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UM injury report for North Carolina

Time for this week's extremity report from UM before the Canes take on North Carolina Saturday night at Sun Life Stadium:

RB Storm Johnson - Lower Extremity
WR Tommy Streeter - Upper Extremity

QB Alonzo Highsmith - Upper Extremity

OL Joel Figueroa - Lower Extremity
CB Brandon McGee - Lower Extremity
DT Curtis Porter - Lower Extremity

Here is what UM coach Randy Shannon talked about after Thursday's walkthrough courtesy of the fine reporters on UM's Sports Information Staff.


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NO Lamar Miller.. this is a Great sign

What about Lamar?

I hope we have a good day saturday. A win would not exactly be a big win , but it will be a win.

Brandon McGee's injury is an "ego" and "feelings" injury after he got burned for that corner slant against FSU.

Extremity report, nice. Lol.

Make no mistake, A win again UNC would be a big win!!

A different i.d. but the same racist pig
No more talk Do the walk=seanwilson@hotmail.com

hope we have a good day saturday. A win would not exactly be a big win , but it will be a win.

Posted by: sidcane | October 21, 2010 at 07:26 PM


You truly made me laugh out loud. Please tell me you were joking...PLEASE!

So, if I understand where you are going with this even if the Canes win Saturday you don't want to give Randy and the kids credit, because it wouldn't be a big win.

Your post says it all regarding where some of you claiming to be Miami fans have gotten too. A win over our former head coach, who leads one of our ACC Coastal division opponents that would put us that much closer to the ACC Championship game is no big whoop.

Some of you people really do need to find a new team to hate...truly pathetic!

Sean Wilson is a stuck Pig. He will get his.

Sean Wilson's home address will be posted next... we know who you are now you ass-clown...

what the is going on. someone fill me in with sean wilson thing?

Please tell me this is true...PLEASE!

If it is true...let the games begin!!!

Wow well sorry pig its about time u got yours. As for win over north carolina it would be a big win in that this team has never beat a butch davis coached team. It would also be big in that theyd beat a team with a winning record this year. Maybe it woudl give them some confidence what woudl really be good is if jacory can stop throwing into double and tripel coverage and if they throw less deep passes run the ball and wrs catch the ball and they win. Because the offense has been out of sinc all year.

could you give the injury and NCAA ineligibility info on UNC?


This is how hypocritical some people are:

Rick Neuihiesl, coach of UCLA just got 60 pasted on his team by #1 Oregon/

Back in 2001, his then team Washington, ranked 17 or something, came to the OBand had 65 pts put on by the best team of alltime. Nieheisel (sp) made a HUUUGGEE deal abouthow unsportsmanklike UM was by running up the score, and blah blah, and how it was typical of miami and so forth.
Well, where is the outrage now, Ricky boy?
Difference is, UM had the 3rd string team scoring on your huskies back then.


Go canes. Beat Butch.

dont kid yourself this is a must win...

UNC is going to smack MIAMI in the face... nothing has changed....FIRE RANDY SHANNON, take J12 with u and we will win....I love my canes but i have to be realistic about this..UM's program is going down thanks to the leadership on and off the field.....

I'm not happy either with some of the results this year, but i would like to see us out coach a team in a big game just once. Our offensive play calling needs to be more cerebral and methodical in taking our time disecting a defensive instead of going for the home run. Can we set plays up ie. dolphins game last week TD fasano was a beautiful play and was set up by previous plays and execution was flawless...

Loooool @ jsmooth

I don't think u could find my home in that ghetto u live at

Don't look now but here comes UNC......looooool

Oh ya and for the record, lamespace blog is the worst ever. We got some lames over here whoosh whoosh. Lamespace, where all the bloggers think alike and ur called racist if u don't drink the kool aid. Ahahahahahahaha.


U think that randy is going to change anything on saturday? same crap every game.. big hopes, empty promises...NO results...by the way after saturdays game we will loose more recruits.... WE WANT CHANGE NOW... I HOPE J12 gets put down once and for all..... by the UNC D LINE. GO Canes

This season may be disappointing in the losses to OSU and FSU, but the fact is we can still get that FSU team again! I'm not confident either, but it isn't over until it's over. The defense has layed one egg this year...FSU...all the rest have been good games. The offense has moved the ball well but hasn't scored points because of turnovers. We went conservative against FSU and Duke thinking that if we didn't turn the ball over the game was ours. It worked at Duke, but noone foresaw our defense getting lit up like it did against FSU. We've been running the ball a LOT more lately, obviously because defenses are just taking away the long ball and our receivers are inconsistent, and our young o-line is getting better and better at grinding it out the whole game.

I've been watching the game highlights from the 2001 team the last few days on Youtube, and it seemed like even that team would run and run and would only score 3-7 points in the first quarter (against good teams mind you...not Rutgers) and then blow the game open in the second and third because of defensive turnovers leading to quick scores. We'd wear out the defense, and our defense got us position for quick scores. I think we're working towards the same scenario...run, be patient, and score off the turnovers. It's the last part we haven't done well.

I WANT FSU AGAIN, and we need to go through Butch, Beamer, and Johnson to do it. So I'm still rooting!

Good thing my ip addess shows up. Because all I'm saying (unlike jsmooth) is that Randy Shannon needs to be fired. I don't want anyone hurt. But, Randy Shannon needs to be released. If anyone of us were as horrible at our job as RS is at his we would be shown the door quickly.

Sooo, everyone on this blog contributes insightful and encouraging words and then an ass j smooth gets on and just spits venom and ignorance all over this blog. I find it very funny but he must really be a gator fan trolling here.

I believe UM will win the North Caroline game and I hope that win will spark a flame under those players. I hope coach Shannon don't burn Storm Johnson's redshirt. Tell me what you guys think about these position changes:

Mike James - FB
John Calhoun - TE
Ray Ray Armstrong - FS
Vaughn Telemaque - SS
Jamal Reid - CB
Kendall Thompkins - CB
Eduardo Clement - 3WR

Marcus Robinson - MLB/OLB

what the is going on. someone fill me in with sean wilson thing?

Posted by: emilio | October 22, 2010 at 12:32 AM

Apparently, the racist sicko Curse Piggy made a comment about using a noose on Randy Shannon, like he has done many times in the past. He first stole the ID of "the U is America's team", then shifted to another ID to agree with himself. Same stuff he does here.

But this time he did it on Canespace. They published his IP addresses (he used two different addresses, since he jumps from terminal to terminal when the 45 minutes is up) and the email he used, which was seanwilson523@hotmail.com.

Probably the IP address was some library, and the hotmail account was not his REAL email account, but seanwilson523 could be his real name, and May 23rd might be his birthday, and he is in the tri-county area.

Curse Piggy, you really wat to keep playing this game, or do you want to quit while you are behind but not completely exposed?

Sooo, everyone on this blog contributes insightful and encouraging words and then an ass j smooth gets on and just spits venom and ignorance all over this blog. I find it very funny but he must really be a gator fan trolling here.

Posted by: DMacUM09 | October 22, 2010 at 09:47 AM

Not only that, but after he CLAIMED to not be Curse Piggy in yet another disguise, I offered for him to post a message on the Sun Sentinel to remove that suspicion. He failed. It appears that he is exposed, right JSean?

JSmooth/u have no clue/2 star u/u is americas team/ every other racist post in the past= seanwilson@hotmail.com
They even exposed his facebook and he has Justin Beiber as one of his likes
That should pretty much sum up what the troll is all about
Your racism finally went to far and for you,the wrong person saw it

Like i said B-fore F... The gators... But is funny thats the only team u all keep talking about when i speak the truth about Miami's problems. unlike others i talk about the real issues MIAMI is facing right now..I bet next week u will not be found on this blog when Butch guts the canes wide open. I love miami but right now we need to open our eyes to wat the real problem is.. Fire RANDY SHANNON....until then all ur going to get is nothing but empty promises..Go canes

By the way all these kids are WANNA B's. They wear the U logo and they think they have the swagger.. without proving a D... thing. who we beat so far? Duke? wow the best high school team in the county can take care of that. who else? Pitt? yeah that is a high quality opponent? but these kids CAN NOT win at Home against FSU and then they want to brag about the swagger...Nothing but fraud...They will get beat again saturday at home....then all of u will see what i see..

Curse Piggy going lately by 2 star u, among other names:


IP addresses:
IP Address have Hostname 87.sub-174-221-233.myvzw.com
IP Address have Hostname rtp5-dmz-wsa-2.cisco.com

So, Curse Piggy, you gonna give up this racist tirade of yours?

Sean Wilson thats seanwilson523@hotmail.com still thinks by using the name J smooth he is going to fool people
Keep trying Sean

Canespace blog= Lamespace forever. Ur blog is pathetic tommy

i dont know who sean wilson is, but i am not him.... this blog is becoming just like the players in the field.... lame... why dont we talk about the issues on the field...? instead of chasing sean wilson...?

Looool @ j smooth. Lil boy tommy is lame like that sorry blog he is responsible for. If I were manny I wouldn't even answer 2 questions much less 5 questions.

On the issue about firing coach Shannon...I'm not sure if that's the answer. Remember UM have some depth in some positions now but is that quality depth or just another player? UM has some leak across the board in just about every position except MAYBE running-back. Now with that being said, coach Shannon does not have the top tier players across the board to win like UM fans are accustom to. They don't have the top players and that falls on the coaches. So firing coach Shannon topic is a double headed swored. Some of the blame should be on coach Shannon but some of it is on the players too. I agree with Dan Morgan and Lamar Thomas about the Canes needing leaders on the football field and so far UM doesn't have that guy. They will be better but unfortunately it's going to take more time and I'm not sure if coach Shannon has more time.


Hmm, I wonder if it is the same sean wilson?

What are the odds that "2 star u" AND "J smooth" would post one right after the other?

I guess we can take that as your answer, Curse Piggy.

i dont know who sean wilson is, but i am not him.... this blog is becoming just like the players in the field.... lame... why dont we talk about the issues on the field...? instead of chasing sean wilson...?

Posted by: J smooth | October 22, 2010 at 10:30 AM

The guy threatens to put a noose on the neck of our head coach just because he is black, and you want to just let it slide?

Chris Rainey threatened murder, too, and the cops got involved.

Maybe the cops should have a little talk with Curse Piggy for his murder threats as well.

How about that facebook account of yours Sean that was exposed showing you put Justin Beiber as one of your likes
If your racist rants and your name and info being shown to the world doesnt shut you up and keep you off these site then surely that bit of info would do it one would think


Actually lamespace freak I said it was reported that Dan Morgan called Randy Shannon in support and he dissedhim allegedly. My next comment was that the preverbial "noose" was tightening on Randy Shannon because the alumni is starting to turn on him some. It is funny to me because I'm a black guy. But to see a fat redneck like the lamespace idiots take offense to that is amusing. I stand by my words 100% but u best believe that Butch and his gang of hooligans are coming to whip up these choir boys., just u watch. If u want to see quality athleticism go watch Duke hoops with coach k he can pt on a coaching clinic.

And another thing tommy boy, that's why ur lamespace blog is whack, because u use innuendo and conjecture as fact. U will never win, u will never prosper.

Posted by: two star U says: | October 22, 2010 at 11:01 AM

I don't know. That blog gets more hits than any gator blog that I have seen.

Who is "tommy", sean?

Yeah, you are black, not according to your facebook photo.

Or does your skin color change like your IDs?


Curse Piggy, or is it Curse Chameleon?

Lol....that blog gets multiple hits by the same 9people tommy

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