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Who packs Canes' biggest punch? Cobra

Clemson safety DeAndre McDaniel didn't have the type of game he was hoping for against the Hurricanes last Saturday. The All-American blew coverage schemes and was torched by Canes receiver Leonard Hankerson on 22- and 65-yard touchdown catches.

Sean Spence But that wasn't the worst part of McDaniel's day.

According to a story in The Charleston Post and Courier, McDaniel had four teeth knocked loose after taking a helmet to the facemask by an unnamed Hurricanes player. So who delivered the big blow? We might not ever know (I've got a hunch it was running back Damien Berry).

But the topic got me to thinking -- who does deliver the biggest hits on this Hurricanes team? Sophomore running back Mike James didn't hesitate when I asked him. In fact, he didn't even let me finish the question. "Sean Spence," James said. "The Cobra."

"After that, I'd say Allen Bailey, Colin McCarthy ... [after a long pause] Then, I'd go with Andrew Smith."


> Junior Andrew Smith might be one of the most efficient sack artists in the ACC. Smith has three sacks this season for the Canes in three games. What's really impressive? With Marcus Robinson back, he said he was only in on 10 defensive plays Saturday at Clemson. 

> I'm expecting the Seminoles to know where Hankerson will be at all times Saturday. During Wednesday's ACC teleconference, Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher didn't sound like a coach who is planning to let Hankerson run wild in the secondary.

"He's a complete receiver," Fisher said of Hankerson. "He's unique in that he has great size and speed, will go over the top of you, run away from you. But at the same time he's a great route runner. He can stick his foot in the ground, has shake, can run with the ball after he catches it, understands where the holes are, how to set zones. He is an extremely tough matchup. You never stop guys like that; you just hope they don't kill you totally. He's a complete player and we're going to have our hands full with him."

> Count former Hurricanes offensive tackle Leon Searcy as a fan of Seantrel Henderson. Searcy, who hosts the show Canes4Life on CBS-4 Saturdays at 11:30 a.m., told me during the show's filming tonight the 6-8, 355-pound true freshman impressed him. 

"He's got all of the raw materials to be a great one," said Searcy, who spent 11 seasons in the NFL. "I thought he did a real good job on his kick outs. He had a couple guys get around him, but overall I was very impressed."


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BAM! That's the sound of FSU players hittin the ground during the smackdown Saturday.

teeth knocked out? u know the canes reallyh mean business when u go home like that. bring it fsu, cuz canes will be on patrol saturday night....

Go Canes!!!!! We gonna pack the biggest punch come saturday!!!!

CHRISTIAN PONDER has a Masters degree in Finance. CANES, send him home to his next job interview with 4 teeth knocked out. ANDREW SMITH is the poster dude for getting him on the ground. Bailey is tough, but too slow when you got this guy running around. See the Fort Myers News Press. BIMBO FISHER running his mouth how his offense has played well against Miami:
LSU: 40-3 win (2005 Peach Bowl) 468 yards
37-29 366 yards loss
41-39 440 yards win
38-34 404 yards loss

Can't stand this guy. WHIPPLE, we have the staff: throw short passes to running backs in open space (just like Alabama did on FL). This is easy for the CAENS. We have the best multiple sets of running backs in the nation. GO CANES!! CANE 4 LIFE

Mia: 34 FSU: 24


McDaniel at 9:55 left Q1, took a hit in the grill from Lamar M.'s first run and then next play on Lamar's next run left, lost his helmet being blocked by Leonard H.85 and Lamar ran by. Looks like the Miller face hit and then the block w/tackle swipe on 6 was where it occurred on Miami's first drive into the red zone. Great hitting early in this game.

Great old-school post. I think Spence was the obvious answer, though Ray Ray has to be up there. I think James just doesn't get hit straight-up by safeties as often as he does by linebackers. But, that's splitting hairs a bit.

I agree with all of the above...let's knock Ponder's teeth out and then run a sweep and knock out Jimbo's...by accident of course.

Go Canes!

MIAMI 40 sucSU 17

Let's not get cocky....

This rivarlry is always good no matter how down either team is.

I've seen a down UM team take out a top 10 FSU team, and i've seen a down FSU team take out a top 10 UM team...

Canes players need to understand this is a TOUGHER game than Clemson was. If J12 throws 3 or more picks, WE WILL LOSE THIS GAME.

Ponder can scramble.

Canes D needs to shut down everything
Recievers need to catch EVERYTHING that hits their hands.


If anyone thinks Jacory's brain-power will increase before the FSU game you are living with false hopes. The bigger the game the goofier he gets. FSU is going to blitz J12's little _ss off and chase him like a rabbit and he'll get slammed and then pout and blame it on the 'D' because he is too stupid and cowardly to run for some yardage or throw the ball away. Unless an oppossing team takes him 'out' be assured the once invincible University of Miami Hurricanes are in for a loooong mediocre run until the end of the 2011 season. So pathetic to know we could have beaten Ohio State and easily be in the top 3 by now. Randy's pet monkey is here to stay. Good luck Saturday as the 'CANES will need it. Miami's defense is their only salvation.

Posted by: cowboycane | October 07, 2010 at 12:11 PM

The "Disgruntled 'cane" schtick is really unbecoming Troll! I liked you better when UF didn't suck!

The racist is now playing the role of a ticked off Canes fan calling himeslf "Cowboycane".

Calling Jacory a "MONKEY" is another one of his racist double entendres that he has become so famous for.

Having unfortunately read his garbage for sometime now I can predict his patterns. Today's disgusting post typically signals he's on tilt and is on another hate rant flying close to the sun with his derogatory descriptions of black people.

Just as he's done on every other Canes blog the racist is begging to be banned--Manny and Susan...grant him his wish!

COWBOYCANE your momma doesnt think hes a monkey you redneck...

Some people just don't understand the game. Some people love to disrespect it as well. Sure wish these people would get out from behind their keyboards, and quit acting like they could coach a D-I school or any school for that matter.

Our aggressive O is always going to put J12 in position to throw INTs. He's playing in a NFL offense, but obviously isn't NFL ready. Well, at least we know he's not actually in the NFL, and has the rest of this year and next to work in this system. One day, J12 will be your fantasy football QB.

Dan Marino had 46 INTs his last two seasons with Pitt. How'd he turn out in the NFL? It has only taken a 50 year old to stay in the league to beat his records (Favre).

I can speak it as well as back it. So much for anyone else doing this. Put the mic closer to your butt because I cannot make out anything you are saying. It just doesn't make sense to me. Probably because I do understand the game.


If anyone thinks Brantley's brain-power will increase before the LSU game you are living with false hopes. The bigger the game the goofier he gets. LSU is going to blitz Strokey's little _ss off and chase him like a rabbit and he'll get slammed and then pout and blame it on the 'D' because he is too stupid and cowardly to run for some yardage or throw the ball away. Unless an opposing team takes him 'out' be assured the once invincible University of Florida Gators are in for a loooong mediocre run until the end of the 2111 season. So pathetic to know we could have beaten Alabama and easily be in the top 3 by now. Urbie's pet doggy is here to stay. Good luck Saturday as the 'GATORS will need it. UFelony's defense is their only salvation.

31-6, Curse Piggy. You really want to go back to getting trashed daily? I saw how you disappeared after the loss. Instead of letting everyone know you disappeared out of shame, let some folks think you finally saw the light and have a tiny bit of class.

Hmm, after getting destroyed like that, ID theft will be the next step in his arsenal of dirty tricks. So, get ready to see something negative about the Canes posted by a Cane fan ID.

Don't do it, Curse, it will start the ball rolling all over again, and the REAL Gator fans on Gator Clause would prefer to not get retaliated against.

How is FSU even ranked I guess somebody has to be

U realize fsu let oklahoma run and pass all over them. The other teams they have played this year have no offense to speake of. Miami is the best offense fsu has played this year. Yes even better then oklahoma. Who stuggled to score on utah state but managed to put up 50 on fsu. So until i see fsu stop miami i wont believe they can. Sorry this d was so bad last year and in the one game they played a team with an offense they got blown out. I expect a good game because fsu-miami is alwayas a good game i just dont believe fsu can stop miami. I think miami will do a good job on d against fsu but at least oru d has played a top notch offense alreayd. Lets face facts miami wont face a run game as good as clemsons the rest of the year but fsu has a better passing game then clemson.

We can not slack off defensively, we have to get in Ponders grill and keep him contained and if we can do that we should roll 31-17. The W.R. have to step up, especially Byrd, Johnson, & butterfingers: Chase "T Bird" Ford. FSU's Defense is young, for the most part and there stats look pretty good until you look at who they built them up against: Wake, VA, Samford & Son, and Morman Tech (BYU. They didn't get them stats against Oaklahoma.

SO, LOUD MOUTH...we'll see you at "the Sun" - you're ragging on UM fans not showing up at home games, and you had over 21,000 seats to your home games this year...Miami has an excuse....we have four professional teams to compete with...what, IN GOD'S NAME else is there to do in SOUTHERN GEORGIA (Tally), than to go to a Free Shoes event...you're the ONLY SHOW IN TOWN!! Disgraceful!


Nuck the FOLES, and their silly, hillbilly fans!!

Posted by: UMike | October 07, 2010 at 12:44 AM

Section 126, Row 32...seats 1&2...the EAST ENDZONE CREWWWWW!!

Shades of the old West End Zone asylum at the Orange Bowl (Rest in Peace)!

Noles fans won't be heard, trust me!!

Posted by: UMike | October 07, 2010 at 12:48 AM


I'm going to tell U right to Ur Mongol face dough boy.

U'll know me when U see me.

Bring Ur 5 inch platform shoes to get up over 6 foot and put on Ur big boy pants Skippy.

Section 126, Row 32...seats 1&2 ... got it.

Wow, Curse is threatening someone, claiming he will meet up with them in person?

Don't worry UMike, he has made that claim many times before, and somehow never shown up. U Know? Yeah, Curse Piggy, we know, you are a coward.

UMike, see you here on Monday, we will get a good laugh at this loser. He won't show.

I'm sick of biting my nails in Miami_FSU games. Let's put one away early for a change.

The funny thing is, he thinks I'm STUPID enough to put down my REAL SECTION AND ROW AND SEATS? LOL...what a LOSER!

I've heard his "threats" before. Again, his about as dumb as a person can get if he actually thinks that someone is going to put up their actual seats and row, etc...etc.

I know, I was at the UM-FSU baseball game a few year ago in Hicksville where the FSU fans were throwing bottles and sodas at the UM players who were still on the infield after UM beat them...they were all drunken slobs, and I'm guessing that CURSE is their leader!

He should be very careful who/when he threats someone...those people sitting in the random seats that I gave might just have a surprise for HIM...NOW, that would be justice, huh?

NUCK THE FOLES, and their silly, hillbilly fans!!

Canes over Gators, AP Agrees: Thanks, but do you HONESTLY think I'm afraid of this a**hole?
Again, he's stupid enough to actually think I would put my real seats on any site, especially with the "hillbilly" mentality that exists in Southern Georgia...? Too funny...I'll see you on here on Monday, win or lose...that's for sure.
I just hope I didn't give the people in those random seats I selected any trouble that they don't deserve...IF those rows and seats even exist..??

Nuck the FOLES, and their HILLBILLY (CURSE) fans!!

Well said 360Cane.

All his knocked out teeth could be saved if they had a Save-A-Tooth knocked out tooth preserving system in the team training bag

This came from an article in NCAA Football on Yahoo Sports, about Free Shoes fans not selling out that crummy stadium:

"Even as the Seminoles have won four of their first five games, a large segment of the fan base doesn't seem convinced the program has turned the corner. FSU's average attendance for its first three home games was 66,293 - more than 15,000 below Doak Campbell Stadium's capacity."

That's with two of those games barely drawing 60,000...I normall could care less, but Free Shoes fans are always bragging about how they sell out all their home games...AGAIN, I'll say the facts: What, in God's name else is there to do in freakin' Tally...really? Go to the beach? Take a trip to Southern Georgia (two miles away)? Free Shoes is the only show in town...no pro sports teams, NOTHING! Just the big former all-girls college (former - KIND OF!!).

Funny how the fans don't show up like they did when Bawwwwwby was there...maybe they're ashamed at the way that Free Shoes University treated the man who put that school on the football map!! Shame on Free Shoes for the way they treated Bobby in the end!


TO: U Know?: Just so you know, you've been reported to the adminstrator on this site...and, don't think for one moment that they can't find out who you are, where you live, etc.
It's a shame that I can't meet up with you, but for the sake of the people who might sit in the seats and row that I said (IF they exist), I made sure that the Administrator of this site knew of your THREATENING POST!

You're a loser, period...you deserve to be kicked off this site if you can't control your temper.......but, then again, you are a UM hater...God only knows where you live, which team you actually root for, etc....I personally think you're a GayTurd fan who hasn't gotten over last year's and this year's losses to 'Bama...but, personally, I could care less WHO YOU ARE, WHO YOU "ROOT" FOR, etc...to me, you're just a loser...a miserable person who has to make threats on a sports page blog...that's really sad. It must be awful BEING YOU...filled with so much hate and anger...so miserable...all over the "poking of fun" on a blog!
Sad, really.

Has anyone looked at who FSU has played so far this year? Except for OSU who'd they play? If Jacory plays under control and doesn't look for the big play on every possession we should be all right. Let the backs wear down their D line and use the run to set up the passing game. Jacory needs to put some zip on the ball. Against Clemson he tried to throw the ball out of bounds and it was nearly picked off. He's got to get back to where he was last year in those first four games. Throwing underneath and taking what the D is giving him...

Ouch! Losing 4 teeth has got to hurt! It's a good thing that the football games I've had in Sevierville were "clean". Well, clean in a sense that no body parts broke. Bruises in football are a given, I guess. Oh, there was one game where my teammate ended up having a chipped tooth. He asked for veneers and all those dental stuff for aesthetics just to cover up the damage.

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