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USF Series will not be continued beyond 2013

The St. Petersburg Times reported in today's paper that "the Hurricanes have told athletic director Doug Woolard they are not interested in continuing the [USF] rivalry beyond 2013, when their six-game contract ends."

  "That article is accurate. We're not going to extend beyond the five-year window we're in the middle of,''  Chris Freet, UM associate athletic director for communications, told The Miami Herald on Wednesday. "We're not going to extend that.''

The article states that "the Bulls wanted to extend the series,'' but that UM athletic director Kirby Hocutt nixed the idea.

Freet also said in the report that UM has one opening in 2014, but is interested in a neutral-site game.





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Good move. I'm hoping they end it early & replace them with a west coast program to expand exposure.

That's written in stone until ESPN comes with wide open pocketbook and changes our mind.

good. usf is NOT a rival. and to even say so diminishes the level of The U. usf sucks. lets go play USC, ND, or Texas... or better yet, see if we can get the gators back on the schedule.

Can we replace them with the Gatas? Oh, wait...

Hey lets play FIU !

one spot available. neutral site. alabama in the georgia dome maybe?

ND is already on the schedule and FU wants nothing to do with playing the U
USF should just go back to their rival game with UCF and stick with that

Diminishes the level of The U? You mean The U that has never played in an ACC championship game? The U that is 4 and 9 against ranked opponents with 6 of those losses by 23 or more points under Shannon? That U? You can keep that level. They should play USF and UCF. Only games out of state should be conference games. Do what Ohio State does; not leave the state until conference games start mid October.

Why dont you head back over to your OSU blog and spend time over there. What are you doing hanging around a teams site that you dont even like?

Now we're ducking USF?


One thing Miami has always been missing is that end of the year rivalry game. I was hoping USF could be that but I guess not. Too bad I think.

The Gators won't play us after 2013 b/c they want at least 7 games a year at the swamp. Since they play UGA every year in Jacksonville, we get hosed.

I still wear my Orange and Green with PRIDE!!

The game in Jacksonville for the turds is always a home game.

I agree with that. I say play USC or Texas.

And forsj..whatever- Let us not forget how crappy some of the perennial superpowers of CFB are at one time or another-
What's Texas' excuse for going 5-6?
Even Alabamy?
What about F_U?
Penn State?

In fact, I rather have rebuilding periods (contrary to what gators and trojans fans think), which all programs have, then be like Va Tech- Pretenders and never contenders. Like the hot girl who ends up an old maid and never a bride. That's what the Hokies have been the last 15 yrs. I couldnt live with that.

this scares me a little bit... if we schedule someone tough, it's a likely loss for Shannon... if we schedule someone soft, what the hell does that say about our program... sounds like a lose lose scenario to me... shoulda stayed with USF...

Kirby Hocutt is the best Athletic Director in the country...bar none!

He tried everything in his power to renew the Florida series, but true to form the cowardly gators hid under the bed refusing to play the Canes.

He reignited the Notre Dame series that will once again be one of the great annual battles that will have the whole country talking about it...helps with recruiting too.

Scheduled a game in Yankee Stadium that will also receive great national exposure...helps recruiting!

Convinced a donor to make a major contribution to the UM Athletic Department...helps recruiting!

And is overseeing the best coaching staff in college football who will lead the Canes to a National Championship next year...helps recruiting!

Go Canes!

Canes Pride!
Everything but your last comment was accurate.

Just put us out of our misery already and fire the guy!

Okay, people have you all looked at football from this perspective. Their are two types of sports fans in my book. Either you are a fan or spectator.

SPECTATOR: This is a person who just looks at the game and say things like, "Oh, Benjamin just didn't want to catch the ball on that play." Or, "we just lost because JC threw to many interceptions."

FAN: This is someone who knows sports terminology and lingo. They look at the strength and weakness of the opposition. If Miami runs a run play, they can tell what lineman missed a block or if a receiver missed a block. The Fan can will look at the fact that Benjamin couldnt have caught the ball because JC underthrew or overthrawn the receiver.
I have watched a team with tremendous talent get out coached, out hustled, and played sparingly weekend and weekout. I saw a coach blame a receiver for an interception that clearly was not his fault. The coach didnt want to blame the qb for his lack of effort. The blame had to a receiver who beat his man and the ball was poorly underthrown. Dont get me wrong Benjamin's play at OSU was all on him.
Im a fan, I have watched weekend and week out how, in our losses, we were just out coached and not prepared for what the team is going to do to us. We can argue that we should of won games that we lost and vice versa, because it was some games we should of not won as well. Some coaches are just coordinator material and not head coaching material. Butch Davis, with Coker as the recruit and offensive coordinator, transcended college football recruiting forever. First of all, they put a tight blanket around South Florida and made it hard for teams like Florida or Florida State to get the best players their. Secondly, they designed the pipeline network and started recruiting heavenly on the west coast and got the best from California. Coker was a fine offensive coordinator and sucked as being a head coach. We should of had at least 3 championships with Coker from the recruits that Butch Davis left him. The program had problems and it went down hill since Coker took over. Shannon, like Obama and the economy now, inherited a really bad dilema. He had to clean up the program, which he did very well. The problem is that it is not carrying over onto the football field. Look at it like this, Florida has been in the top 3 recruiting class since taking over as the head coach. Are they what they are rated as, NO! They are paper champs, not on the field champs. It makes Florida and Meyer look like they are recruiting God's. Shannon has had 1 top ranked class since he has taking over. Shannon has a tragic background and childhood that needs to be honored. He overcame so much in his life to be in a position where he is today. I applaud the man and wish him well. He was a great defensive coordinator whose defenses were in the top 5 yearly (google it). With him as a defensive coordinator and a good offensive minded head coach, the U could be strong again.

Miami has no trouble recruiting, they have trouble coaching these young men how to play Div 1A football. IMO, they should play UAB or Barry College.

USF...who cares.

Hey Canes Pride, I'm a Gator. If the Gators are such cowards, why would we schedule you guys to play in 2008 and in 2013? If we were cowards, we wouldn't schedule you at all. Plus, if not scheduling you guys every year makes us cowards, then, by the same token, the Canes are cowards for discontinuing their series with USF, and more importantly, FIU. The Golden Panthers play a few blocks from Coral Gables - there should be no excuse. Judge not lest ye be judged (by the same criteria).

Let me put it another way.
OSU pays directional schools with ZERO CHANCE of beating OSU.
We play intra state teams like USF or UCF and there is a CHANCE we lose, giving the other guys instant cred. with ESPN, etc. More fuel on the anti UM fire.
We win those games and YAWN.We were SUPPOSED TO.
UF is a different story, of course.

There is NO advantage whatsoever in playing USF and we should NEVER have scheduled them in the first place.

In place of USF, we should schedule away games against teams having +90K stadiums for two reasons: One, the payout. Two, so our players get the experience of playing big time football in a packed stadium... even if the fans are for the other team.

Rico Nice- You are clueless- Quick call Uf and ask for your tuition money back.

Playing UM and not being coward means a home nad away regular series like they used to play and Foley and every other UF AD backed out of.

Funny thingis, I always hear the quote, ahhhh THe SEC schedule is just too tough! BS. The fact is UF plays NOBODY OOC and away. They are too afraid to playoutside of their comfort zone.

Ok> DOn't play Miami.

Butthen schedule a home and away series withsay, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Ohio State, texas, USC, Boise State eetc. They wont. Why, They are too chikn s--t

Wait, now you guys want to play FIU? When your admin decided last year that all revenue sport series between FIU and UM will be discontinued?

First FIU, now USF.

Pretty cowardly of UM.

Hey "I can't believe this anymore," why should UF follow your suggestions? Give me one good reason? I'll give you one good reason why they only play cupcakes out-of-conference: because all they have to do is win the SEC conference and they are either in the National Championship game, or they are at least in a major BCS bowl game. Most SEC teams do the same exact thing. Two cupcake out-of-conference teams at the beginning of the year (before SEC play) and one cupcake team before rivalry week at the end of the year (for us, FSU). Why stress yourself out scheduling Ohio State, Oklahoma, etc? That only makes your efforts 10X more difficult. On Monday, I read right here that Shannon said in a press conference that he does NOT want to play big teams out-of-conference, and that if he could change that, he would. I guess Shannon is a coward too (by your criteria).

Now who's clueless "I can't believe this anymore"? Go ask MDCC for your tuition back!

UM realizes that by 2014 Skip Holtz will have a top 15 team. Look at what he is doing this year with a team that has 1 true WR, a QB in a system in transition and a team that lost 7, yes more then the U did, starters to the NFL since last year.

I see the disrespect of USF by all the UM fans posting here...
all of these posts were before today's win in Miami's house...
I agree, you don't have much to gain from playing us. Not because your current program is any better...but because the national level of respect isn't there yet. National Championships from forever ago still gets you lots of cred. But not from the recruits that we continue to pluck out of your backyard. Hoping to keep the series going. Go Bulls!


"The program has gone from being one of the most dominant from the 1980s to early 2000s to a nonfactor on the national landscape. This isn't a national powerhouse anymore. It's not even a Top 25 program anymore. Know what kind of football program it is? It's Kentucky. It's Pitt. It's Arizona. A little better than mediocre. Just good enough to get an invite to some dinky bowl game such as the Sun Bowl or Champs Sports Bowl."

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/11/making-sense-of-gruden-coaching-search.html#ixzz16hueUp2n

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