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UM injury report for Florida State

Here is UM's injury report for Florida State:

RB Graig Cooper – Lower Extremity
WR Allen Hurns – Upper Extremity
RB Storm Johnson – Upper Extremity

RB Lamar Miller – Upper Extremity
CB Corey Nelms – Lower Extremity

DT Curtis Porter – Lower Extremity


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Looks like our D line will be in OK shape for the 'Noles...i'd love to see #6 out there..

I hope Storm Johnson can play Saturday.

What? No Mandibular Extremity injuries to report? Just kidding!! Can't wait for the Canes to lay the smackdown on FSU!

Nothing like a fall sat. night game. I hope everyone got their tic's. Hats off to N. Fla. for attendence. We need to come up with a chant for our Offensive line so they know that we appreciate them. Any ideas?

yeah... "Block Somebody.... Block Somebody..."

Let's not forget a chant for our amazing Defense..... "Hit somebody, Hit somebody, Smack C. Ponder, Knock four teeth out"!

Dang, might be thin @ RB. Who's gonna be the McGuire and step up? Where you at Mr. James

well put down ur real seats and take a chance pie face... but U won't even be there right Walmart boy ?

parking lot ?

The last poster must be another drunk gaytor. Does any one know where that comment came from?

Nah, sid, that is that fake macho man Curse Piggy, threatening UMike for daring to be a Canes fan.

He apparently has taken his hate to a new level. First he threatens to lynch Randy Shannon and Jacory Harris, now he is threatening to kill Canes fans during the game in a lame attempt at scaring them off.

Truly, at some point, this kind of behavior crosses over from the usual trolling to the criminal level. I had hoped he would finally take the hint and leave us alone, but it seems he prefers to attempt to take out a few Canes fans before he goes. There are people like that out there, and they are called terrorists. He seems mere inches from snapping completely. However, 400 pound, 5 foot 3 inch waddlers are not a threat unless they are armed.

Curse Piggy, UMike has done NOTHING to you, other than make you look like an idiot. Oh wait, you made YOURSELF look like an idiot, so go beat on yourself, sicko.

Oh, and just to make you really wet yourself, 31-6!

I guess he figures if Chris Rainey can threaten to kill someone and get away with it, that he can, too.

Boy is he in for a shock when he calls Huntley Johnston and the lawyer hangs up laughing.

Seriously, Curse Piggy, you should back off, you are very close to living in a 12 x 12 box. Or is that an IMPROVEMENT compared to your current trailer with flattened tires (they are menat to hold NORMAL weight, not your tonnage) and those 1996 newspapers describing the Gators' first lucky title.

I bet it is. And the free health and dental will mean those teeth might FINALLY go from green to mere yellow.

Now back off before it is too late, fool.

Eduardo Clements...maybe we get to see what he has...hope Whipple designed a small package for him since FSU probably doesn't even know who he is...

canesalltheway, I would also like to see Asante(sp?) Cleveland since Chase Ford is dropping passes.

The FSU games seem to be whee the TE becomes a new star.

Bubba Franks, Kellen Winslow, Jeremy Shockey, and now either Ford or Gordon or Cleveland.

A report out of LAs Vegas shows Jacory Harris is doubtful, is there any validity to this?

Nope, no validity.

He practiced all this week, and was not in the injury report.

J12 has the game of his life Saturday!!!!!!

Whats the Vegas Line?

This game will be very similar to the Clemson game in that if the "U" is to win they must once again overcome the two or three picks J. Harris will throw. If the "U" can once again creat turnovers of their own to counter J. Harris's or anyone elses turnovers then the "U" should win by ten. But if the "U" cannot get their own turnovers and J. Harris and company give the ball up 3 to 4 times during the game then FSU could pull it out by three. Something tells me this will be Mike James's coming out party. He has gotten lost with all the hype surrounding Berry, Miller, Johnson, Clements, etc. I have said it before. There is a reason why this guy started as a true freshman at FB. Those last couple of runs he made late in the Clemson game is just a taste of what this guy can do. Not to menton the soft hands he has shown he possess coming out of the backfield. GOOO! CANES!

Who's the better team?

LATWAN ANDERSON. That is the dude we need in the game, if MIller is out. Which, it looks like Miller is out. See his highlights on Youtube. GO CANES!

The TE's always did well against FSU because Mickey Andrews ran the same Cover 2 for twenty years, always leaving the middle of the field open. Jimbo is going to blitz every other down, let's just hope Jacory makes the rigt reads more often than not

A question, plz: Why is everyone here high on Strom Johnson? So he's got a fancy name, but what has he does and what can he really do?

Is he a FB or HB? Slot maybe?

AS I posted earlier, I already reported "Curse Piggy" to the Administrator, and, I received a reply from him...I'll just leave it at that...he keeps coming in as different people, but they can eventually track him down...they have ways of doing it...I'll just say that they know of his numerous physical threats to various people on here.
The only reason that I decided to report him was the fact that I gave false row and seats to where I'm sitting, and I don't want some lunatic bothering anyone who might be sitting in that row and seats (IF they exist, I'm not even sure they do).
As for me, I'm not afraid of him AT ALL...maybe he needs to be afraid of me...however, I can't see myself stooping the his low-life level...so, I do things in different ways....BESIDES, it's not a good ideat to mess with ITALIAN PEOPLE...we can seem very cool and collected...but, we have ways of making people learn to relax...LOL!
I'm half-kidding....I'm not a violent person, unless I have to be to protect myself and my family.

Anyway, this guy is getting WAY TOO MUCH PRINT as it is...time to think about the game.
I'll be in Section 128, Row 27, seats 13-15!
Or, maybe section 110...who knows, right?
Afterall, section 110 is a big, big section with many, many rows...!

As usual: Nuck the FOLES, and their silly, hillbilly fans.
P.S...I don't think Miss Piggy is a Free Shoes fan...I think she's a UFelony fan who didn't have time to get over last year's loss to 'Bama, where the entire GayTurd Nation was balling on national television...and, before they knew it, they were back doing the same thing, AGAIN...crying about a loss to 'Bama!

Hey, Curse Piggy...watch what you say and what you threaten people with...you never know if someone is going to take it seriously and FIND YOU. Remember, a threat to someone is valid whether it's spoken or WRITTEN!

Posted by: "U call out Hillbillies and U WORK at Walmart ? Typical Cane Cluck"...You're asking me why I don't put down my REAL SEATS, and everytime you post on here, you put a different logon name...do you think that is going to stop the Administrator from finding you? It won't...they can track your computer...believe me, they have ways.

As for my occupation, not to brag, but I have a very good, high 60's paying job, and a Master's Degree...so, please, stop embarrassing yourself with your random ranting.

Remember one thing...not only are you threatening people, but keep this in mind...after posting my "fake" Section, row and seats...I'm going to go to that section tomorrow night and speak with a security guard....I'm going to see if the Row and seats that I falsely put here really exist, and I'll explain to the people sitting there, along with the security, about your threats, etc...just in case you do show up, these people need to know how to handle it the right way...I feel bad that I randomly used Rows and Seats that may exist, thus exposing someone to a lunatic like YOU!

But, be very, very careful...I may sit very close to that area...I may sit in Section 128 OR Section 110...wherever I sit, I have binoculars to see if anything happens.

So, again, just be very careful what you decide to do and who you decide to talk to/threaten at the game...IF you're even going! If you are, you might find yourself watching the game from your very own private room....oops, I mean CELL!!

OK, now I'm really, really bored with you...I've wasted way too much print on you and the likes of you.

Us CANES FANS have a game to attend...and we have a team to root for...and, WIN OR LOSE, we would never stoop to the level of lowness that you have stooped to.


Umike U are a moron and apearantly a coward .PLEASE stop wasting space on these blogs calling people out and then cowaring behind security. If this guy is not a fan then why would he be at the game? To beat you up? Pull those panties off and go commando for a change. Wah...Wah...Wah... I have 20 bucks that says you dont have seats.

Oh, and by the way , I'll be there 6 rows up at the 30 ,scetion 142 row six seat 5 if anybody wants to beat me up . And i'll be there with my boots on!

It is important that companies need to establish proper safety measures like grills etc.

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