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Washington, Telemaque named ACC players of week

The Canes' 28-13 win over Duke may not have been a fine work of art, but two of their players are being recognized for their performances. Sophomore offensive guard Brandon Washington and safety Vaughn Telemaque earned ACC Player of the Week honors Monday.

Washington anchored a Miami offense that recorded a season-best 448 yards and did not allow a sack. As the Hurricanes’ starting right guard, Washington graded out at 97 percent while recording seven pancake blocks against the Blue Devils.

Telemaque had two interceptions to lead a Miami defense that forced five interceptions and two fumbles. Telemaque also had six tackles for the UM defense, which is tied for second nationally in turnovers gained among BCS schools. It is the ninth time this season that an ACC player has claimed multiple interceptions in a single game.

North Carolina receiver Dwight Jones earned Offensive Back of the Week honors. Jones had seven receptions for 198 yards and two touchdowns (all career highs) in Carolina’s 44-10 victory at Virginia. It was the Tar Heels’ first win at UVA since 1981. Jones, who had 119 receiving yards in the first quarter, had touchdown catches of 81 and 20 yards. He also had a 54-yard reception to the 1-yard line, which led to another TD. Carolina scored on its first play from scrimmage when Yates connected with Jones on an 81-yard touchdown strike. Jones’ 198 yards receiving rank as the fifth-highest single-game total in school history.


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K-man, PCola Cane, Drewsapher, carolina Cane, and 360Cane. I agree with your comments and I feel the same anger and really can't believe what I saw against FSU. But common sense needs to be used. These young adults, 18, 19, and 20 year olds are our players. They are our team. and Randy is our coach. You can be mad at him and question the direction but at the end of the day be smart with how you comment and put out a hand to your players. They need us now more then ever and I am here for them to lean on me. I agree, they can't laid down but when they feel like laying down they need our help to hold them up. They are still young and yes most have played two or three years but they are still young. They have a lot to play for and if they are only hearing negative comments with no constructive criticism then they are not going to feel like they have any support. They are home grown players, most of them I watched play in middle school and up threw high school, and when they graduate and move on they will still be Miami guys. I am n ot asking you to blindly follow. I am asking all 'Canes fans, ex-players and the State of Miami to come to the aid of our young men, hold out a hand and grab these kids up and help them out. Being mad at them dropping passes is not going to help them catch the ball. You can question but quit dogging them. Because at the end of the day we are all 'Canes and win, lose or draw I am never going to stop wearing the U on my shirt, watching the games and arguing with my sister (who is a FSU grad) about what team is the greatest of all times. Pull up your fellow Canes, don't kick them while they are down.

I'dliene to know how many of the posts here are made by that piece if garbage we all know as the Blog Pig. Make no mistake. He is still around only now, because the Gatards suck, he poses as a disgruntled Cane fan.

What worthless garbage you are, Pig.
Heeeeeere Piggy, Piggy.

and PCola Cane, I never said the canes fans are the problem. All I said was the canes fans getting mad and spitting venom on the program is not helping. If anything all it is doing is adding to the problems. And your right, we'll get them next year doesn't fly but getting mad and destroying our players confidence and recruiting class is not going to help them finish strong this year. This year is not over by a long shot. So, you can question all you want but do what your going to do and get down to the game and help pull these players up. They need support and I am proud you are going to be there to try and help.

SPRITED BANTER, GOOD TIMES...All right so we didn't beat the snot out of Duke..we DID win...we can't have that type of performance against NC and expect the same results. Broken record, but seriously if this team would play consistently for 60 minutes...they are not alot of teams that could beat us...that's a HUGE IF HOWEVER...something's missing from a complete exhibition of CANE Football. Ok, so we need it for NC, GT, and VT...we can get past the rest playing pretty good. We CANNOT get past those 3, IF WE DO NOT PLAY COMPLETE... - and yes I agree - the QB, We need a big - strong-armed, running threat type of kid...GOD BLESS

You want them to win, then quit helping bring down the confidence and put your hand out and try to help pull up these 19 and 20 year old kids.

Posted by: DMacUM09 | October 18, 2010 at 04:59 PM

so there should be zero accountability ?

The coach is horrible. I can't continue to blame the players if I think the coaching stinks.

A true fan of any team does not bad mouth their team no matter what. Yeah I was mad that my team lost to FSU, but I still wore my jersey on Monday to school. The U isn't the same as it was years ago, but that isn't something that can be tought. Randy is the coach we need. The players are the players we need. If you naysayers would just shut up, and stop dogging them every time you get on here maybe, just maybe we as fans might be able to help this team get some confidence and win. I wouldn't want to win for some of you on here either. Support The U, or just shut up!

Posted by: Drewsapher | October 18, 2010 at 05:35 PM

how's that view down below the surface with Ur head in the sand ?

admire Ur loyality, but many of us that know, we're past tired of what Donna, Randy and company are selling us.

"Randy is the coach we need. The players are the players we need."

By that U mean the same ones that showed up for their biggest rival game of the year at home?good luck with that. It will happen again, before they win a big game. But U hang in there.

The Canes fans who accept that kind of team and continue to make excuses for this team need to question how much they actually love this team. Because if you do truly love this team and our history you would be hurting and angry and embarrased. So let's get out there Saturday and play Hurricane football! What I saw the past few weeks is not Hurricane football.

Posted by: PCola Cane | October 18, 2010 at 05:39 PM

Amen !

Win the ACC or start sending out Coaching feelers in Jan.

"These young adults, 18, 19, and 20 year olds are our players."


There are plenty of 21 and 22 year old upper classmen playing as well ... Also the teams they play are also 18-19-20-21-22 yr. olds. What's the age point ? All the former Champ teams were 18-22 as well. Take off the kid gloves.

"They are still young and yes most have played two or three years but they are still young."


Ur kidding right ? Unreal.

OK, folks. Settle down. They beat Duke. Nuff said. VT still has to step thing up. I think the Carolina game is a big test for RS. Of he beats Butch, he deserves this job. If he doesn't, he's not here to win.

Spence is the reel deal. Bridgewater I hear is good. Get Storm in the game.

I ask U: What would Jimmy Johnson do against Butch, who brought the U back, remember? And what, really, would Benny Blades do to encourage the rest of the defense?

The way some of these blogs read, you'd think art Kehoe was in here somewhere!

Jimmy Johnson would probably eat half of someone's face off at halftime. Jimmy didn't mess around.

Have any of you ever had a boss who doesn't know anything? Would you take whatever that person said and ignore it? I think a little of that is going on with the Canes.

I heard a couple of these kids say they were just trusting the coaches. I think it was after OSU. I rememeber thinking to myself..what does that mean?

I kind of feel bad for Shannon, the guy sounded defeated on Joe Rose this morning. This doesn't give me a good feeling about this weekend.

Jimmy Johnson would probably eat half of someone's face off at halftime. Jimmy didn't mess around.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | October 18, 2010 at 07:15 PM

Jimmy lost the first three bowl games he coached at the U! Shannon is going to get this year and next whether you like it or not.

As a diehard Canes fan, a win is always welcome. And as a long-time observer of college football, this team does not play with consistent fire and intensity, and has not for years. This is primarily a function of coaching and starts at the top. Being removed and detached is great if you are an accountant or a surgeon. But coaches must display intensity in order to motivate players, Unfortunatly, look for more of the same...

Jimmy Johnson is in the past.

I'm sure Shannon will be here for years, it just a question of what here will be.

Whatever, it doesn't matter.

we fans are the problem!? OH NO! we're hurting their confidence!? their feelings are hurt!? are you serious!? THIS IS FOOTBALL. this is a man's game. if you cant cant handle the pressure you shouldnt be playing this game. THIS VIDEO SAYS IT BEST>>>


Here is what i knwo about my canes. They have a better offense the the quitter mr meyer has at florida. There offense is in the toilet who knew tebow was there entire offense. I knew the kid was good i didnt realize he is only erason meyer was a good coach at florida. Damn 3 losses in a row for the gators. lol That said id lvoe to see whipple throw more crossing routes more intermidiate routes and less bombs. This team throws deep more then the raiders did in the 70s. They are the least likely to succeed passes . Sure u have to go deep occasionaly but 3 passes in a row come on when u have 3rd and 5 trhow a 7 yd hitch or slant not 40 yd go routes. Look i hope randy and the boys win out. I want randy to keep his job. I think hes gonna be a very godo coach but the kids have no leadership themselves. When a freshman is one of your more vocal players theres an issue here. Go canes hope u win out if not randy shoudl be questioned this is a team that has the talent to win the acc. If they fail once again u have to start wondering if randy is the right guy for the job. Hes in his 4th year i thought he deserved 5 to prove he could be the guy to turn this team around.He done a very good job so far. This team still has holes though. Holes i dont think randy thought they had. Of course playing benjamin when its clear he doesnt erally wanna be out on the feild most weeks doesnt help.

Hopefully most of you realize that 75% of all these posts slamming Randy, the kids, the program and anything orange and green are from the racist.

Once he was banned at the Sun Sentinel serious football discussions ensued and the cluttered up site with mostly nonsense and hate directed at the coaches and players disappeared.

His gators are in the toilet and their fans are openly booing Meyer and the players and tearing them apart on all of the Gator websites after losing 3 straight games. So, he has now become a fulltime antagonist on all Canes sites seeing how much destruction he can do to our recruiting.

During the Duke game he was back to posting his racist comments on this Miami Herald site calling Randy "Marble Mouf", etc.

To the real Canes fans...we've got Butch Davis and a very good North Carolina team on Saturday. When we put it on the Tar Heels we are the favorites to win the Coastal division...this is getting fun!

Go Canes!

Yeah Jimmy won 8 games his first year, 11 his second and third before those last bowl loses and both years he had them in position to win the National Title. SHannon can't even win the Coastal division. So comparing Shannon to Johnson is like comparing a pinto to a Ferrari.
Jimmy didn't play around with anybody he'd put up 50 against his own Mama.

to: fastmoneycashmoney... learn how to spell tard.

We want The Good Couch Up North: top 5 recruiting class every year, with tons of 5 star kids; winner mentality and flexibility to correct mistakes and avoid letdowns, like losing three games in a row; great couching ability and player development, like take a olineman and turn him into a successful center; with accountability and core values to run a clean program without 30 arrests; plus no a quitter!!!!

I finds it laughable that someone said that Davis has done better every year and Shannon hasn't. Check the record. Shannon's is better and that with the losses NC. This year we will still have a better record than UNC AND we will beat them on Sat. It may be ugly, (I hope not) but a win nver the less. If we win ugly I am sure we will still hear from the whiners. FSU looked great with an eeked out win to BC last week. Yeah right.

You never know what is going to happen when recruiting players (i.e. Seantrel Henderson). Although UM has backed itself into a corner, they still have a chance to get to the ACC championship. So I am hoping for the best!!!

Let's GO CANES!!!

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