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UM-FSU sellout near

No matter what happens Saturday, the house will be rocking.

According to the University of Miami, the UM-FSU game is 500 tickets away from being a sellout -- and that's without the tarp that sometimes covers extra seats.

The UM media guide lists capacity for Sun Life Stadium as 75,540.

That's pretty exciting, if you're a Hurricanes or Seminoles fan. No home game in the Randy Shannon era has drawn more fans than the crowd expected Saturday. You just know it's going to be a wild environment to go along with what has become a wild game in recent years.

The lowest price for the available club-seat tickets was $295 as of about 5 p.m.

Maybe some big-time spenders will eat up the rest of the tickets.

Tickets can be purchased by calling 1-800-Go-Canes or through Ticketmaster at  http://su.pr/1BNAqy



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Mr. Johnson was asking who knocked out McDaniel's lower four teeth.


They were knocked loose, but not out, and it doesn't say by who.

Interesting part of the read on this though, is that he was pulled out of position on a couple of TDs because he was so eager to get the INT that he stopped covering his man.

A side benefit of Jacory being free with the ball is that these guys bite on the fake, eager for the turnover, and that is part of why Hankerson keeps getting open.

Not excusing the INTs, just showing the silver lining to them....

Oh yeah Baby!!! Cant Wait!!!

150K worth of seats left!!

C-A-N-E-S Canes... I will be there.


Come people come out and support the canes, lets sell out the event. We need to make a statement that miami fans are still around strong.....

Don't worry it will be mostly FSU fans. As usual with any Miami sporting event the visiting team will dominate the stands.

Section 121 row 9... Season Ticket holder..
East End zone CrUUUU....

GOOOO >>-//-SEMINOLES-//->> !!!

The crowd is going to be to first of all fun for the first time in years. Secondly, it'll be 2/3 UM and 1/3 FSU fans. As a Nole that lives down here I wouldnt miss this or any FSU/UM game for the world. Nothing Like it

They guy stating it will be mostly noles is just a stupid gator troll. We all know who it is. The truth is when miami is doing well they always sell out home games against top notch opponents. Always have always will. That said should be another great game. Oh and for record when u play the gators i hope u win seminole fans. Gators winning ruins teh mood of 90 p ct of america. And foster the belief to win u have to have a bunch of criminals on your team.

Nole more than U: Stop dreaming...first of all, UM sold more season tickets this year than in the past five years...and, the East EndZone is now sold out with season tickets...
Add to that the FACT that Free Shoes University has had two home games with over 21,000 EMPTY SEATS (gee, I thought Free Shoes sold out every home game...OH, I forgot, after getting demolished by OU, Free Shoes fans decided that the season was a bust), and if I were you, I wouldn't expect there to be MORE FSU FANS than UM FANS...NOT EVEN CLOSE, you'll see....and, you'll HEAR IT, TOO...especially when your stupid band starts that "war chant" over and over again, and UM FANS DO THEIR RESPONSE...you know, I believe it goes something like this:

There might be 12,000-15,000 Free Shoes fans in the stands....you're not playing SANFORD, OR WAKE, OR BYU, OR VIRGINIA this week...you're playing UM...things will be a lot different...the shock alone will cause at least a few turnovers.

SO, LOUD MOUTH...we'll see you at "the Sun" - you're ragging on UM fans not showing up at home games, and you had over 21,000 seats to your home games this year...Miami has an excuse....we have four professional teams to compete with...what, IN GOD'S NAME else is there to do in SOUTHERN GEORGIA (Tally), than to go to a Free Shoes event...you're the ONLY SHOW IN TOWN!! Disgraceful!


Nuck the FOLES, and their silly, hillbilly fans!!

Section 126, Row 32...seats 1&2...the EAST ENDZONE CREWWWWW!!

Shades of the old West End Zone asylum at the Orange Bowl (Rest in Peace)!

Noles fans won't be heard, trust me!!

I agree with Maincane...whenever the Seminoles play the cowardly Gators I become a big time Noles fan.

The Canes/Noles football series has produced some of the greatest games ever and there is mutual respect. You can pretty much throw out records and predictions as this game always seems to produce a superman or two or three or...

Saturday night is going to be another war and I know our Canes are going to bring it!

i love morons that say the stadium will be mostly noles. Are you crazy? BTW last year, they didnt even sell out there allotment. The stadium is going to be rocking finally!

Has anyone heard about wearing all orange to the game sat?

Yeah what "Umike said".....Tell them how you really feel dude LOL!

ITs gonna be LOUD......

24 hours till takeoff from ATL..

Im stuck over here in Idaho and just found out the Im stuck with usc and stanford on abc. I also dont get espn3. Is there anybody out there with some suggestion to get the game on my computer. This is my favorite game..... Thanks.

If you cant watch it in Idaho you can probably use Justin.tv. I watched the last Mayweather fight one there. Also, check your phone. When Miami played FAMU I was in Louisianna and couldnt watch it but I was able to stream it to my phone.

Don't kid yourself, the game is a sellout because the FSU fans will be out in force.


IdahoCane go to channelsurfing.net they usually have whatever sports are on tv streaming live. Ans yest it's going to be an all Orange affair! Put away those green and white jerseys for this one, lets get a little solidarity going on

good old fashoined hate and respect!!! gotta love it man! Coming in tomorrow from ATL...back to my hometown...looking for a CANE shakedown on the Noles...UM 34 FSU 21...God Bless!!

Thanks Mark. I couldnt remember the name of the website. I sure that is it. Being in Idaho in all it is hard to get the Canes there. Canes 24 FSU 13.

Noles, NOT

Please leave the guy who dropped his pants and underware at the last UM/FSU game in Trailerhassee at home. If he does that in Miami he will be leaving without the family jewels in tact. Disgusting and a radio guy in Miami called Noles fans the classiest in the state?

They don't call it Trailerhassee for nothing!!

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