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UM-Clemson postgame video

CLEMSON, S.C. -- Here are the video interviews from after the Canes' 30-21 win at Clemson.


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The canes will lose by 1 points today due to japicky's 4 picks today. Damn mediocre again

Posted by: CANES FAN | October 02, 2010 at 07:29 AM

Another failed ID theft. Manny, I thought you said this was going to be prevented in the future. Is he changing locations, like umping from library to library, to post his hate speech? Because otherwise, it is time for him to get removed. He adds nothing to the discussion, and tries to get Canes fans to fight amongst ourselves by stealing IDs. And it is working on the newer posters because they are not aware how low this guy will go to destroy conversation on here.

I'm done blogging for the year, I'm starting a new training program.

My last contributions:

1. We don't develop talent. We need kids to walk through the door with talent in order to win because we don't teach football. Brandon Harris was a player from day one, not because of our coaches. Hankerson had to get outside help to make himself into a great receiver.

2. Donna Shalala prevents us from winning a national championship. She doesn't want off-the-field issues and is OK with winning the ACC and getting a nice bowl game. It's the Butch Davis Canes, not the Jimmy Johnson ones. Only problem with this is my #2.

3. The fact that we can't sell out home games will become a major issue in recruiting. I imagine kids want to play in front of crowds like Clemson and OSU, not an empty stadium. I love the Canes, have season tickets, and drink a lot before the games. It's still boring to be there. Go to games, if you can.

4. Would we have won at OSU if Mark Richt or John Gruden was our coach? Would you feel better about the program?

5. Some of you are so blinded by the history of this program that you don't see how bad we need an experienced head coach.

the only barometer we get to judge the coaches is game day. So it is extremely ignorant to say "We don't develop talent. " &
"Some of you are so blinded by the history of this program that you don't see how bad we need an experienced head coach."

Shannon is the Man for the HC job. Mark Richt hahahah..John Gruden is a hell of a coach, likely better than Shannon would be in the NFL. But he's not coming to Miami and if he does he'd likely do the 2 years and back to the NFL route.

FSU saturday.. time to focus on that!!!

This is the biggest Miami v FSU game since 2000. Miami is one more win away against a quality opponent from really being a major player the rest of the way out this season. Jacory must show some discipline, the guy has a big heart and short memory which is good but a little discipline in decision making could carry this team a long way. Defensively you can see the confidence growing and this D is on the verge of being dominate. Allen Bailey really needs to take it to another level to send this unit into overdrive. The Canes are so close but they have to win this week to show they can finish and send a message that they are real! After this week they have some games that they should dominate before VT, NC, and GT! Go Canes

Posted by: Canesjunkie | October 04, 2010 at 10:08 AM

I'm done blogging for the year


Ok man First of all you are correct I meant to say Andre Johnson. Second I was not ridiculing you. Perhaps You need an extra layer of skin because that wasn't ridiculing you. Now moron Wright and berlin didn't have what Harris has for weapons and neither had the benefit of an offensive coordinator like Whipple either. And by the way if I were you I would not entertain the idea of going head to head with me when it comes to the Canes and who has done what at the QB position. So sit down with the kids and let the grown ups talk. K

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