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UM-FSU postgame video

Here is what UM coach Randy Shannon and a handful of players talked about after the Canes' 45-17 loss to Florida State on Saturday night.


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U get what U deserve. U are scared. No respect for U. U lose.

Posted by: Its_Over_For_U | October 10, 2010 at 04:27 PM

Go away Gaturd, you got big problems up there too!

We made an average FSU team look good

I have spent a lot of time and energy defending Randy Shannon against the people who have called for his job the last couple years...after last night, I'm officially done with that...I'm not calling for his job yet but I'm not defending him against people who are either...if he doesn't win the ACC this year, he gets one more year to show he has this program headed in the right direction...after that, a serious job evaluation is in order--perhaps a demotion back to defensive coordinator if we can find a better coach...a few ideas for who we might be able to get:

Howard Schnellenberger
Mario Cristobal
Dennis Erickson
Greg Schiano
Mark Richt
maybe Gus Malzahn?

any thoughts?

did aynone notice that the center always bobbed his head up and down just before he snapped the ball in the shotgun set? Somebody has to correct this. FSU absolutely was watch this and that's why they had an amazing jump on the ball.

As a fan I love my miami hurricanes, but last knight was a lost that broke my heart in 4 pieces and each piece is heading to the four winds until miami wins another title. It doean't matter whose to blame, but a lost is a lost and i can only hope that they get fired up for every remaining game on their schedule. I love RS, but maybe he's just not the headcoach i thought he would be, but then again, what do i know about coaching. I only can speak from the stands. I do hope he gets better as a coach or miami needs another football coach. Also could any of us do any better than he's done ?. CANES FANatic

I'm tired of people saying we cant afford a coach because its a private school so is usc and they come up with the money just another excuse cant do things on the cheap anymore

Let’s start a website WeWantJimmyBack.com or hire Jimmy back for 4 year to groom someone younger to take his place like Rob Chudzinski and bring Ken Dorsey as our quarterback coach until Rob takes over as a head coach then hire another quarterback. Or brings these guys back Gary Stevens, Mark Tresman to help run the offence.

Canes are my team but i never been this embarrases by a loss. Canes are clearly the better team they just got out played, out worked, and fsu has mroe heart. i hate to say that bu t its true> It is time for some players to lose there jobs. None more then benjamin. Is there a player right now given less effort on game day? But he still gets time. On the first drive of the game aj gave them a viable number 2 wr then for rest of first half it was benjamin and hank at wr mostly. Im osrry benjamin and jacory are so not on the same page. Its time benjamin saw a little pine. His effort is just lacking. I have always supported shannon i think hes gonna be a ggreat coach. Im just not sure its gonna be at miami. I love that hes cleaned the program up I love that he recruits south florida. I just cant love the canes effort against fsu. How can u come to play fsu with so little effort or energy is beyond me. Thi sis on the players not the coaches but its time randy benched some key guys. Benjamin is one another is mccarthy and id say a third is bailey. They just arent getting it done.

Florida State came ready to play. Miami couldn't compete. The talent level at Miami is not what it used to be.

out of the top 25 way to go randy

Yeah way to go Shannon.

This team has to collectively apologize to the fans about this pathetic display of lacksaidisaclness against one of our most hated rivals.

-You all seemed like you didn't want to be there. Even though some of us drove for hours to get to the game, and left the stadium at midnight to drive another few hrs

- You quit even though we the fans spend our hard earned money to support you

- You gave a poor effort even though we have donated thousands of dollars and countless hours of tears screams emotions, and arguments defending your name

And its not because you lost FSU came to play hard. Its the way you lost. This ws the worst performance from a cane team since the last OB game against Virginia. And you are supposed to be national ch contenders?

IT'S THE WAY YOU LOST. YOU QUIT ON US. DON"T ANY OF you players have any pride in being a hurricane? IN wearing that U helmet?

I realize none of you was around when Mike Irvin, Jerome Brown, Zo Highmith, Mel Bratton, Searcy, Saap, Lewis, McKinney, Rolle, reed, Vilma, Buchanon were around. You guys probably dont even give a ---t. But those guys never quit. They played with pasiion, through NCAA penalties that decimated the depth of the team, through hail MArys by a midget QB, THEY NEVER QUIT.

I am so embarassed, I can't even look at all of the U paraphernalia I have at home without getting nauseaous.

Now I have to listen to that stupid seminole chant for another yr and cant even defended with "good game, man". Because I can't even agree that we gave them a good game.

You guys laid an egg on we fans.

Please fire shannon now. I am glad some of you love randy but I hate him as a head coach and he was not all of that as a defensive coordinator either. He rode Schiano's coat tail after he left. He sucks at recruiting as well if you do not believe me just look at what we have in recruiting versus all the other schools. Heck Texas has a team recruited for the next year as soon as they ink the guys for this year. THe only reason Shannon has gotten a pass is because he is black and shalala wants to say Miami is great because they have hired a black coach. Probem is he sucks. I wish he was a great coach but he is NOT. And anybody who says that he is doing a great job as a coach is either sticking up for him just because of his race being like theirs or they just don't know crap about football or the U. And anybody who wants to say I am a racist just look at what Randy has recruited as QBs and what he has ran off. Looks like shannon has a problem with racism.

Get rid of Shalala and Shannon! Explain why the school could not foot up the money to have the stadium open earlier (pay the staff, police,etc) Clearly this is not a true college team or a school that cares about pleasing the fans - did you see the people and when everyone finally got in because of the traffic jam! Wow - open at 4 pm for a huge game - stupid!

There's blame to go around,let's start at the top, coach Shannon, will be out of character,if he showed some emotions, on the side. players emulates the coach. If the coach shows no emotions, then what is he teaching and showing the players. D-line, got dominated all night long, on several plays, Forston was man handled, no pressure at all, linebackers couldn't tackle and stop the backs, on key 3rd downs. I couldn't remember, if we blitz them at all. One thing was clear to me last night. This team has no leaders on it. This is a different breed of canes players. There are playing on the past Cane Players history, No team is scared, of the U. The offense, Jacory, does more harm than good, if he's hurt, get him out the game. The game was over. Put in Highsmith or Whipple, if they are TD's in practice, they need to be ready to play, i wonder if they get practice time? Receivers, consistently dropping passes, O-line needs to get and play better. No in game adjustments.

have defended Randy Shannon for the past three season and for you very shallow individuals who post on this site, yes I am black! However I'm a man who believes in accountability and production and after last night it is now painfully clear that Randy Shannon is a nice man, an excellent role model, and likely a great mentor and a wonderful assistant coach. But it is clear that Randy is not a Championship level game coach.Va. Tech, UNC, Wisconsin, OSU, and now FSU serve as evidence that can't be disputed. Someone at UM at seasons end needs to have the courage to make a move and bring in someone that can maximize the talent here and win before it effects recruiting in the coming years. Jon Gruden or Mike Leach would be my two leading candidates to fill this vacany. The lack of game preperation, lack of intensity, lack of productivity, lack of innovation, lack of half time adjustments, and apparent low level of confidence in the faces of the players says "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"

We've been OUTed by FSU . . .


. . . on national TV, no less.

OUT OF THE TOP 25 too.


Are you delusional? How are the Canes more talented? They just got whipped all over the field. The players at UM are soo overrated. The Oline is a joke. I mean Shannon talks about holding people accountable so how does Stoutland still have a job. Special Teams are a disaster yet Panuzzi stays. Michael Barrow, great player but lousy coach.

How could you sit Benjamin? He is the most explosive player on the team. There are at least 2 or 3 times a game he is like 5 yards ahead of his man but stick man misses him.

Harris was terrible again last night. Herbstreit said he missed tons of reads. Kid is shell-shocked.

Like Herbstreet said on TV. No intensity, no sence of orgency and no pride. How can you look good playing a tough road team last week and come home and look so awful. Yes, Shannon it is your fault. This game reminded me of the a_ _ kicking we got from Georgia Tech last year. I hope I don't see that kind of football again. Based on what I've seen, Shannon will not be able to bring us a championship. He has no motivation skills.

How is it that this team was not ready to play? Are they complacent with the recent NC titles they've won, or even the ACC titles, or even title game appearances? How can they not be hungry? For FSU??? It doesn't matter what the records or rankings are. You always have to be up for your rival. Could you imagine Tressel trying to say that the 'Bucks weren't up for Michigan? The coaches have to keep this team hungry. FSU looked like a VERY WELL COACHED TEAM. It would be nice not to lose the coaching battle most weeks and have our kids better prepared, with better gameplans than across the field. I still think we can AND WILL win out. That will likely set up a rematch against the 'Noles. Maybe then we will have motivation.

Bring in Harbaugh so we can start winning again. I don't care about a coach being a nice guy, being a great mentor or role model. All I care about is winning and thats the bottom line. Are u a champion or not.

Way to go Kehoe! It looks like you set a personal record for name changes with your cohorts today! I'm guessing 3/4 of the posts today, and 95% of the most hate-filled rants were composed by you and possibly 1 other Gator Troll!

For a Gator to come onto our blog and play "disgruntled 'cane fan" after the mess UF has created for their fans is laughable!

I don't know about Kehoe or whoever but u bet I am pissed about losing like we did and if anyone who isn't they aint a real Cane and thats for sure.

Canes will lose to VT, UNC, and GT. There will be no FSU rematch this year.

Canesjunkie is right about losing to VT and UNC. Not so sure Canes will lose to Georgia Tech. Unless the talent is vastly superior to their opponent Canes can not win. That seems to be the bottom line with the Canes. Any time they face is a team with comparable talent they lose. Any time they face a team with a good coach and close to comparable talent they lose. Please I don't want to hear anything about Clemson. Dabo Swinney is not a good coach. Frank Beamer is a great coach and the Hokies have comparable talent that's why the Canes can't beat them. North Carolina is comparable talent so the Canes can't beat them either.

Randy has to go! jacory has to go!The problem is we don't have another QB to put in because Randy ran them off so his "boy" wouldn't have any compatition!jacory is a third rated player on a first rated team!NO arm at all!

FIRE RANDY.... is time for fans and supporters of the U to speak up for our program. If u are satisfied with how randy is putting the U down instead of taking it to another level then u don't bleed orange and green. people wake up this is how the program will run for the next 4 years under randy shannon, emty promises and full of excuses. so lets save our reputation and fire Shannon now....

I had to stop reading these comments about OUR team, which include the coaching staff. Most of you guys are heartless critic, who probably never played any competitive organized sport, losses happen, we are not happy with it but the Canes are OUR team. If you don’t like the QB or the head coach go find another team. I am a Canes from the beginning to the end. One thing I have to say, all you critic out there don’t be surprise to see this team run the table and end up in the ACC title game against FSU. I wont lie I was disappointed about the outcome, and yes some players have to man up if this is going to happen. But my love for the Canes is unwavering. The first game I saw was the Nat’l title game against Nebraska and I have been hook every since. If you don’t like the coach, that is your right but remember his is a Canes. 11-2, I will definitely take that, .GO Canes!!!!

Arty, you think Randy just fell on his sword during his Joe Rose interview this morning ?

How disappointing that he might not be around to coach up the Canes for years to come.

canes fans we need to suport the kids and coach it days at work where u cant get it rigth should u get fired. also u is only as good as your last game so Duke is next forget about FSU cant change it

I can appreciate that the University is an academic institution first and foremost. Donna Shalala should be commended for her leadership on that front. However, the University has a unique role in that it served as the standard bearer for athletics in the South Florida area. This image is what made the University a known commodity throughout the sports world. This image is what made it possible for the University to receive its notoriety and scorn. Without this image the University would not be able to afford numerous athletic and academic endeavors nor would it be possible to attract and hire such esteemed employees as the former Secretary of Health and Human Services.

What kills me most is the general acceptance of mediocrity. This belief that everyone gets a trophy if they try hard is not acceptable at this institution. It is not what was accepted under President Foote. I, by no means, am calling for a return to the lawless days nor am I so deluded as to think that we should win a national championship every year. Those days are come and gone. I would like to be a Top 10 team every year and a national championship once every 10 years. This is not a possibility given the current regime and organizational culture. It is the eroding of challenging goals and the acceptance of mediocrity that is changing this institution for the worse. Please come to your senses and bring back some intensity. That and fire useless governmental positions that eat away at student activities.

You fans act like you would help pay to bring in a better coach? You act like you are recruiters that can spot talent, when what most of you do is sit in your air conditioned cubicle pushing paper. Hey great tackling out there Canesjunkie! ......oh wait what? You don't play for the Canes? Never played football in your life?Huh....funny considering all the criticizm you throw around. The intelligence level on these sites is getting lower.

JIMMY JOHNSON, were are you bro? Get off Survivor and help us. These Canes need a fire under thier butts. Butch Davis?? Come back bro. Schnellenberger (or however you spell it), leave FIU and come back. As a UM Alumni,and season ticket holder, this is a discrace. No wonder UM didn't give Shannon the big bucks. We got Urkle running around trying to throw the ball. NO adjustments on defense. You Reid is going to get the ball. DON'T KICK IT TO HIM. Dang. What the heck? PUNUNZIO has got to be an idiot of the 1st degree. FSU can't throw. Their one demensional. I found that out after the 2end qtr. ADJUST. STOP THE RUN. Not that hard. I am a CANE 4 LIFE, but the staff needs evaluating, from top 2 bottom.

Real Coach:

It's not just one day, this has been going on for a couple of years now. What's Shannon's record against ranked team...something like 2-11 I think.

I hear what you're saying, but I've seen enough.

I think we are supporting the players by trying to get a new coach. I don't blame the players anymore.

Boy you guys really hate to hear the truth t hat you already know in that Shannon was and is outcoached game after game. In every game this year Randy has had a much more talented team than the opposition including Ohio State and that talent bailed him out everytime but twice. THe guy can't coach dummies, I mean a guy named Jimbo outcoached that idiot for god sakes. He can't recruit anyomore cause players want to go somewhere that they can win championships not finish 2nd in the division everyyear. Get rid of this turd in our punch bowl and hire harbaugh, whittingham, Sarkisian, or someone else. Heck Temple has a better coach than MIami these days.

The Shannon defenders on here are crazy. We're about to become an ACC doormat.

Sick of the fans:

Go ahead and preach to us about how we are going to turn it around.


That's the weakest arguement ever..."you didn't play football". BTW, I did, in college...and guess what it doesn't matter. Look at the scoreboard dude, that all you need know.

I have season tickets, so I can come here and complain all I want.

Extremely dissapointed! I was born and raised in Miami, moved to North Florida 3 years ago, drove down for this game as part of a sellout crowd and they perform like this! I apologize to my niece for bringing her to this massacre! I am at this very time ashmed to be a cane fan.

Gino Torretta is the first former player to turn on Randy Shannon.

His radio show on WQAM was priceless!

Posted by: sickofthefans | October 11, 2010 at 12:14 PM

There are plenty of coaches out there who would coach for less. I bet Mike Leach is one of them.

Canesjunkie, you hit the nail on the head brother!

I agree with you 100% in that people come to defend this loser and his loser QB. Our offensive line looks like a bunch of fat alberts trying to block and our defense other than spence and telemaque look like they are weak trying to hit someone. The strength and conditioning guy needs to go as well. Get rid of the poloty condioning and get these guys to lifting weights and running. These guys let QBs run over LBs and when one of our guys do hit someone the player hit pops right up like a jack in the box while our guys just lay down hurting from dishin out a hit. Its is really simple first recruit a real QB that has a real arm. Then just pound the ball straight ahead with the backs, then playaction off of that. Don't go from running it out of the I on one down then shift to a spread look the next with a power back in there. that is just stupid. ANd down't put benjamin out wide what is he going to do out there he needs to be in the slot. PUt Streeter out wide dummy. On defense stuff the run and recruit Mean players with an attitude that just want to take peoples head off. Barrow sucks as a linebacker coach and that is a bit surprising because he was one of the biggest hitting linebackers we have had. remember Tamarick Vanover picking his teeth up in 92. Harris Telemaque, Armstrong, and hill don't do bad but unless the other team has randy Moss on the other side play them up close and pressure the wideouts. Thats why we have to 2 saftys over the top. Jesus christ you would thing that a private school would hire a coach and staff with more brains than what Shannon and his do. Do I have to put my finger on everything Randy for gods sake. YOU BIG DUMMY

yes miami needs a new coach because the recuits we are losing going to be rapid at this stage in college football if there is no development then they will go somewhere else to get to the next level.

Nobody cares who's taking the blame, play football! I get tired of all the players saying oh I take all the blame for this loss, man please! how about come prepared to show up for the game, and give yourself a chance so that no one needs to take the blame

hahaha...Yea we lost to Oklahoma just like the way the "WHO" lost to us Saturday night...Nole Nation babyyy!!
Lets go!

Fear the spear!!!!

Randy Shannon got rid of his best Quarterback, because Jacory Harris's dad said play his son or all the Miami area prospects will go elsewhere. Thats why the guys from Belle Glade and other areas go to the Gators and the Noles. They know that the Miami guys will get preference over them. Jacory Harris is a very good athlete, but he is not a quality QB. He will never be an NFL QB for sure. Other coaches at Miami have recruited from South Florida, but Randy has relied only on local talent. Guess we know why Bridgewater commited. Bad thing is he throws just like J12. Put him a WR and go out of state for one of those kids who has been playing QB since pop warner.

I'm gonna stay a Cane either way but Randy has to go... No player gets better... They are the same level 3 years after the first game... When they win it's on raw physical ability... Harris is making the same mistakes 3 years in... And actually making them more often... Does no good to get big recruits if they aren't gonna be coached into big time players.

Has anyone heard Alabama fans screaming for Sabens head?
Teams come out flat sometimes,lose the game,
ask Alabama.
Don't Panic there will be hell to pay for
upcoming teams,the canes ars still a
very good team. We still have a chance to
win the ACC and get a good bowl.Quit your wineing and support the team.

It is true...at some point we need to look past the players and start looking at the people who are pulling the strings. This "I'm as cool as a cucumber" attitude from Randy Shannon isn't going to cut it. That interview right before the half of the FSU game didn't inspire JACK!

Our running game is atrocious and Jacory cannot throw a touch pass short or a frozen rope with speed, or a long bomb that isn't some flick of the wrist floater. There is no fire in the eyes of J12. Why does he go off an hide someone on the bench after every series? Go talk to your offense...look at pictures of the defense with the OC, DO SOMETHING other then look dumbfounded on the sideline. Travis Benjamin looks like he's jogging out there, where is our dominant tight end, and why was Hankerson invisible?

I did like to see Jacory run...but did he not stretch before the game?? He runs a couple of times and the groin is tweaked.

This team is a disaster. These guys will not get the chance to say they are from "THE U" on MNF, because they won't get drafted!!

It pains me to say it, but gone are the days of Sapp, Taylor, Portis, Shockey, Lewis, etc. The swagger is GONE!

Canesjunkie and some others were complaining even when we were winning games. So, reading the constant belittling of everything orange and green, even after the FSU beatdown, is hard to take seriously.

We live in a culture were people are happier when they can moan and groan about their team, than being happy that their team is doing well...more on that later.

Even the great Miami Dolphin players who boast the only undeafeated record in NFL football history are slammed for being proud of their accomplishment. They are called nasty, mean, selfish old mean because they toast and celebrate their record...a record that has stood the test of time proving just how special it is.

Was Saturday nights performance terrible? You bet it was! Does that mean we turn on Randy Shannon, a man that helped create the great Canes tradition not only as a player, but as a coach--a man that everyone said at the time of his hiring that Larry Coker had destroyed the program and it would be 10 years before we were relevant again. The short and accurate answer is...NO!!!

My comments are not going to change the minds of those that love to whine and moan as it makes them feel better and will only draw their ire with insults directed at me. But, those of you who can see that the hysteria screaming for Randy's firing, WHICH IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, is only creating more damage to the program with current players, recruits and their parents will call for people to calm down and let the season play out.

The season is not over as FSU proved they did not believe after being mauled by Oklahoma. They did not fire Jimbo Fisher. We have a chance to win our division, win the ACC and play in a BCS bowl...and WIN! Yes, I know the naysayers won't like this optimisim and bellow all the reasons this won't happen or if it does happen they will be somehow embarrassed.

Finally, as is the way of today's world I actually read where some Gator fans think that Urban Meyer should be replaced after the LSU loss and listed their reasons for this deep thinking conclusion. Of course I loved this being a Gator hater, but c'mon, that is insane! Just as some of the comments coming from so-called Canes fans are.


Losing does more damage to the program than anything else. It doesn't help attendance or recruiting.

So if we don't make it the ACC Championship game, this season is a failure?

Really, when are you going to give up on defending Randy Shannon? How many blowouts do you need to witness?

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