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Virginia thoughts, Shannon video

NEW YORK -- Devastating loss for the Hurricanes Saturday at Virginia. How devastating? We'll find out in the coming days.

Not only is quarterback Jacory Harris' status uncertain, but so is the direction of this program. One week they look like they're ready to get on a roll after an impressive home win against North Carolina. The next, they're down 24-0 to Virginia and scrambling in the fourth quarter just to stay in it. Are they ACC contenders? Or, just another mediocre football team?

Honestly, I'm done trying to make sense of this team. The only thing we know for sure is they're inconsistent, unreliable and maddening to watch for fans. At this point, the Canes are going to need a lot of help to achieve their goal of winning the ACC title. Even if they get that help somehow, which team is going to show up week to week? We have no clue.

If there was one positive to come out of this game, it was the play of freshman quarterback Stephen Morris in the fourth quarter. Yes, he threw two interceptions. Yes, this was only Virginia. But Morris rallied the Hurricanes in the fourth quarter and in my opinion is probably the best quarterback for Mark Whipple's offense (that includes if Jacory Harris is healthy or not). Morris was handpicked by Whipple out of Monsignor Pace, where he ran a pro style offense. Harris ran the spread from the shotgun at Northwestern.

I'm not saying Morris is going to be the best quarterback for this team right now or the rest of this season. He's still very green. But in the long run -- assuming Whipple is still here -- Morris is a much better fit than any of the other QBs on the current roster for Whipple's play-calling. 

Anyway, here is what UM coach Randy Shannon and center Tyler Horn talked about after the game. Video is courtesy of UM's Sports Info office.


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As a UVa fan, I went to the last game at the OB. I was shocked to see the large number of empty seats given it was the last game at the historic venue. The "U" has some rabid fans, but many, many less than those of the other "powers" in CFB. Coupled with your inability to pay a coach what it would take to get them (Petrino and Harbaugh both already make 4X Shannon's salary and more than anyone in the ACC, Paterson and Peterson make more than Shannon in cheaper places to live and have their teams contending for NCs already), and you have to be a bit more realistic. If Boone Pickens had upgraded OK State in the 1980s, you would have never gotten JJ. As Herbstreit pointed out when Shannon was hired, Miami is no longer a destination-type job. Great recuiting area, but a lot of potential roadblocks. Reactions of late just reinforce it. You can have crazy expectations if you are Alabama with 92K at the spring game, you cannot with 50-60K and very few sellouts of ACTUAL games. Fanbase a mile wide and an inch deep.

Riviera Beach Says:
November 1st, 2010 at 10:10 am

Hope Jacory is better(kind of a cheap shot).


Like being kinda pregnant ?

Hit was perfectly clean. Facemask to the upper sternum, drive through and put the opponent on his shoulder blades. Ur boy just got jacked up. Had that been Spence, you’d be preaching text book form. Come to think of it, if the Canes Defense would stop dancing to da beat during TV timeouts and play D like crazed dogs, perhaps a few pick sixes would be forced.

U want to lay blame, blame that sieve of an O- line… Or Coker.


Posted by: Arty n Soldy Warned U, But U Would Not Listen ... | November 01, 2010 at 11:27 AM

Misery loves company Arty! We warned you too, remember? Don't let that UGA debacle fool U, UF is good for at least 2 "more" this season! And how about your prediction that Brantley could start for 99% of the D-1 schools in the NCAA??????

I just dont know what to make of this team any more. I am emotionally spent and it frustrates me so much when I see teams like UVA beat the greatest team in football..... One thing is clear that team needs someone, anyone to get this team fired up,and play with some emotion, pride, like sum of the fans I know. I mean dog gon we have a name and a brand to uphold and dis aint cuttin it. AND somebody PLEASE TELL RANDY TO GET THAT DUMB LOOK OFF HIS FACE. We could have beat UVA dis is sad..........

Posted by: Arty n Soldy Warned U, But U Would Not Listen ... | November 01, 2010 at 11:27 AM

Misery loves company Arty! We warned you too, remember? Don't let that UGA debacle fool U, UF is good for at least 2 "more" this season! And how about your prediction that Brantley could start for 99% of the D-1 schools in the NCAA??????

Posted by: Tool Time | November 01, 2010 at 02:30 PM

I'm not Arty, I'm Soldy. And I'm 99% sure that Duh U's Football program is right back to where it was 5 years ago. Enjoy

With so much to play for and you don't show up ready to play after all the talk, thats coaching. I think J.J. would say to you, "young man take a seat on the bench If your not gonna play",he then put in his backup. R.S. you, not your players should be jackin you up! You are the CEO, you have the power over everyone. If your O.C. doesn't run the ball tell him to! If receivers are dropping the ball, get someone in there that catches it! If you defensive people can't tackle, cover and blow their assignments, put someone else in who will! Guess what it might help recruiting, because the potential recruits are gonna see if you don't manup and do your job, someone else is gonna get a chance. Michael Barrow, your linebackers angles of pursuit are terrible. Dude, this best it I have ever sen is when you destroyed Tamarick VanOver & Done. It fires me up to see that replay. Show that over and over and demand that they play like you did.

when they think of shalala, does anyone else picture a gremlin who just guards a stolen pot of gold in a dark cave somewhere? lol
No way. That's rude and ignorant.....she definitely lives under a bridge

Morris is the real deal and showed a lot more leadership and gut-siness than J12. We need him right NOW!

But here is why the problem is coaching: With about less than two minutes left, UVA gets a first down, the DB, I think was in a zone, but he shouldv'e played the first down marker and nothing else. Or at least be cognizant of where U are. That would have allowed him to cover the man in from of him and help a little in the back of him, But he didn't, because he had no idea of where he was on the field, etc.

We got problems, but have the team to beat FSU, UVA and the rest. Right now, I see no "belief" that they want to win. They simply don't believe that they have a chance. with Jimmy Johnson, he told them who they were and what the other team wasn't going to do. Why doesn't RS draw on some of that teaching? We need more former U players on the sideline, too. That helped us back in the day.

But on the field, we have to represent. The DL is invisible. The secondary looks lost. At the rate we're going, we might as well bring back that Brown kid at linebacker. Remember him?

RS has his hands full. This team has raw talent, but not "blended" talent. I normally don't point fingers, but the missing link here is RS's approach.

I ask U: What would Jimmy Johnson do? And what would Benny Blades do if one of his teams lost 3 games? This is Unacceptable and a change must be made. Evidently, Whip saw something in Morris a long time ago, and because of it, he just got back on my good side. J12 and the rest of the N'western 8 haven't showed me anything. And thatz disappointing. And where in the heck is Aldarius Johnson?

And something else: Somebody mentioned a list of possible replacement coaches. If Bobby Petrino comes to U, we are instantly winners forever...

Every coach on this team sucks,none are getting the most out of their players.Miami will be lucky to win seven games this season!

This is not good. The DL is invisible. J12 should sit and Morris should play. I ask U: what would Jimmy Johnson do now? And what is Benny Blades thinking about right now?

We showed no emotion, no nothing. we're in the wrong paces in zone defenses. If Petrino comes to U, we are instant winners.

boycott the home games. donna wants to support randy than we dont support the team. stop all the donations. make he hear our voices

Does Randy Shannon have emotions?feelings? Does he have a soul?? This guy just stood there,with his arms crossed,with that dazed and confused look on his face, as usual while "his team" was getting slapped around, manhandled,and totally dominated..i couldnt believe what I was seeing! I was disgusted! THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI-once a producer of top notch,superstar, NFl 1ST rounders galore-was getting destroyed by Virginia?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Something has to change immediately

Shannon is NO DOUBT a great guy and TRUE Miami Hurricane! That being said, he is NOT head coach at a major div 1 school material! I've said this before...Shannon was a major part of the coaching staff and recruiting during the Coker years. He seemed to not be held responsible for any of that. Now he should for sure be held responsible for the complete mess that is our Miami Hurricanes. He allowed the 3 other scholarship qb's to transfer in the same yr and hitched his wagon to J Harris. So now that the wheels have come off and we crashed and burned, he must take the fall. Love Shannon, but i was skeptical from the first hirings of Walton and Nix that he was the right guy for the job.

This has gone on for a very long time. The pressure has to be put on DONNA SHALALA. It will never change until she gets some serious and prolonged bad press. She will not spend the money or do what it takes to attract a real Head Coach. Discsuss all you want but until people are ready to "ride" her out of town nothing will change!

We're not getting rid of Shalala. She's done good for the school in terms of fund raising and acedemics.

We're going to have to win inspite of Shalala. It wouldn't be the first time it's been done at UM.

The first step is getting rid of Randy Shannon.

Boycott the game! I feel bad for the players, but this has to be done. These results or unacceptable. It was ACC or bust and I think we see where we are now.

Read this article and replace Clemson's name with Miami's. Mirror imagehttp://www.tigernet.com/blogs/plyler/?entry=frustration_sets_in

Let me make this clear...I don't care what Randy Shannon's race is, I want that dude out.

The only thing I care about is our record and as it stands we're a bad team in a bad conference.

Same goes for Jacory Harris, I don't care about his race either. In fact, we can't blame Jacory and Shannon. If we think the coaching staff is the problem, then we have to give Jacory a pass. The kid might not be getting the direction he needs and that falls on Shannon.

If the players threw more accurately, caught the ball, made tackles, made kicks...NOBODY WOULD BE TALKING ABOUT FIRING RANDY SHANNON!!! These kids are what every program wanted a few years ago. They are not performing. All of the blame going to Shannon is ridiculous.

I really don't think it's the players, They need coached who know what they're doing.

We have more talent on our roster than UVA, fair?

This group went to UF as freshman and played a great game for 3.5 quarters. Now they are a disaster! You could argue they are getting worse.

Alonzo Highsmith on WQAM before, he said a program has never given more to a school and gotten less in return.

Does this mean he thinks we need a new coach? Remember, this guy has a kid on the squad.

get rid of that sorry ass lame excuse for a coach, shannon. absolutely pathetic! this team SUCKS! no way will they make it to a bowl game. they are going to get beat by g.t. and v.t.! hopefully that will be enough to get shannon out of here!

Itmeans after all of the 5 national championships, after the 2000-2004 run, full Orange Bowls, merchandising, name recognittion TV money etc etc, The University as it stands now is unwilling to support its football program.

I am hurting here you all. My office has all of this cane parapheranlia worth thousands and whenI look at it, I want to cry. This is worse than the probation years. At least during that time there was an excuse.

THis is how you make this program better without the $:

Fire whipple and Aubrey Hill TODAY.

remove his sons scholie.

Give that scholie to someone else.

Get Ken Dorsey as OC/Qbs coach
Mike Irvin as receiver coach

Call Art Kehoe

Give Shannon one more year deadline and put him on warning.

Institute a run first pass second Offense.

Recruit a QB linebackers and safeties with wahtever scholies are available. make an offer to Tony Steward, and look elsewherelike Southwest Fl etc.

Bench Harris, mcCarthy. Start Morris and Cain

Do not recruit teddy B. He has a bum knee and he is J12 cloned

The St Thomas Aquinas QB, Rudock MUST be recruited and promised the world. At least a start for 2 years after Morris is gone.

Begin a $ fund campaign for the football program. Look at USC. Despite getting their hats handed to them by Oregon (53 points), AT HOME, they announced they will be building a $70,000,000 upgrade to their football facilities.

If we do not win 8 games, Hocutt must fire Shgannon on the spot. Dont even let him coach in a bowl. If we do, he must win the bowl. If we lose the bowl as we have 3 of the last bowls, Fire him on the spot. Have his office cleaned out before he even gets back.

Re: the Virginia/Miami Game:

Where was the Miami blitz when we were trying to stop Virginia in the fourth quarter? We just let the Virginia quarterback throw his passes without any pressure. We could have won that game if we had stopped those passes and secured the ball for another scoring attempt.Pathetic Defensive playing calling, Miami !!!!!!!!

Manny it seems like you are final mad and fed up with this crap that is going on. Welcome to fan fans side or shall I say wild side..

Cool Cat that would be me that suggested the list of quality coaches. And U are right with Petrino we would be undefeated next year.

Bull, dummy, just because U request something doesn't mean the request has to be accepted. U should know that by now with all the rejections U have had in life from women and probably men too. I told U that I am not Sean or whoever, dummy. U are a nobody so why would I even think about proving anything to you. Who cares if you think I am Sean or anyother person much less a racist. You my little nimrod are the racist, because only a racist would support shannon when he is a proven loser. THe only reason U support him is because he is black.
I on the other hand supported him because he was a Cane and played under Jimmy Johnson and thought why not give him a shot, at least he should know how to win and get us back to playing like the bad boys. But it has been 4 years and we are unfortunatly as bad as we were under Coker only more talented and deeper.
The wins haven't come and the direction of the team is in disaray.
So like I said before how is that 12-2 promise of winning out, destroying FSU and winning the Orange Bowl working out for U. I'm gonna be remorseful and not even bring up the National Championship that you said we would win under Shannon next year.
HA HA HA HA Riddle me that U big dummy

Junk don't worry about that dumb castrated gator. U don't have to explain yourself to that retard to begin with. He's not a Real Cane anyway.

When you are satisfied with 8 wins and a high graduation rate what you get is 6 wins and a high graduation rate. When your goals are low then your achievements will be less. When your goals are national championships then you will consistently win 10 or more games per year. Welcome to consistently winning 6 games per year.

The hypocrisy is palpable…

If only 50% of those who moan and ridicule attended home games the monies to build new facilities would be available.

The Canesjunkie guy who slams everything orange and green first said he attended the UNC game during one of his hate filled rants to only later state he did not attend the game. If you are not going to support the team—YOUHAVE NOT “EARNED” THE RIGHT TO CRITICIZE! You are nothing more than a fair weather fan and you really aren’t even that as you are more of a passerbyer who is armed with just enough information to be dangerous. Worse yet, the solution Canesjunkie offers is to quit on the team by boycotting the games that most of you don’t attend anyway and advise recruits that “they would be crazy to play for Randy Shannon”.

That being said, the reality is we should have lost to Wake Forest last year as only a 4th down circus catch saved the day…no such miracle occurred this past Saturday. And last year’s game against Duke was a dog fight until late.

This year’s game against FSU can be directly attributed to the Oklahoma score. The players said all of the right things leading up to the game, but in reality they believed FSU was going to be a walkover, thus they didn’t prepare properly and simply did not show up.

The same can be said of last year’s Virginia Tech game. The players demonstrated that they could be a very good team with a lot of hard work and dedication over their first few games, but once again believed they could just throw their jock straps on the field and the Hokies would beg for mercy.

Randy Shannon has done an extraordinary job of recruiting first rate talent , yet there is a disconnect if we are not playing a high quality opponent and now even when playing a high quality opponent such as FSU if the players perceive their record is not worthy of their attention.

If you haven’t taken in the great Bear Bryant docudrama, “The Junction Boy’s” do yourself a favor and watch it. In my amateur view, Randy must work our guy’s to a point that you have players quitting. Saturday’s have to become an enormous relief of not having to practice and the anger the players have for Randy and the other coaches is taken out on the opponent. The Canes of yesteryear admit to the now overhyped swagger crap, but if you listen closely they all talk about how hard they were made to work. Those players now respect and like Jimmy Johnson, but if you had asked them how they felt about Jimmy and his assistant coaches during two-a-day practices or Monday thru Thursday regular season practices they would have told you not to rule out hate. The Cane practices must become a Marine Boot Camp where only the survivors are allowed to line up on Saturday’s to kick the he11 out of anyone that dares to step foot on the field. Anything less and there will be more Virginia’s, Wake Forrest’s, FSU’s, etc.

Junction Boys? Are you serious?

Why don't you buy an Idiots Guide Coaching Football and send it to Randy Shannon.


Don Shula

Jonas Brothers (Head Coach, Defensive Coordinator and Offensive Coordinator)

Billy Rolle

Mini Pearl

Wade Phillips

Don Strock

Vladimir Putin

Charlie Tate

Vern Den Herder

Sarah Palin

Jimmy McMillan

Snoop Dog

Skipper Chuck

Ethel Merman

Barak Obama (He’ll be available in 2012)

I feel good about my suggested Head Coaches as I know they are as apt to take the job as are:

Gary Patterson

Chris Peterson

Jim Harbaugh

Bobby Petrino
Posted by: Are you people for real? | November 01, 2010 at 08:25 AM

LMAO!!!!!! Skipper Chuck...memories from the 50's-60's
Merman, etc....Awesome sir.

Funny in that everyone of the above could do as good a job as Shannon has.

Junction Boys? Are you serious?

Posted by: Canesjunkie |

Funny in that everyone of the above could do as good a job as Shannon has.

Posted by: championships is all that matters


You two need to get a room, although after noting the almost constant simultaneous posts from your hate filled Frick & Frack routine I am probably behind the curve on the room recommendation.

PS: Will someone please explain to Junior the significance of Bear Bryant and the Junction Boys.

If only 50% of those who moan and ridicule attended home games the monies to build new facilities would be available.

And last year’s game against Duke was a dog fight until late.


hey dumba**, what dont you get!? NONE of that money goes to the football program! it goes towards shalala's academic building fund.


and your theory on coaching styles is misguided. jimmy was all business. he was not a players coach like erickson. but guess what? they were both successful. it doesnt NEED to be a marine boot camp. it just needs more competent LEADERSHIP.

The problem with Hurricane Football U Axe ?

It's Elementary ...


It is U that Hates the truth. Sounds like U and Bull have that boy crush thing on lock. We dig the chics and they dig us as well.
Women like winners like us. Don't U just hate it. HA HA HA
With Pride like that we don't need it here in Miami. We got enough problems thanks to Shannon and Shalala.

If only 50% of those who moan and ridicule attended home games the monies to build new facilities would be available.

And last year’s game against Duke was a dog fight until late.


hey dumba**, what dont you get!? NONE of that money goes to the football program! it goes towards shalala's academic building fund.


Posted by: ooster | November 02, 2010 at 01:07 AM

and your theory on coaching styles is misguided. jimmy was all business. he was not a players coach like erickson. but guess what? they were both successful. it doesnt NEED to be a marine boot camp. it just needs more competent LEADERSHIP.

Posted by: ooster


I'll try to go slower here knowing the level of intellect I am dealing with...

The whole point of mentioning the Duke game was to make it clear that the Miami Hurricanes should NEVER be in a dog fight with a team of Duke's caliber.

None of the money goes to the football program? Let me ask you this--where do yo think the money comes from to put our players in those big buildings, feed them, clothe them, etc. The University of Miami budgets or invests money in their athlectic programs and as that money comes back in the door it is up to them to allocate those funds as they see fit, which first and foremost means funding the goose that lays the golden eggs...the university itself. No university--no football team!

My description of Jimmy Johnson is more than me guessing--you can take that any way you see fit. Dennis Erickson was rewarded with the work ethic that Jimmy instilled in the players he left behind who played for Dennis. Had Dennis come before Jimmy Miami's history would be very different and not in a good way. Jimmy did drive a Marine Boot Camp as did Howard Schnellenberger and that fact is not open for debate.

The problem with the program is simple. You can take it from college football expert Tony Barnhart. "College football is a game of emotion. It has to be played with emotion. To be enjoyed to its fullest, college football must be watched by fans with a certain level of healthy emotion. Coaches must be emotionally invested in what they do in order to do it well. Emotion is woven into the fabric of the sport". Being stoic with a business like coldness is why this team is so flat most games. It is why there is no energy and enthusiasm when they are playing a terrible team like Duke. Emotion or lack thereof by its head coach is the main problem.

Randy Shannon is good for the kids and university but he is no head coach. He has had four years to bring "The U" back with really excellent talent - his underrated players end up starting in the NFL. This squad could be a lean mean winning team with the right coaching !!! FIRE Shannon !!!

i love the canes,but we need an overhaul change with coaches too. too many time j12 or whoever has shown me nothing in that QB posotion since Dorsey left. THAT'S A DAMN SHAM AT THE U ................calling Jimmy Johnson one more time. Train someone loyal to the U for at least 5 to 6 seasons. i'm rooting for you Morris, somebody to step-up!!

Cane fans, not here to kick U when Ur down. Known the feeling all to well the last 3 weeks before our punter finally made a F.G. Also knew the frustration during the Zook years taking 1 step forward, the 2 steps backwards. Didn't know then, but things worked out, and actually think things will for the storied Miami Football progam. No wise crack comments or suggestions. This year, the Florida Program is just about a mirror image of The U 2 years ago with so much inexperienced youth seeing too much playing time. Better luck to U, but not too much ya know. Somehow, I do think over a shorter period of time than U think, I doubt you'll need luck.

btw- As A Gator, I really don't Hate U guys, I just Hate to like U and Ur traditional winning ways. But, I do enjoy it whenever a State of Florida based College team takes any of the other 49 states teams out behind the woodshed Sunshine State style.

Finishing strong will help for next year. It's really the only options The Gators, Canes and Seminoles have at this point.

NO MO, you are right on, my man!!! I am sick and disgusted by the lack of leadership, strategy, and execution on this so called UM team. I said this a long time ago, we may never see the days of old glory again. I keep hoping but they just let me down year after year. I am so disgusted I just don't give $hit anymore.

U sUck U!!!

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