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Berry to miss Maryland game

Not only will the University of Miami be without starting quarterback Jacory Harris on Saturday against Maryland, the Hurricanes will be without their No. 1 running back.

Hurricanes coach Randy Shannon said senior Damien Berry will not play Saturday against Maryland (6-2, 3-1 Atlantic Coast Conference).

Damien Berry Berry practiced neither Tuesday nor Wednesday. Shannon said Berry needed time to heal, though he wouldn't specify the injury. Berry is the fourth-leading rusher in the ACC, with 690 yards and four touchdowns on 142 carries. Last Saturday at Virginia, his streak of consecutive games of at least 100 yards ended at four games. He didn't carry the ball in the fourth quarter

Lamar Miller and Mike James likely will get the bulk of the carries, with Graig Cooper and Eduardo Clements available as well.

``He's just getting healthy,'' Shannon said of Berry. ``He was sore, banged up and stuff. He's been banged up for about maybe the last 2 ½ weeks. You know what? You just can't keep trying to keep going and going and going. It gets tough on him.

``I don't [want] to make it get worse than what he is. He's already kind of nicked up. Precautionary measures and stuff like that. We've got backs right now, so our numbers are OK.''

Miller has gained 252 yards and two touchdowns on 46 carries. James has 243 yards and one touchdown on 41 carries. ``I feel very good about getting the opportunity,'' Miller said. ``All the running backs have to step their games up and be ready to play and be hungry about it.''

The Hurricanes (5-3, 3-2) are fifth in the ACC in rushing offense, averaging 170.4 yards per game and 4.7 yards per carry.


Here is what freshman QB Stephen Morris talked about after practice. Video courtesy of UM's sports info staff.


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I was kind of looking forward to seeing how many people boycotted the first quater. Bet every one is in now. This kid should fit in nicely. Can't wait to see what this combo has . See ya'll there.

Bummed about the injuries, but Morris really showed me something Sat. I wish he was immediately put in the game. Those two additional series prob would have led to a Cane W.

Berry is a tough loss, but this week should be exciting.

Go Canes!


Most of you are with me and are realistic about what we are seeing out there. I, like many of you, have the right to complain about the product on the field as a fan. Last year, Shannon's excuse not to bring in recruits was the contract. This year, as a few of the fans in this blog say, it's the fans on the blogs. Because you know the blogs in Miami don't exist in other schools and other teams' fans are the greatest and on their best behavior when their teams lose. Gator fans never complain. FSU fans never complain. That's why they get all the top recruits....thanks to their great fans behaving on the blogs. Give me a break.

Posted by: PCola Cane


Of course you have the right to constantly complain and trash the program, but if you are really a Canes fan then that act is the very definition of stupid.

I have to laugh at you pointing out the behavior of 'other fans' as your green light to trash the Canes. Really? That's what you are going with?

I always thought the argument of being a Cane was we were nothing like other fans... you know... "It's a Canes thing--You wouldn't understand!" Yet, you want to connect yourself with the sheer stupidity of what other fans are doing as your defense of trying to destroy the 'current' program. If anything you bolster my arguement of not doing what the other fans are doing by slamming our head coach, who is not going to be fired this season or next season no matter what his record is--why can't you and others process this fact?

Another poster advised me not to worry about recruits because if we stop them from coming to the "U", will mean Randy will be fired that much sooner. Wow! So, instead of doing everything we can do as fans to help the situation (attending games, begging recruits to come to the "U", etc) it is your contention and some others on this blog that our job as fans is to do everything possible to do more damage. That is the very definition of toxic and losing thinking.

Finally, Randy Shannon is by far more Cane than ANYONE that posts on this blog. He truly bleeds orange and green. He has left his blood sweat and tears on the field while in a Canes uniform to help make the tradition some of you 'think' you know about. When you start eating your own the end is near if not upon us. Now some of you won't understand what I just wrote, but those who have lived life and know what it takes to win will understand.

Boy Miller and James are going to light it up.Both players will have over a 100 yards. These two have been held back and they are going to show everyone next year whats in store to come. Miller is nice. I was telling everyone that Morris is something special. Teddy was/is not going to have it easy when JH leave. Morris is going to try his best to prove to everyone he got the skills. Morris will take this opptny and run away with it. I know he is a freshman but he got a big arm and he is mobile.

Long time U fan and Randy must go he is never going to live up to our expectations. Nice guy and great coordinator but bad head coach. Miami will never make a BCS game with Randy as coach.

never in my life have i heard of a workhorse runningback sitting out a game because he's a little banged up and sore...

We have to do something about all these lower and upper extremities.

PS Berry isn't hurt. He spoke up against Randy.

FIRE CANDY RANDY... he will get an L against Maryland on saturday... i don't blame the players, because there is no doubt we have so much talent... is the coach that cant develope these players and get us another NC... Fire him now save the canes....

We have to do something about all these lower and upper extremities.

PS Berry isn't hurt. He spoke up against Randy.

Posted by: Andy Gustafason


The above post is not mine and was done with the intent to mislead by changing one letter in the last name.

Thank you for doing it, because it proves that the racist is alive and well on this site and also explains all of the aliases acting as Canes fans spewing hate 24/7, who are really posts by the racist.

Sean Wilson or whatever your name is you did pretty good hiding your identity for awhile, but when someone starts to take away your power of hate you go on tilt...and I was the one who got you banned from the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel UM site. In other words, I kicked your arse, I won and you lost...I told you I was going to get you--you punk...and I did!!!


PS: I'm coming for you on this site racist and promise you I will get you banned from posting here as well!

DONT support this coach.. save ur money and don't go to the games until RANDY SHANNON IS FIRE.. we fans are going to send a loud and clear message to donna!!! we will cut our financial support to the football program until there is change...NO MONEY MORE PROBLEMS>>>>>

@miamicanes1: shut the hell up

Better win this game. Lose against Maryland and they won't win another game the rest of the season. Hope the administration is happy with a high graduation rate and 5 wins. Of course it's only 4 wins as 1 win was against FAMU.

RS is once again on display.

I ask U: 1) Why is Spencer Whipple on this team? What was he like at UMASS?

2) Why aren't we running the ball more? basic football says U establish running game and set UR self up in play action and pass. What ever happened to that?

3) has anybody seen that Chase guy, U know the tight end?

This kid's a helluva lot more articulate than Jacory for sure. Of course, he's also more articulate than Shannon.

Support the team or get lost. True Canes have heart and pride in their school no matter what, so man up and stand strong or keep it moving along. Kill all that negative noise and support them boys because this season ain't over yet! LETS GET IT!

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

Kill the blog Pig. Get me his address and I will extinguish that fat fairy.

Berry to miss Maryland game.


And the hits just keep on coming

Of course RBs are key to a running game but OL blocking is absolutely essential. Wasn't there against Virginia.

The boss man is saving/resting Berry for GT and or VT.

Lets go Canes!!

Real Canes don't support loser's which is what Shannon is and has done. I am sick of these little banged up or upper and lower extremety crap. Why is it every time a player gets a bump or a bruise they are out. AJ for example supposedly has a left wrist or some crap problem. The kid is right handed for god sakes, put a brace or some tape on it and be done with it. Berry out means there goes the one guy on offense that has run hard and played with heart.
Oh and Andy get off of the racist crap. Nobody cares about sean or whoever but U and a few other insecure pathetic Shannon lovers or loser lovers I should say. We care about championships and winning not the coaches race.

I've been hearing and reading about how we pass to much and don't run enough. I think we would all agree that you are best served if your offense is balanced. To that end...

Canes Rushing Attempts....283

Canes Passing Attempts....286

Championships is ("are"...not too big on grammar eh Bunkie?) all that matters:

You are this blogs blowhard--completely clueless and full of dung. You don't know what you don't know. People laugh at your constant blabbering that makes stupid people sound smart.

But, please don't stop as you are the comedic relief that this board needs. Is there any possible chance we can get you to start sharing your deep thinking views on politics? I am begging you to open that can of worms up, because I am certain we could get your views made public on the 'Daily Show'.

Sorry for disrupting that Mensa brain of yours from offering all the solutions to what ails the Canes...Fire Shannon, Fire Shalala, Fire Hocutt, Fire Whipple, Fire Jacory, Fire the Lawn Maintenance People, Fire the person who is firing the other people, Fire anyone that has something positive to say about the Canes, Fire the Doctor's who have the nerve to hold injured players out of games, Fire all of the injured players, Fire those who won't say bad things about the Canes, etc, etc, etc.

@are you for real: thank you

Um could U please oh bright one tell us just what is positive with our team these days. Why don't U start with the FSU game or maybe just holding on against Duke or how about this last Saturday's game against virginia. Just what positive do U conclude from those other than the fact perhaps we finally have found our QB.
INdulge us all with your ignorance.
And Emilia shut up because you are literally to stupid to attempt to insult anyone.

get used to it like you have got used to losing with SHannon.

Howard Schnellenberger FOUR YEARS at Miami: 41-16

Jimmy Johnson FIVE YEARS at Miami: 52-9

Dennis Erickson SIX YEARS at Miami: 63-9

Butch Davis SIX YEARS at Miami: 51-20 *ON PROBATION*

Larry Coker SIX YEARS at Miami: 60-15

Randy Shannon THREE & HALF YEARS at Miami 26-20

Another loss by Randy Shannon and he will have had the MOST losses of any Miami head coach *IN MODERN* history………DESPITE being here the least number of years…..

Banged up. Nicked. Getting any information from Shannon is like pulling teeth. His relationship with the media is awful. This also translates into a poor relationship (aka no relationship) with the fan base. You know, the people who buy tickets and merchandise.

No personality
Poor communication
No emotion or enthusiasm
Bad results
Mediocre recruiting (at least 2010 and 2011)

He is single handed;y dragging thisprogram down.

And what is it with Berry? What do you think will be asked of you in the NFL? THose are 16 games plus playoffs, you know. IS this a matter of off season and in season conditioning?

Time for Miller James and maybe Johnson and Coop to step up.

@ Are you for real


Just out of curiosity. How does knowing a specific injury improve your fb watching experience?

Ex: Will you watch the game differently if you knew that Berry was nursing a Hamstring or do you see the game differently (that he is missing regardless) if he was nursing an ankle?

Just wondering...

Wow, there is a lot of hatred towards the Canes and their supporters out there. Too bad you all can't funnel all that energy into "supporting" the Canes and their supporters and boosters. I am certainly glad the internet was't around when I played college ball, ! Would have been afraid to go outside what with all the hatred and venom towards the team, coaches and fans.
Remember, they are student athletes, not pro athletes. Yes, they were recruited to win games, but they are students first, not athletic students. This team needs our total support, especially now. So, no boycott, support the Canes, win or loose, they are our Canes. You can all be realistic about how good, or how bad, they are, but they do need our support. THEY ARE OUR CANES!!!

You people who want to boycott the games don't show up,are doing nothing more than not supporting the KIDS in the program. Quit being ridiculous. When you do such a stupid thing your just hurting the KIDS, and showing what terrible, immature fans U fans are. RS's fate will be addressed whether you show up at the game or not after the season. And you know what, he'll probably get another season to coach. He has a buy-out, and has done good things with the players off the field. So quit being ridiculous, and stupid. Reality is reality.

support the U regardless. Win or lose. To only support them when their winning is called a bandwagon fan. And the class of 10 class has produced Stephen Morris and Seantrel Henderson. The U can still improve. Georgia Tech needs to get it done tonight and then we need to win out. Stop with the negativity though. We need to show recruits that they will be loved if they come here not ridiculed for making mistakes. We forget they're kids coming out of high school. If you weren't a diehard canes fan, would you really come to the U to get threats for missing a tackle or throwing a pick? For many of these kids, this is the highlight of their playing career. Let's help them enjoy it and stand by them. GO CANES!

putting on my orange shirt, green cap and UM socks, and screaming at the stadium, as usual, on Saturday for the Canes .... hopefully Whipple will have an "ah-ha" moment Friday night and change the play book to actually use our running backs as the principal weapon.

Posted by: Are You For Real?

I don't think the lawn maintenance people have anything to do with the Canes play. I do however believe because it was a tad but cool versus Virginia caused our players a bit of discomfort. The inevitably lead to our loss - cool weather gets us every time.

Posted by: cane75

I will be there too. I am sure I will be able to see you through the "crowd" and will wave!

Go 'Canes!

PS I hope the weather warms up quickly!!! I think Randy should have ordered the Nike winter gear for Saturday;s game though

While i support the team and want to see them win losing games to the likes of a very weak Virginia team is without excuse. Randy is a dictator, with the team, the coaches, the media... the atmosphere he creates as a coach at practice, playing favorites the media and with his staff is not conducive to winning. He doesn't know how to create an atmosphere of winning. What you read from Devont'a, Latwann and Travis is most likely correct. I'm not an insider by any means but I know people who are and they are saying it is a very bad atmosphere in the locker room.. no wonder they come out looking flat and uninspired. These kids are not having fun and I think have had the enthusiasm kicked out of them. Have you ever seen RS talking to Whipple on the sidelines? instead what we see is a very stoic , stern looking Randy on the sidelines and it always looks like Whipple is waiting to take someone's head off with the looks on his face.

I hear Randy got a vote of confidence from the Trustees and Donna Shalala herself. That's too bad.

This team will not win anything significant as long as Randy is there. I have been a ardent and loyal supporter of RS until now, I have been a loyal fan since the age of seven (1957). With what I heard, if true, he needs to go.

Sadly the only thing that will speak to the administration is low.... very low attendance at the games but can't bring myself not to be there and support the team I love.

So until RS is removed I will support the team, the players and a few of the coaches who are getting the job done. BUT......this is a sad day for me.....

In Randy, I Do Not Trust.

You guys can settle for mediocre that's fine. I guess that's what being a Canes fan has come to. But as I stated before, I supported this team through probation and the losing years and through the winning years. That was because we lost because we were outmanned. But every game I still saw that Hurricane attitude out there. We may lose but we will do it scratching and clawing and because we are out there moping around. I am and always will be a Hurricane fan. I put my money where my mouth is every year in support of my team. But the reason I have always been a fan is because of the attitude we have always had. That's missing these days. I'm not going to settle and for games where players seem uninterested without getting mad. Afterall, I AM A CANE. I'm not voicing any less displeasure about this team that former players aren't saying. So what are you going to do? Are you telling Gino to shut up? Are you telling Rolle to shutup? How about Sapp and so forth. So some of you need to wake up and see something is wrong here and don't tell us to shutup because we have the ba**s to speak up. You know "It's a Cane thing" is about the attitude. Apparently some of you don't know what that means.

No one needs to shut up. Voice your opinion on the play calling, gameplan, coaching mistakes. But to say u will not support the team with hate & disdain is fruitless when Randy will be here. He is the coach & will be. Support these kids. They deserve it.

I know there has been mistakes. My hope is that they will get better coaches & players alike given more time. Building a program from the ground up takes time. There was not only a change in coaches & players in 2007, there was a new approach to the type of program they are building. Like it or not, it is not the program of the 80's or 90's. Not even the one in the early 2000's. No program will match that. Not even our beloved U will get to that kind of dominance.

PS: I'm coming for you on this site racist and promise you I will get you banned from posting here as well!

Sorry about that guys. I got a little too heated but still showed more emotion that Randy. It's meatloaf thursday so it's all good from diego to the bay.

The bottom line is RS is running the team the way Shalala and the admin WANT it to be run. I'm not saying that's good, but it is what it is. Even if they fired him tomorrow, do you honestly think they would hire someone radically different from what we have now (like, say, Leach)? No. They would hire someone just like what we've got now. And then, of course, as detailed earlier/elsewhere, there is the matter of the money. The simple fact is the current admin does not view winning championships as "important". 7-8 wins and a high grad rate is their unstated goal. Sure, they'd be happy if it happened (trust me, Shalala had a pretty big smile on her dumb face when she walked past us at the Rose Bowl in '01), but they aren't going to "cut corners" (as they would see it) to make that happen. One could make an argument that is "better" for the kids, completely aside from the football standpoint, but we all know as far as football goes that type of "everyone's a winner" attitude is not likely to get you to the top from a football standpoint. RS is a great guy and a decent coach, but true competitiveness has been bred out of the program for a reason. They are more interested in 50 kids getting worthless communications degrees than 10 guys going to the NFL (one could also argue these things need not be mutually exclusive, but I doubt the Admin sees it that way).

So again, it is what it is and until there is some kind of change at the VERY top this is what you're likely to get...although as Shula said the year before they ran him out of town, "miracles can happen".

Question. If u bring back Jimmy or Howard in their prime with today's environment, will they be as dominant as they were in the 80's?


Mental and physical. That's what's missing with the current players. I don't believe its Randy's fault for that. The talent is there, but these current players seem to be much more docile and "polite" in their demeanor, starting with Jacory.

If anyone heard Alonzo Highsmith this past week on the Sid Rosenberg show, you would have heard him express complete disbelief in the lack of "man up" attitude in this group of players. The lack of self-policing and leadership to demand the best from each other on every play. IN Alonzo's words:

"man, in my time there, if someone hit our qb like that and put him out, Jerome Brown would've called everyone on defense together and said, "if the next one of you who has a chance don't go and knock out THEIR qb, i am going to personally kick your ass..."

I was lucky UM student who was there from Jimmy's through Erickson's championships. I lived in the Hetch dorm towers and had a great view of the practice field and saw the kind of BRUTAL, GANG-FIGHT like practice that used to happen EVERYDAY. I'm not kidding, when those teams used to practice, you would think it was MIAMI lining up against FSU. D players would start fights with O players in between PRACTICE plays!!!!

And the the team used to live together in on-campus apartments right next to my dorm tower. On a Friday night, those players would congregate outside the apartment building to party. It was common to see them get into slugfests with each other just for fun. I mean it was an all out fight for manhood. Then they would hug and joke with each other afterwards... NO F****ing KIDDING.

Those were tough SOBs in the 80s-90s on those Canes teams.

Our current crop are like private school nerds. Very fitting to play against schools like Duke, Viriginia. Hey, maybe they'll eventually be competitive with Harvard and Yale football too...

Is it Randy's fault? I don't believe it. The guy earned his stripes in the 80's as a Cane. He eanred more in the Pro's under Jimmy and Butch. And he came back home to his Canes.

Once a Cane, always a Cane. I can't diss him no matter what. Yes, i can agree he isn't developing the players and isn't likely to lead us to an NC. But he makes a great D-coordinator and recruiter still. And he is the disciplinarian the team needs to keep our players out of jail and the ESPN headlines about "Thug U".

Despite any criticism of our team, I will always scream in support for them and will watch every game i can.

Those angry Canes fans who wants to fire Randy and piss on the players. I understand your disappointment over losses. But i do agree with others that you need to get off the crack pipe and calm down. Remember, this is YOUR team, not the opponent's. When you spew all that hate and anger at your team, then that makes you and FSU and UF fan, not a Canes fan.

Criticize and second-guess all you want. But do it with respect and forgiveness towards Randy and these kids. In other words, be a real fan.

The following are in response to SOME comments above, won't mention your name but you will know who you are by how I respond.

1.) I guess Gator Fans were Canes fans during the Zook Years, because they were just as vocal about their situation. I wonder how that turned out.

2.) Jim Harbough has to deal with FAR MORE STRINGENT rules and admission standards or ANY OTHER EXCUSE you want to use as to why this Man is failing. Nothing says you can't keep kids out of trouble, graduate them, provide discipline off the field and be able to provide SUCCESSFUL RESULTS ON IT. It's been done and has been done. The graduation rate and kids getting in trouble off the field wasn't an issue under Butch nor Coker yet you guys want to act like the others were criminals before savior Randy came along. That is a slap in the face to them. Lastly, how can you explain Donna wanting to keep Coker and being in HIS corner before he was fired? Hell that was even after a couple of black eye brawls on the field.

Last thing and this is to EVERYONE....

Howard Schnellenberger FOUR YEARS at Miami: 41-16

Jimmy Johnson FIVE YEARS at Miami: 52-9

Dennis Erickson SIX YEARS at Miami: 63-9

Butch Davis SIX YEARS at Miami: 51-20 *ON PROBATION*

Larry Coker SIX YEARS at Miami: 60-15

Randy Shannon THREE & HALF YEARS at Miami 26-20

Another loss by Randy Shannon and he will have had the MOST losses of any Miami head coach *IN MODERN* history………DESPITE being here the least number of years…..

Do I need to summarize THAT FILTH above?

Posted by: WestCoastCane

I agree with you totally. We need to support our team but catch the racist blogger who poses as have the posters here.

"we gunna find ya"

Go 'canes!

Not Randy's fault. There are 3 possible reasons for Miami's average showing after almost 4 years of Randy Shannon.
1)Players lack talent. If true, Randy picked them or hired the people who did.
2)Players are talented but lack motivation, work ethic, intelligence, etc. Again, if true, Randy's fault he picked them of is failing to inspire them. You would never see this in a current Nick Saban team. Remember, Nick was hired at Miami at the same time as Randy. He inherited a poisoned locker. Look at Bama now.
3) The players are great but its the game plan. If true, Randy hired the assistant coaches and/or signs, has input, cotrols the offensive/defensive game plans.

Anyway you cut it, the buck stops with the head coach. Miami needs to hire someone with a proven head coaching track record rather than former assistant coaches as in the case of the last two hires. Granted, Miami may not can get a Nick Saban but they could get an up and coming head coach from a lesser college football program. Someone in the vain of a young Jimmy Johnson from Oklahoma State.


I know you are talking to me, that's ok to say that.

There's no doubt Larry Coker won his NC and had a decent 3yrs with the players that Butch brought in right?

Well, that would mean that Randy inherited the crop of players from Larry Coker as well. There's no question that Larry was ineffective at competing for the best players and thus his record kept falling every year he was here.

You do know that Urban Meyer also won with Zook's recruits too right? They lucked out with an incredible kid in Tebow too. But look at where they are today. One player less, and they are not looking any better than the Canes.

Does that make Urban a loser and worthless coach? No. The guy's got some recruiting and rebuilding to do too.

So to be fair to Randy, you need to look past the first 2 yrs of his time here, because he was still riding Larry Coker's recruits those first 2yrs. Yes, the Northwestern bunch have been disappointing. But that wouldn't be the first time that highly recruited highschool kids fizzle in college, just like star college players can fizzle in the Pro's. Look at UM's and UF's QB history. Very few actually had stellar careers all the way through.

But also remember that the Northwestern crew don't line up and play the game by themselves. They play in a mixture of Coker's and Randy's recruits. There is rebuilding still occuring.

I know you hate the word rebuilding. But that is still what's happening.

Accept that. Then get your "U" gear on and scream your loudest at the games and give those kids every bit of motivation to make big plays.

That's what makes you a real fan.


Is that you Mr. Art Kehoe?

Man you were great, wish we had you back on the Canes coaching staff.

I appreciate your input and agree with what you said. The buck does stop at Randy, he's the boss and the job's not full success yet. But is it headed in the right direction?

Yes and no:

1) YES: because the university wants less "thugs" and better student athletes. A+

2) NO: because the Canes Nation want to taste utter domination of their opponents and a Championship again. INCOMPLETE GRADE.

But Randy has atleast 2 more years to complete this assignment. Let him finish his time and prove what he can do. REMEMBER-- you are talking about a NC winning player. He helped bring us the NC's we all so desperately want to see again. Doesn't that buy him any bit of respect and patience?

If it doesn't, then i think the haters are just meth addicts. Always looking for the next high, regardless of who you screw to get it....

There is some level of truth to everyone's observations here, but I think the main problem is as @WestCoastCane put it, a lack of "toughness". I don't know why that is or where it comes from (RS? the Admin? the players themselves?), but it is glaringly apparent. The best teams from back in The Day would have NEVER come out so flat against FSU or VA, IN THEIR OWN HOUSE (let alone get beat 48-0 in the ORANGE BOWL). It simply wouldn't happen.

How to fix that, that's another matter...

It's been four years. Randy was part of the Coker staff and had a hand in bringing some of the players that came in. It's not like Randy walked into a brand new situation. Regardless, please let me know at what point can I start holding Randy accountable. I need to know because this year's motto was "no excuses". Next year's motto will be what, "no excuses, I really mean it this time, no for real"? Should I ignore Randy when he says the goal is to win ACC championship in a conference where hardly anyone cracks the top 25? Just let me know at what point will it be ok to hold Randy accountable for his record? 26-20. 1-6 against its last 7 opponents with winning records. Not top 5 teams. Not ranked teams. Winning records. 14-15 ACC record and has finished no higher than 3rd in the ACC’s Coastal division. I could keep going but what's the point. Some of you are content with being just another average university. Hey we're number 2 in graduation rates so maybe Randy should change his title from Coach to Professor so he can get the accolades he deserves.

Again TRU since u keep posting the 80's, 90's and even the early 2000's records & coaches. Will those same coaches be as successful in today's cfb landscape? With more d1 schools? Not conferences? I'm sure they could do well. But you would be asking for their heads too.

And I was waiting for someone to bring up Alabama. Saban came in with an established, upper class team already in place. He did not recruit most of those kids he won with. Stop comparing. Alabama paid big time money for Saban & practically gave him a blank check to hire his coaches.

No matter who u ask for or want to hire, as Westcoast said... they will have the same minimal resource & the same philosophy as what we've got now.

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