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Berry to miss Maryland game

Not only will the University of Miami be without starting quarterback Jacory Harris on Saturday against Maryland, the Hurricanes will be without their No. 1 running back.

Hurricanes coach Randy Shannon said senior Damien Berry will not play Saturday against Maryland (6-2, 3-1 Atlantic Coast Conference).

Damien Berry Berry practiced neither Tuesday nor Wednesday. Shannon said Berry needed time to heal, though he wouldn't specify the injury. Berry is the fourth-leading rusher in the ACC, with 690 yards and four touchdowns on 142 carries. Last Saturday at Virginia, his streak of consecutive games of at least 100 yards ended at four games. He didn't carry the ball in the fourth quarter

Lamar Miller and Mike James likely will get the bulk of the carries, with Graig Cooper and Eduardo Clements available as well.

``He's just getting healthy,'' Shannon said of Berry. ``He was sore, banged up and stuff. He's been banged up for about maybe the last 2 ½ weeks. You know what? You just can't keep trying to keep going and going and going. It gets tough on him.

``I don't [want] to make it get worse than what he is. He's already kind of nicked up. Precautionary measures and stuff like that. We've got backs right now, so our numbers are OK.''

Miller has gained 252 yards and two touchdowns on 46 carries. James has 243 yards and one touchdown on 41 carries. ``I feel very good about getting the opportunity,'' Miller said. ``All the running backs have to step their games up and be ready to play and be hungry about it.''

The Hurricanes (5-3, 3-2) are fifth in the ACC in rushing offense, averaging 170.4 yards per game and 4.7 yards per carry.


Here is what freshman QB Stephen Morris talked about after practice. Video courtesy of UM's sports info staff.


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I love the "DA U" & Have for 27 years & even have an Ibis tatoo but the crap I've been seeing for the better part of 6 years has got to cease. Losing to teams like Virginia and barely squeaking by Puke, especially with the 7 T.O.'s we got, is beyond terrible. We're up one game and down the next. No consistancy, no passion, no discipline, and being out coached is not what a top line program is all about. I understand you are not going to play great every game but the good teams find away to win those games when they do struggle. When one thing goes wrong with us, everything goes, the int's the tackling, missed extra points, the penalties, you name it. With our talent, being mediocre is not exceptable. We don't play to win, we play not to lose. We have a veteran team, except for 3 guys on our o-line, which surprisingly, isn't playing that bad. Our receivers drop balls, our used to be starting qb couldn't throw a ball 30 yards with any velocity and ended up throwing 10 int's. Where have Forston, Bailey, Ojomo and the rest of dee-lineman been all year. Yeah, they'll have a good game evey once in awhile, but where is the consistancy. 3 out of 5 plays we will stop a team, it's the other 2 where we get killed by a big play. Our tackling has been suspect all year. Our kick & punt teams are terrible. We can't kick extra points and make gimmie FG's. The only thing good about the dee-fense, is for once we are finally creating some t.o.'s. We have been struck with an epidemic of mediocrecy. This team is a Las Vegas betting line night mare. The games we are supposed to win big we stumble. The question is why can't we play tough like we did against Pitt, Clemson & Carolina and then turn around and flop against the likes of Duke, Fla., Virginia & OSU? I guess we'll play good against Maryland. Yes, the guys are 18-22 year old kids but just like any kid they need direction. Randy probably is like a father figure to a number of these kids off the field and that's wonderful but what is he doing to inspire them on the field? I just don't see the nastiness & toughness every game. That's on him and the rest of the coaches. Yea a player has to mentally prepare himself to play but if he isn't up to snuff, then put someone else in. I'd rather see a greenhorn playing than some upper classman who is going through the motions on the field.
We were supposed to a top 10 to 15 team this year, but we have regressed and we can't really use injuries as an excuse. We are falling short, recruiting especially at T.E., L.B. & D. Tackle. It's not looking promising in this years recruiting class either in these areas. I don't see one big time D. Tackle, L.B. or T.E. that I think we can get.Oh sure O'leary & Fulse have us in there top 5. Peat is probably the only top D.tackle that has us in there top 5 And Perryman is the only L.b. that has us in there top 5. When you put a product out on the field like we have it will affect recruiting.
Shannon will be back next year but I'd like to recommend that you can Panzy, Barrow, & Swazey. Our strength coach isn't getting the job done. He cares more about body fat than putting on body mass. Morris is better suited to run the pro-style than j-12 is. It's not his fault we recruited him and promised him the starting job, with no comp. it's Shannon's. Why would you recruit a shot-Gun qb. to run a pro-style offense? The philosophy of this program needs to change. We need new blood in here to energize this program, the only downfall, when and if Shannon goes, is whoever they bring in will they be able to keep the S. Florida boys at home and that is the big Question.

You all want to see how a fired up coach can fire up his team? Check out Greg Schiano (on ESPN.com/cfb).

Schiano would be a great hire. He has green and orange in his blood. He turned around a pathetic Rutgers program and had them ranked in the top 6 2, 3 yrs ago. When was UM last ranked in the top 6???? He did it with heavy so florida recruiting and good QB play.

Schaino knows the inside scoop about being a hurricane coach.

Now, if the cheap-os at UM would open their wallets and make an offer.

I agree Carolina. Some key players have disappointed this year.

I wonder. Do the Canes have a full allotment of position coaches? Punz is doing double duty (special teams & TE). Whip is too (qb and coordinator). I recall back in the day there was an individual TE & QB coach was there not?

I don't mind that Berry is missing this game, but once again FING Shannon can't actually say what the hell is wrong with him. Could it be that we don't have anyone who can come out and run the ball every saturday 20+ because they are not being worked hard enough in the spring. I don't think its the conditioning coach thats the problem Shannon is not putting these guys through the ringer anymore. Ask the kid from Oklahoma ST if he is going to be ''nicked up'' and unable to play this weekend.

To Andy Gustafason:

What do you mean he spoke up against Randy? Are you just saying that are do you know something factual. If so I would like to know what he said to him.


That comment is BS and was posted by the moron racist (Sean Wilson) after he stole the screen name (Andy Gustafson) from another person. He's been doing this for years on numerous UM blogs, but was recently banned from the UM blog at The Fort Lauderdale Sentinel. Everyone on this site should call on Manny and Susan to ban this psychopath.

No matter how much we all disagree on some things, we can all agree we want the racist banned from this blog.

I'm new here so thanks for the heads up. He must have alot of time on his hands.

All U fans who want to boycott are bunch of crybabies. Nobody wants to go 14-0 more than me. As a UM Alum and a season ticket holder, believe me. But boycotting is stupid, and childish. Whowever is the coach next year, Randy or whoever, the kids aren't going anywhere. They need our support. I have never seen Kirby, Shalala (who I never liked anyway--dang democrat), or Paul Dee make touchdowns, block upfront, etc. I would like to see John Gruden coach the Canes (who has been mentioned as a possible candidate). CANE 4 LIFE

Gruden reminds me of Butch Davis I would be all for that. Thats all it ever took was a great hard nosed NFL head coach that isn't afraid to take one of these kids by the face mask and rip into them. I saw Butch Davis do that to Bubba Franks in 1999 on the sideline at FSU. Coker and Shannon scared $hitless to do something like that. The problem is they would never ever in our wildest dreams pay Gruden that money.

College Football News


By: Will Ramsey

Gainesville, FL—After playing a game that was basically given to the Florida Gators by the not so talented Georgia Bulldogs the Gator egotism is back and as ugly as ever.

During a season where the 5 star recruits have played like walk-ons from a disbanded program it took the indefensible reinstatement of Chris Rainey, the Gator who threatened to kill a girl, to squeak by Georgia in overtime. This win will go down with a big yawn and the college football world collectively saying; so what!

Yet, the Gators with their unmatched arrest record and unparalleled lack of response to these arrests by the Florida administration are back to having a bigger bark than bite. Just like the over hyping of recruits who we now know are 1 star players not 5 star, the Gator players and coaches are telling anyone who will listen (and very few are in fact listening) how great they are and their losses this year were flukes. Really?

Anyhow, the Gator act has grow tiresome and recruits and their parents are no longer falling for Urban Meyer’s snake oil salesmanship and are looking hard at programs such as the University of Miami and the Florida State Seminoles. One parent said; I simply don’t want my son exposed to that type of environment. I am concerned I could be turning over a good kid to that Gator crowd and by the time they are done with him I will be returned a convicted felon. Thanks, but no thanks!

Rumors of an ever expanding NCAA investigation persist making many wonder if Meyer will be the next Pete Carroll and using the words of LeBron James, take his talents to the Jacksonville Jaguars before the program collapses.

Despite the Gator’s collapse this year, those in the know believe that this season will be looked back on as a great year versus what the future brought. In other words…Gator’s, your 15 minutes of fame is up!

Yep, no chance of Gruden coming here. First of all, I'm not sure if he wants to be in college football. I'm just going to sit back and watch the rest of the year before I make up my mind about Randy. I am not on board the fire Randy today bandwagon. I am for getting this ship corrected with or without Randy. If Randy can find a way to motivate this team to win out and WIN their bowl game, I am all for giving him one more year. If this team continues to play like they have been against FSU, Duke, and Virginia that means he's lost ability to motivate this team and there needs to be a change. I'm on the fence but I am skeptical based on the way this team has closed out every season under Shannon.

Sean Wilson

Great article. What is the latest with the NCAA investigation of the Gators? Will it happen before Nevin Shapiros book? I hope that book doesn't ruin our teams experience at the Emerald Bowl.

Go 'canes!

Over the last 30 years at every ELITE PROGRAM here is the results of every successful HIRE. We are defining the ELITE PROGRAMS as the schools that we think about having won a National Title or a perrennial Top 10-15 type program.

Schools like FSU(Jimbo is now in his 1st year), PENN STATE, VTech are not on this list because they still have their coaches who BUILT their programs from the ground up. Randy is not in that situation, he does not have to create something from scratch.

So lets look at the Elite Programs that compare with Miami that have had Coaching Changes

Ohio State
Notre Dame

Each of these programs had previous glory and had to hire a replacement and eventually got back close to that original glory or surpassed it.

Now lets look at the Successful Coaches that were able to reach that Glory.
Miami (Jimmy Johnson, Dennis Erickson, Butch Davis)
Florida (Steve Spurrier,Urban Meyer)
Bama (Gene Stallings, Nick Saban)
LSU (Nick saban, Les Miles)
Tenn (Phil Fulmer)
UGA (Mark Richt)
USC (Pete Carroll)
Ohio State (John Cooper, Jim Tressell)
Michigan (Lloyd Carr)
Nebraska (None Yet)
Oklahoma (Bob Stoops)
Texas (Mack Brown)
Notre Dame (Lou Holtz)

Now lets examine those head coaches.
10 of the 18 Won a National Title by Year 3 of taking over. (Erickson, Meyer, Stallings, Saban(Bama), Carroll, Tressell, Carr, Stoops, Holtz, Miles)

Of the remaining 8
Saban(LSU) Won SEC Year 2, National Title Year 4
Johnson Had a chance to win National Title Years 2 & 3, Won Year 4

So 12 of 18 Won National Title By Year 4

Of the remaining 6
Richt Won SEC Year 2
Spurrier Won SEC Year 1 (Won National Title Year 7)
Brown Won Division Year 2 (Won National Title Year 8 )
Davis Finished Tied for 1st Years 1 & 2 in Big East (was saddled by a loss of 31 scholarships and had a 3 year (22-12 Record) & Would have won National Title Year 7)

So 16 or 18 won at least a Division Title by year 3

Of the Remaining 2 their First 3 years:
Fulmer won 2 bowl games and had a 3 year (29-7 Record) Finished 2nd in division to Spurrier all 3 years.
Cooper is the outlier with a 3 year (19-18-2 Record) and 0 Bowl wins..NEVER WON A NATIONAL TITLE

Shannon….3 1/2 Year record (26-20) 0 bowl Wins, Finished no higher than 3rd in own division:

Shannon was left with a Mess/Empty Cupboard

Carroll(USC),(6-6,5-7 Previous 2 years to arrival) Won MNC year 3
Saban (bama)(6-7 Previous year and on Probation) Won MNC Year 3
Saban (LSU)(4-7,3-8 Previous 2 years to arrival) Won SEC Year 2, MNC year 4
Stoops (OU) (3-8, 4-7, 5-6 Previous 3 years to arrival) Won MNC Year 3

(If anyone says Blake left him a stocked cupboard…It is a LIE. He had NO Qb’s on the roster, had to play Walk On’s at CB, and had to move RB to WR because he did not have enough to run the spread…Only 4 upperclassmen were drafted(1,3,3,7 Rounders) off of the MNC team 2 years later…actually the same amount that got drafted(1,2,3,7 Rounders) off the 5-7 team Randy led his 1st Year)

Shannon Was a 1st Time Head Coach

Stoops, Fulmer, Davis, Carr, Richt were all 1st Time Head Coaches

18 Coaches that you could consider SUCCESSFUL HIRES over the 30 Years.

12 Won an National Title By year 4
15 Won a National Title (Really 16 if you give Davis the 2001)
16 Won at least their Division by Year 3
17 Were at least 10+ games over .500 after 3 Years

Only 1 has a comparable record with Shannon….John Cooper who is the Weakest name on this list

I mean how many more FACTS do I need to provide?
What you are expecting of Shannon frankly I cannot remember it ever being done at an ELITE program like Miami.

Shannon hasn't so much as THREATENED his own *DIVISION* and as evidenced my his record in November in general it doesn't appear that to be the case THIS YEAR.

How long must we wait? How much data must you see?

Great research.

Tru... no amount of past data you can post will change the fact that Randy is the head coach this year, next year & likely the year after.

See. Many want to see this through & see if he can make it happen. If he cant, he won't stick. If he does, he will stick.

Others... no matter what... just want him gone.

Again... he is here.

Posted by: Tru

Nice try you racist moron! Where did you get those fake facts from. Susan and Manny, please ban this guy! We as Canes fans shouldn't suffer through this while we try to have intelligent conversations about our beloved Canes.

Go 'canes!

Finally a voice of reason. Check this article by the Beast at Allcanes. What have I been saying all along? There is no accountability and some of you keep giving Randy excuse after excuse. If you don't listen to me, take it from one of the biggest "homers" in the Canes family. I guess you guys will claim the Beast is also "not a real fan" in your quest to defend Randy at all costs.


I understand you dyrty dawg, i'm just expressing my views on it and trying to give facts. However, I do disagree with one thing. Randy is a Human being, Donna is a human being, all these administrators and the AD are human beings. They too are subject to pressure and stress and the FACT is that A LOT of people aren't happy and they are going to express it. If you think that doesn't affect people trying to get a job done? I don't know what to tell you. The season is still going, I have SOLID INFORMATION that it isn't how you have described it. He doesn't have a free pardon for this year. He NEEDS to do a lot better this November than he has in ALL OF HIS NOVEMBERS in order to be here. But hey we will see. Thanks though for the discussions, I think it was pretty intelligent and mature. I can always get with that NO MATTER how much our views are different. Be well.

Sean Wilson

Great article. What is the latest with the NCAA investigation of the Gators? Will it happen before Nevin Shapiros book? I hope that book doesn't ruin our teams experience at the Emerald Bowl.

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Andy Gustafson


Dear Andy,

You ask about the latest information on the NCAA investigation into the Gator corruption?

Thanks for asking!

As you can well imagine with all of the cheating this is going to be a long investigation.

Chances are very good the phony national championships will be resinded and Tebow will be forced to return his ill gotten Heisman Trophy, ala Reggie Bush.

Now the 35 felony arrests is a whole different kettle of fish. Clearly, this has the potential to cause the program to be completely shut-down. I'm not talking suspension--I'm talking no more football program period!

As I am sure you have already assumed, much of what is happening speaks to why many of the freshmen were desperately trying to get out of their scholarships and transfer to other schools (Miami, Fsu). Current recruits are also backing away from their earlier committments and will most probably sign with other schools as well.

Suffice to say it is looking very, very bad for the Gators future, especially when you factor in the decline of the football progarm is well underway this season and will only be getting worse.

Please keep in mind that this information is opinion based and you should do your own research.

PS: I only wish I was a Canes fan like you with your 5 national championships and soon to be 6th title...and most importantly you cats run a clean program that hasn't had to cheat to win titles as we have.

@PCola Cane

Yes Randy was on Coker's staff as D-coordinator. And those teams had tough D, but poor Offense production year after year. Our D in the Coker years were constantly on the field and was exhausted in the end of all tough games.

But being an assistant doesn't allow you the control you need to reshape a losing program.

I'm not saying Randy the second coming of Jimmy Johnson. But he did a good enough job of turning things around in his first 2 yrs, which earned him another 3yr contract. He should be allowed to finish his time. That's when you make a final judgement. It's not like the program has BOMBED under his care. They showed yearly improvement until the past few games.

Why that sudden drop-off in improvement is a big debate among all us fans. But you know who you should take info from? The people who actually played the game and know Randy:

Mike Irvin, Gino, and other former players. They are criticizing Randy. But they don't Sh*t on him like some of you "fans" do. They still respect him as a Cane For Life.

If you respect greats like Irvin and Gino, then behave like they do when talking about our beloved program. I don't care how angry you are, if you get UNHINGED in your hatred of ONE OF OUR OWN Cane, you're no fan. Go root for FSU, UF, USF, or go home.

If any of you had kids who played football, or a brother or father that coached football-- i wonder if you would be this hateful if they didn't win enough games for your liking...

How does your hatred and venom actually help the team's morale when they are obviously already struggling?

Kicking our team while they're down is your strategy. Tossing Canes overboard like trash. No loyalty, no family, no brotherhood during the bad times. Then you don't deserve to be here for the good times.

Up or Down, the Canes are like family to me. I will criticize them if they don't give effort. But i'll never abandon my team.

I learned that from the real Canes fans.

The rest of you can FIRE YOURSELVES for being such sh*t "fans".

I'm sorry but im ignorant to this Gator stuff what the hell did they do?

West Coast Cane,
You said "I will criticize them if they don't give effort." what do you think we are talking about here. That's my biggest problem with this team is the sleepwalking they do every other game or half the game. They aren't playing with attitude out there. No one has "abandoned" the team. Why the heck do you think I'm on this blog? I'm here because I care and love my Canes. I'm concerned about where this team seems to be headed and I'm speaking out about it just like a majority of die hard fans. Just because I voice my concerns doesn't mean I turned in my fan card. You calling out the other fans quite bogus. It's the attitude like yours that seems to have taken over this team. No accountability. Excuses every year. That's not the Canes football brand that I have known and loved. But I guess I'm behind in the definition of a modern day Canes fan.

"and soon to be 6th title"

I can't stop laughing.

The Gator "stuff" is always introduced on this blog and other UM blogs by the racist as a means to agitate and ridicule Canes fans.

As to what the Gators have done...it would be easier to state what those cowards haven't done.

Fortunately the Gators are back in their normal place...the bottom 10 in colege football.

geez, we sUck!! wth is going on!!! I'm so ashamed to call myself a Cane these days. At least the last few years i could blame it on freshmen and sophomores. now what? looks like i will jUst have to bring out my Texas A&M gear (grad school). WHOOP!

Post of the year WestCoastCane!

Let me shed a tear for my poor Canes. I'm so sorry for the bad mouthing and utter disdain for coach Shannon and all the good he is doing for the program. He makes sure they graduate, he keeps them on the straight and narrow path and he tells them when they can talk to the media and when they can't. I also heard he's great at texting & he's a pretty good recruiter as long as they are Miami locks.


"and soon to be 6th title"

I can't stop laughing.

Posted by: Randy Shannon


Sorry guy's, but my post was sent before I finished...what it should read is:

I can't stop laughing when reading about all the Gator cheating and the price they are going to pay. I can tell you that most all of the recruits they have comittments from have called me asking for an offer.

@PCola Cane

Don't take my entire post as a comment about YOU. I was only refering to your comment about Randy being on Coker's staff.

The mention of "venom and hatred" from the other fans who are constantly Sh1tting on the players and coaches is what i am talking about.

I agree with you that the team DESERVES CRITICISM for their weaknesses. But HOW WE CRITICIZE is important, and it draws the line between a devoted fan and bandwagon dummy.

Again, i wasn't criticizing you. Just the hateful comments about our team.

My bad WestCoast I saw you said my name so I misunderstood. We're friends again. :).

Posted by: Randy Shannon

The grammar is correct so I don't think this is really Randy. But if it is - those recruits you mention called you - does that mean they will follow you to Minnesota?


I have no problem with anything you said. You are an angry fan who wants results and improvement. And you are sick and tired of "2 steps forward, 1 step back", JUST LIKE ME.

maybe you haven't been on this blog long enough to see the complete personal hatred that gets spewed. i'm not asking anyone to not criticize players and coachs. I'm just asking you to remember who you are talking about... they ARE CANES FAMILY.

Example of a fair statment:" Randy, why the hell is this team underperforming?!!!!"

Example of hatred:" Candy Randy, you f****ing SUCK you POS. Get the hell out of town and take Beanpole with you!!!!!"

Come on people. Grow up and learn how a real fan supports their team.

Look at all the major, winning programs like UF, FSU, OKLAHOMA, OSU, etc.... They have rabid fans that fill the seats whether they are 12-0 or 6-5. They don't scream any less when they play Appalachian State or when they play LSU.

Miami has ALWAYS BEEN THE UNDERDOG. EVERYONE IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL was AMAZED/SHOCKED to see a tiny little private school without it's own on-campus stadium, a large fan base, or big name coaches RIP OFF 5 CHAMPIONSHIPS and play in at least 5 more in less than 10 yrs. AND THAT WAS DONE WITHIN 10 YRS OF THE SCHOOL STARTING A FOOTBALL PROGRAM!!!!!



For you hateful fans, you need to go do some reading about where this team came from, mayben then you'll learn a little more respect for the team.

Like i said, up or down, SHOW SOME RESPECT FOR THE U WHEN YOU SPEAK...

Posted by: Randy Shannon

The grammar is correct so I don't think this is really Randy. But if it is - those recruits you mention called you - does that mean they will follow you to Minnesota?

Posted by: Bull Gator |


Hello Bull Gator:

The problem with the Gator recruits is they are all wannabe felons, if not already practicing felons. So, not only will I not take them here at Miami, but I am sure the good people of Minnesota don't want that Gainesville crime wave they call a football team invading and polluting their environment.

How about that Chris Rainey...he threatens to murder a young girl and Urban has no problem putting him right back on the football team...stay classy Gators!

Gator fans stay off this blog for christ sakes you all are so very annoying.

In Chris's defense she was not a young girl - she was 36. 36 also represents the number of canes fans that will be at the Maryland game Saturday. More if they stop by Checkers first to get the free tickets when you but the ACC #5 Meal Deal.

i dont understand what "racist hate" some of u are talking about. you seem to be claiming that it exists even when it doesnt. case and point:

Posted by: Tru

Nice try you racist moron! Where did you get those fake facts from. Susan and Manny, please ban this guy! We as Canes fans shouldn't suffer through this while we try to have intelligent conversations about our beloved Canes.

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Bull Gator | November 04, 2010 at 02:10pm

^^^^^^^^^^^^ this dumba** for instance gets owned with facts, and thus resorts to a wild accusation that the other poster is a racist and a moron, while instantly claiming he be banned from the site because his own argument was shattered. then claims that the stats in support of shannons incompetence are insufferable and unintelligent. he doesnt understand what the canes are all about nor does he have any football intelligence what-so-ever. to be honest, i dont even think this guy,(along with his other aliases), is even a canes fan to begin with...

ooster, U are right on the money with your diagnosis of that moron Cane wanna be.

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