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Miller late to practice (non-contact jersey)

Good morning.

Canes tailback Lamar Miller, UM's second-leading rusher with 157 yards and two touchdowns on 29 carries (5.4 yards-per-carry), was missing for the start of practice today (Tuesday). He came to practice late wearing a green, non-contact jersey.

I saw Miller right after the Clemson game walking with a large bag of ice on his right shoulder area. Didn't look good.

If Miller misses FSU, or even if he is limited because of the injury, that's obviously not great news for Miami, which nonetheless has a pretty deep corps of runners. Graig Cooper hasn't played since the opener, when he injured what appeared to be a knee (but possibly an ankle -- we don't know for sure). Cooper, who has two carries for 11 yards and two catches for 13 yards this season, has been practicing full go. He caught a pass from Jacory Harris this morning, and took some good contact from both sides, though they stopped short of tackling him.

UM coach Randy Shannon has been saying for years how important it is to have a lot of runners. Mike James (see story today in Miami Herald: ) would be the guy who would step in for Lamar, and he's ready, though Lamar's agility and speed give defenses a different look from bulldozer types such as Berry and James.

Perhaps we'll finally see freshman Storm Johnson take his first carry against FSU. 

Storm returned two kickoffs at Death Valley for 24 and 12 yards.

> Also, Jacory Harris, who hurt his left shoulder when he was sacked at Pittsburgh, was out there practicing and throwing, as usual.

> As we were walking out, I saw freshman Seantrel Henderson lining up at right tackle on the first team again, next to guard Brandon Washington.



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Henderson was a nice pickup there.

Folks gave Shannon grief for not doing the hard-sell and lying to Henderson, and now it shows that it has paid off. The young man EARNED his starting spot, which has got to bring more pride to Henderson than just waltzing in and being given the spot.

Right tackle will be a strong point for this team for the next three years!

Where's the tailgating all day Saturday?--Sunlife?

I hope Lamar is ready to go. So long as he wasn't in a sling I am optomistic, and the non-contact jersey may just be a precaution. As Manny said, though, Mike James is ready and just as productive, and we are obviously not planning on redshirting either Storm Johnson or Eduardo Clements, so we should be good to go. Nevertheless, Miller is the most explosive and exciting back we have, so I hope he's good for FSU.

Go Canes!

Isn't it funny that the Gator Trolls that come on here and take shots at the Canes afer every article that is posted are in hiding? God it was fun watching Alabame wax the floor with them last Saturday.

It shouldn't take more than 5 attempts before Jacory chucks a dead duck for an int. Let's hope Benjamin saves him this time. Afterall, all the WRs are taking reps with the DBs to help out Harris.

It shouldn't take more than 5 attempts before Jacory chucks a dead duck for an int. Let's hope Benjamin saves him this time. Afterall, all the WRs are taking reps with the DBs to help out Harris.

Posted by: TE1 | October 05, 2010 at 09:47 AM

It shouldn't take more than 5 attempts for Addazio to throw Brantley onto the pile like a camper who throws another log onto the fire at a bonfire! UF is likely the third best team in the state this season. U suck UF, and your fan's suck worse!

It is time for Aldarius and LaRon to take off the diapers and put on the big boy pads and start catching some freaking balls. Those guys have been non-existant except for Byrd in the Pitt game.

99.9% of the U fans support you and think you are and will be one of the top QBs to ever play at the U. You have taken some bodacious hits and somehow come back each time. No question you are tough and have grit....Hopefully no sacks or hits this week.

It shouldn't take more than 5 attempts before Jacory chucks a dead duck for an int. Let's hope Benjamin saves him this time. Afterall, all the WRs are taking reps with the DBs to help out Harris.

Posted by: TE1 | October 05, 2010 at 09:47 AM



Word is the Gators are going to bring in fat Pouncey to start throwing their famous jump pass (Hee-Haw!)

Typical Gators, they over-hype Burton as the second coming of Timmy after he scored a few touchdowns against another of those SEC powerhouses Kentucky...possibly the worst coached team in history.

Now the mighty (Tee-Hee!) Gators are going to play another over-hyped SEC dog, LSU. Of course this game will be played in the septic tank as the Gators have become so cowardly they will only play 4 away games per season...can you say cowardly and pathetic?

OH GOD WE NEED LAMAR! The right side of the OL is huge and young with Soph Washington and FR Henderson and will be a power side to run to for years to come. Berry should rush for over 1000 yrds this year and lamar should have atleast 500. I expect another int for RayRay this week and a two touchdown win thanks to our strong D.

I agree; hope that Whipple decides on a steady diet of rushes with all of our backs to maximize the big weight difference of our OL vs the semi's undersized DL.

Easy does it fastmoney, it's only Tuesday and the backfield is loaded, don't worry be happy!

99.9% of the U fans support you and think you are and will be one of the top QBs to ever play at the U. You have taken some bodacious hits and somehow come back each time. No question you are tough and have grit....Hopefully no sacks or hits this week."


99.9% of the U fans support you and think you are and will be one of the top QBs to ever play at the U. You have taken some bodacious hits and somehow come back each time. No question you are tough and have grit....Hopefully no sacks or hits this week."

If u agree, copy and paste.....u know wanna do it. lil scraps

Well sorry guys count me as the .001% I guess. Jacory still hasent shown me he has what it takes to win it all for us. He is tough but his throws stink half the time and he throws them into triple coverage. Go back and look at the game last week , one TD to Hank my wife could've thrown he was so wide open , and the wheel route same thing. This game is big and I hope , really hope #12 is up for it, also please watch out for Reid on D and in the special teams

Welcome back DOUG.

As you can see, it's much better around here this week.

Now to your comment. Yes, anyone could make that throw. However, it is the tough throws he makes that make the difference. And that stretching toss to avoid the sack and the 17 yard stramble were things we did not see from him last year.

He is no Dorsey or Kosar, but he is no Kenny Kelly or Kirby Freeman, either.

Oklahoma threw four TD passes against FSU, including a 36 and 46 yarder, so expect to see us throwing deep again this week.

If he goes without an INT, that will be great, but even his INTs are better than last year, being like deep punts instead of Pick 6s.

As for Reid, not sure if you saw Manny's twitter comment on the left side.

"#UM coach Randy Shannon meant FSU's Greg Reid will present toughest challenge yet for his special teams. 8 minutes ago"

Teams will be kicking away from Benjamin on punts, and we might be kicking away from Reid. Makes for boring special teams play until the next Wide Right out of FSU....

Before you rip me let me say this, like I said last week 2 game arent enough for me to beleive in him yet, I know he's the best we got ( and in a big way thats wrong, this school should have atleast 2 good QB'S- PERIOD)But I need to see one more gamew like the last 2 before Ijump in with both feet, sooner or later 2 and 3 INTS a game will bite us in the @ss, if we expect the D to force 6 turnovers a game thats too much( even for our great D) and I dont know if its the QB or the WR'S fault but it's gotta stop. Just a side note have you ever heard of it being the WR'S fault as much as you do here? Just a question maybe Leaf,Mirer,Shuller,Couch were'nt that bad... they just had bad WR'S , just a thought

FSU will have revenge on their minds for LAST YEARS LOSS.....so, CANES beware and bring the WOOD to PONDER!


My last comment was posted before there was a responce, I did'nt mean for it to sound like it did - just wanted to say that guys- also great point I would like to see 12 run more as well, and he has played better this season, keep it up, something big is starting here and I'd hate to see it lose steam over turnovers

DOUG, not ripping you, just discussing.

Dan Marino threw 23 INTs his senior year, and many of those ended up being the reciever's fault.

When a Benjamin or a Ted Ginn have the ball hit them in the hands, they bobble it, and a defender gets it, that should be a muff like on a punt, not an INT.

There were 8 INTs by Harris this year.

First one, OSU defender hits the reciever before the ball gets there, no flag. Harris gets the INT on his name because the ball deflects to a different OSU defender.

Then there was the timing pattern where Benjamin never turned around and was actually run-blocking. Goes right past his ear and the defender happened to be in great position for it.

And the one where Benjamin does a handoff to the defender on the sideline. Ted Ginn-like, that one.

The last one was when the reciever STOPPED his pattern. Not likely to be caught, but you are supposed to at least stop the defender from getting the catch. Lesson learned.

Against Pitt, one of the two were his fault.

Against Clemson, both were his fault, but only because he is still throwing deep to Benjamin, he needs to LEARN to stop doing that.

So, 3 INTs are on him. Yes, it is rare to have that many fall on the receiver's shoulders, but if the bobbling fingers fit, you must acquit. 8-)

I don't have him as one of the greatest QBs here either, I know that Toretta or Berlin or Ericson in this scheme would be doing great and likely even better. But he is an upgrade over Freeman, Wright, and Marve. It is a step in the right direction....

Ugh, same here. Posted before seeing your response....

Canes Over Gators- I hope you saw the reply I gave, did'nt at all mean to sound pissy- sorry

Alright I guess we can stop now,and just hope that #12 continues to grow as a QB

Yep, he has room to grow, that's for sure.

just so my real canes fans know,This game against sucSU,is important because the orlando sentinel doesnt cover THE U on its paper,ive called complaint for years but they dont care,trust me i use to live there.so beat them till they bleed,we dont need no stinkin 5 stars,they are made,beat these miami wanna bees,on my birthday saturday,I HATE FSU GO CANES.

This is a big game not only as far as the ACC, but more so in recruting, with a certain other Florida team on it's way down , a good win could really help.It seems some of the kids are drinking the Jimbo kool-aid , we need to stop that and start the next phase of the DYNASTY, (locking down most of South Fla.) Time to prove me and those like me wrong Jacory, this is your game buddy, do us proud

Bob Griese said it in the last game and it explains why many (not all) of the interceptions can be pinned on the receivers. JH's job is to read the defense and throw to a spot, not to wait for a player to pop open like Parker did. That's a pro-style offense and I love that we're running it, but I think the receivers are having trouble picking it up. That means a few of those throws that look like they're to nobody are thrown because he expects the receiver to make the same read and run a specific route.

Now, it's obviously on the QB not to throw into double coverage and not to throw the ball if the receiver makes a mistake, so Harris is not absolved, but you can see why Whip and Shannon seem so pissed at the receivers all the time. Benjamin keeps breaking off his routes, so the ball is thrown to where he's supposed to be and he's not there. That on top of all the drops, which make JH try to make the perfect pass all the time.

This is not absolution for Harris...he's still throwing the ball to noone. It's just that the solution isn't just for Harris to correct his mistakes. The receivers must do the bulk of the lifting there. What better remedy then a swiss cheese FSU defense coming to town.

Oh, and the FSU revival I keep hearing about is such junk. Oklahoma is no power this year and they destroyed FSU, who then "recovered" with wins against two very weak teams. Let's take this team to the woodshed.

Go Canes!

J12 is in a pro style offense. Which means he dont throw to a particular receiver. He is TAUGHT to throw to a particular SPOT the receiver is suppose to be. It is the receivers responsibility to run the route correctly and physically. Yes some of his deep balls are floaters some are dead on with the receiver catching them in stride( see clemson game with Hankerson). Sometimes it is hard to throw a good deep ball with a 240+ defender crashing into your ribs or legs. J12 is the best quarterback for the job. When Mallet was throwing int's with his strong arm and NFL type body and the game on the line. I bet his fans was not talking about him or his coaches who seem to to take their foot off the pedal, the way our so called never played football before fans talk.The canes are improving week in week out. J12 is as good as they come with his young offensive line. Just play well enough to win a conference title and BCS game this year. Now next year when our offensive line has a year under their belt, then you no football playing fans can have your blow outs week in an week out. But what rerally gets under my skin is where did you fans come from. Miami is a private school. Who was awful until miami started recruiting INNER CITY kids. Now I can tell by some of your comments that some of these fans did not go to a private school or have ANY ties to these innercity kids. So why are you CANES fans if all you do is complain???? My family member was instrumental in the building of DA U. His name and face is all over the documentary and the UM record books.I got more pics of myself and former and current players and their families than anyone one on here. My family and myself love what Coach Shannon is doing with this program. So roll with us or get rolled the freak over!!!

U dont know that. Johnson and elmente can be redshirted still. Neither back has played in more then 4 of the teams games yet. So miami still has time to decide to reshirt or not. Once they play in more then 30 pct of the teams games and past game 6 then u know they wont be redshirted up until then randy can play them a bit to see if they are needed or not.

He should be red-shirting both Clemente & Johnson and not waste a year of eligibility on special teams. If a couple of backs get hurt he can pull the red-shirt off. Benjamin, Byrd & Johnson, Yoo-Hoo where are You! Each one of those guys guys should catch at least 3 balls a game, minimum. It looks to me like they are just going through the motions, running their routes.

Manny i am going to keepposting this until you get an answer for me from Aubrey Hill. Why do the rest of the recievers look YEARS behind Hankerson all of a sudden because it looks like DUPER is doing his job especially in a time the economy is struggling and people need jobs. If Aldarius drops another pass and if Benjamin cant remember what route to run why isnt Thompkins and Streeter getting a chance so that those guys can learn that the drops and running of the wrong routes is not exceptable at UM especially when you have other players that are licking there chops for a chance to prove that they can play? We need to find out from Aubrey whats going on because the recievers rather than Hank are starting to look like the weak lenghts of this team when they were suppose to be the strength? Please call out Aubrey Hill for us MANNY...

Also i hope Lamar is ok because hes clealy our best back. I hope if hes hurt that Storm gets some carries since Shanon is not Red-Shirting him and Clements for whatever reason. Mike James needs to stay at fullback and gets used for fullback screens, wheel routes out of the backfield, and shorts routes to gain first downs out the backfield whenver its 3rd and 3 or something. Im telling you all now that Ray Ray is going to have a big game. Wish i could eventually say the same for TELEMAQUE and i hope Latwan Anderson is all hype i been hereing about and what happened to Ried???

Im still sick at what happened up north at ohio state. That team is just sucks ass!! They had an avg, start at the 41, and can only hit 5 field goals? they are a joke! None the less, if we didnt turn the ball over, were 3 and 0! Harris had got to push himself, and know when to say when! Take ur short routes, hit the tight end ford, and pick ur deep spots! Why are they not going in motion? Can we see what AJ can do sometime soon? Why are they not using a big likeup with Byrd ,Streeter, and Hankerson in some cases? Can I get a bubble screen? Who can handle TB in motion, NO ONE! inside the ten can I get cooper or Jhonson, speed or power?the ACC is ours, it is a matter of how bad we want it! TCU, Ohio state, and Nebraska, need to get ready, cause they will face the canes in the Orange bowl! If thier is a god, he will give us OSU again,...in the SUGER BOWL!

Sporty U need to ease up on Aubrey Hill. The wide receivers that dont get too much PT would get lots at any other school. Its just a deep group. Like any other you put your best players out there. Travis has had big games, Hank obviously, Byrd and Aldarius has made crucial plays. They might have 1 catch a game for less than 10 yards but Ive seen quite a few change the game by extending drives. If one of them gets hurt someone will step up. Im not sure why you think the other guys are so far behind

Jacory throws too many picks, and the receivers drop too many balls, and Whipple doesn't run the ball enough. Everything I just stated can be fixed, and I expect it to be. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs a tweek!

Stewart Mandel does a bowl projection piece every week, and this week he has UM playing West Virginia in the Orange Bowl. That works for me, and it is VERY doable at this point!

Get it done against FSU Miami, then the blog will quiet!

your post is ridiculous. as long as fans are avoiding the racist comments we can say what we please. Fans have always questioned moves made by coaches. as far as jacory's play goes it needs improvement. if you think its so wonderful, its a good thing you arent coaching him. also, im not interested in your family tree, im more cocerned in this team's wins and losses. Go Canes

beacane, true enough, we can discuss whatever we want. We can even disagree. But no need to call a post ridiculous, or ripping a guy for being proud of his family.

And swaggalikus, you should have been in the Rathskeller when the Canes were losing 19-3 to FSU, those were TRUE canes fans, and they were questioning the coach.

And I was ripping into Erickson when we lost to FSU because he continued in the one-back offense on the two yard line. Don't tell me you have never criticized the Canes. If you breathe and watch games, you gotta wonder at some of the 80 plays out there.

And I bet three minutes on Google and I could find folks ripping Mallet for costing them the game.

the best comment on here:

..."if the bobbling fingers fit, you must acquit."


I dont mind questioning the coaches or the players. What I'm referring to is team support. DA U is family and if you're a true fan then YOU too are Family. The canes never had normal players. We have and had SPECIAL players and coaches.It's time we had SPECIAL 'FANS'. All I here on here is how the canes use to be great back in the orange bowl days. All I'm saying if the so called fans show up at the stadiums and chanted "Jacory" and showed him love and support, instead of bashing him or the receivers. just maybe the ghosts of hurricanes past will show up and make SUN LIFE STADIUM and the 2010 and beyond Hurricanes the most feared stadium and team to play against. I bleed orange and green. Matter of fact my family has barred me from watching away games in the house, due to all the damage I have caused to the house. But at the end of the day. I would trade the coaches or players for any others around the country. C-A-N-E-S 4 life

Aaron i hate to be so hard on Aubrey but its the truth. What WRs are you watching that are not all of a sudden years behind Hankerson. Ever since he has worked with this Duper guy he has taken his game to another level. I f Aldarius "GLUE HANDS"? jOHNSON drops another ball he should be replaced by the next available WR and i believe that is Thompkins. FSU will have a BULLZEYE on Hank this week so they better show me something or act like they want to hang onto there PT or put the next man in to get the job done. You hold a man accountable for the play of his UNIT(see the Dolphins special teams coordinater fired today) and in that case its Aubrey Hill. I love my CANES just as much as you and we needs answers to why these guys are not performing up to expectations. Nothing personal but this is a bussiness world and if guys are not doing there job why arent changes being made. Thats how it is from the highest jobs in the world like Presidency to the lowest like garbage collectors and like i said Hill needs to be held accountable for the poor play of the WRs so far...

J12 has to start reading defenses better. It's a matter of being smart or dumb.

Big question: What he heck is the matter with A. Johnson?

And, again, has anybody seen Telemaque?

The Duper guy is Mark Duper from the famed Mark brothers. #85 the wide receiver who was Dan Marino's deep threat in the 80's with the Dolphins. LMAO

Whatever the problem is with the W.R's, Their fault, Jacory's fault, Whipple's fault, who cares, there is no reason we shouldn't be averaging 45 a game. Nobody should be stopping us for almost the entire second half like Clemson did. We are going to have to live with Jacory's color blindness from time to time as long as it's on the other end of the field.

We need this one gentlemen! Play your game, every play til the whistle blows! I am coming in from the ATL to see my CANES...GEEKED man, I cannot wait...got a weekend pass from the Mrs...no INTS PLEASE JH. Def - do not let Ponder scramble on us for 1st down on a 3rd and 12, 13, etc...they want to beat us...it's gonna be a great game...Miller, I like that dude...helluva RB...but we do have other studs in the stable...just run it down their throat, and make them Noles respect the run...then let Hank show them WRs what fun they could be having! HANK - MAN -- WHAT A TURNAROUND...Seems not that long ago people were calling him CLANKERSON...We can do this!! GOD BLESS!

You can't ask for Jacory to run or scramble as some have suggested for several reasons.

*His physique will not allow him to take the pounding--look at Pryor, almost every game he takes a brutal hit or two and is helped off the field.

*If Jacory were to be seriously injured while scrambling this season would be over on the spot as there is no one close to him in ability to take over.

On occassion Jacory can scramble as he did at Clemson for 17 yards that changed the momentum of the game. But, if he does so on a regular basis bad things will ensue.

Canes!! I'm loving it!!! Keep up the good work and the progress. Beat tha brakes off of the Seminoles!!

WIDE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

WIDE LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!


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