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UM-FSU postgame video

Here is what UM coach Randy Shannon and a handful of players talked about after the Canes' 45-17 loss to Florida State on Saturday night.


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damn! each one of those kids looked and sounded like their dig got ran over! way to have em ready randy! not ready randy, kinda sounds like it should stick!!

I don't care what they have to say. You sucked and yall played like scrubs. Complete disgrace. Now start ballin and get heads out from under your behind.

And Shannon start doing something cause you aren't coaching. This loss is YOU! This was not a focused team.

the U i once knew is DEAD!! A heartless team and just in shocked at how unprepared and out tempo ed the team was tonight...been behind randy until tonight...please Donna Fire Randy Shannon! This was a total embarassment for the city and school...i will not be wasting my hard earned money to go see a gutless team when they come to Atlanta i work too hard to spend good $ to support this program...win or lose a prepared team that shows a full effort i will support no matter the record but tonight was pathetic

It just shows that the team is under coached and Shannon is always out coached. The players aren't improving especially J12. These players were highly recruited and now in their 3rd year and they still look like freshmen because the coaching staff is just not doing their job. Shannon always has someone to blame the OC or DC or someone else. It's on you Randy!!! You are just not a head coach and you've proven it. The U needs to get out the check book and get rid of Shala and Shannon both. Get a guy who knows how to produce players.

Fire Randy Shannon!!!!! It's time to move on. Next year will be his fifth year, all out coaches leave generally after the 5th year. Here's to hoping.

I am in 100% agreeance with orlando cane....it's time to cut ties with both of them.

I don't know about gone but Jacory does need to get bigger, stronger and tougher. He plays scared. He bails out on throws even when no one is near him. He gets hurt every single game. Dude still needs to gain about 30 pounds. Anyone who thinks he has an NFL future is on acid. I'm wondering if Colin McCarthy is related to Bobby Carpenter. McCarthy can not shed blocks. He's the most easily blocked middle linebacker this side of the Dolphins special teams. You see it every single game 185 pound wide receivers put him on his ass. McCarthy is on the floor faster than a 2-bit hooker. Stay on your feet an actually tackle somebody Bobby...oops, I mean Colin.

Hell, we both sucked, but Conferece Championship games are right there for the taking ...

"sense of urgency" ?


Team not ready to play FSU ? REALLY! That's the one game all year they should be ready for. Makes no-sense Randy! Time for you an your boy to hit the road!! Lets get a real Quarterback. Not a highschooler that can't play with the men!FIRE SHANNON!!!

U didn't belong on the same field as FSU. Miami's real university is located 11 miles to the west. Most of the U's students are from the Northeast, and now the football team is playing like Syracuse. U are Syracuse South.

The playcalling was terrible in this game. Whipple looked like he had no idea that you needed 10 yards for a first down. The O-line sucked too.
Biggest problem was the D thought they were going to kill FSUs O. They didn't show up. Bad game all around.
Kick coverage and return game was brutal again. They need an actual special teams coach.

We need a COACH,QB,and president before we go anywhere! We're a sub-par team untill we change those people! Got to spend somr money!!

You embarrassed us.
U Embarrassed all of "US".

I can't support Shannon after a loss like this.

Reality Check:

The schedule has not been that hard. Pitt and Clemson have beaten zero Big 6 conference schools. The 2 top 25 teams Miami has played have beaten the U by 42 points.

Shannon is not a great recruiter. The team is still terribly short at QB, WR, Safety and LB. Miami has 2 good recievers and the rest should be shown the door.

Shannon hitched his wagon to Harris and its failed. He has recruited zero competition for him and the guy acts like a fool. I wonder what kind of deal Teddy Bridgewater has got? I wonder if he has already been guaranteed playing time.

Let the excuses begin: Racist threats on Facebook, injuries, officials, weather, schedule or Travis Benjamin. I am sure Harris and Shannon are meeting now to come up with the excuse to explain this latest embarassment.

I was waiting and waiting.....and this team did not make any adjustments or changes(except Jacoris running and hurting himself ) I dont support this coach and this quarterback anymore. We are all embarrassed .

Enough with the BS praying in the corner of the sideline, Jacory. Spend that time on something more useful like being a leader of men.

Your right(canes05).I quess that interception last night was Benjamin's fault too. Just like all the rest! Shannon's boy does no wrong. Always someone elses fault.

I don't think I've ever been more upset at the program. It's not the players, it's Shalala and Shannon.

I tore up the rest of my season tickets because I just I just can't do this anymore. We need a new head coach!

this was basically the same team that stepped out on the field last year vs. fsu! the same team that handled their bussiness last year on the road vs. fsu! fast forward to last night, and we see a worse team at home?? the canes declined! if thats not bad coaching i dont know what is!

Same old Shannon same old team not ready we can't even stop the run up the middle we are going to be a 500 team with Shannon he will never have this team ready and the sad thing FSU is not as good as we made them look

Anyone have a good organized protest idea?

I have my the rest of my season tickets all ripped up in an envelope that I'm mailing to Kirby Holcutt.

IMO, this is the most pathetic showing from this football team in the last decade. I will take the Oklahoma rout in 07' and the last game of the OB 100 times before I take this piece of turd of a game. How do you not come prepared for one of the best rivalries in College Football, in front of 75,000 fans, on National TV?!!! We need to fire Randy. I always stuck my head out for him but this is unacceptable. We always come out and get blasted in these big-time games. That clearly tells you something's wrong with personnel. Nobody can convince me or sway me on Jacory now. Another geezer I always stuck my head out for. Since the Georgia Tech game he has'nt even bothered to show up.

Real true canes fans love and support the team through the good and the bad times. So...CANEINGA, ORLANDOCANE, and VLADY I would just like to thank you for showing us all what big bandwagon fans you truly are. Im sure you all have won everything you have ever competed in and are more qualified to judge than anyone else. The team wasn't prepared I totally agree. It was embarrasing and we as true canes fan feel the lost right with the team. But all is not lost. Florida state is still in the atlantic division. If we win at gt vt and unc we still go to the acc championship. Stop jumping off the bridge its not over yet.

Could'nt finish my last post but another thing that really intrigues me is the Northwestern 8. With the exception of Spence, all those guys have

I don't even blame Jacory anymore, it's the coaching. No player should be called out because it's not their fault. It's 100% Randy Shannon, he recruited them, he's responsible for preparation, and we are terrible.

Randy Shannon is the problem.

Noone should attend a homegame until a new coach is hired. If you keep going to games, you're blessing Randy Shannon as the HC.

Give Manny a cigar. He was the only writer who called it right- giving FSU the nod as the team with all the advantages.

Damn this takes us back years...

Cane87: It's over! Randy won't get this turned around, he never did.

How many recruits did we lose last night? Any talented football player would be crazy to sign an LOI to play for Randy Shannon.

There is a bandwagon when it comes to recruiting because these are teenage kids we are trying to attract. This team is talented and still gets blown out, you really want to see what happpens when not talented players come here?

Get a new coach!!!!!!

You are the problem Cane87. You are what is wrong with the Cane apologists. When did Miami ever talk about winning the ACC Coastal Division. This is a team that is suppose to compete for National Championships not ACC Coastal Titles. This is the U not Wake Forest.

canes05, my thoughts exactly! when everything starts to go south, they play the race card, and say canes fans are racists. lol! this fan base has supported this team with a diverse race for the past 30 years!

When the Canes ran through the smoke they looked slow and flat and played that way from beginning to end. Where is the emotion? If you can't get fired up for this game, then you don't have a heart or pulse. This is on Randy and the coaching staff. It seems like winning against Pitt and Clemson made the team believe they could just show up and win. If we play hard, fight and lose, fine. But to just be taken to the woodshed is disgraceful. This program clearly will never get to the next level under the present leadership. Wondering what the Boise or TCU coach could do with this talent? I'm sure alot better than this.

FIRE SHANNON!!!! He continues to get out coached. No excuses. He is a good man, but not head coach material. It hurts to see my beloved CANES continue to look like shite!!!!

shannon has to go. just killing this team, guy is so clueless. hurry and stop the bleeding before fsu flies by us. sad sad game

yea im the problem cane05. I was the one out there running the wrong routes and dropping five yard passes and fumbling the ball and throwing ints. This is the U you right. And when its a 5-7 team its still the U. Being 12-0 doesnt make it the U. If you were a real fan of the U you would know that. I wanna see them win championships just like everybody else. But i refuse to give up on them in the middle in the season.

CANE87: It's over, Shannon lost this team. In the middle of the second half our sideline was quite and everyone was sitting down. I know because I was sitting on close to the 50 yrd line. Brandon Harris was the only one showing any emotion.

I'm sorry dude, you seem like you really care. But it's over until we get a new coach.

I hear your point and I support the CANES. I Love My CANES, but do you honestly believe we will get to national prominence with Shannon as coach? I'm looking at the long term and it is my opinion that Shannon can not do this job. Last night, I saw a deer in the headlights look from him...shell shocked, meanwhile Jimbo Fisher was composed and fired up....truly sad

Fear the Spear Beeyoootches!!! the old man is gone and the Jimbo era has begun......It sucks to be "U"

P.S. The GaYtors are next on our menu!!!

When will Marcus Forston make the first big play of his college career? He had his a-- handed to him...AGAIN.

The Northwestern 8 is soft as can be. Streeter, Aldarius, Forston, Thompkins, all of them. Invisible. There are no team leaders. Herbstreit said it.

This is the first time in the Randy era that I have serious doubts.

Refuse to give up on them? Are you serious? They gave up on us with that bullsh_t they called a game last night. Clean house,FIRE everyone!! Before it's to late to get some of the recruits we lost last night.

This loss is worse than the ohio state loss, atleast in that game they looked like they wanted to play. This is completely on Randy, I am starting to think that this program has come as far as it will under Randy. What big game has he won?? No bowl games, loss to ohio, loss to a lesser talented team in FSU and probably another loss to NC and VA Tech. One more loss and Randy WILL have to go at seasons end

Exactly Ed. Miami needs new leadership. The players on the team deserve a real coach. I will not go back to UM game til Shannon is fired.

Cane87 you would be better off at lamespace with the rest of the delusional fans.

the same fsu defense that has been giving up points in bunches all dam year looked like a stud unit... john lovett its called a dam blitz on 3 and 12....3 and 10... how many third and longs did miami get burned... oh and a run by the fullback for 1 yard that turns into a 15 yard td run.... time to bring in a coach who can tame this talent and get the to being a top 5 team as they should be.. heck atleast get a coach who can get them to play football at home in front of a sold out crowd....

Ok noles fan. Simmer down. Last time I checkd Jimbo and your noles got your hats handed to you by Oklahoma.

But I agree. This team came out flat from the get go. No emotion. Looked like FSU was playing a home game. whose fault is that? The fans?

Recruiting? Dont talk recruiting. Check outthe 2011 ESPN 150 commits. How many commits does Mimai have? The 2011 class looks pathetic. Randys only recruiting claim to fame was the year when he recruited all those NW bys- Where are they now? Other than Spence-- Here is what describes the Northewest 8: B-U-S-T-S!

Why not push hard for that St Thomas QB. That kid is for real. Thought I saw him on the sidelines last night.

Ill give them to the North Carolina game. Thats the biggest game on our schedule at this point now. If no team leaders have stepped up by then, then we wont win that game. I saw no one step up to bring this team back last night. None of the coaches seemed fired up. And none of the players seemed fired up. Honestly this team shouldn't have needed motivation from the coaches for this game. Playing fsu should have been enough motivation to fill that stadium up twice. We just came out and laid an egg. Ill give them till unc. If we lose then its time to go in a different direction.

I agree Randy should be gone. He hasn't recruited effective, and his game day coaching leaves a lot to be desired. You have 1 QB on the team, and no one else to push him. The Oline is very unathletic, the there's only 1 DB that can cover, one 1 linebacker that can play, and a soft Dline. I get it. But you don't not support your team. You should be U supporters no matter what. Randy is not going to be fired in season, that would make no sense. We all have to wait until season's end to see what is going to happen. So until then support the U.

A UNC team that has had 12 players suspended has the same record as Miami. Has Randy Shannon or anyone else ever gotten into a player's face during a game? A guy throws an interception, drops a pass, misses a tackle, gets a personal foul or anything and its just like its ok. Do it again, it doesnt matter. Heck you will probably get more playing time.

Randy 4 yrs and nothing to show for.This was an embarrasment on National Tv. No more excuses this program needs a change. At this pace we will just be pretenders never contenders. Someone needs to show Jacory how to zip the ball and stop throwing those floaters. This is college football not H.S. I say next UM. coach Ray Lewis. Did you see Randy on the sidelines? No emotion! Clueless. That's how he looked. Time for change, change is good. Let's go CANES.!!!

Look all im saying is whether shannon is the coach next week or not miami is still my team. Nothings gonna change that. I hate this pathetic display just as much as the next person. Its sickning. But im also not delusional enough to believe that I have a say in anything that goes on with the athletic department at the U. Nor am im I delusional enough to think that by me not going to the game is going to make a dent in whether the coach gets fired or not. Im gonna support the team we got.

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