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Canes QB quandary flusters Harris' dad

If Randy Shannon picks freshman Stephen Morris as his starting quarterback Saturday against South Florida he can expect a call from Jacory Harris' father.

Rodney Harris said Wednesday night he has been under the idea his son would retain his starting job once he was cleared to return from a concussion. But what has been reported during the past couple of days, Harris said, has troubled him.

Jacory Harris "I didn't think you could lose your job by being hurt," Harris said. "Randy has been saying that since Jacory got hurt. Now, how are you going to open it up for competition late in the year? If they feel that kid is a better quarterback, then they need to tell Jacory that. They haven't told him for whatever reasons.

"Either way, that still wouldn't be fair. Jacory wasn't allowed to run the offense they're running now. He threw the ball 60 times a game. Put him in a position to succeed, let him run that offense."

Shannon said this week Harris would start if he did "everything he's supposed to in practice.'' But Wednesday, Morris took the bulk of the snaps with the first team again. Afterward, Shannon said he still had not made up his mind on a starter and that Morris and Harris were doing "a good job in practice."

"[Jacory's] better, but he's still the same," Shannon said Wednesday. "I'm not going to sit up here and say `this guy is doing this, this guy is doing that.' The thing we have to do is make sure whoever is practicing the best, gets the best opportunity."

Local NBC sports anchor Adam Kuperstein reported Tuesday morning that Harris had already been told Monday he would remain the backup the rest of the season. Rodney Harris said he had not spoken to his son or Shannon since shortly after the Virginia Tech loss.  But Harris he said if Morris was taking the snaps with the first team on Tuesday and Wednesday, then it is a sure-fire sign he'll start Saturday against USF.

"I'm pretty sure they tell them what's going to happen on Sunday -- who is starting and all that," Harris said. "My thing is how do you lose your job when you are hurt giving your all for that team? When you come to practice and aren't doing what is supposed to be done, that's something different. But knowing Jacory, he'd go out there and put the same effort every time. What's changed?

"You made a kid captain last week and didn't play him. This week, you're not going to give him a shot? What's the deal? When I talked to Jacory Saturday after the game he was not taking that kind of stuff well. He's a competitor, he wants to be in there to play. How do you take a kid like that and just sit him down without a shot? I can't understand that. I won't understand that. Unless Stephen plays the first half and Jacory plays the second. Then what are we doing going back to the Robert Marve situation?

"I talked to Coach Shannon after the Virginia Tech game, told him they had some tough breaks but the game plan was good. That they should keep their head up. But I haven't spoken to him in reference to [Jacory playing]. I just assume when I read in the paper when he says this is my guy and who I'm going with when he comes off his injury -- he said that for three weeks -- that's what I'm going by. That's what everybody else is going by.

"If the kid don't play Saturday, then I'll have to schedule some sort of meeting with Shannon to see what's wrong with Jacory. The kid wants to help this football team. The kid is No. 2 or 3 on every list passing list at that school. How could you do that to the kid?"

> Shannon said defensive end Marcus Robinson, hurt in the Virginia Tech loss, wouldn't play this week. He said special teams standout Cory Nelms had about "a 25 percent chance" of playing against USF. He said freshman linebacker Kelvin Cain has been sick for over a week.


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People are "Sh*tt*ng" on daddy Harris because he is opening his mouth (to the press, nonetheless) when he shouldn't, while implying he has some kind of control over the situation with threatening talk about a meeting with RS. What did you think of Rob Marve's daddy doing the same thing? What's the difference?

I, for one, am happy you don't have a star QB in high school on his way to the U. Inevitably, you would be another whiny parent that never instilled a sense of personal responsibility in his son and thinks it's o.k. to throw a tantrum to the press when things don't go the way you want. You're the "Moron" that missed the point entirely.

I think the herald was wrong for talking to his father. You are just stirring up drama! I think his dad should no better than speak of this to the public, keep the crap in house!!!!! Secondly you are his father not the coach, so if The HEADCOACH says he aint starting deal with it or transfer to a JUCO school!! This was the same crap that he was doing when Marve ws starting just cry so your son can get on the field. Grow up and show your son somtimes you gotta fight to get what you want not just get everything handed to you!!

What is wrong with you people didn't you all see that Morris wasn't ready when we palyed against VT. Randy will lose his job if Jacory doesn't paly because we will lose to USF and Randy will have knowone to blame but him self.M ORRIS IS NOT READY

Randy said screw you Rodney! I have to save my job before I can worry about if U are mad or not. This is the first smart thing Randy has done all year. Doesn't feel so good when the shoe is on the other foot, does it Jacory? Shannon has babied U all he can. Now go to your little "happy place" and sulk.
Even though Morris is clearly better than Harris the move was only made so Randy could have one more excuse and person to blame for a him being a failure.

This just shows heat is coming from somewhere near! Randy is a joke. Let the qb's talk to the press after EVERY loss and that wil allow them to GROW UP. And PLEASE, PLEASE Give us a straight answer at least once in a while.

Clearly Papa Rodney doesn't know jack squat about football. U want to know what has changed Rodney, Shannon's job is on the line and he knows that Morris gives him a better shot at winning than Jacory ever did. Why don't U just let your kid be a man and fight for something instead of you acting like an overprotective parent who thinks his brat is entitled to something. Everything was just peachy when Marve was being screwed over by Shannon and ya'll but now this is no screw job. Morris is just better than Jacory. Plus Jacory has 3 seasons of playing experience and he still isn't any better. Morris has the arm, mobility and most importantly the brains that Harris just doesn't have.

"How could you do that to the kid?"

Well, it's time for "the kid" to grow up. He didn't lose his job because he got hurt. Did you not watch the Virginia game? That offense wasn't doing anything until Morris got in. He was throwing bombs to Hank on the money, and almost won it.

Did you notice TBen drop that TD pass this past weekend? He was probably in shock the ball was there on his finger tips, and didn't have to jump for the ball. He was shocked about the arm strength from the true freshman that is taking your son's job. He was shocked the ball was not floating in the air for 4 DBs to have a chance at it.

Sure Morris had INTs this past weekend, but that's because VT adjusted to that out route. They played zone instead of man, and jumped the route...twice! It was actually Whipple's fault for not seeing this and calling an out and go or slugo. Well, I guess he did, but TBen dropped it. I can't really remember the sequence of those events though sooooo... I really don't know if Whip missed it or not. But that doesn't matter...

The point is, your son should have lost his job a long time ago (not because he's hurt) if we had the numbers at QB and Morris wasn't playing with the scout team. Any QB that throws 4 picks in a game like the OSU one should and would be pulled IF there was someone behind them. Your son got lucky there WAS no one behind him then. Looky at what's going on now though...

Whipple hand picked Morris for a reason. Because Morris fits what he is trying to get done. Shannon, a defensive guy, brought in your son. If Cook or Smith were here, it'd be a TOTAL different story anyway...

I love your son, and respect what he's done for this program. It's just time for the better QB to play. Morris is that better QB. Unless competition wakes up that sleeping monster in your son. Time will only tell.


I am amazed at, and disturbed by the inconsiderate and disrespectful comments of so many so called Canes fans in respect to Mr. Harris and son!
It is equally as amazing that so many so called Canes fans seem to have forgotten how much Jacory Harris has achieved in his Sophomore and Junior seasons as a Hurricane, or how much they cheered him when he practically single handedly rescued our team from the jaws of defeat (2008 at Duke, at Virginia, 2009 at Florida State, at Wake Forest) with last second come-from-behind drives!
You all are just disgusting!!!
Say what you like about the INT's, but J12 is 3rd All-Time on a list of UM Quarterbacks that were some of the best in The League (NFL), and that in itself speaks volumes about his accomplishments!
I also saw a graphic which showed that J12's college performance (yards, TD's, INT's) is very similar to that of one Dan Marino at Pitt!

To Jacory I say, keep your head up young man! It's not over til it's over!
With turmoil comes a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate character and mettle!

Man!...you guys are brutal ,moronic, idiots. His father made a hue mistake talking to the media. This season is somewhat of a wash. But c'mon man!. Why do some of you feel the need to continue to trash this young man at every turn and for what. What do you get out of it seriously. The immature references to his physique., name calling. please grow up and express yourself in a MATURE MANNER. This is a young man that chose to play here and represent his community because he loved the U....i know this for a fact. and this is how he's treated, really. I do understand, he hasnt lived up to the hype(who could). You cannot and will not ever convince me that these two quarterbacks have been place in the same offensive system. One has been protected with safe plays and a running game. The other has not....Be honest with yourself. You know wich one has not. If Jacory is healthy he starts period!

He is healthy and he ain't starting, period. Jacory has played for three years and has not done jack but throw one interception after another that has cost our team wins against good teams. Screw Rodney Harris anyway. WHo does he think he is, besides another overprotective pop who thinks his brat is owed something. Now Jacory to his credit has been tough, but he is nothing compared to Morris and his abilities. Tell me this how is it any different than the way Marve was treated by Shannon and others. Jacory has had 3 years of playing experience at this level and should be able to handle more of a load than a true freshman. If he can't then he should not have started from the beginning of the season. Whether you throw is 20 times a game of 50 times a game every time harris throws its a dead duck and Morris's passes are on a rope. That has nothing to do with play calling, that has everything to do with talent. Morris has talent and Harris does not.

The program is already in the toilet

To rogperu, he was a 4 star recruit, not 2, Morris was a 3, low 3 star. What are we doing Cane fans...You know Morris almost lost to Maryland right, and didn't complete 50 percent of passes against Ga. Tech, a team not known for Defense. I think the talent is there, I want Jacory to start. Whipple and Lovett, who knows. The new offense, that actually allows a play action to work, I like. The soft scheme Lovett runs I don't. All of our teams are prostyle. We don't run a spread. Pound it down people's throats like Portis,McGahee,Gore and Davenport did.

to the guy who questioned whether Highsmith talked to Shannon. AJ Highsmith is a safety. He was a backup QB when Taylor Cook,Robert Marve and Cannon Smith all transferred. He is not playing this year so they can work him at Safety for next year. His dad knows this. It was told to Randy during his recruitment that Alonzo wants him at safety.

Jacory is getting benched. They call it the Robert Marve special. You've seem Shannon do it before so it shouldn't come as a surprise.

Enough with all the talk about who's starting. Bottom line is USF at this time. I'm sure much attention will be given to this topic from now until the bowl game. Focus now is beating USF.

Last time I checked, Jacory and Stephen don't play defense. Championships are won with great defense. This group couldn't make a stand to give UM a chance against lowly UVA. Quit against FSU. Caved in the second half of VTech game and even forgot the art of tackling. We should be more focused on that weak secondary and linebacking corps than the QB. I think both guys are adequate to lead the team to victory IF they had a stingy Defense. Hell, Dan Marino was a great QB for the phins but never had a running game or D to help him out. Unfortunate. QB is least of our worries right now.

Beat USF and MAN UP Canes. You'd think the team would have rallied and "got after folks" when Jacory laid helpless on the UVA turf. Nope. No passion. No heart to fight. In comes Morris to give a spark. Spark he gave indeed. Doesn't really matter when your D is soft has pudding. C-A-N-E-S Canes.

BENCH JNOODLE... soccer dad bring it... Ur son sucks and he is not what we need at the U.. quit your winning and move on... Stephen Morris is the real deal... F@@@ u soccer and.

I have to agree with Mr. Harris on this one. Shannon said himself that you dont lose a starting job due to injuries. Those were the words that came out of his mouth. He is not being a man of his word right now. I also have to agree with him on the difference in the offense. Whipple did not run the ball consistently with Jacory under center so everyone knew the pass was coming. This made absolutely no sense because all we heard was how well the running backs were doing all thru camp. Then when the season comes we dont run the ball consistently until our starting quarterback gets hurt? I've had it with this coaching staff... Time for change...

Right, and while his concussion is healed, what about the myriad of other injuries that Mr. Harris had going into the Virginia game? He reportedly had a torn labrum and a groin injury. Have those healed to allow him to physically be the player that led Miami to defeats of FSU and OU last season?

Perhaps the best thing for Jacory is that he get the rest that he needs to fully heal, perhaps see some action in the bowl game, and go into spring practice healthy and ready to blow Morris and Bridgewater out of the water.

Blow Morris and Bridgewater out of the water? HA HA HA. Thats hilarious. THe only way that happens is if he drops down on his knees cause harris sucks.

Is this guy serious? Is Jacory Harris a 6th grader or something? He needs his daddy to set the coach straight? If I was Randy Shannon I would laugh in his face! Personally, I think Jacory should be back under center, but for a players dad to think he has any say in whether his son plays or not is laughable! Randy Shannon is a joke, Jacory Harris is a joke, Rodney Harris is a joke, and right now, this team is a joke! What a circus! This isn't the U, it's "Soap Opera" U!

Jacory Harris will NEVER be a professional QB. His father should be directing his son academically because if he thinks his son is going to be drafted and make million$ he is dreaming. Jacory will graduate and fade away into obscurity as a 'flash-in-the-pan' wanna-be. Jacory's future is probably the ass't. manager's job at Big Lots. One more year and Jacory is on the street with his near useless Shalala sheepskin. Donna doesn't give a rat's _ss about these kids...all she is interested in is numbers. She is running a graduation mill that pumps out useless degrees that have no demand in the 'real world'. These poor kids that have been coddled and pampered and didn't quite make the pros are in for a sad reality after graduation. Thanks again to all you liberals like Shalala. Donna Shalala...satan's little helper.

Let Jacory's father coach this game. He can not be any worse than Shaannon!

If JH was a stud there would be no debate, he would have already taken back the keys to the O. The fact is he is being compared to a true freshman QB and it's unclear as to who is more effective. That says it all right there.

Rodney just stay out of it and for God's sake don't go mouthing off to the press. Terrible idea.

Sorry Sir. Your son is the inferior player. This article is an open invitation for fans everywhere to tell you, and your son, as much. Please stop meddling with one of Randy's few good decisions. Coaches of good teams do not play favorites. Coaches of good teams play the best players.

Mr. Harris. DO NOT MAKE THAT CALL. This is not pee wee football. Parents should stay out of the locker room. Support your son, but don't hurt his image by doing this.

While I agree that Morris has a far better upside than J12 to call Jacory average isn't fare He is a play maker and has in the last 2 years made many a big play, he also has made many a bad play,but with knew run first offense and only 2 maby three deep routes a game I am sure he will be far better than the past, That being said if I were the coach I would start Jacory with a very short leash, with RS job on the line I think he feels he must start Morris:
Just asying?

Oh shut up Harris sucks and U know it. At some point a QB has to have the arm to stretch the defense and all he does is make DB's stats look good with interceptions.

Morris has just looked better. I am tired of losing because of interceptions and jacory floating it into coverage. and, this dad is making his kid look bad.

This sounds like Robert Marve. Time to prove himself? Someone needs to drug test the father. And why is he whining, anyway... his son isn't.

I think he's just as afraid to compete as Marve was..

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