to-day lives, demand perfection from 18 to 20 year old kids. As the great philosopher Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush once famously said; “Ladies and gentlemen take my advice—pull down your pants and slide on the ice!” In other words…enjoy the ride folks, ‘cause it don’t last long!

Go Canes!

Sporty-J, if i had a dime for everytime you so-called canes fans said if Jacory does blah blah blah we lose, i'd be Bill gates rich.

Hope to see all you so called fans in Miami next Saturday. I hope J-INT doesn't throw that many picks again. It was nice to see that he finally trimmed that moss , or whatever it was on his chin. At least maybe that is a sign he is growing up. Hats off to our D again.

Oh, If any one wants to comment on the U-felons/Bama game, they hid it about 1/3 of the way down the page.

Miami beat a very tough Clemson team at their house- one of the toughest loudest places to play. Their D is definitely better than FSU's That Daquan Bowers is a beast and almost beat us single handedly.

Jacorry almost lost the game for us...again- by throwing ints in the end zone, when they should be at least 3 points. Come on, J12, please.

TB has lost his mojo, maybe his confidence.

Hankerson was a stud-game ball

So were Forston, and Harris.

Clemson had a tougher time agianst us this year b/c our D line is waaaay better- causing parker to hurry his little bubble screen passes tha he killed us with CJ spiller.

Newsflash- Ponder and Jimbo Fisher love bubble screens!

What was wrong with Berry? Or was it the clemnson D? Seems that when Miller ran it, he ran better outside. Berry looked like Javarris James

Chase Ford has dropped a pass in evry game thus far.

The D. This is why The U is getting better.

J12 was hit late at least once-no flags? The refs were horrible. That muffed punt was truly our ball. While Streeter was within 2 steps of the defender he never even touched him. Seems that every time dumbo swinney called for a review, he got one. ACC refs are horrible. Thank God we didnt have Ron Cherry- he would have definitely thrown at least 10 more flags.

And the penalties- Please guys.

And Bosher...is still the best tackler on the team!

F_U got the beatdown of their lives.

3-1. Definitely will move up. Showdown with FSU. No mercy guys. CAn't let off the pedal. First REAL home game. There should be no less than 60,000 fans there. Hopefully 70,000.

Great win on the road in one of the most hostile places in college football. Proud of our guys. We have a championship defense. Offense still has to clean it up but hey it was loud and we hung in there. I'm not going to bash Jacory because he is still producing and moving the offense. Just has to clean it up a bit. All in all, I'm glad we are coming back home 3-1. Bring on FSU.

BTW, good to see the Gators brought to reality. Come Sunday, canes may be ranked back ahead of the Gators again after a few long years and all will be right in the world again. Go Canes.

My thoughts on the game:

1. A decent win in a tough environment. Great attitude by everyone...they expected to win.

2. Finally Marcus Forston makes some plays.

3. Brandon Harris is a stud...that big tackle on 4th down was sweet.

4. Seantrel Henderson is already our best lineman. Did you see how quickly the gets out of his stance to pass block?!?!

5. Linder got some playing time, looks like he's also working out. How improved is this OL.

6. We need to start throwing the ball to other WR. Hankerson is great, but they should spread the wealth.

7. Whipple designs some great formations and plays. The wheel route to Mike James was beautiful. You don't think we run it enough? Randy can override his calls anytime. Shannon knows Whipple is the man.

8. Why is Shannon's first reaction after a TD to wave everyone off of the field. What's he concerned about? It just looks wierd.

9. Aldarius Johnson should never be called 'Glue Hands' again. Someone else should be getting his reps...maybe Tommy Streeter.

10. Sound game plan on both sides of the ball. I'm no Shannon fan, but the team looked prepared to play today.

It's all about the U baby!!! So happy about the win. Man I can't wait til Jacory starts 2 get it, I really believe next year we will be national title contenders. Let's go CANES!!!

Great win guys!! The best play of the game to me was when JH ran the ball in the 4th qtr. besides the BH's tackle to stop Clemson from getting a first down.

a win is a win.. jacory made mistakes but he also helped put 30 on the board which does happen to be a higher number than 21.. the U are doing great things right now and im happy to see it.. teams like the gaytors are falling and the U are rising stop criticising and be happy.... clemson is one of the toughest places to play in the country... great job miami...randy your alright in my books.. guy has heart and passion for this team... thats good stuff baby!!!

Turning Point:

I dont know what Shannon told his defense on the sideline following Harris' interception in the end zone. I do know that whatever it was, it worked. The result was a defense sharking around and dominating in a way I have not seen in years. I can say with all sincerity that the players, at least on the defensive side of the ball, are starting to realize potential. Sean Spence, Allen Bailey, Marcus Forston and Brandon Harris were the standouts; however, the whole unit played well and made the necessary adjustments. Even with Harris chuckin' it every other play as a result gassin' his defense, this is becoming the type of defense that can shut down any team.

Play of the day:

During the second quarter Spence read a running play beautifully, motioning his defense to his left. Subsequently, Ellington took the ball to that side and was destroyed. Harris hit him low and Spence came in with the kill-shot. Ellington fumbled the ball, helmets were flying off, and a defense was energized. It was a sensational play by a budding star.

4 games into the season, i dont see jacory improving. upset coming up, fsu wont be so kind with jacory's bad reads & bad throws

Great win but the season is still yo young. Miami is going to have to prove saturday that they can performe well again. against a good FSU team . Lets not get to excited yet.. If miami can beat FSU then we can really say that we are on our way to ACC championship. Lets support the canes and pack that stadium..

GO Canes...

I think Clemson is actually better than FSU.

FSU isn't very impressive (outside of Ponder), the type of game we had yesterday is probably enough to blow FSU out.

I'm with ATL Cane on this. The offense is frustrating and it's struggling a bit, but we still dropped 30 points on a Clemson D with 2 first-rounders and 31 on an above average Pitt D. If not for the interceptions, we'd be kincking the **** out of folks and we'd all be happy. But remember, our offense had FAMU and 3 road games into 3 very tough environments. This isn't Duke or Temple we're traveling to. Last year our offense was much better at home than on the road, and the turnovers were significantly fewer at home. Well, we're headed home now at 3-1. If we improve at home at all we should handle FSU (who got killed by an Oklahoma team that has not blown out anyone else) and then there's plenty of time for improvement.

However, Whipple has to recognize that Harris is turnover-prone. We shouldn't stop taking shots down the field, obviously, but perhaps on 3rd and goal from the 5 in a game you're controlling you should RUN THE BALL and if you don't get the touchdown (and I think we would have) take the field goal. With our D, you can get points here and there, score the occasional touchdown and still walk out with an easy blowout. Calm down a bit Whip.

Go Canes!

Brandon Harris is so well-spoken. It's a pleasure listening to him give an interview.

I don't think Clemson will schedule their Homecoming game against the "U" again. That was a bad idea, next time pick Duke or Wake. Still made too many mistakes, luckily they made more. I was at the game, the reviewing of the bad calls was horrible. Why didn't they just review the whole game. Every time we were moving the ball (no-hudle) we had to pause for another review of the call.

Sorry, ATL Kane but this is a West Coast Offence. This offence is designed for short passes, to lower the chance of interceptions. That's why Whipple is always in J12's ear. The number of interceptions over his two years thus far is "UNACCETABLE".

even on the td pass to hankerson, jacory never looked off to other receivers.
That is flat out bad coaching.
A good safety would have picked that off
for sure. Look at his first season games and you will see Jacory is digressing.

I know Jacory can do it. I watch the kid since high school ball and at the u and hes a very smart kid. Its just that if he throws 3 picks next week against a very explosive FSU offense. We will lose because those guys move the ball up and down the field just like us. They moved the ball pretty good and Oklahoma, just loke we did against Ohio st but they did not capitalize on there oppurtunitys just like we did not. Chase Ford and Aldarius Johnson need to tighten up also and FSU will be looking for Hank so the other WRs need to step up. Beat FSU and theres nobody left to beat us and please give Lamar Miller some more touches. Andrew Smith needs some more reps at DE to. Kid has forst round potential with his first step...

Hope ya'll make it next week. We will be there 6 rows up at the 30. Should (barring J-INT throwing INTs)be a hell of a game , worth the time and money . It will be about a 12 - 13 hour round trip for us. Hats off to N. Florida fans... While I am driving , I see so many people headed to the game from N of O-town. There is NO bad seats so cost should have nothing to do with it. 80 k and lets make a statment for our team . And I don't care what you guys say ...WE ARE THE 12th MAN. OH YEA...Don,t scream when we are about to hike the ball. We do that to try to disrupt the opposing Teams offence.

Look the bottom line is this team of ours is loaded at every position on the field with superior talent except at the QB position. Shannon had done a great job of getting talent in here but I cannot for the life of me understand why Tommy Streeter is not playing at split end and what is going on with benjamin other than he is sick of getting blamed for Harris's ints. Why is it Oklahoma, Alabama and all of these boring locations can all of a sudden get these stud QB,s and here we are stuck with a bunch of back up safety's tryin to play the most important position on the field. And please I have heard the Dorsey comparisons with harris and he is NO Ken Dorsey. I could care less what color the guy is as long as he gets the job done and that is winning championships, and throwing TD's not INT's. Our Defense is Awesome as well as our skill people and even the line is looking good for a change expect for figs who has played terrible. Keep Seantrel IN the Game. But again it is our QB that is the problem. SHannon has got to quit babying him and make him accountable. Guys this isn't that hard to figure out quit trying to to put a square peg into a round hole. We need a real QB instead of a spread QB.

Perhaps comparing JH to Dorsey at this point is premature, and he may never be Dorsey. But there is no way you can say he won't be great yet. As I watched this game, I noticed Chase Ford dropping a tough pass over the middle, Aldarius Johnson dropping a tough pass over the middle, and Mike James dropping an easy flare out after Harris avoided a sac and hit him in open space. I also noticed Harris getting hit hard twice and having to dive and throw the ball away to avoid sacs on other occasions. Now, when I watch Dorsey highlights, I see him get sacked maybe 10 times in 3 years. I never saw Shockey, Johnson, Wayne, Moss (both on his team his first year), Winslow, Portis, or McGahee drop anything.

Harris' decisions have been dismal so far, but Dorsey never QB'd a team like this either. Maybe he'd throw fewer interceptions than Harris. He probably would. But I KNOW that if McKinney and Gonzales and the boys were playing O-line right now, and Harris' receivers wouldn't put so much pressure on him to make the perfect throw, he wouldn't be throwing this many either. The interceptions are ultimately on him, but you can't compare him to Dorsey without comparing the entire offense to Dorsey's, and they don't compare.

We won't know how good Harris is until he's done with his career here. He'll probably never be as good as Dorsey, but you can't pronounce him dead yet either.

Jacory had 4 touchdowns passes...the laser pass across the middle to Hankerson in the end zone who was blanketed by a defensive back was a thing of beauty...big time players make big time plays!

Jacory's scramble for 17 yards when it was 2nd down and 20 deep inside Canes territory with all the momentum with Clemson changed the whole dynamic of the game. Big time players make big time plays!

I love Jacory and just like Brett Favre he has no fear...when a play doesn't work or he's intercepted it doesn't impact his confidence one bit, which is the sign of a winner.

There's no question that both of the interceptions yesterday were bad decisions. Yet, Jacory demonstrated his extraordinary leadership qualities and only showed confidence to his coaches and teammates and went on to make some GREAT throws.

And by the way--the AP Poll...Miami 13th--Florida 14th. We will be ranked in the top 5 at season's end and still have a shot at being in the National Championship game.

Now let's go get Florida State!!!

Go Canes!

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/10/um-clemson-postgame-video.html#comments#ixzz11KNhyJFY

all you people that is bashing j-12 look at that QB from gaytards yesterday and look at the three QB that left Miami Marve is out for the year the other two are on the bench i would like to thank coach whip for getting those sorry no competition QB we had here yes j-12 needs to get better but look at Florida QB who would you take and j-12 is better than fsu QB so be-careful what you asked for because there is not to many QB that's better than ours by the way Sanford QB is not that good ether

I am very happy canes won in a tough place to win. I love that for the majority of the game miami really dominated. Teh proble was the picks. I really think fans are concerned cause jacory doesnt seem to be getting better at avoiding mistakes. In fact there are times where it seems he is forcing the ball to benjamin who i think is play horrible football as a wr. Great return guy but he keeps running the wrong route or cutting his route off. Eventually he needs to be benched and see if aj and byrd can do a better job. I think fans would be less concerned if the qb stopped making dumb mistakes for turnovers.I think coaches have done a great job. The d is very talented and tough. Spence,and harris are legit studs. the dl has depth and is very good . That said the one weekness on this team is the ol and the te;s and the qb throwing alot of picks.

Can't seem to find the official tackle count for the Clemson game

my view on the game..TE#9 is horrible drops too many balls and he is NOT NOWHERE NEAR SHOCKEY. Aldarius and Byrd hae done nothing this year. Figs suks. Jacory is playing bad but has a good amount of TDs. LB#44 is horrible and slow and vandyke jus dont got what it takes and hes a senior. #7 still has no picks. DL is playing real good. Hank, Spence, and B.Harris will be playing on Sundays. RayRay is the best safety Miami's had since Merriweather. Cb#13 has his second pick in his second start...he should have been starting there long time ago. Miller is UM's next great back. Next up..FSU and they lead the nation in sacks with 28!!! they DL is scary good and we will see which one of our OL want to be playin on the next level.

fastmoneycashmoney | feelin you on a few..

#13 the Black Blanket, #20 Damian 'The Ed Reed of Offense' Berry and Stick Shields from a year ago in my eyes are Ultimate Canes. Switching positions; doing whatever the coaches ask.. Thats a Teammate that every Elite team has to have.
#9 Ford plays timid soft like one of them smart cars.

#3 Blur doesn't run a full route tree on gamedays which makes him easy to take away, at times. More Comback routes, quick slants, posts, and over routes are needed from #3.
Hate to do the hind sight thing but i been said AJ needed a redshirt last year.. or this.
Streeter Time? I'd like to see him line up as the 2nd TE at times since he's not getting snaps at wideout. He's to Fast and Tall not to see the field.

Hank plays great at the slot and outside. He looks like the ƒirs† Leonard Harkerson ever.

Spence is Spence. Elite.

U way off on #44 the Dan Morgan Clone. He is outstanding in coverage. And can bring the Wood. — He doesn't breakdown before every tackle, likes to trip up ankle tackle, and arm tackles too much.
keep in mind that 44 playing out of position at MLB.
C- Mack and Spence, i'll take them over any other LB's in the ACC.


The Hurricanes won yesterday because of Jacory Harris not inspite of him as some of you insist on wrongly saying.

Jacory is a special player from his athletic abilities to his fantastic leadership qualities. I continue to wonder why the biggest malcontents on this board, the biggest Jacory haters don't apply the same rules they do to Jacory in their personal lives and demand perfection from themselves. You people have taken a great victory and tried to make it into a negative.

I ask the real fans of the University of Miami to remember the garbage these haters have posted as Jacory leads this team to even bigger and better things...a team that is now ranked 13th in the AP Poll as the so-called Mighty Gators are now ranked 14th.

Go Canes and you haters can stick it up your...!

Dude, before everyone was saying that Jacory was the next Dorsey when he was a freshman behand Marve. Plus they bashed Marve for doing the same things Harris is doing. He isn't great nor is he going to be even close to being great. He's a junior and still throwing picks like crazy. He isn't even as good as Berlin or Wright and he has more weapons at wideout and running back than either of those had. C'mon Man he just ani't on par with guys that played before. And Dorsey for that matter really only had Aldarius, Winslow and Shockey, Harris has A. Johnson, Hankerson, Benjamin, Byrd, Streeter, Thompkins, not to mention all of those backs we got. And the sad part is whats behind him and coming in is just as bad if not worse. That game yesterday should have be 45 to 21 and thats a good Clemson team. I tell you what give Parker half our wideouts and he blisters us. Look if a kids got it he's got it but these QBs don't have it. And I hope the guy that said Sanfords QB was not that good and not talking about Stanfords Luck cause that would be a joke of jokes to think Harris is as good as Andrew Luck.

It was a good win. J12 has to understand that he's got to read defenses. He simply makes stupid throws. How can you explain those throws. and is it just me, but did he and Whip have some real testy exchanges?

BTW: Has anyone seen Vaughn Telemaque? He still has to step it up. Brandon Harris bonafide AA.

Jacory continued...

When Jacory was pile driven into the turf during the Pitt game and didn't get up Whipple and Shannon looked as though they were at the funeral of a loved one.

They realized this season was all but over without Jacory Harris leading the Canes. I would bet even the Jacory haters were holding their breath.

Yet, Jacory, being the tough leader that he is came back into the game to lead the Canes while in severe pain with a badly sprained shoulder.

And after his 4 TD passes on Saturday, he is now tied with Craig Erickson for fifth most career TD passes (46) at Miami...and is only a third of the way through his junior season. DID I MENTION JACORY THREW 4 TOUCHDOWN PASSES ON SATURDAY?

Jacory is a great player and will lead the Canes to a National Championship before he Graduates and will be a contender for next year's Heisman Trophy.

And by the way...DUDE...since you like correcting and ridiculing people...Aldarius Johnson didn't play with Ken Dorsey...it was Andre Johnson...DUDE! And another thing...DUDE...Jacory is the first Canes quarterback since Ken Dorsey in 2002 to surpass 3,000 yards, making your Wright/Berlin versus Jacory comparison all the more ridiculous....DUDE! This accomplishment by Jacory came even with being sacked 35 times last year, when Ken Dorsey (one of my all time favorite Canes) was sacked a couple of times a season...DUDE!

And one more thing...DUDE...Dorsey had Clinton Portis, Willis McGahee, Najeh Davenport, and Frank Gore as his running backs who are equal too or superior to our current crop of great backs, again making your attempts to attack Jacory either ill informed or lies or both...DUDE!

yeah ken dorsey didnt have santana or reggie wayne or ethnis sands or anything.

KD didnt have MOUNT MCKENNY protecting his blind side either

left these out...

Former Cane #28 Collier is missed. he was that safety valve that always seemed to be open.

Clemson's first score was on Spence. He played aggressive and shot the B gap but didn't make the the tackle which left a huge cut back lane open for a 71 yard TD. Shutouts occur only with perfection.

Not typing a word on Jacory cause he is not an issue. Best QB at Miami in YEARS.

So again, I won't be on here till Monday because of some "issues" but believe me monitoring the blogs will be in every waking thought.

Good luck to the Canes!

Posted by: The Real Canes over Gators | September 30, 2010 at 05:28 PM

Wow, an ID theft by the racist troll. Shocking. Of course, now that the Gators have lost, again, just like EVERY OTHER SEASON IN THEIR HISTORY, he will be taking it out on the Canes fans here. Please folks, don't retaliate on him here, but attack the terrorist in his home cave, Gator Clause. The negative comments on here, attacking Jacory's skin color, are likely him in his multiple IDs.

Dan Marino threw 23 INTs his senior year, to 17 TDs. Jacory threw 24 TDs to 17 INTs in his sophomore year. Great QBs take risks and sometimes the talent of the person they are throwing to are not good enough.

dude you are ruining this blog eith your nonsense stfu

Posted by: sickofthefans | September 30, 2010 at 10:09 PM

Actually the guy ruining this blog is the racist troll PRETENDING to be CANES FAN, Canes Over Gators, and many other IDs while posting garbage. CANES FAN is trying to get rid of the guy that is ruining the blog, you should support him, rather than falling for the obvious ID theft.

I think the Canes game will be close but it will be too much Clemson 24-UM 17

Posted by: The Real Canes over Gators | October 01, 2010 at 09:25 AM

I had already posted I wouldn't be here till Monday, so your ID theft is a pathetic fail, Curse Piggy. Canes won, Gators lost, and you got destroyed. If Manny decides to ban you, that would be a great trifecta.

How's that 0-4 prediction working out for you, Curse Piggy?

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