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Canes talk Georgia Tech, plus injury updates

Before we get to some interviews as the Hurricanes prepare take on Georgia Tech Saturday, a few news and notes from Tuesday's press conference and practice:

> There were a few notable absences from Tuesday's practice: Quarterback Jacory Harris, tailbacks Damien Berry and Lamar Miller, tight end Asante Cleveland and receiver Allen Hurns.

> UM coach Randy Shannon said that neither Harris or Berry are likely to play this week. Shannon said Harris is supposed to see a doctor today to find out about his progress from the effects of a concussion sustained two weeks ago against Virginia and that Harris has yet to begin running although he held out hope that the junior quarterback might take part in some of practice this week. But no matter what happens, Shannon told the Palm Beach Post that Stephen Morris will start versus the Yellow Jackets.

> Shannon said that Damien Berry, the Hurricanes’ leading rusher, continues to be bothered by a leg injury (we believed its bruised left quadriceps) and has been slowed in recent days by the flu.

> Lamar Miller was seen walking around the hallways at the UM athletic center without any visible injuries. He missed two games earlier this season with what was believed to be a shoulder injury.

> Shannon told the Palm Beach Post, Asante Cleveland will also miss Saturday’s game and could be out longer after sustaining an undisclosed injury against Maryland last week.

> Left tackle Orlando Franklin was dressed for practice, but didn't participate in individual drills when the media was allowed to watch the first 6 minutes and 34 seconds of practice.

> Safety JoJo Nicolas was back practicing after getting injured in the first half Saturday. Nobody in the media noticed if defensive back Lee Chambers was back out there

> Defensive tackle Josh Holmes, who has missed four of the past five games with a knee injury, may not return this season. Sophomore defensive tackle Curtis Porter was dressed for practice, but did not participate.


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I think we should go with Morris the rest of the year. What do we have to lose? We know what Jacory can do - why not open it for competition next year.

PS I hope its no cold in the ATL because we can already use injuries, youth, and motivation as our excUse.

ACC championship to lose still - if Morris beats G Tech and UNC beats V Tech next week Jacory should start the V Tech game (if he's healthy enough).

Posted by: season's been over | November 09, 2010 at 01:33 AM

Posted by: Westside Cane | November 09, 2010 at 07:28 PM

Hope I didn't miss anything on the blog. I've been trying to keep up with all the news while posting under my many alias's like above. Hard day spinning my arrow near the roadside for Papa Johns. Even though I'm a diehard d-bag gator troll, I love this blog.

Susan be getting killed by other reporters. She cant never get a question in on all these interviews since oue first game. She have to get in where she fit in. When she do get in its always a contversial question or a stupid question she ask.The other reporters be telling her now you can ask your question about 15 years later like she is a freshman or rookie. Every game she try to do an interview, its funny when she trying to get her question in. I be wanting to throw in the towel so bad for her because she is a terrible reporter.

I don't know about you guys but I love the ironic posts. So thank you ALLABOUTTHEU2, thank you. You made my night.

Go Canes!

J12 sucks...Morris should be our new QB.. and shannon is worst for allowing this circus to continue at the U...

D-bag Gator troll has been busy on here tonight. Nobody is falling for your fake back and forths between your multiple names. Shouldn't you be more concerned with Urban the gossip queen? Or Chris "where's my dinner b**ch" Rainey? Must be feeling like a tough guy after his team defeated the mighty commodores.

Man- these injuries.

Dropping like flies.

No Lamar Miller? Put Storm and Eduardo then.

Mike James, Storm and Clements.

Then one or two will be "nicked" next week.

I tell you.

Swaze is another who shold be on the hot seat. Seriously.

When can this football team uttogether an entire season without 8 players missing key games?

The D-LINE is still banged up thats not good against the Jackets. I don't undertand why we can't get a tailback that can be a true work horse every week without missing games.

Jskinny and shannon can both go to H... they suck.. we need a better coach who can give us a NC... randy has always protected JSKINNY even when he trows 5 interceptions in a game. MORRIS is the man for the JOB....

If we want to beat G-Tech Miller has to play. Miller and Berry out puts way too much pressure on Morris. On another note Harris being out these 3 games might be the best thing for him and Whipple. It force Whipple to put in a QB friendly offense. I think if he does the same thing for Harris the offense will be that much better. As for Harris it probably allowed him to see the game from a different perspective which might benifit him over the long haul.

Hey we're fine without J "int" Harris and even though Morris is a freshman and he to is a little color-blind , I can live with a few mistakes, one because he's more athletic and 2 because he has a stronger arm and can make all the throws. Miller gives us the homerun threat in the backfield. If we cut down the stupid penalaties and can play back to back good games i can see us rolling over Ga. Tech and their sub QB 27-17. Mind you, our dee can't take plays off against this offense or its bye-bye.

"Left tackle Orlando Franklin was dressed for practice, but didn't participate in individual drills when the media was allowed to watch the first 6 minutes and 34 seconds of practice."
Susan/Manny...the sarcasm was not lost on these tired old eyes!!!
6:34 INDEED!

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