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Virginia thoughts, Shannon video

NEW YORK -- Devastating loss for the Hurricanes Saturday at Virginia. How devastating? We'll find out in the coming days.

Not only is quarterback Jacory Harris' status uncertain, but so is the direction of this program. One week they look like they're ready to get on a roll after an impressive home win against North Carolina. The next, they're down 24-0 to Virginia and scrambling in the fourth quarter just to stay in it. Are they ACC contenders? Or, just another mediocre football team?

Honestly, I'm done trying to make sense of this team. The only thing we know for sure is they're inconsistent, unreliable and maddening to watch for fans. At this point, the Canes are going to need a lot of help to achieve their goal of winning the ACC title. Even if they get that help somehow, which team is going to show up week to week? We have no clue.

If there was one positive to come out of this game, it was the play of freshman quarterback Stephen Morris in the fourth quarter. Yes, he threw two interceptions. Yes, this was only Virginia. But Morris rallied the Hurricanes in the fourth quarter and in my opinion is probably the best quarterback for Mark Whipple's offense (that includes if Jacory Harris is healthy or not). Morris was handpicked by Whipple out of Monsignor Pace, where he ran a pro style offense. Harris ran the spread from the shotgun at Northwestern.

I'm not saying Morris is going to be the best quarterback for this team right now or the rest of this season. He's still very green. But in the long run -- assuming Whipple is still here -- Morris is a much better fit than any of the other QBs on the current roster for Whipple's play-calling. 

Anyway, here is what UM coach Randy Shannon and center Tyler Horn talked about after the game. Video is courtesy of UM's Sports Info office.


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I wanted to see Shannon and this program succeed. But at some point even I have to become a realist. When you have a core team that's been playing for 3 years together and you still see the same inconsistent play something is wrong. For the first time I have to say I think the University needs to question if Shannon's right for this job. Losing to Ohio State…ok. Getting blown out by FSU a problem. Losing to Virginia not acceptable at all. I hate to say it I don't think we will be anything better than middle of the pack ACC team with this staff.

yep we looked bad, harris or no harris, the U should be able to beat a weak Va team. i have no reason to think we could win out. its time for a change.

Championships is that racist blog Pig. No one else can ce as chronic a poster AND as ignorant. It is easy to spot him. The stench of putrified bacon follows him everywhere.

I remember you, Pig, and when someone finally posts your home address, you will get the Terry Schiavo treatment.

I promise.

Does anyone think Mike Leach would be a good fit? At least it would bring some fight back into the program. We could probably afford him and he would get alot of the local kids plus I'm sure he still has Texas connections. Something needs to be done before this ship totally sinks. Somebody please throw us a lifeline this is humiliating!!!

I saw on ESPN earlier that Jacory received a concussion and if he cannot go against Maryland, Morris will start.

We shall see!

Nevermind, Just saw Susan's article. They must've got the info from her.

Bull Gator, I think the Sentinel has banned a lot of people. Including me. I called out Shandel a while back, I think it was something like, "you couldn't hold Omar's jock" and there went my posts. He wasn't providing any good info and it looked like he was taking notes from Manny's blog. Kind of funny that he would remove my posts and let that gator fan spew his stuff. I haven't been back.

Keep waiting and wondering dummy. Oh and U couldn't beat ur meat much less making someone look like Terry Schivo. Keep dreaming dunce. I'm going to keep posting until Shannon is history. Whether U like it or not, learn to love it, cause its the best thing going today.

U can't stop the Truth, and reality is Shannon is going to lose again and again and again and again. Too bad for our poor players and fans.

The only racist is Shannon. case in point Marve, Cook and Smith all white and all transferred because of Shannon.

GOOD NEWS- UM athletics has the 2nd best graduation rate in the country among division I schools. Who Cares! We want a national championship- these kids don't go to UM to get an education- at one time they went to the U because we produced more NFL talent then any other division I school. Thats every players dream- Play in the NFL and at one point if you came to UM you had a great shot a doing just that. We have a high graduation rate because we have a bunch of Dorks who can't play football.

Every good team has a good qb and a good ILB - We have Jacory and McArthy- These two guys are terrible and so goes are team. It took an injury by McArthy to finally have him moved to the bench and another player came in and had a very good game- why is McArthy back? Why don't we hold our players accountable? Produce or Sit? Not us we continue to let them play because they are seniors? C'mon.

By the way Whipple has succeeded in the NFL and now you clowns are saying he's terrible? He has no qb to throw the ball- what would you like him to do? It's amazing how you clowns never played football but you run your mouth because you play Madden.

Im a die hard canes fan, since i have been 5 years old. I was born down in coral springs florida, and no other team has crossed my mind ever in college football besides the "U". As i look back at tapes from the teams in the 80's and as i remember the 2000-2002 years; there were three things that those teams had that this Miami team doesnt
1. Swagger- You dont see the same emotion that you used to it almost seems like that this team is content with losing
2. Discipline- yes i know what your thinking the teams from the 80's didnt have discipline penalty wise but they did football wise. They sticked to their man, didnt fall for fakes, and did not over pursue. Also if i might add we need to cut down on penalties.
3. Players/Coaches- now believe me when i say this i am not racist but if you look back at the teams in the 80's and 2000-2002 you can not deny that a quarterbacks like Jim kelly, Gino Toretta, Vinny Testaverde, Birnie Kosar, Craig Erickson, and Ken dorsey were sucesfull white quarterbacks who dropped back; had the armstrength to get it anywhere on the field (jacory does not), could read defenses effectively (jacory cant), and had smart decision making (jacory does not just look at his interception ratio) and i dont want to hear that its the recievers because if you put the ball in good areas even if the reciever does not catch it the ball should not be intercepted. Also recievers should start catching the balls more and the defense should start being a force again. Make teams scarred to play miami like it used to be. With coaches like jimmy johnson the player thrived off his emotion and if you look at shannon on the sidelines on tv during the game their is no emotion so therefore players become unmotivated and flat ( just look at florida state and most recently Virginia)
My last thought is that in order for this team to become once agin a force to be reckoned with we need a good dropback quarterback like stephen morris and like quartebacks from the 80's and 90's. Now i know that people are gonna be pissed when i say this but robert marve was the answer and they let him go. He had a rocket for an arm and could run when he needed to. But when he played he just didnt have the talent. The handwriting was on the wall when shannon began to put harris in the games/ splitting time with marve. How canyou expect a kid to play well when he has so much pressure on him to suceed. He was always looking over his shoulder hoping that jacory was not put in the game. NOT FAIR. Just look at him at purdue; he is first string and very sucessfull until he got injured. I love the hurricanes but some serious changes need to be made but remember fans we need to keep supporting this team and not put them down because remember that its all about the "U".
Feel free to comment on this because i want to see peoples reactions to my opinion!

Bull Gator:

Stop being an idiot...college football is unpredictable, etc....I can predict that Randy Shannon will make many more bad coaching decisions this season. Bank on that!

No good can come for this program while that idiot is head coach. Priority number 1 for you as a 'true canes fan' should be to get him out of Miami.

Teddy Bridgewater and any other recruit would be insane to play for Randy Shannon.


(Hey Canes fans...I have asked this guy three times to post a quick note on the Sun Sentienl site to prove he's not the racist, because as most of you know the racist has been banned on the Sentinel site...as of this writing no post on the Sentinel site only nonsensical posts by this nit-wit errily similar in word usage to what we got from the racist)

Championships is all that matters,

Out of an abundance of caution please put up a post on the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel Canes blog (address below) using your screen name from this blog just so we Canes fans can be sure you are not the racist (Sean Wilson).

I will be waiting.

Thank you



'Championships is all that matters' and 'Canesjunkie' is one and the same hater that posted all the racial hate. He is now posing as a Canes fan citing all the reasons recruits should not play for the Canes (Teddy Bridgewater), stoking the hate towards Randy Shannon, calling Shannon a racist and anything else he can cook up in his demented mind.

I'd rather have 2 star recruits coached up by a 5 star coaching staff then vice versa.

Donna is a flaming liberal who would replace the football team with a synchronized swimming team if she could. International good will with a bunch of soccer poofters.

However, with 15k students, as opposed to other so called "private" schools" (as mentioned earlier) like USC and Notre Dame our school is poorly funded by alumni, many of whom are out of state'ers with no allegiance to UM athletics.

Till Donna is GONE for good, fundraising will be limited to the academic side.
Little does she understand that so goes football, so goes fundraising for the ENTIRE university.

With that said, Randy and his staff have proven to be lacking in leadership, teaching skills, and motivation.

If Randy was an English professor, he would be fired at the conclusion of this year.

Nah, sorry, I like posting here. But I'll let U in on a secret Canes Junkie and I are two different people. Oh did that put a turd in your Gator punch bowl. Too bad. Were not Sean either. Ooo that blows your theory up as bad as the one U had of Shannon going 12-2 winning out, destroying FSU in the title game and going to the orange bowl. Don't get mad at me, Shannon's the one that made U look like a dummy with that false hope. Hey if it makes U feel any better I was given Shannon the benefit of the doubt after the UNC game as well. Heck I was hoping he would do well but bull it just hasn't happened and I don't see it ever happening for that matter. And U know it too deep down in your gator heart.
Ta Ta

IMAWriter, my man U are correct in your assessment


(Hey Canes fans...I have asked this guy four times to post a quick note on the Sun Sentienl site to prove he's not the racist, because as most of you know the racist has been banned on the Sentinel site...as of this writing no post on the Sentinel site only more nonsensical posts by this nit-wit errily similar in word usage to what we got from the racist)

Championships is all that matters,

Out of an abundance of caution please put up a post on the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel Canes blog (address below) using your screen name from this blog just so we Canes fans can be sure you are not the racist (Sean Wilson). You claim to be a Canes fan and this action on your part would immediately clear up the belief that you are the racist. Should you not act on this simple request, then we will all know you are that scum bag racist.

I will be waiting.


The U 'produces' NFL talent? Guys, all that NFL talent would've been going to the NFL whether they played at Bethune, UCF, or Southern U. NFL talent isn't 'made' in college, these guys are born and destined for the NFL regardless of where they play college ball.

Give Shannon a break and support your team in the good times, bad times, and all times in between.

Allen Bailey got manhandled (imagine that. Think what will happen in the NFL where the O-linemen are 10-40 lbs bigger

McCarthy out of psoition, missing tackles

The D line getting whiipped

The Offense putting up only 19 points against sorry a&& UVA

The QBs throwing a combined 5 ints

This is not Miami! This is a D-2 school. A bad one at that.

How did this team beat Pitt and Clemson away? Neither team that bad?

The problem is with lack of leadership:

Sha ne ne_
Whipple, Lovett

What runs down hill?

We need to hir mike leech. He would have been ready when j12 went down. I hear he knows how to deal with players with concussions.


Don Shula

Jonas Brothers (Head Coach, Defensive Coordinator and Offensive Coordinator)

Billy Rolle

Mini Pearl

Wade Phillips

Don Strock

Vladimir Putin

Charlie Tate

Vern Den Herder

Sarah Palin

Jimmy McMillan

Snoop Dog

Skipper Chuck

Ethel Merman

Barak Obama (He’ll be available in 2012)

I feel good about my suggested Head Coaches as I know they are as apt to take the job as are:

Gary Patterson

Chris Peterson

Jim Harbaugh

Bobby Petrino

The coaching staff is not a quality D-1 staff-its been painfully obvious for years now-

He must be fired if not UM will feel the repercussions for a long time-

Remember the 1970's when UM football was oblivious here?

Say hello to those times again-if the administration wants that all I can say is good luck and you might as well disband the whole thing!

Fire Randy shannon... he is to blame for.. people wake up and smell the coffe... this program is going to continue to decline under Randy...

What really hurt me this Saturday was that after seeing JH splattered on the ground, you would think that the defense would have been hungry for revenge, but we did not see it. When Morris got us back to a potential win, you would think that the defense would have tried to stop UVA one last time, but they didn't....in other words with all that was going on, this team continued to play like Zombies...just in time for Halloween. Game day discipline for this team is not present, and that is a signature sign of a really bad coaching staff.

bouncing up and down and spinning on the side line is cute(get some hair cuts ladys you look silly ) the "d" was awful' why do i say that how dare i say it? because its true, how about giving up long runs (drive a truck through size), more missed tackles (heard that before) and a tight end running wide open! !(do we practice)( i got him you take him ) . ever sence the wis. game last year, (i was there too by the way ) and maybe even before things have gotten worse instead of better.. where is the improvment? i dont see any do you ? ,im sorry to say i just dont see it . the 3rd best tackler on this team is the kicker for the love of pete. canes are soft on the field and between the ears, it shows and it kills me to say it! wis. man handled us on both sides of the ball last year and you tell me what happened saturday. it is very very painful to watch and yes i did watch every play... like i always do. i can not find a single way to put anything positive on this huge sloppy mess,
we have 4 outstanding running backs, unblanced line gave n.c. fits and we cant find a way to run the ball and beat virginia, are you kidding me, please.. awful shameful ! coaching staff wear a mask when you get your next pay checks , could be your last from the "u" !

Ugh. Not sure what is worse, the game or the trolling afterward.

Yeah, Shannon should go, and folks saying that are not trolling, just stating their opinion.

canesjunkie, championships, etc, if you "can't" post on the Sun Sentinel, then you are likely to be SeanWilson523, and your opinion loses strength. So, post there once, and come back and say you want Shannon out without folks wondering if you are "Arty", "Soldy", "Curse", "Blog Pig", or any of Sean's other incarnantions.

Really, it isn't that tough.

Hmmm I guess I was wrong huh? The U under randy sucks................................

Go Canes:

Do you really believe Sean Wilson is the only person who hates Randy Shannon? Do you really think 4-5 star recruits want to come to Miami and play for Randy Shannon?

That kool aid is frying your mind.

I'm not Sean Wilson or Championships.

Championships and other like him are just telling the truth. Randy Shannon is a waste of space.

We just lost to Virginia people....Virginia. Wake up!!!! The Randy Shannon experiment has failed.

And on the other side, Bull Gator, you KNOW that they are not likely to be Curse Piggy, because he would be MUCH MUCH worse after a loss like this.

Heck, since the comments so far have been pretty standard, I bet he hasn't even shown up in this spot since his name got exposed.

Let's do the best thing we CAN do to him, and ignore that he ever existed. Keep disagreeing with junkie and championships, but accusing everyone of being seanwilson523@hotmail.com, the racist troll that worked or still works at shands UF, just gives him the attention and notoriety he craves.

I am not sure how old you are, but if you remember Tommy, the biggest insult they do to Tommy in the end is to just forget him. Let's give that a try, it might work.

Is it me or does Coach Shannon play too many games with the media? Why does he dance around questions involving injuries. He stated AJ is nicked. The reporter asked what kind of injury and he repeats the same thing, "He's nicked". A nick should not be enough to keep a playmaker off the field. Come on Coach!!

championships, I am NOT on the "kool aid", and if you have been here long enough, you would know that.

No, Sean Wilson is not the only one that "hates" (not everyone hates him, they just want him to take that Minnesota job, if you know what I mean) Randy Shannon. He is the only one that threatens to lynch him though.

That is why someone getting accused of being him takes their credibility away. Really, I am trying to help you and junkie. Fight it out, I don't mind. But take the Sean Wilson accusation out of the equation, and then the fight gets into the regular fans disagreeing level instead of the death threats toward our coach level.

Make sense?

Randall Hill is up to bat at WQAM!

Sad, embarrassing. Yous gotta' have alot of pride being at Miami.

Hill says being called the N-word when on the road.

Wearing the Green and Orange colours, the college football realm is bloody AGAINST U!

Hill says the FORMER Cane players are ALWAYS available.

Attitude reflects LEADERSHIP.

Posted by: macjones | October 30, 2010 at 04:35 PM


Oye, my Mac Idiot friend , you are the bleeding fool ...

hey, seriously, enough with the bloody references ... ok mate ?

And to further make MY stance clear.

Virginia was a struggling, rebuilding team. They were READY to collapse at the first sign of us fighting to beat them. But then, their coach outcoached our coach.

How many times did I see Virginia call just the right play against Miami? And none of these had todo with Jacory's injury.

1. We go for it on fourth down, fail.
2. They go for it on fourth down, succeed.
3. They line up for a FG and pooch it perfectly.
4. And that toss on the run blitz? We never see Whipple do that.

Their coach is black. Our coach is black. So this is not a race thing. Their coach ad more fire coming out of a 3-4 team with nothing to look forward to, than our 5-2 tam with BCS hopes riding on their performance.

I want to see our team make GOOD calls, not head-scratching BAD calls.

Fair enough?

4th down conversion

Oye, my Mac Idiot friend , you are the bleeding fool ...

hey, seriously, enough with the bloody references ... ok mate ?

Posted by: Bagpipe U | November 01, 2010 at 10:21 AM

Since he spells color with a 'u', I think that is really how he talks, maybe from England or one of their more recently released colonies.

Shannon on WQAM this morning, "when Jacory went down the team went flat seeing they QB being toted off the field."


No Coach, when J-12 went down and got carted off, U WENT FLAT !!! And the team in which U COACH followed UR lead !

i can not find a single way to put anything positive on this huge sloppy mess,
we have 4 outstanding running backs, unblanced line gave n.c. fits and we cant find a way to run the ball and beat virginia, are you kidding me, please.. awful shameful ! coaching staff wear a mask when you get your next pay checks , could be your last from the "u" !

Posted by: J CORN | November 01, 2010 at 09:36 AM

I could only find one. Morris threw the ball strong and straight. I know, not a MAJOR good thing, but if Whipple had stayed in there, we would not have had that fourth quarter performance on offense.

Gino Torretta is pounding Randy Shannon on WQAM.

Maybe he's also Sean Wilson. And Lamar Thomas is Erik Rullman.

So much hope and excitement coming into the season. Cane fans pumped for a football season for the first time in a long time. Five star recruits S. Henderson and L. Anderson falling right into the "U"'s lap before the season begins. Then this garbage. Third year together and dreams of a 10-2 season with a ACC Coastal division championship. Then this garbage. Talent and depth at almost every position. Coaching staff back together for another year. Leadership and maturity was going to be the key to winning this year. The best wide receivers as a unit in the nation. Then this garbage. This maybe the biggest choke job in Miami sports history. I am not saying all this garbage falls on the coaches shoulders but I bet that if the "U" had Dolphins coach T. Sparano this team would be at worst a one loss team. One thing is for sure. This year I will not be going to any Champs crap bowl freazing my butt off for a bunch of players who fail to show up to more than just one or two games a season. I can go on and on but it's Monday and I don't want to get more upset.

Shannon's interview was ridiculous.

Gino made a good point, no other major program would hire this guy.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I give you the prototype of the so-called Miami fan who is helping destroy the Canes football program.

Granted, there's a very good chance this guy is posing as a Miami Fan (Sean Wilson, Rullman, etc), because you would have to be insane, stupid and learning challenged to not want Teddy Bridgewater to play for your team...one of the nations most prized recruits in the 2011 class.

But, let's play along, this clowns bellows how bad the Canes are and his solution to making the Canes better is to run off a world-class athlete that can play QB or wide receiver or defensive back. This is the logic this brainiac brings to the table.

Posted by: Bull Gator | October 31, 2010 at 03:46 PM


Let me guess BullSheet Gator, 190 of these 200 posts are Gator trolls right ?

Pal, Ur ship is sinking fast. Take off the blinders and try not to wait for the last lifeboat to fill up...

btw- Great Gator Victory Saturday huh ?

I watched the first 10 minuts of the game and decided that I had better things to do than to witness another embarrasment. To presently be a first tear college football program you need the correct budget and a strong GM as a head coach that will make strategic decisions and has a plan in place for the unexpected challenges along the way. I want Shannon to succeed but this loss puts him on the spot. The season is done and maybe if lucky another Where-the-Hell-are-we?? Bowl game may give some comfort. But it is clear that under the present conditions UM will not challenge for the ACC trophy.

CORAL GABLES — Coach Randy Shannon confirmed that Miami Hurricanes quarterback Jacory Harris suffered a concussion on the hit that knocked him out of Saturday's 24-19 loss at Virginia.

Shannon refused to rule Harris out of this week's home game against Maryland.


Just "nicked" right Coach ?


It would be irresponsible to play Jacory Harris on Saturday. That kid took a shot and couldn't even walk around without help.

What the hell is going on Shannon's mind?!?!?!

Stephen Morris should start anyway, even if Jacory is 100%.


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