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UM injury report for North Carolina

Time for this week's extremity report from UM before the Canes take on North Carolina Saturday night at Sun Life Stadium:

RB Storm Johnson - Lower Extremity
WR Tommy Streeter - Upper Extremity

QB Alonzo Highsmith - Upper Extremity

OL Joel Figueroa - Lower Extremity
CB Brandon McGee - Lower Extremity
DT Curtis Porter - Lower Extremity

Here is what UM coach Randy Shannon talked about after Thursday's walkthrough courtesy of the fine reporters on UM's Sports Information Staff.


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Posted by: two star U says: | October 22, 2010 at 11:01 AM

gator troll was exposed LMFAO! Did you replace the timmy poster with a justin poster above your cot.

Lets talk football...anyone interested? lets talk about how bad is randy shannon giving MAIMI a bad name...Move on Randy...ur not the one thats going to take us to the promise land.....

This is the last straw. I do not know who is running this show allowing all the blogs in but enough is enough. reading these posts is like kindergarden. This will be my last post. This blog is filled with rediculious statements by alot of foolish people and it has completely taken over this once fine place to come and read about the U but not any more. This site has to be vacuumed up. Wipe the slate clean and start over. Maybe then I will come back.

Dan Morgan didnt totally diss Randy Shannon. What he said when asked whether RS should be fired if Um doesnt play ina BCS bowl, was "we need to keep all options open". The whole statement was that he loved Randy Shannon, but some players arent being coached up and he is hsowing no emotions on the sideline, when he should. Buthe also said that on the field, players need to man up (sort of speak) and be their own motivators. He asked "how can you not get jacked up against FSU"? he aid the team needs leaders. On and off the field, and that it all starts with the QB.

Morgan said stop rotating the Defensive players inand out so much. He like many other UM greats was always on the field. hardly ever came out. he feels it disturbs rhythm.

Morgan is a true cane. he bleeds green and ornage. I can count on my fingers the numbers of players on this curent squad that I can say the same thing about.

LMAO! Wait you guys went and found his IP address, his FB account, and his e-mail address....rotfl! Great work! Miami Mafia style...I love it!

Lets talk football... lets talk how randy shannon is giving a bad name to the U. anyone interested?.....

Posted by: J smooth | October 22, 2010 at 11:29 AM

Go to gator clause and talk all the football you want troll.

I don't care about rah rah cheerleading players out on the field, I want to see results. We are undersized on the defense and when the speed isn't working we get pushed around. We need bigger LB's & de-tackles. We've done good defensively against the lame teams and against FSU& OSU we couldn't get the big stops. Offensively it's like watching a day time soap-opera (boring). We will, however, rise up for one week only and bust UNC 31-13.

J smooth does that stand for Justin Beiber smooth for your facebook account?
Dont even try to come in here and try to con people into saying your black when your scary picture on facebook cleary shows you are pasty white
You follow Justin Beiber and youre a racist
You have one messed up and lonely life
How do the Justin tats go over when you attend the rally?
You have to hide those dont you?

Lets talk football...anyone interested? lets talk about how bad is randy shannon giving MAIMI a bad name...Move on Randy...ur not the one thats going to take us to the promise land.....

Posted by: J smooth | October 22, 2010 at 11:29 AM

Funny, you forgot to capitalize the S in Smooth this time.

Tough when you keep changing IDs and personalities, Curse Piggy. How pathetic that you are so depserate to trick Canes fans that you change IDs even within the same conversation.

You wanna talk football? How about this: Make a FOOTBALL comment on the Sun Sentinel Hurricanes Blog, so that we know you are not Sean Wilson, the racist Gator troll.

You have had a whole day to do it, yet somehow you cannot. Must have been banned, JUST LIKE CURSE PIGGY.

Whose the racistnow solar! I guess u think a black man can't articulate what he feels. Just goes to show u that u can't teach a 90 old canes blogger new tricks.

Wayne, I am not sure how many comments you made here in the past.

However, once we get Curse Piggy out of here, we can get back to discussing football.

Feel free to lurk until he is finally banned and removed.

two star racist says:

"I guess u think a black man can't articulate what he feels. Just goes to show u that u can't teach a 90 old canes blogger new tricks."

This from a guy that claims he was glad he killed Bryan Pata, and is going to lynch Randy Shannon and Jacory Harris. This from a guy that accuses Randy of using ebonics and uses an ID of Marble Mouf. This from a guy that steals IDs and makes that ID say things the original ID user would never say. And this from a guy that claims he never reads Canespace but posts info from there, DAILY.

Is "tommy" the same as "solar"? And 90 years old? Much better than the 12 year old you are apparently hoping to become someday. Cmon Sean, we are giving you a chance to leave us alone, take it, sicko.

A real shame that your mother never taught you manners, Curse Piggy.

Two star got his feelings hurt. His fingers still hurt from getting the ban hammer.

Is this a football blog?
In response to the guy talking about Neuheisel, i think its pretty different considering we were throwing for TDs with 5 mins to go up 58-7 and Oregon was just running the ball last night and UCLA couldnt stop them. Plus we definitely were running the score up as revenge for giving us that crap loss that kept us out of the title game the year before. And i'm glad we did. Rick was prob just upset because he thought he had a chance in that game and was sorely mistaken. He knew he was a huge underdog last night and fighting a losing battle to begin with

Yes its a football blog and its a blog thats helping expose a racist scumbag that took many bloggers from this site because of his actions
It will again return to that blog as soon as the multiple id blogger known as Sean Wilson seanwilson@hotmail.com is gone from here
Its been a long time coming that this racist was shown for who he is and now pasty is paying for it

LOL! Wait, wait, wait....yall went and found his e-mail address, FB page, and IP address....dang! Miami Mafia!

Now We Know, make sure to list it as seanwilson523@hotmail.com, we wouldn't want a different sean wilson to suffer for hiscnamesake's racist behavior.

So, Sean, what do you do for a "living" that you can get on a cisco IP router for your racist attacks?

I did get that wrong and im sorry for that so I will repost it because it can never be put up enough now seanwilson523@hotmail.com
Sean, you make John Stockton look like he has a sunburn

The best way to get rid of these individuals from this blog is just to ignore them. Let them post what they want and just ignore them when they do. Ignore them enough and they will just get bored and give up. Your responses is exactly what they want. The more one gives them a reply, the more non-football crap they will post. GOOO! CANES! CAUSE MY YANKEES ARE BARELY HANGING ON.

Sean Wilson's home address will be posted next... we know who you are now you ass-clown...


Go Canes!!

Butch will give "CANDY RANDY" a coaching clinic. NC 27, Miami 14. Time for "CANDY RANDY" to start cleaning out his desk. The hiring of "CANDY RANDY" is a good example of hiring on the cheap and affirmative action does not work.

jra, I promise you that we tried that. He would then post AS us, insulting other people on here.

You have seen some of it in the recent past, I am sure. Let's picture him posting as "jra", saying rude things about Manny and Susan and Randy. Then someone responds to "you", defending them. You can TRY ignoring it, but if you do, then folks think that you DID say those things.

I would rather he just get banned and not have to worry about ignoring him, but since that isn't happening, it works better preventing him from pretending to be a Canes fan like when he posts as "the U is america's team" or "2 star U" or "J Smooth" or "Feral Cat".

Hopefully we can identify Sean "The Racist" Wilson's place of work (although, he appears to be unemployable), family, friends, neighbors and share with them what their boy has been up too. Additionally, let's be sure to get his story and contact information to the NAACP and other groups who might enjoy altering the racist's lifestyle...you know, put a limp in his walk...then we will see who is the marble mouf, eh Sean!?!?

markderbin is yet another id he uses
Yet it all equals up to seanwilson523@hotmail.com
How much more info do you want released Sean?

Heck The Canes should blow out UNC tomorrow since we are at home and our whole team is ready and they are playing with 2nd and 3rd teamers. There is no reason we should not win by at least 30 pts talent wise.

"championships is all that matters" is about as brainless as they come.

Yo wingnut!!! Everyone gets that you are trying to set expectations absurdly high so that even if Randy and the kids win tomorrow you can do your continual hatchet job.

Further, all Canes fans on this blog know you are not one of them and only post here trying to create hate.

Now run along pi$$ ant...

Sean is doing anything he can to get someone to be his friend on here
The racist has been exposed and is willing to use as many ids as he can until someone accepts him
seanwilson523@hotmail.com was bad enough but to see that you follow and have a liking for Justin Beiber is just down right scary

Bone dummy if U were a real Cane u would already know that the Canes are all about standards and expectations. Winning at Duke 28-13 and losing 45-17 to florida State is well below the Expectations and standards for our Canes. Oh and trust me Shannon will hatchet up the game tomorrow bad enough, he don't need any help screwing up. In fact that is the one thing that he does well. Later PI$$head

30 points at home is not that high of a standard or expectation especially when we are playing a team full of 2nd and 3rd team guys on defense. Heck a 30 pt win should be expected if we were playin against their 1st teamers, Oh I forgot 28-13 at duke was a tough place to play. Right. Where's your confidence in your boy, where's your swag. C'mon believe in your boy.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | October 22, 2010 at 08:35 PM
aka seanwilson523@hotmail.com
Enough with all the id changes
Dont you have to check that facebook account of yours to see if Justin sent you an update?

Wrong again dummy, Same Cat as always, Like I said where's your confidence in your boy? U sound like U have doubt that shannon can get the job done. Hey join the club.

win-out @ 10:36am-

I've heard of a "double-edged sword" but never a "double headed swored." That is pretty funny.

Boy? And who is it that you are calling boy?
Who are you talking about seanwilson523@hotmail.com the racist blogger who was finally called out when he went a little to far with the wrong person
IP address(both), email, facebook accounts all exposed
Now the racist cant hide
Its sickening to hear he has a crush on Justin Beiber

"championships is all that matters"...are you a moron or do you just play one on this blog.

Don't go running your mouth about my canes talking standards...you're a chump that doesn't know anything about Canes ball.

You think you're cute by stating the Canes should win by AT LEAST 30 points. You are not smart enough and certainly not man enough to try and throw one by a Canes fan. Just making that stupid statement reinforces what we Canes fans already know...you are not only clueless about the Canes, but you know even less about our opponents.

Let me educate you junior...many knowledgeable college football experts called this years Tar Heel team one of the best, if not the best in college football. Even after the suspensions North Carolina played the now undefeated LSU Tigers and should have won. The Tar Heels have a great QB, great running backs, 2 linebackers that will be 1st round NFL draft picks, a vicious defensive line, excellent secondary and one of the best coaches in college football.

So...run along pi$$ ant...go listen to your Justin Bieber CD's!

Hey Sean,

"Tell me how it's gonna be, George. Tell me 'bout the rabbits."

The folks at Shands are gonna wonder about you pretty soon....


Of course, in a total cowardly move, he shut down his facebook account.


Give me Sean Wilson's address and after tonight, he will never post again. Please, post it here. That Pig is living on borrowed time. His mother won't recognize him when I finish with him.

See what your racist rants caused Sean
Soon enough youre not going to be able to use a computer at all and then how are you going to be able to keep up on Justin?

His myspace id was being used elsewhere though...


Although I bet he will soon shut that one down, too.

So u are saying that our starters are not good enough to beat a UNC team full of 2nd teamers and 3rd teamers. Is that correct? Oh I know that UNC has a good coach, so by that statement U are saying he is better than YOUR boy? correct. Oh I am calling Shannon your boy, that is hardly being racist. Get U an education. dummy

Better be glad those players got suspended cause if not our team would be on the other end of the 30 pt. blowout.

Curse Piggy going lately by 2 star u, among other names:


IP addresses:
IP Address have Hostname 87.sub-174-221-233.myvzw.com
IP Address have Hostname rtp5-dmz-wsa-2.cisco.com

So, Curse Piggy, you gonna give up this racist tirade of yours?

Posted by: Canes over Gators, AP Agrees | October 22, 2010 at 10:19 AM

Just remember one thing now Sean, your racist rants arent really from behind your computer anymore
Spin it how you want, but you always make racist comments
We all know who you are now
Before you shut down another account did you ask Justin to come help you out with your problems

who is sean wilson?

This Sean Wilson stuff is stupid.


Nobody asked your opinion about it now did they Canesjunkie
You want to support Sean and his racist hate aimed at Miami thats your business
Jump on over to his facebook page and be his friend and share his Justin Bieber secrets
Go back to what you do best and bash everything that has to do with Miami while claiming to be such a great Hurricane fan
Your act is getting old and tired

HE's not bashing anybody, he's merely stating the truth. Try it sometime.

"championships is all that matters"...is aka: Sean Wilson.

Each time this twerp posts I feel like I've got something foul smelling stuck on the bottom of my shoe.

When reading his juvenile, idiotic observations my first reaction is to reach for toilet paper.

His stunning ignorance gives sub-morons reason to live.

He can stand next to a rotting, stinking, decomposing corpse and people will bury their heads in the corps finding that odor more tolerable than the stench wafting off his putrid body.

This guy is as close to being a Miami Hurricane as the dwarf Verne Troyer is to being a Harlem Globetrotter.

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