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Virginia thoughts, Shannon video

NEW YORK -- Devastating loss for the Hurricanes Saturday at Virginia. How devastating? We'll find out in the coming days.

Not only is quarterback Jacory Harris' status uncertain, but so is the direction of this program. One week they look like they're ready to get on a roll after an impressive home win against North Carolina. The next, they're down 24-0 to Virginia and scrambling in the fourth quarter just to stay in it. Are they ACC contenders? Or, just another mediocre football team?

Honestly, I'm done trying to make sense of this team. The only thing we know for sure is they're inconsistent, unreliable and maddening to watch for fans. At this point, the Canes are going to need a lot of help to achieve their goal of winning the ACC title. Even if they get that help somehow, which team is going to show up week to week? We have no clue.

If there was one positive to come out of this game, it was the play of freshman quarterback Stephen Morris in the fourth quarter. Yes, he threw two interceptions. Yes, this was only Virginia. But Morris rallied the Hurricanes in the fourth quarter and in my opinion is probably the best quarterback for Mark Whipple's offense (that includes if Jacory Harris is healthy or not). Morris was handpicked by Whipple out of Monsignor Pace, where he ran a pro style offense. Harris ran the spread from the shotgun at Northwestern.

I'm not saying Morris is going to be the best quarterback for this team right now or the rest of this season. He's still very green. But in the long run -- assuming Whipple is still here -- Morris is a much better fit than any of the other QBs on the current roster for Whipple's play-calling. 

Anyway, here is what UM coach Randy Shannon and center Tyler Horn talked about after the game. Video is courtesy of UM's Sports Info office.


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woa manny some harsh words.

It is a shame to see the lack of coaching leadership. To lose to a first year coach and a struggling team like Virginia is once again a clear sign of why UM needs a head coach that motivates, takes control, and delivers a consistency.

Shannon is a good person but a bad head coach. UM fans must demand more or the program will continue to decline.

Now you guys see why we Jacory in the game. It took 2 quaters for the other to qb's to get something going. You can kiss the season goodbye if Jacory is out for more than a game.

Whipple is the worst OC in D1. We ran the ball well and moved the chains whenever we would run, but he would kill drives by passing it all the time.

We have a huge O-line and some very good backs, but Whipple is a f'n joke. In Division 2 you pass every play and thats all he knows. He never called plays at this level.

need* two*

Memo to OuTkAsT305:

The season has been kissed goodbye. How does anyone think they'll beat the best coached team in the ACC (Virginia Tech) or Georgia Tech in Atlanta? This is an inconsistent and unreliable team. UM....M stands for mediocre team in a mediocre conference.

You are insane if U think that twig Harris needs to be in the game. I'm with U Manny, that kid Morris has the physical skills that Harris doesn't have and the brains too. Plus that kid hasn't done anything in practice but run the scout team. Morris is the best QB, his passes are on a rope and when he hasn't got anybody open he runs the ball. I can see why Whipple handpicked Morris himself. Get SHannon out of here now and let him take steve irkle's look alike with him.

HAHA, you guys suck!!! Not only are you not in the NC discussion, nor in the ACC championship discussion, you're not even in the best in Dade County discussion! Circle the wagons, figure out what you're gonna do and SHUT YOUR HOLES!!! HAHAHA, totally predictable! GO GATORS!!!!

This program is dying right before our eyes. These kids look like a bad HS team, not a Div. 1 college squad. The mistakes, penalties, INTs, and general disarray of this bunch is enough to make somebody want to pull their hair out by the roots. I thought Coker was an awful HC, but am beginning to think Shannon is even worse.

Boycott to happen for the 1st quarter of next saturday's game.

go to www.firecoachshannon.com

for details.

Manny your words are on point. If anybody thinks they're harsh, they can sit in the pre k section. Shannon should be fired now. Why waste time when this season is done.
Gary Patterson
Chris Peterson
Jim Harbaugh
Bobby petrino
Any of those 4 would have us undefeated in this conference and in contention for a National Title this year. Try and hire them.
We want wins not losers. And please, I am sick of hearing about Shannon's tough lifestory. Who gives a crap. Make a hallmark movie about it, give him the proceeds as part of his buyout and fire him.


What is the point in getting upset anymore? It is quite clear Miami is nothing more than a middle of the road ACC team and won't be any more than that until they get a coaching staff that knows how what they're doing. Unfortunately, it appears that the University is content with mediocrity.

It is shocking how unconcerned with winning titles Miami is now. Losing to a 1st year D-1 coaching staff and ACC bottom feeder is pathetic, even without your starting QB. This program is a far cry from the team I grew up with that did everything they could to win it all each year.

I will continue to watch the games and root for the Canes but I'm no longer going to live and die with each game because the University Administrators don't care.

this is what i meant by false "turn the corner" game.

its going to be very difficult to tell randy shannon he failed...

MJH, I have to admit I agree with everything U said. It's a sad day to be a miami hurricane.

well said MJH

Heck if he doesn't know he's failed, who graduated Shannon, because he is the epitamy of a Failure.

manny, honest opinion... is this the end of the miami hurricanes football program as we know it(as an elite title contender year in and year out)?

because NO ONE except the fans seem to care that we're nothing more than an average ACC team...

Tommy Streeter is 6'6" and we throw alley oops to Travis Benjamin at 5'10" Who knows how much talent is sMtting on the bench.
Stephen morris hopefully will play the rest of the season to get him ready for next year. Harris is mentally and physically spent right now. He needs to sit.

Fellow Canes Fans,

Do you realize that entering today's game, the only W's that UVA had recorded were against 1) Richmond, 2) Virginia Military Institute, and 3)Eastern Michigan??

In essence, it was as though UVA was sooooooo bad, that they could only defeat 1-AA teams this year!!

And then our beloved 'Canes go play them and get humiliated?!??!??!??

This is another shocking and pathetic loss. Our team is filled with a tremendous amount of talent, and Shannon is not developing it. And I'm sure many of you have noticed- we're going nowhere on the recruiting front too.

It's painful to say it-- as I've been a Canes fan since 1987-- but what might be best for the team IN THE LONG RUN is to lose a few more games the rest of the way. That way, Shannon will hopefully get fired.

I've been patient with Shannon for 4 yrs, but it's obvious to me that he will never be able to get the job done.

Did you all hear what Tyler Horn said at the end of his video clip (above)?

When asked "what changed in the 4th quarter" in today's game, he responded that this is when they guys started to play hard.... when they started believing... when they started to really play football.... but that you can't play for only one quarter.

Does everyone out there agree how MESSED UP that is? If the players aren't "believing" and aren't "playing hard" until the 4th quarter- something is VERY, VERY WRONG with the the coaches entrusted to get them motivated, excited, and prepared to play on game day!


This is sad thatthe U football program finds itself at this stage...

Not what we expected for this season.

I feel bad for the players, Randy and the fans. The U is far from being back.

The first big challenge for Kirby Hocutt...Restore the U football program.

Gary Patterson
Chris Peterson
Jim Harbaugh
Bobby petrino

If you think even one of the coaches you listed above would consider coaching here you simply haven't followed the history of the program. As a matter of fact if the question was posed to them they would break out in laughter at the mere thought of taking the job.

Before Randy's hiring UM put on retainer the country's top expert on NCAA college football coaches (his name escapes me) to review and recommend the best candidate for the job. After several weeks the guy reported back and basically said no coach with any real successful track record will even consider the position because they know unless they win every game and the national championship every season the fans down here will be calling for their heads.

Many of the fans down here thought is was great sport to destroy Larry Coker, much like what is currently being done to Randy Shannon, but most all of the movers and shakers of college football (Athletic Directors, Head Coaches, retired coaches, etc) respect Coker and were appalled at the treatment he recieved, especially based on his incredible record while here.

That is why no sane coach with an impressive track record would take the head coaching job as UM has become known as the place that head coaches go to die...and soon to be known as the place assistant coaches go to die as well!

My comments should not be interpreted as a review of the job Randy has done, only a stark reminder that replacing him will be tougher for UM than winning its first ACC title.

This is crazy...so many people are ready to just be content with just what ever happens. If we as a collective group of loyal fans don't even consider having our voices heard...shame on us all. I have been a Canes fan since the late 70's. Talk about painful. I have endured the Good, Bad and the Ugly. Even I get upset but do not consider writing this team off. Yeah they say he's been at the helm for 4 years, he does not know how to cultivate talent an so on and so on. Like Obmana is always saying...look what he inherited. Larry Coker single handedly damaged the recruiting potential for the U. It does not come back over night guys. I will say one thing about todays game...the future is bright for S. Morris at the U. I saw a little bit of Jim Kelly, Gino and Testaverdi. This boy in my humble opinion should start the remainder of the season and lets use the remainder of the season to assess what talent we really have and to see what sleepers are riding the pine.

The Shannon era and "J12" experiment must come to an end...

miami football
Miami will never be on top with Shannon at the helm!!

The HC is only as good as his top assistants. I just don't understand our play calling and inconsistent play at linebacker. We were controlling this game with our running then comes these long ball throws. Why? We throw when we should run and we run when we should thow. This is the consistent tune in each of our games. The QB needs to be able to run. Then our linebackers: they continue to miss coverages, miss tackles and find themselves too often caught behind the play. I can no longer watch this them with an expectation that we will when. We need to run run run run run run run run............

Only the most ardent and delusional shannon supporters could speak out in his defense at this point. This ship has sunk!!! Randy was given his chance and he blew it!!! Time to move on and find a new coach to lead this program. If there is even a shread of truth to what barry jackson said that shannon is going to be retained and the administration is happy with eight win seasons then I am cancelling my season tickets. We as Canes fans must let Donna Shalala know that this is totally unacceptable and a change must be made or she is not getting our money. Unite Canes fans and make your voices heard. www.firecoachshannon.com

Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run if we want to Win. Whimple needs to change his play calling strategy now. Everyone saw this coming for J12. Too bad for the kid. Also, how did Whipple earn the backup spot. It was not there for him. Despite all this I still have faith! Go Canes!

dont like how the season is going hope we have a new QB might save somebodys AS?

The reason Schiano did not want to come here is because the talent level was not there in his opinion, plus he had convinced himself he could win at Rutgers. Well that experiment failed him. The Canes job not long ago was a 5 year springboard to a NFL head coaching job. You know guys like JOhnson, Erickson, Butch Davis and even Schnellengberger was set for a pro head coaching job before the league flopped. Looks like my knowledge of UM history is better than yours.

Anyone of the coaches I posted above would come here, what would it hurt to inquire? Not to mention that they are not the only headcoaches that are better than the joke of a coach we have. They are just the top 4 on the list.
Every big time program has a rabid fan base that loves their team a doesn't accept losing. Don't believe me take a look at Florida's, Alabama's, USC, Texas, Oklahoma's, Michigans fans reactions to losing and enept headcoaching. They are just as brutal as ours.
The Fans here are not the problem its the coach, administrator and few retards that defend a loser in Shannon.

the secret to getting 1st downs on miami is throwing to which ever tightend that colin mccarthy is covering.

a throw to mccarthys man =1st down.

also not going for 2 points when its 24-12 is unacceptable.

too many dropped passes by recievers.

What a lousy loss. Even before Harris' injury, the Canes looked flat and were being pushed around by UVA. It is as if the team is disinterested and can't get motivated. Given decent talent, this falls on the coaches, particularly the head coach. These guys are unable to motivate this team with any measure of consistency. Shannon is a fine defensive coordinator and, I am sure, a good man. But UM needs a big-time motivator and recruiter as head coach. And the sooner the better.

Who said we are going to get 8 wins with Shannon coaching? We still have Maryland, Gerogia Tech, Virginia Tech, and South FLorida left to play. Not to mention South Florida is coached by Skip Holtz. U know Lou's son. I'd be surprised if we win any of those games.

@championships is all that matter: you need to get a life. Go out on a date or something. "retard".... you wish

"The reason Schiano did not want to come here is because the talent level was not there in his opinion, plus he had convinced himself he could win at Rutgers."

You are now just making stuff up that is absurd...Schiano knows better than anyone how rich the talent level is in the Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe counties. That is not at all why he didn't come here--he knew darn well he would get better support by the Rutgers fans to allow the building of a program that would never come from the UM fan base.

Your comments are part of the problem as you make things up that do not address the real problems and only mislead people. In other words...you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

For the record I was bouncing off walls watching today's debacle and believe the preperation and coaching was deplorable.

If RS is kept around for another year then Whipple must be fired. His play calling continues to mystify me with a potentially BRUISING running game at his disposal he continues to channel his inner Al Davis and go for the deep pass when J12 arm is better suited for the 10 to 15 yd. range at best. I said after the FL. St. game that Shannon has to win out bowl game included to keep his job, but since he has the backing of the Pres. then whole sale changes need to be made on his staff starting with the OC.

No big time coach would come here because they know UM won't invest in the program (contract, facilities, etc). It has nothing to do with how bad UM fans are (which we are). If Miami threw out a real contract with real money to a proven name like Petersen, they would come. Miami is a beautiful city, campus, school, with a huge recruiting advantage. All big-time programs have rabid unrealistic fans. It's just they all don't have cheep athletic departments. We get what we pay for, Coker, Davis, Shanon, Haith. These are all examples of UM going to Wallmart for head coaching. The last proven commodity UM had was Dennis Erickson who was a huge success in the northwest before he came. He won 2 NCs and lost and played for 2 more in a span of 5 years. Before that JJ was a success at OSU. Nothing to do with fans, everything to do with money. Fork over the cash and a good coach would come.

That "no money" story is a fan created myth...the reason no big money has been offered is because no big time coach will come to the table...and despite your eloquent rebuttal, they won't come here because the UM fan base has gone off the tracks.

Why did everyone love whipple and hate him now. I am sad and disappointed in the team, but I am still a fan. Shannon can be the guy, things can work out. We need to keep supporting the team not bashing at every chance. I care about the canes and I want wins always. Randy OS who we got now and as a fan I hope randy wins we will never get a big name coach. I still have faith in this team.

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I'm a true Cane fan so I've been pulling for Shannon as the leader of this program, but the same song is getting old. As a head coach how long does it take you to realize that the offensive coordinator's play-calling (pass happy) and the poor decision-making and high school arm of Jacory really handicaps this team. Whipple has a great align of formations, but his play-calling is at a FCS level. I mean really every pass doesn't have to be at least 15 yards down the field and sometimes you have to just stick with the run. Jacory no matter how many times you try throwing into double coverage deep it is not a good idea. He made those same mistakes as a freshman and still does it in his junior year. Then of all things as poor as Jacory has played this year, Randy wants to blame the receivers. I thinks its an insult to us fans when we see the stupid mistakes every Saturday that harris is making and you try to tell us something different. OK coach let's say the receiver are at fault why do you keep putting the same receivers in when we have such a deep core? Probably because they aren't the problem!! You can't name 5 teams in the country that have as much talent at that position as the Canes do. Although, I can't understand why Aldarius Johnson gets on the field as much as he does. Anyways back to the main point, there are a few crucial points that keep hurting this team since Randy has been in charge and many of these things are not initially Randy's fault, but the fact that he has failed to fixed is. That is the head coach's job to be the overseer and correct problems. The reoccurring issues show that Randy is not fulfilling his duty.

We tried to tell'em Arty ...

Shannon must go!

I cant believe im gonna do this. I remember a guy who became head coach at texas his first 5 years he went 1-4 against oklahoma fans were yelling for his head. He had a qb named chris simms who never seemed to develop past a certain point. Everyone wanted this man fired. So what did he do. He went out won a national title has beating oklahoma consistently as of late. Yes mac brown took time to make texas a national champ it took him over 5 yrs. He did it though. Give randy time. And those texas teams were inconsistent too. They woud lose to k state and others besides oklahoma. Same went with stoops when he took over the sooners. So give the man a chance hes done a good job rebuilding the talent base. I agree morris is gonna be ab etter qb then jacory. It was nice to see a guy overthrow benjamin not underthrow him. If j 12 cant come back it may be best for miami in the long run. And for this season. J 12 if he cant play the next few games due to what looked like a major concussion to me might get wally pipped or todd heltoned. Im frustrated with this team also. But losing your starting qb when it was 0-0 took some of the fight out of this teams d. I give them alot of credit for almost coming back and winning.

when they think of shalala, does anyone else picture a gremlin who just guards a stolen pot of gold in a dark cave somewhere? lol

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Posted by: No Mo | October 31, 2010 at 02:23 AM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/10/virginia-thoughts-shannon-video.html#ixzz13vKoBEr8

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WELL SAID NO MO.....hahahahahahaha

I cant wait to hear the alumni tear this version of canes football up...it should be interesting

Just like i said years ago, the reporters around here know what the real story is. They can smell a farce when they smell it. All the criticism that Manny, Jorge, and Shandel was throwin out was somethin I believe they had knowledge of that the fanbase was delusional on. We have been lulled to sleep with mediocrity folks and now our chickens are coming home to roost.

Its pretty simple this team was not ready to play against FSU. Then again this week not ready to play. THATS COACHING!! Another assistant coach who is not a good head coach in Randy Shannon. You can see something is missing with this team. coaching. Too much talk by the players not enough leadership on the field. This is going to hurt recruiting. Achange needs to be made now.

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