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UM-FSU postgame video

Here is what UM coach Randy Shannon and a handful of players talked about after the Canes' 45-17 loss to Florida State on Saturday night.


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I'd like to say we learn from this...run the table, and beat the 11-1 'Noles on 12.4 in Charlotte. But who effen knows??

Cane 87 is right. Next big game is UNC...at home...right now seems like a long way away...

Man at least you guys don't live in Tallahassee. Last night ain't over for me until next year. I just took my Hurricane flag down in the front my house.I am in shock and disbelief at how flat and uninspired the U was last night. FSU has progressed so much farther over the past year. Stoops has turned a less talented defense into a winning one and so has their offense improved with average wide receivers. Coaching has done it and the difference was apparent last night. A real decision will have to be made at Miami as to whether or not to continue this experiment. I was hoping to see the back up QB come into the game just to assess what is ahead for us. I'm glad I did not travel down for the game. I can only hope that Miami can right itself but in all candor it will not happen under this leadership or lack thereof.

1 of 2 things will happen CANE fans....

1. The boys crumble (because of lame coaching) the rest of the season.


2. They lite a fire and win the ACC Championship and get positioned in the Top 5 for a run at the Ship next year.

I hope it's #2....but this season is totally on the coaches!

Okay all of you spoil brats out there, Miami can't hire a top notch coaching staff being a private school. Fla State used your tax dollars to pay their coaches top salaries, which Miami can't afford to do. Your team will be as good as your assistances, and Miami don't have good assistance coaches like top notch programs. You can't blame Randy because you get what you pay for. A head coach can do but so much! It's time for his coaching staff to step up to the plate; you guys are just as much to blame for this embrassing performance tonight!!!! Fla St. paid to bring in a top notch D. Coordinator, and in one year, he turned that defense from being one of the worst to one of the best. Granted, Randy hired these guys, however, his buget keep him limited on who to hire. THE ASSISTANCE COACHES NEED TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE. These young men are the results of your coaching abilities!!!! It time for you guys to take the blame!!!! Not Randy and these young men!!!!


If U are a fan of the U and U didn't attend the U, then U are a LOSER!

I'm only one person but I heard many more say it last night...Kirby, if you don't fire Randy Shannon this year, I will not renew my season tickets again. I'm so pissed I bought Ga. Tech tix. DAMN. If anybody wants to but them, they are going on Stubhub. My season tickets too. It ain't effin' worth the $25 to park. Absolutely embarrassing. I willl not give my hard earned money for this again. It's been too long and this is the final straw.

A big stage game and we suck no emotion we get our personality from our coach and thats none stoic randy is a good mentor of men makes sure the students do right off the field but on it we just aint getting if done I get all excited for this a blowout to fsu we come out dead same thing last year hell this year at osu dropped balls getting gashed for 90 yard tds huh? Wisconsin game same way north carolina same way georgia tech 08 same way even in our wins we get lucky we out athlete some teams but on even scales we get destroyed 45 17 at home national tv but the u is back back to what tho? Overated outplayed outcoached outside looking in again im tired of being disappointed I want my team back

I wonder how long it will take for the Athletic Dept. & Administration to finally come to the realization that Randy Shannon is a good guy, but simply lacks the intellect to properly "game plan", select a coaching staff & come up with the strategic thinking necessary to win football games on a consistent basis.
Either that, or all the hype on the recruiting & talent base of this team is way off base. Jacory Harris still looks confused & makes bad decisions. And we're stuck with him for another year?

My take:

First off, I love this team, I love the Canes, and I love my city. Before I criticize, I want to say as men, students, and citizens, these are high quality individuals. I like what Randy has done as far as cleaning up the program and graduating his players. But the fact remains, we are still mediocre.

-First off, we looked totally unprepared tonight against a basic offense. FSU's gameplan: run the ball, push the d around, etc... There was nothing special about it which makes it frustrating. They would rip huge amounts of yards on basic power O, iso, and dive plays. Our Dline is supposed to be our strength and we could not do anything to stop them! It was pure trench warfare, a basic who wants it more type game, and FSU wanted it WAY WAY more.

-I like Jacory. I think he has potential and aside from his mistakes, the guy does a lot of things well (waits for "yea, like throw ints comment). He throws a good deep ball and last night, despite being injured put the ball in lots of good spots for his receivers to make plays. Granted, Jacory threw some bad ones and he is lucky he didn't get picked off at least twice more, but the receivers and the line did not help him at all tonight! I counted nine drops! NINE! Thats how many we should have in a season, not in one game, in front of a sellout, on national TV. Hankerson has been playing like a beast lately, but he dropped crucial balls last night.

-Lastly, our coaching and player development. The 2008 recruiting class aside from a few select exceptions has REGRESSED significantly. What has happened to Marcus Robinson, Forston, Ojomo, Aldarius, Bailey, etc... Aside from Brandon Harris and Sean Spence, these players have not gotten better. And I think Brandon Harris and Sean Spence are those special types of players who get better regardless of who is coaching them. WHere are our playmakers? ANybody? The only ones on offense I saw any urgency out of, was Damien Berry (my favorite current Cane). I know he layed one on the turf, but did you see the fire he came back with?! He ran hard the rest of the game cause he was PISSED! We need more of that. I like Coop's effort too.

Something has got to change.

P.S - The leadership on this team is sad. I like Randy, but this one is on him. You're going to lose some, which is fine, but putting it on your players all the time is not the right way to go about it. You are the face of the program! When one of YOUR players messes up, it is your FAULT! Take the blame, coach up your players, and get it right like every GREAT coach does.

Its hard to find a good thing to say, I have been a canes fan since 1974 and I always will be...but! As much as I like the people the team as a whole is suffering. Forston has no business in the middle of a D1 program. He gets pushed around like a swinging gate in the middle and is used to block other defenders from making plays. We recruited speed at WR but someone forgot to check if they could catch, or had any heart to make a play in traffic. We recruited a QB that had a nice hometown story but we have figured out he if frail and can't throw anything but balloons. The O Line has potential but zero killer instincts, It takes a man to run block and move the pile on short yardage plays.....be have big BOYS. I have been giving shannon and the coaching staff the benefit of the doubt but I am starting to believe that he would make a great assistant coach, and whipple should be Off cordinator at a wac school where style points mean more then wins.

the team gave up .. the coaches even gave up .. the put whipple in and streeter and thompkins with 4min left now there trying to run the ball and not trying to score .......jacory had almost 50 pass attempts ...?????? mark whipple is a one track minded fool .. he continues to throw ... remember that vtech game in the raining monsoon he refused to run the ball then .... is whipple a fukng idiot Randy needs to be cursing the players out on the sideline instead he stands there emotionless allowing the fire and desire of his players to burn out right their on the sidelines thats why we cant finish games ...I told youe spencer whipple cammands and manages the offense better .. but randy refuses to open competition on that .... why doNt we have our best d-end on the field andrew smith....is streeter that bad he cant even get in during redzone ... why is craig cooper in the game at this point he hadnt played all year all of a sudden you want him back their...instead of pounding it with mike james ...............ARE COACHES AR FNCKNG IDIOTS.

Hey, Elena and House get it: We got talented players, but the Northwestern 8, excluding Spence, is absent at crucial times. J12 shows VERY little development, particularly under a prized OC.

There was no sense of urgency, in terms of wanting to do something last night. Like Herbstreit said, the team needs leadership, all the way 'round.

I ask you: What would Jimmy Johnson do? What would Benny Blades do?

Telemaque is a LITTLE better, Aldarius Johnson is a bust. Is he hurt? And why is Chase Ford on this team? I don't know what RS's long-term strategy is, but I'm sure he's got one.

Forston might be a bust, too. We're getting beat up front. I'm not saying we're not physically enough, but I am saying they we get outsmarted, outhustled, outcoached, out-adjusted, where were the adjustmnets last night. That's the part that o unacceptable.

Did you see the scheme blocking by the FSU OL? UM was lost in it. we have to counter stuff lie that. We need more screens, play some more players. A. Johnson is not showing me 'nothin. Neither is Ford, neither is J12.

This is ridiculous. Too many players saying its my fault and now Shannon saying its my fault. I hope Shalala realizes its her fault as well for letting Shannon come in as head coach. Shannon is just not head coach material. I knew Shannon was a bad hire for the program. Miami needs to stop being cheap and put up some real money to get a proven coach. There are too many schools out there with good coaches. In the end you can have all the athletes but if you cant prepare them for gametime it makes no difference!!!

well i can tell you one thing Randy Shannon will not be fired. the University will not eat that extension he just signed! Face it guys we are stuck with him for a while! Trust me i want a new coach bad but we have RS for now! The D was a complete joke last night i mean that was the worst D line and linebackers performance ive seen in a while! completely blown off the ball. its sad when your free safety Vaughn Telemaque and strong safety Ray Ray leads the team in tackles! Is FSU that much better and more physical then we are? How could the boys let them come into our house and drop 45 Fn points on us? DEFENSE GOT TORCHED!! i thought our D was on its way back! WOW i was wrong! And guys just to let you know RS cant go throw the passes catch the football make the tackle make the blocks not fumble the ball, ETC. We were just outplayed by the players on the field! The players made RS look like a complete Dumba$$ last night! all the fault is not on RANDY!

to sum all of our frustrated comments into one.. in the end its not the fact that they lost., for gods sake its how they lost

Oh yeah and Kirk Herbstreit please stop saying this team is a 10 or 11 win team. You are jynxing the hell out of us. I once thought this was a 11 win team but but with the performance against the buckeyes and last nights performance this team is far off from being back in the national spotlight. I hate to say it but this is gonna be another 9 win season at best!!!

I'm a Randy Shannon supporter and my confidence is definitely falling hard. Hopefully we get this thing turned around (not sure what evidence there is to think that will happen) and see this FSU team again in the title game. But man, when this team falls it falls together! Everyone stinks at once. You can't pin this on Jacory! He threw 0 picks during the FSU onslaught and had so many dropped first downs it was unthinkable! And that's what I mean about a group crash. Hankerson looked like a first rounder up to this point and he had 3 first downs hit him in the hands! Your QB has struggled all year and you help him out by dropping first downs at crucial situations. Bosher is the best kicker in the country and misses the opening field goal! Missed tackles galore, d-lineman getting pancakes? Where's Harris in all that?

The fact is this team implodes in unison, and that points to the coach. After every play, Jimbo was active and yelling, either encouragement after a good play or getting in players faces after a bad play (Ponder threw a pick on 3rd and 9 that pinned us on our own 2 and Jimbo still got on him). Meantime Hankerson, the only reliable receiver we have, drops a 10 yard pass and Shannon stands there frozen in place looking confused. You don't just prepare kids in practice and then send them out to play. You have to coach them during games, motivate them during games!

Very frustrating.

Anyone watch Stanford play USC last night when the cut us off in the 4th quarter? I did, and if we fire Shannon then I want Harbaugh! That guy is awesome and his team is tough! That's what we need, and certainly we could get him away from Stanford. His brother is the coach of the Ravens that currently employs two Cane hall of famers. That's my vote, but I'd certainly love for the simple solution...Shannon evolves into a winner this year and turns it all around. Fingers crossed, but breath not held.

Cane87 I hear you i am not in southern Florida but Northern florida i have been a cane fan for many many years last night was a sad display of when u get out coached you get your A** handed to ya if i was a recruit and at that game last night i would really ask myself is this the coach i wanna play for and the answer would be NO i support the U til the end and it seems its near unless there are some changes soon.

Who rides a hurt QB into the ground, what message does that send to the backups on the roster? SORRY, but it's time for change at head coach, special teams,etc...We need to pony up and bring a guy like John Gruden into the college game! He would instill the fire and emotion this team needs! It would help in recruiting too! GRUDEN IS PERFECT FOR THIS PROGRAM...BUT UNLIKELY HIRE! []_[]

Mike Leach would do wonders with this offensive talent. Leach would also get the best QB's and wide receivers in the state. Harris looks to have regressed. That's coaching. I'm sure we'll hear about the thumb still bothering him and the shoulder being a problem but the truth is he hasn't developed. That's purely on the coaching staff. Time to bring in the spread offense and recruit the speed that makes the state of Florida so tough. Time to bring in Mike Leach and make the Canes fun to watch. Not the embarrassment that was last night's game.

Winning in college football takes more than just having the athletes. There are too many schools with money and high profile proven coaches. Miami can get all the athletes but until we can get a proven coach than knows how to build a program and prepare these kids for gametime this team will only be good and not great!

We will have a horrible recruiting year if Shannon isn't fired right now. Either we eat the contract now or suffer the loss in TV, ticket, etc... later. Either way it's a loss.


You would think that as a linebacker during his playing days Shannon could recruit linebackers. One linebacker is right. Spence is the only linebacker they have. Spence is the only linebacker that can make a play. McCarthy is the college version of Bobby Carpenter. McCarthy can not shed blocks. I repeat can not shed a freaking single block. Every game you see McCarthy not able to disengage a block and make a tackle. Oh, and when he actually doesn't get blocked what do we see? We see him over run a play or miss a tackle. Get a real middle linebacker U.

Randy Shannon has been given a pass by the press. For some reason the press has been afraid to criticize him, even though he has the highest recruited players (many of them choose the U over FSU) and it is clear the they are not well coached. Shannon may be a nice guy, but the U is about winning and it seems that he is just not a good team leader. As an assistant coach he is solid, but as head coach he just does not seem to have the leadership ability to fire up the players (who obviously have the talent based on their high recruitment rankings)to improve as a team. He really seems lost on the sidelines while the opposing sides coach seems to always be animated and in the players face to pump them up.
The truth is that a change in head coach will not take place until the UM fan base really starts to collectively voice their frustration with Shannon and their expectations of the program.
The lack of a collective outrage has allowed the school to overlook what would never be allowed to occur at other top national football programs. The team needs leadership from the top and the fans must demand that.

Looks like we've got a good 'ole fashioned Cane mutiny on our hands here. Jump off the ship now before it takes you down with it. FIU is Miami's REAL university. Bigger, better, badder.

I better than U. The I is on the rise!

my girlfriend who knows little about football asks me during the game.."why is miami just rolling over and letting them f*** them in the ***, they dont even look like they're trying." it's that obvious what the team lacks. Also called Harris the QB who throws to invisiable people. CaNE87 ive been a diehard fan my whole life but i refuse to pay my hard earned money to go watch a randy shannon team...and do really think randy can beat butch?? I love the U but Randy must go. THE EXCUSE FOR THE U IS SHANNON!

This is the kicker-

UM is out of the top 25 (as they should be).

Airforce. Yes, I didnt stutter. Airforce is ahead of Miami. The Miami team that everyone was billing to poptentially play for the NC is out of the top 25 and e--fin airforce is ranked ahead of them. So.... Since Coker and Nix...Where is the alleged progress?

This is pathetic. Shannon, Shalala, Hocutt, Whipple- All should get fired. The board of trustees beter be hearing the outcries. We are rverting to pre 1980 football. No kid is going to want to play for Miami.

I want to cry

I'm hearing a lot of pain, and feeling it myself.

All that pain leads to anger.

But i am not angry at my team, i am disappointed.

We got MANhandled by a stronger, meaner, tougher team last night.

It's not emotion or any of that sh*t. FSU is JUST PLAIN STRONGER, FASTER, MEANER.....BETTER.

They hit our guys with brute force and beat us down like little weaklings.

How do you get up from a beatdown like this?

There is only ONE WAY, if you have HEART. Past CANES teams that had HEART picked themselves up, got angry, and returned with a vengeance.

REMEMBER: It's still only half-way into the ACC season. FSU can still lose to UNC or UF.


If i were a CANES PLAYER, that's what i would go to bed praying for, another chance to play FSU.

But the question is: Do they have the HEART & TOUGHNESS to win out, and beg for another fight with the Noles?

A real CANES team would do anything for another match...

That is all....

We've been OUTed by FSU . . .


. . . on national TV, no less.

I think someone let Dan Henning in the OC Booth last night, with all the idiotic play calling.

Also, both the 'Phins and the Canes must have the worst Special Teams unit in all of football.
Both coaching staffs must go!!

U and Phins forever!!!

What else is there to be said. Randy Shannon is a good man, there are no questions about that, but he is not a head coach and has to be responsible for the team failures. The only way the U of Miami's president to let Randy go, is if the fans don't show up for the games. So I say boycott the remaining Home games for the Hurricanes, we will then send a message to the "U" that we don't support her decision with Randy as the head coach, we need to stop being cheap and pay a great coach to lead the Hurricanes back to glory, and Randy is not it. So boosters lets begin the boycott, I will not go or watch the game on TV, until we get a new coach. I am a lifelong Hurricanes supporters, and just have no desire to see them play and get trounce and outcoach anymore. My fan support is on hold until a new coach comes onboard. Sorry Randy, you just did not get the job done.

He will continue to get a pass. Listen to the sports radio shows tomorrow, I guarantee they'll blame the players. We have been winning on talent for soooo long.....

Did anyone see how lifeless they looked coming out of the smoke last night? The great Cane teams I remember would come out jumping up and down and yelling. Looked like they were ready to flip over cars. Not last night or since Randy "The Mannequin" Shannon has been HC.

No question this was our most disappointing loss in the last 4 years. Expectations were high and rightly so. However, I agree with CANE87, win or lose this is my team and I am going to support them. The Canes can win out and if they do they will likely meet FSU in the ACC championship game with the opportunity to show they learned something from this beat down and they can overcome it. That's a lesson that every successful person in life has experienced. Go CANES!

Just throwing a few names out there:

Mike Leach

Mark Richt

Mark Stoops

Terry Bowden

John Gruden

I would hope we could get a decent coach who would stay with us for a long time. Just because the Mannequin is loyal does not mean we will ever see the success expected from the team.

First of all, I would like to meet Caneiga's girlfriend!

Jimbo Fisher had an extra week to prepare and exploited every single weakness in our defensive schemes. It didn't appear that we made any adjustments to counter Fisher's attack as many of the same plays were run over and over again with great success. Going into the second half there was a glimmer of hope, but that was crushed when FSU took the kick-off and sliced through our "D" for another easy touchdown drive.

Speaking of Kick-off's--everytime it looked as though we might be getting some momentum after a score we would kick-off to FSU and they would return the ball to mid-field or better. This has been going on for 3 years and is as big a problem as anything we face, but apprently they can't get this figured out.

Early last week I posted that I was nervous about this game as it appeared our players were unbelieveably not taking FSU seriously when Bailey had to get in the faces of a number of players to tell them to focus and quit screwing around.

Was the problem the game plan was terrible and we didn't make proper adjustments as the game wore on? Or, was it a good game plan and the players simply didn't execute? Or a combination of both?

What is clear is the instant Cooper entered the game the entire offense came to life and you could see some fire. What is also clear is the entire team was flat. Now I know people will scream that it's the coaches fault and there's SOME truth to that, but some of you may have played in a game where you had a great week of practice, but on game day for some inexplicable reason the entire team was flat. And no matter what you did individually or what the coaches did it was not going to change. That is one of the most helpless and hopeless feelings you can imagine and no matter how much jumping around, screaming, threatening that takes place it doesn't change, which is what I believe happened last night. And yes, this mental GROUP wet blanket can happen even when playing your arch rival...I think we saw some of this by Alabama yesterday when playing South Carolina.

Finally, you can tear your tickets up, you can slam your head in the door, you can scream for the firing and execution of Randy Shannon and Donna Shalala be deported, but that's not going to change one thing at this point other than allowing you to blow some steam off. The reality is, if we win out chances are very good we play in the ACC Championship game with the most likely scenario being a rematch with FSU...which after last night I don't know if that would be a good thing or not, but it would be a helluva a lot of fun to find out!

CANES FAN, They come out flat way too much!!! It seems they come out flat against our toughest opponents. Preparing the team for the game and pumping them up for it is their responsibility. The coaches have no excuses!

That was completely embarrassing. How can they not be up for a big time rivalry game on prime time television? Unreal! Shannon is a good recruiter but he is in way over his head as a head coach. Coker couldn't recruit but he won a national championship with Butch's players. Shannon can recruit well but he can't lead!

J12 is obviously injured, going back to last year, and is playing in a panic. I have always supported Randy but starting to think a change is needed. Play calling is weak. Adjustments non-existent. Only chance for redemption is win out and get FSU again in the ACC title game. If that doesn't happen Randy needs to go.

We need to rest J12 next week...get AJ prepped for Duke. Good for AJ and J12. Similar to Dolphins, special team coach should be fired today. He should have been gone after last season, but no reason to keep him now. Call Ken Dorsey to coach special teams and give some special attention to our QBs. He'd be on the next plane from Toronto if he gets that call.

Shalala not to blame. She's been great for the school. Idiotic to fire one of the best university presidents in the world because the football coach isn't getting his job done.

The coach Shannon has the personality of a wet cardboard box. Zero and Peter Principled at that.

They told me that Jacory was actually a good quarterback. A Big Lie!

He is dumb. He floats the ball up and throws off target. He is a dime a dozen player. Unbelievably inept. His timing is tremendously off.

And I do not why receiver Benjamin is also talked of as being a good player. Absolutely below average. Does not fight for the ball and should be sitting on the bench.Yet he is out there in every play. Jacory and Benjamin together are a vaudeville comedy act.

Last night I saw Bosher practice on the field just before the 3rd qt. started and he seemed to have alot more hang time , but in the game the return guys he kicks to seem to have a good return because noone seems to be there in time to keep them from getting a good start on the return. Does anyone know what his hang time is? He just seems to kick them lower and flater in games.

Rematch with FSU?!?!? Why, so we can get spanked again? No thanks.

I'll worry about rematches when we have a new head coach.

Canes VA:

Talented players don't come here because our coach is an idiot and we get embarrassed on national TV.....it's not because of the fan base.

I really hope the Canes win out. They have an easy schedule so maybe they will. I am pulling for you guys. Keep that clown you have on the sidelines forever!!!

His recruiting is wayyyy overblown and he cant coach a lick. Dude looks like a robot on the sideline. My pet turtle would have more animation on the sideline then what he shows.

Please win out though and keep him around forever.

Does anybody else notice Bosher has problems with hang time on his kickoffs? He doesn't seem to be kicking it high enough or maybe it's just me and our cover team is slow.

Posted by: rawpimple | October 10, 2010 at 03:39 PM

I think the "curtain" has been pulled back on your coach as well Pimple! Hopefully Spurrier will do the honorable thing and keep you fools out of the SECCG.

I do envy UF in one regard though, at least your coach will quit by years end!

It was a game between grown up men versus a bunch of little girls that were scared throughout the game. It's funny cause the same players that post comments on rivals.com about how the team need to cut down on t.o or players need to step up are not doing it. J12 maybe all the goofing around before the game or in practice needs to stop and you need to start becoming a true leader. Bottom line I think the entire team quit in the 4th quarter. I am tired of losing. I think the athletic department needs evaluate shannon and his coaching staff and make changes.

U get what U deserve. U are scared. No respect for U. U lose.

I am also terribly disappointed and embarrassed at our performance against FSU (see my earlier post). But, woke up this morning thinking if we win out we will most probably play FSU again in the ACC Championship game. This rematch against the Noles would be one of the most talked about match-ups in this year’s various conference championship games, along with being one of college football’s great stories should we win and lead to a BCS berth...not to mention if we were to win the BCS game a top 10 ranking. I think this possibility gives the Canes coaches, players and fans a lot to be excited about and to shoot and root for. Go Canes!

Finally, in my view, no real Canes fans can read or hear the comments of our players (kids) who are really hurting and not come to their defense and want to see them redeem themselves, which I believe they will do. It is time for all of us to decide if we will be fans when these kids really need us or only when they are winning in a style to our liking. I for one will be going against the grain and be a fan when the coaches and player most need my support!


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