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Virginia thoughts, Shannon video

NEW YORK -- Devastating loss for the Hurricanes Saturday at Virginia. How devastating? We'll find out in the coming days.

Not only is quarterback Jacory Harris' status uncertain, but so is the direction of this program. One week they look like they're ready to get on a roll after an impressive home win against North Carolina. The next, they're down 24-0 to Virginia and scrambling in the fourth quarter just to stay in it. Are they ACC contenders? Or, just another mediocre football team?

Honestly, I'm done trying to make sense of this team. The only thing we know for sure is they're inconsistent, unreliable and maddening to watch for fans. At this point, the Canes are going to need a lot of help to achieve their goal of winning the ACC title. Even if they get that help somehow, which team is going to show up week to week? We have no clue.

If there was one positive to come out of this game, it was the play of freshman quarterback Stephen Morris in the fourth quarter. Yes, he threw two interceptions. Yes, this was only Virginia. But Morris rallied the Hurricanes in the fourth quarter and in my opinion is probably the best quarterback for Mark Whipple's offense (that includes if Jacory Harris is healthy or not). Morris was handpicked by Whipple out of Monsignor Pace, where he ran a pro style offense. Harris ran the spread from the shotgun at Northwestern.

I'm not saying Morris is going to be the best quarterback for this team right now or the rest of this season. He's still very green. But in the long run -- assuming Whipple is still here -- Morris is a much better fit than any of the other QBs on the current roster for Whipple's play-calling. 

Anyway, here is what UM coach Randy Shannon and center Tyler Horn talked about after the game. Video is courtesy of UM's Sports Info office.


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Just another CANE game day where our very talented players showed up with no leadership.I have all the faith in the world in these gritty players who show up, play hard and can not get it together. This is a management issue!

I just have a few questions.
Why when we are driving in the 2qtr with 2 time outs left with 22 seconds and whipple's son @ qb we dont call a timeout? we got the 1st down we still would have 1 left oh i forgot this kid ran the no huddle @ umass scout team he was qualified...
Why if Morris is the 2nd best qb he did not come in the game when j12 went out? coaches do we know our own talent level????? fire the whole damn staff starting with the president this is b.s. were becoming the laughing stock of college footbal!!!!! WOW!!!!!!
Unf@#$%^ BELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fitting J12 got hurt while throwing an interception

Offense, Defense, special teams: all are sub par when it counts. Are all the coaches to blame?

The problem is we need a new regime. When Butch left he took the brightest coaches, other bright coaches actually left for better jobs. So Coker was left with scraps, those not able to better themselves outside the program, like Randy. Then the cycle continued with Randy's hiring.

If we were to let Shannon go, would any team hire him as head coach? Look who hired Coker. If you think he is one of the bright young coaches in football he should stay.

We will not hire away any coach from any major league if his team is in the top third of the conference, but there will be the Mike Leach's of the world who would love to step up to the national stage.

look all fans get used to mediocraty ol donna just said that 8 wins and standford level grad rates are good enough. plus they have already shown the fact they dont want to pay for a big money coach. look at all the coach's we have lost because we would not pay them. have u seen the u documentary shalala is the 2nd coming of tad foote.

This article about Shalala backing Shannon is really puzzling. She's okay with 8 wins a season? Wow. When there are 20,000 people in an 80,000 seat stadium she's okay with that? I mean at what point does the money lost from lack of ticket sales and interest in this team outweigh loyalty? Shannon is a failure. A better has this group contending for a National Title. The talent is there. There is NFL talent all over the field. Yet we lose miserably to a bad Virginia team because our coaches don't know how to motivate this young men.

I love The U, I been a fan since birth, and for all you Cane haters, it is NOT about being a fan one week and NOT the other! Stop talking crap about The U! Support the Canes, love the Canes, and go ahead and hate Shannon and Whipple, but who's freaking fault is it, that Jacory has NOT developed, or that Streeter has NOT developed, or that our defense is not developing? It is NOT the kids or the U, plain and simple it is the fault of Shannon, Whipple, and Lovett, they truly are awful! But no matter if the Canes are in Division II, I love the Canes!

Stay hopeful the Canes will be back!!!!

It seems like Donna and Randy are OK with things. No ACC Championship, No National Titles. This is not a good situation. It's not a good team. And it's surely not for fans.....

For all of U out there who have been supporting shannon I hope ur eyes were open saturday... because it does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out .. i mean it was written in stone last week... when the U struggles against DUKE last week...and shannon calls it "bouncing back" U know we are in trouble and it was a matter of time before the truth is exposed again.. SHANNON SUCKS as a head coach.. fire that sorry.. Bas....

J12 i am glad u got ur a... smacked the way u did.. it was about time someone took ur a... out of the game, since randy is to stubborn to do it.. i hope u never come back...cuz we dont need a little P... who stays in the pocket ALL the time and wont run to gain 3 or 4 yards...

I used to be a Shanon supporter. That's no longer the case. He has to go.

HOWEVER, part of the problem is U President Shalalalala!!

We need to get Shanon out, and get a Coach that can win National Championships.

Shanon is NOT that person.

FIRE RANDY SHANNON fans speak up now or for the next 4 years u will be getting more of this circus sideshow...stop spending ur money on this team until change is made.. speak out lound and clear this is not the U we all know.. so change is a must NOW!!!!!!

FIRE SHANNON now... our canes get a beat down from a team who has not had an ACC win all season...

We destroyed UVA last year and our team is supposed to be better this year. That's the proof right there. The program has regressed this season. We came out flat with little emotion. Where is the consistency from one game to the next? Where was all the juice and energy from the UNC victory? And the outcome would have probably been worse if Jacory played the entire game. Ugh, very hard to stomach and watch.

it is understandable for fans to be frustrated with this team because of their inconsistency and what seems to be a lack of preparation. and that comes down to the coaching. at shannon's level and his position coaches. they seem incapable of making adjustments to counter what the opposing offenses do against them. with their own offense they lack any continuity with the play calling and what strengths the team has. run the ball. but not by rotating three running backs without letting one get 18-20 carries consistently and getting into a rhythm. god forbid. then reintroduce cooper into the rotation so now you have four tailbacks. continue to try the long vertical passing game knowing full well that your quarterback does not have the decision making ability or the arm strength to consistently complete that pass. steve walsh wasn't very strong and um thrived on a short passing attack letting the receivers do their damage after the catch. ken dorsey did not have cannon for an arm but certainly did not throw into quadruple coverage, duped over and over again. did it really require live action to know that spencer whipple cannot play d1 college football? bring in your 4th string qb and have him throw a fade pass into the corner, a pass that requires repetition and timing and familiarity with the 1st string receivers. and have him throw it to your SHORTEST receiver!
yes shannon is a nice man, an admirable man, a mentor, an educator, a role model. and these are all the things he should be. it does not mean the school, the administration and the fans have to accept mediocrity as well. he is also a football coach of a football team fighting to stay relevant and he needs to produce. at the college level the inconsistencies and lack of organization and preparedness goes back to the coaching and that is what needs to change.

maine cain,
it was 14-0 before the offense came back on the field with Whipple.

No Mo,
Pretty creative.

Everyone else...i cant argue.

High expectations, then disapointment is getting to me...
VT 09
Clemson 09
NC 09
and now Virginia...really??

I wont get into the Int's, penalties, dropped balls, special teams play, or undisciplined defense...

I wont get into the Defense, where, after all was said and done we needed a stop. 1 stop. One 3 and out season saving stop against VIRGINIA, to get that ball back...

In the end we have to judge this team by wins, and who've they beaten. As you know, North Carolina beat William and Mary by 3 points this week.

No more "win out" predictions...please.

We are an average team right now.

go 'canes?

Another question. Did Cain even play yesterday? He had that monster game against Duke and then Colin came back and he doesn't get back on the field. WTF?

Stop going to the games... then this administration will know that when they are loosing money.... is time for a change

Randy does not need to be fired .... he needs to be moved to D cord. Hire a HC and play Morris . I saw glimpses of former great QB's when he got into his groove . On a couple of those passes I thought they put Dorsey in . Morris needs experience for next year, play him and I'll bet we dont lose another game the rest of the season. The players responded to him and he responded to the players. After touchdowns vs. UNC I saw jacorey run to the recievers like he was going to chest bump them then he stopped 10 yrds short and went to his cave. Morris is the best Leader we have on this team. That kid almost pulled it out down by 24 with 2 qtrs playing exp. All starters on the recieving corps will catch more balls with him at QB. If randy would just let jacorey go I think things will turn for the better.

Jacory Harris is terrible!! He is a major part of the problem.. Play Stephen Morris from here on. If Jacory is the QB, Miami may not win another game!!!!

I hate to say this, but Whipple has sabotage the season with his play calling. He calls to many pass plays in the red zone when the running game is working. Whipple always go away from plays that work. His play calling is so predictable to the point you can see it coming in the stands.

PS: Please stop putting these kids on the same level as the players of old. We have the video generation kids who don't know what it take to win in adverse conditions. I thought Shannon recruited ball players!!!! This team is too soft!! I was at the game, and I witness this team play with no heart or effort to win until the 4th gtr. I never seen football players slipping or falling as much as this team did on Saturday. Most of the big plays against Miami came as a result of players slipping or falling down. This team was not prepared for the conditions of the field, which led to alot of tentative play on both sides of the line. It was the worst I've seen of our line play all year!!!! It was very tough to sit there and watch the effort of players and coaching staff.

MaineCaine...I'm in Texas and I totally agree with that. The fan base wanted Mack Brown gone by 2003, especially after they lost to Oklahoma by roughly 50 points for the second time in four years. What changed for Brown was that he got a much better DC and was able to develop a superlative talent (Vince Young).

I am tired of players talking of regret that they didn't play for an entire game, that they were embarassed, that it was their fault, that they never want this to happen again. They should take all of the comments made after Ohio State, FSU, and all the other setbacks in the last two years and read them right before they play each game. Otherwise I don't want to hear it.

Demote randy to Dcord. Morris needs a promotion to STARTER. Aubry Hill must go , Most of the dropped passes are catchable. And why is streeter not playing? Recruits see favoritism and they know no matter how bad someone ahead of them is playing they will not get pulled. All this time Highsmith was #2 and next yr there's talk of him going to D?Players need to be played at the position they were recruited at. Dont be afraid of change. I always thought shannon should have stayed on D and pulled for him the first couple of years anyway. He , in my opinion , should stay with the team . Just not as head coach. This team has glaring problems across the board.

Please fire Randy Shannon or risk losing fans and recruits.


Shannon knows he has problem, but doesn't know how to fix it...Bad news! Worse news is the Shalala doesn't know she has a problem. Doesn't she realize how important the Miami's play is to University funding? What the hell does Shalala know about marketing and promotion? I'm mean, you watch a lame team, then the same old Shalala voice over commercial from four years ago. Even the ad is getting it wrong! From a town like Miami?! Give me a break! She says "It's all about the U", but its really all about Shalala! They both need to go!
That said, Morris looked great!

No emotion and no coaching ! Why have we not improved? Players show no fire . How can they not be fired up? We have more talent than most of the teams that have beaten us? Coaches need to be held accountable PERIOD!William and Mary almost won@UNC which takes away from our BIG(LOL) win last week . We have fallen far from college footballs elite and doesnt look like we will be rejoining them any time soon UNLESS some changes are made . UM is becoming the whipping post of the ACC . SAD that the program has reached this level of MEDIOCRITY! Been a CANES fan for 27 yrs and cant remember a less motivated and uninspired team!

I am so tired of no nothing fans posting no nothing comment. The post on coaches who would come here is naive, and without knowledge. First and foremost, the U can't pay coaches what a state school can pay them. Just can't. That why the coaches mentioned would not come. Second the U's facilities are second rate. From the weight room to no on campus stadium. The last coach to leave for the NFL was almost 10 years ago. Please live in the present.

One coach that might be available is Mike Leach. I'm not sure this administration would hire him though. I'm not sure any college administration would hire him, he comes with much too much baggage. The present is that RS has not been an effective coach. He should be gone. But be careful you may get what you ask for. The recruiting strategy is terrible, RS is terrible with the press, his game day coaching leaves something to be desired. But he does have some good qualities, this is a learning institution, like it or not, and he does graduate his players. He doesn't have thugs on the team, and like it or not that's important. BUT he has not won in 4 years, that's enough time, he needs to go.

BOARD OF TRUSTEE'S HAVE TO GET BALLS AND FIRE THE PIECE OF CRAP SHALALA. When I read her comments that her Main goal is to have kids avoid going to jail and graduate, great, another liberal who does not want to win and is always apologizing. SOUNDS LIKE SOMEONE WE KNOW???HUSSEIN OBAMA.

Sorry U alumni, SHANNON was hired because he is black, a former player and a NICE GUY. Too nice, no emotion at all on the field, to concerned to show his temper to the world, the heck with his team.

I agree however that we found the Q for the U in Morris, sorry JH time to switch to DB.

Whoever posted that Dennis Erickson was a big success in the Northwest, was dead wrong. He came to Miami after 2 years at Washington State. He had a 12 and 10 record there. Before that he was at Wyoming for a year with a 6 and 6 record there. He is the typical Miami hire. A coach who is not at a major program, that may have hidden talent. Jimmy Johnson was the same way. He came to the U after 4 years at Oklahoma State, his record was a few games over .500 when he got here. Like it or not these are the types of coaches the U hires. Some work out, some don't.

Chris Peterson, Bobby Petrino, and the rest will not come here.

The writing is on the wall.

Whipple is an arrogant stubborn s-o-b, and it is impossible to believe what the fans are clamoring: That we have a stable of rb studs who get 4+ yds per carry,, and we should control the clock, and that J12 cannot throw the deep ball, and that his long passes have been drive killers since LAST SEASON!

Why can't he see that?

Why won't he see that?

And the D coord._ Again, another game, where an inferior talent team kills us with little dump passes to the tight end. Why wont he adjust (wisky did it to us all night in the bowl last year)!

So at the very least, Shaneh neh should give RS one more year and he should fire Whipple and Lovett in the off season. Bring in coordinators that can develop this talent.

Then, if we cannot win the NC next year and are still far off, RS should be fired. I am willing to give him one more year only if recruiting stays good. So far, the 2011 recruiting is awful.Accoring to most opinions, UM is like 23, or soemthing and has very few commits. Every week, it's FSU, UF or alabama getting a verbal from some 4 star or 5 star stud. Nothing on the UM recruiting front.

ATLgator- don't be so full of yourself. The turds beat a horrible Georgia team. In fact, Richtis probably goingtoget the pink slip as well.

By the way, on the defensive front, why inst Lovett blitzing more? Um used to be, under RS, a blitz happy team. In the 4th q, when we were making a comeback, he allowed the Va Qb to sit there and throw the dump passes to the TE that gave them the first downs on 3rd and 9. That was soooooo unacceptable. he had no pressure and the TEs where wide eff--in- open!

TAHT is why BOTH Whipple and Lovett must be fired.

And Whipple should take his little scout team player home with him.

geez, thsi reminds me of the probation years, with ryan Clement, Kenny Kelly, and Crudup.

Please we need a QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mike33076 makes a good point. The recruiting strategy does not make sense. Why would we recruit spread offense QB's for a proset offense? Morris is from a proset and obviously made the transition well. Plus, he has a stronger arm that J12 and Wipple. I am interested to see who starts next week.

This injury report or lack there of, tells us nothing. Also, RS needs to let his QB's be available to the media and answer some questions. It would help them grow up a little too.

``He can't get away with winning five or six games,'' said a second Board of Trustee member. ``But if they win eight games every year, as long as the kids keep graduating and stay out of trouble, that's most important to Donna. He's got her full support.''

We are going to be a terrible team while Shannon is coach.

Don't be so hard on Whipple. I agree that he has made some bad calls but he also benched his son yesterday in favor of Morris. Tough to do when it is your own kid. Lets hope they let Morris start now and grow the rest of the season, since it is obvious we wont get to the ACC championship game.

Is it wrong for me to not be surprised at them losing to a team like Virginia?........................................that really pi$$es me off!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHA, you guys suck!!! Not only are you not in the NC discussion, nor in the ACC championship discussion, you're not even in the best in Dade County discussion! Circle the wagons, figure out what you're gonna do and SHUT YOUR HOLES!!! HAHAHA, totally predictable! GO GATORS!!!!

Posted by: ATLGator | October 31, 2010 at 12:10 AM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/10/virginia-thoughts-shannon-video.html#ixzz13wt4Q17h

How much do you guys wanna bet this troll disappears after next weeks gator loss???

One win against the Georgia Poodles and this homer starts talking crap, lol.

Good luck to your 6-6 gators, you'll have plenty of mediocre years to come.

Jump pass???? bunch of high school plays Urban Cryer runs will never ever work again.

The post-Tebow era has begun!

The facts shown it. Miami need a new head coach. To much talent and no results.

Manny and Susan,

Please just provide your reporting of the team, and get rid of this blog. The true U fans don't want to hear this mess coming from people who do not know anything about coaching and performances. In the past, the U never surrounded its success through an offensive coordinator and QB. We had a solid defense, hard nose running game, and tops in special teams. Kosar, Torreta, Walsh, and Dorsey were never the main players. If you watched the documentary, the coach never went looking for a QB!
The reason the Dolphins could not win, because too much focus on Marino! No name defense, running game, and solid special team won championship!
Just report the facts...not your opinion! We lack a solid defensive line, middle LB, and play making strong and free safeties period. The U always had an agressive running game, and play action off of it period. To be honest, neither of the above QBs would be successful with this type of play calling too. We will get Morris kill too!
Just put the best on the field, and it must start on the defensive side of the ball. Nevertheless, let's not over rate these players based on high school stats. I will not fire this staff, because they are making subtle progress by building responsible young men. The players are put in the right position, but not making plays on defense.

mainecane - I hear you loud and clear and in many ways agree with you, but this team has more talent than those Texas teams of Mac Brown's first 5 years. We are not getting the most out of our players and that's colossally frustrating. But I do see your point and think it's a good one. Well said sir.

Let's be honest with Championship's list:

1) Gary Patterson...Good head coach but will only leave TCU for a contract over $3 million which UM is not going to pay. This one I'll give you

2) Chris Peterson...Again, good head coach but has already turned down other head coaching jobs. Says he wants to stay at BSU. Plus his two predecessors (Dan Hawkins and Dirk Koetter) aren't doing too well.

3) Jim Harbaugh...Talk about finding a diamond in the ruff. He came to Stanford from U of San Diego (a non-scholarship football program) The only place he'd leave Stanford for is Michigan (his alma mater)

4) Bobby Petrino...Yeah right! This guy is a joke! You're telling me you would want this guy as our head coach!?!? He's a notorious nomad. He can't commit to anything. Just ask the Atlanta Falcons.

ill be at the game saturday. comming fron orlando, im goingvto boycott the first quater. everyone needcto say outside till the second quater starts. we needcto send a message that werecsick off this crap and there needs to be a change

Hey Tony, We want to hear their opinion. What about a reporters perspective on the team? How frustrating it must be for them when the injury report only says upper or lower extremity and some of the players are not allowed to talk to the press? Gimme a break. They need to grow up.

You come on the blog and tell them to get rid of it, then post your opinion of what the team should do?........ok?

And yes, the QB is an important position at the U. It is not a coincidence that we were known as QB U for a long time. So, yes it is a major focus of our team and its proset offense. Our coaches did go looking for QB's. Dorsey from California, Walsh from Minn, Kosar from Ohio, Kelly from Pennsylvania. I would say thats looking for QB's.

I will agree however that we need to improve our running attack and punish team a little bit more though.

in miami this doesn't fly
if randy truly bleeds orange and green, he'll leave tomorrow, because he's destroying this program every second he stays.

Boycott. There is a boycott being organized by Cane fans for next week's home game vs Maryland. Let's raise enough noise to get ESPN to take notice. If the media jumps on this it may put pressure on the Miami administration to take notice. WE ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THIS PRODUCT OR RANDY SHANNON. Wear FIRE RANDY shirts and bring signs to the Stadium. PASS THIS ALONG!! Also visit www,firecoachshannon.com

Shannon isn't going give up the paycheck.

What's this first quarter protest all about?

Emilia first U are a dumbass who lives to be mediocre so that makes U literally to stupid to try and insult someone. Second we are aprivate institution but so is USC, and Notre Dame and they go out and hire top coaches to win. At least They try to win. If a coach doesn't show improvement and progress by that 3rd or 4th year they fire them and go after someone else. At least the guys they hire have credentials, What credentials did Coker or Shannon have? NOne. We have the money to go get somebody better so that is a farse.
U people talk about nobody wanting to come to the U, well heres a question for U, who has ever wanted Randy Shannon to be their head coach? Never here his name as a commodity in the coaching ranks. And for dummy that thinks he knows it all, Schiano did say the reason he did not come to the U is the talent was depleted and he felt he could win at Rutgers before he could at Miami. Do your history work.
Shannon will be lucky to win one of the remaining games just to get eligible for a bowl.
U want see 9-3 with Shannon as Head coach, plus 9-3 would still be a failure.

If I had to write an article about how I felt about this program it would echo your words Manny. Maddening and frustrating for Canes fans to watch week to week, never knowing what team will show up. I honestly thought after last weeks win vs. NC that we turned the corner. Now I don't think we ever will be able to. Living in ATL I was excited about buying tix to see them play Ga Tech, but I will not spend the $ to see what I saw yesterday. I was encouraged by Stephen Morris. Maybe some hope for this mediocre team.

where is my comment from earlier this morning?

I'm with U Junk why just the 1st qtr, we should boycot the whole rest of the season. Matt's got the idea, let the media get a hold of this and that will put the pressure on that little fat troll to fire him. Just like with Coker. We want SHannon GOne and take SHalala with him. A woman is the worse thing that can ever happen to a school who's primary sport is Football.

Hey Life in the Big City, you are crazed if you think "da U" is the only place where fans call for the coach's head everytime they lose a game. This team is mentally soft. Soft, soft soft. When they get punched, they wilt. The "comeback" yesterday was a result of a broken play, an onside kick and an opposing team that thought the game was over and...THEY WERE RIGHT. The d couldn't stop a bunch of debate team nerds when they had to. Soft. The coach is personality of the team and this is no exception... they have none. And talent? since when does talent not mean showing up and playing hard and well in the game. "Da U" has a bunch of names that are mentally soft and have too often heard how great they are. What have they earned? A couple of good wins over the last two seasons with a bunch of losses showing no character, toughness or grit. A coach in a mile over his head, an o coor. living off of the athleticism of two players. What happens when the juniors which are the meat of this team leave after this year? Seen the recruiting rankings lately? "Da U" is not even on the list. This is not "da U". This is the university of Miami (FLA), not be confused with university of Miami (OH) until they prove otherwise.

Our lb's are garbage they cant cover a TE still since the bowl game last year!!! for real??
president is happy with mediocrity!!! wtf the football program basically built the university identity the medical campuses, etc..seriously thanks for turning your back on the football team and the fans!!!!

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