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Canes talk Maryland

I'll be back later with some notes from Tuesday. But for now, here are the video interviews before the Maryland game.


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Howard Schnellenberger FOUR YEARS at Miami: 41-16

Jimmy Johnson FIVE YEARS at Miami: 52-9

Dennis Erickson SIX YEARS at Miami: 63-9

Butch Davis SIX YEARS at Miami: 51-20 *ON PROBATION*

Larry Coker SIX YEARS at Miami: 60-15

Randy Shannon THREE & HALF YEARS at Miami 26-20

Another loss by Randy Shannon and he will have had the MOST losses of any Miami head coach *IN MODERN* history………DESPITE being here the least number of years…..

I think there's a place for RS at the U. He's a good disciplinarian, but U gotta believe that even he's wondering something.

Also, We're getting beat up front on the DL and OL. We're not holding up against physical teams. Morris showed some heart and I think he should start. J12 may have brought us as far as he can carry us.

How are teams blowin' right through the front DL?

Randy Shannon will be here thru the 2011 season.

So, if you are a real fan you have a choice to make:

A) Do you regularly visit this blog and other blogs like this one for the next 14 to 15 months saying over and over you want Randy Shannon fired knowing full and well that is 'NEVER' going to happen while helping create uncertainty that will scare off recruits, thus further damaging the program?


B) Do you accept the fact that Randy is not going to be fired this season or next season no matter how much you moan and complain and you/we are better served to allow this to play out without doing even further damage?

PS: Now that we have a freshmen Quarterbacking the team please install the Wildcat Formation to take some pressure off the kid.

i dont understand why we waste redshirt years. clements and storm should not have played a single down this year. we already have 4 backs who could shoulder the load. 3 if coop just redshirted like i think he should have. what an unbelieveable waste. an extra year of playing time... for a couple of plays on kickoff... wow.

same with linder and hurns too.

I agree with evrything you have posted.

But no matter what you or I or anyone here posts (many of us actually now a lot about football, and some of us have been cane fans for decades), NOTHING gets through to these stubborn, dictatorial, close minded coaches. Whipplpe still wont run the ball despite thefact that he has what amounts to 5 NFLers in his backfield. Instead he throws bombs on first or second down, which are either drive killers or ints.

Shannon will not listen to anyone.

I agree with the redshirt thing/ What is the explanation? We will never know.

Watching this team is so frustrating that I can't help but voice my displeasure at how bad Randy Shannon is as a head coach.

It's like a bear trap has closed on my leg and you're telling me not to scream.

The results on the field scare off the recruits not the postings on this blog.

Unfortunately the U will have Shannon for, at least,two more years, so everyone should keep their negative thoughts and comments to themselves, voicing them on this blog only hurts recruiting. As a former athlete I can say, yes, we are not getting the best results from our current players. I am not sure if it is coaching or passion and pride to play well from the players, but remember, they are student athletes, young in age and heart, and they have not been educated in how to be a Miami Hurricane. That education comes from the former athletes, and since the current administration doesn't want the former players around, well that say's it all. In retrospect when Shannon was hired, he was the logical choice, he was already on the staff, he was a former UM player, he was one of the best assistant coaches in the country, and most of all, he came cheap. Now, has he,or will he, bring the U back to prominence, we hope so, but he hasn't shown he can.
As far as the current players are concerned, they have the talent to win, but that talent has not been used correctly. We have an OC who has been running a pro style offense with a spread style QB, until Harris was injured. The DC should probably be using an attacking style defense instead of a bend but don't break defense. Even though the players that Shannon has recruited are juniors now, they are still young because in the old days they would be reshirt juniors with two years left, instead of one. Please remember that, they are still young, most of our great players did not start, or excel until they were redshift juniors.
So, with that said, we, as donors and supporters should still show our love for the Orange and Green and stop with the negative remarks on this blog because they are not helping or making the players play better, just the opposite. Go Canes!

Noted college football analyst Tony Barnhart said it best: "college football is a game of emotion; it has to be played with emotion". That tells you the main problem with the program. Shannon's stoic business like coldness on the sidelines has the Canes in a coma before, during and after games. Where's the fire? Where's the emotion? Not on the Hurricanes sidelines.

The single most important thing that hurts recruiting is the play on the field. Kids want to go play in a system that has substance, structure, and progress. These things are consistently questioned with our team. It seems that almost weekly something new is in disarray. I think fans can and should be critical, however we do need to stop short of the unabashed negativism that surrounds many posts. I don't how not to root for the Canes, so I supposed I will just have to go on with disappointment for a little while longer. Here's to hoping we can get this turned around soon. GO CANES!

I have to admit, I didn't realize that Shannon was that bad in terms of wins. I've supported him since he walked in the door and I don't think that what happened at Va can be blamed on him. But he is definetly a guy who always needs somebody to justify him because his results rarely justify his hiring.

Hopefully Morris will inject a new energy into this program because after 5 years Shannon's best teams seem to be peaking at about 8-4 and that won't keep you working at the U too long.

Exclusive Randy Shannon interview:


Rumors are still out there that Minn may want him. Why I have no idea! But, that would be perfect. He doesn't have to be fired and Miami doesn't have to pay his buyout. That way we can afford a real coach.

Interesting rebuttal, Andy G.

Guys like canesjunkie and championships were ripping Randy, and getting accused of being Gator fans. Now, that criticism is gonna hurt recruiting?

How about this. We go with your assumption that Shannon is a goner. So, we can discuss who the next coach should be.

London? (Why not, he has a title, and just beat Randy)

I dunno, I can picture Leach. We have a bad boy image, so does he, and I bet the can motivate these guys with a little "timeout" every now and then.

The play on the field hurts recruiting, not the blog.

You don't think they watch that disgraceful performance at UVA and realize there are issues with this program?

I would love to be positive about the program, but we just lost to Virginia.

That team expected to lose to us. Why do you think their coach needed to be helped off of the field! He watched film on us and expected to lose by 4 TD's. Then his team comes out and whips us and he nearly has a cardiac event.

Our coach is horrible and we're stuck with him. Please don't ask me to be positive about the state of the program. We have great players now and we can even beat Virginia.


Howard Schnellenberger FOUR YEARS at Miami: 41-16

Jimmy Johnson FIVE YEARS at Miami: 52-9

Dennis Erickson SIX YEARS at Miami: 63-9

Butch Davis SIX YEARS at Miami: 51-20 *ON PROBATION*

Larry Coker SIX YEARS at Miami: 60-15

Randy Shannon THREE & HALF YEARS at Miami 26-20

Another loss by Randy Shannon and he will have had the MOST losses of any Miami head coach *IN MODERN* history………DESPITE being here the least number of years…..

*let this stat SINK IN for a minute*
*the year is not even over*

When this year is over he could very well be in the top 3 in ALL TIME LOSSES.....That's not spin, that's not manipulating the numbers...I didn't even take away victories against FCS or Div 1AA opp. Are you kidding?

Hey Go Canes, what about former USF coach Jim Leavitt? Great D-Line with 2 star recruits, and a fiery coach. As we know, you don't do your job, and he'll knock the crap out of you. Keep Whipple as OC. I still am a believer in him. CANE 4 LIFE

And JIM LEAVITT needs a job. So, he would come pretty cheap.

1926-28† Howard Buck 3 15-10-2 .593

1929 J. Burton Rix 1 3-2-0 .600

1930 Ernest Brett 1 3-4-1 .438

1931-34 Tom McCann 4 18-15-4 .541

1935-36 Irl Tubbs 2 11-5-2 .667


1945-47 Jack Harding 9 54-32-3 .624

1943-44 Eddie Dunn 2 6-8-1 .433

1948-63 Andy Gustafson 16 93-65-3 .697

1964-70 Charlie Tate 7 34-27-3 .555

1970 Walt Kichefski 1 2-7-0 .222

1971-72 Fran Curci 2 9-13-0 .409

1973-74 Pete Elliot 2 11-11-0 .500

1975-76 Carl Selmer 2 5-16-0 .238

1977-78 Lou Saban 2 9-13-0 .409

1979-83 Howard Schnellenberger 5 41-16-0 .719

1984-88 Jimmy Johnson 5 52-9-0 .852

1989-94 Dennis Erickson 6 63-9-0 .875

1995–2000 Butch Davis 6 51-20-0 .718

2001-06 Larry Coker 6 60-15-0 .800

2007–present Randy Shannon 3 21-17-0 .553

We've not seen anything this bad since lou saban and it's not over. wake the hell up people and admin!

Great comments by Andy Gust. and Canes11. As for sjbytes, you're probably right. I believe a team's performance and production is a direct reflection of their leadership. Teams take on the personality of their leaders. It was the same deal in the military. I saw and experienced it a million times, over a long career at all levels of military leadership. Personally, I think as of late Coach HAS been trying to inject a little more emotion into the players. But I look at other successful coaches and I just see more interaction with their players on the sidelines during the course of a game than I do with our collective staff. I see more feedback between players and coaches on other successful teams. So bottom line is, I think you struck a worthy nerve there. This is not at all a criticism against Coach. He's accomplished a lot in regards to his players off-field conduct and their academic prowness in the classroom. I'm proud of him. I back him 100%. He said it himself just the other day that he wished his players could translate their acoomplishments in those areas to the field. I agree whole-heartedly, but I too wish that he and his staff could translate their "leadership" accomplishments in those off-field areas to their field performance ans production also. I hope that makes sense.

Just listened to Brett Romberg on 790? Do other programs depend on former players to help "right the ship". Am I the only one that things this is asinine? Do former players help the Ohio States, OK, UTs, or USCs of the world? It's up to the coach, AD, and the rest of the program.

Fire Randy today.

Uncle Luke for coach


Eduardo would have left if he redshirted him. He (Clements) basically said as much. Storm is more game ready than Clements, so how would you justify redshirting him and not the other?

Gentlemen - good comments all the way around. It's very disheartening to see our Canes "wet the bed" time and time again...However, maybe young Mr Morris can have a gameplan established for him to succeed. Mentioned many times over and over....WE HAVE SOME REALLY GOOD RBs - PLEASE USE THEM, take pressure off Morris...just play physical, sound football...sounds easy...but there's no fire on this team...no accountability, no leadership...we got talent all over the place on this roster...someone needs to spark them up! I feel that Morris is going to get better, and we have a CHANCE for a showdown with VT for the ACC Coastal, in our house...but it has to start with pounding the football and getting our RBs involved. Gotta go - God Bless. GO CANES!

Canes Fan, you are right. I read the article on the internet that Minnesota hired a firm to hire their coach and they want Randy bad. Although I like Randy as a person, this could be a blessing. Randy makes more money, no buyout by UM, no hard feelings between UM and Randy, and we get a new coach. I hear John Gruden is in the mix (and so is LSU def. coordinator). He always has good things to say about UM players. CANE 4 LIFE

uncoached not ready and whipped on the d and o lines ... keep this one on the board ?

can someone post a link for the minnesota story

Please Minnesota take Randy SHannon. We could only get so lucky.
Oh and Like JUnk said our teams play on the field is what is scaring recruits away not us. Great players want to play for Great coaches that will win championships and make them better players not losers.

Tru... those are indisputable win/loss records. Can u also include graduation rates & test scores? That is a SCHOOL right where these "student athletes" get an education. Put them up against the other coaches that was listed on that wish list also. Put up the arrest records as well.

I'm a sports fan. Huge college fb follower. Watched the Canes in the 80's, 90's & 2000's win it all. Watched & admired the "Dynasty".

If it were soooo easy in TODAY'S world with all those great coaches some have listed... What dynasty did they have at their current/past jobs that rival Miami's that they can speak of?

Recruiting has changed. So many avenues of quick information can be had through the internet. the hidden gems of 5 years ago are no longer hidden. there are far more D1 schools playing fb. there are more conferences, conference championships & yes... there is a BCS that did not exist during those dynasty years.

in short, times have changed. stop living in the past & catch up to the present & have realistic expectations.

Randy has not done a great job no doubt. but he has done an admirable job with the kids & having to live up to a legacy of great teams & coaches with ungrateful fan base.

To everyone that keeps saying the negative comments on the Miami Herald Blogs are scaring future recruits away do you really fing think recruits are checking these blogs everyday like they care what we are saying that much? And another funny thing Shannon is up to ''75%'' sure Harris is not playing. LOL he really pisses me off.

All great points about recruiting. Randy had stated he wanted veteran players, 5th year guys, thats where leadership comes from, to lead his teams. We had 4 returning running backs and we are wasting Johnson & Clemente on special teams and a token carry here and there. We had 7 or 8 WR's coming back and we are wasting Hurns. I could see 3 years ago playing a lot of freshman because you had no depth but we have depth except at LB & DT and neither one of those areas looks to be going that great in recruting. Whens the last time we had a stud at LB or DT? Shannon will be back next year, there's no doubt but Panzy Barrow & Huff need to go and I even liked Whipple at one point but his offense is stagnent, or either we don't have the Qb or Wr to run his system. Our recruting philosophies are old school, we need to change and quick.

Maybe ungrateful is not the right word. Although for some it is. Impatient is what I meant. I want to see this through. Improve each year in the win column & keep these kids noses clean... Randy will have support. In today's environment, that's all I can ask for.

We all want improvement year to year, but I think with Randy we maxed out last year. We have at least 2 more losses this season if the team continues on the hot today, cold tomorrow track they seem to be following this season. So what is there to be patient about? Most of the fans have been patient throughout the last 4 years, but enough is enough.

Not sure if I became a fan of The U to root for high graduation rates. That's all good but last I checked we are FOOTBALL fans. Does the BCS polls count graduation rates as part of its poll? If so, give Randy a raise because he's done a great job there. But he's a head coach and unless he wins none of that graduation crap means anything. That's not what College Football is about. Randy is failing at his primary responsibility. I'm not saying that we should win at all costs but winning does need to be the primary focus for a FOOTBALL program. If it's not, we're playing the wrong game.

He should be a guidence counselor then for the team not the Head Coach.

Yes. "You play to win the game".

If they were a Pro fb team, nothing less is acceptable.

We are all fans of this non pro, COLLEGE fb team. With COLLEGE fb players.

Just found out that Checkers will giving away free tickets because they don't have seating and there will be PLENTY of seats available at noon at the Sun Life Stadium.

So to all my fellow cane fans drive to Checkers, get the Number 5 ACC coastal meal deal, get your free tickets, and meet me and the other fan at the stadium.

Go 'canes!

So is Oregon. So is Alabama. So is Boise. So is every other top 20 team out there. Are we talking about those schools graduation rates as the main focal point? No. You know why? Because those kids go to school and get degrees too. Miami isn't the only school giving out degrees. It's a slap in the face to former Canes players who have graduated when we say things like that. Starting today I'm going to start talking smack to Alabama fans about THE U is number 1 in graduation rates. I'll get laughed at. Randy comes up with enough excuses on his own without folks in here helping him. Would THE University be where they are as a University and known nationally if we didn't dominate football for two decades and win 5 titles? I doubt it.

This is the beginning of the end for him I hope. If you listen to alot of the former players on these radio shows he has lost them all. The fans are done going to the games and buying merchendise the only thing I am buying is The U Documentary for my son to watch one day so he can learn what real football is all about and that has nothing to do with these teams Shannon has run into the ground. The alumni will quit sending money and they will have no choice but to make a change. Also real quick why i'm thinking about it what does everyone think about a second orange bowl on campus for a team that has multiple championships and still hold the longest home win streak in NCAA history. I mean how obvious is it that Miami has some of the greatest fans in the country when the have something to root for give them a home of their own for god sakes.

A head Football Coach is payed to win games and Championships. That is the bottom line.

I agree 100% with U JunkyJoshUM. Coker started running us in the ground and shannon is doing the same. The U deserves its own home the Orange Bowl II. What have the Marlins done to deserve a stadium. They won 2 world series that they paid for as far as players and then destroyed the team the following year. I'm sick of the Canes getting the shaft.

Sorry guys. I'm not comparing these kids graduating against passed UM players. I'm comparing them to today's college fb landscape & against today's environment.

Randy has supporters & will continue to have them as long as there is improvement each year & the kids keep their nose clean. If he loses then they will go away.

I think Alonzo Highsmith said it best the other day...."never has a program done more for a city and received less in return".

But I don't think the stadium in the issue. We wouldn't be upset about the stadium if we were killing everyone on the schedule.

I know the stadium affects the program as a whole, but we've got leadership issues.

From the outside looking in, Shannon considered by Minnesota


Master Shannon would be better off running a boarding school in England. He gives short answers to media questions, especially on injuries. No one can talk to the media and he is no motivator. We can rant and rave all we want to about him, he will be back next year and he will make changes to the staff and he will graduate players and the recruiting class will be small and dotted with a couple star players here and there but where he falls short is game preperation and motivation. The first couple of years we wasted time outs, we got out coached bad last year against Clemson and this year it's T.O.'s and penalaties and lack of discipline, something you wouldn't expect from a veteran team. Randy is a coordinator and he was good at that and so was Coker, as an offensive coordinator but these guys don't have what it takes to be the head man. We as fans want wins. We don't care who's walking the straight and narrow. Randy has a bunch of puppets on a string and they can say all the right things but they aren't having fun the old Hurricane way. We can't beat a has never been team like Virginia and you can put Maryland in that same boat. We struggle against these kind of teams. How can that be when we are constantly in the top 15 in recruting? It has to be coaching.

The whole graduation rate issue is laughable. Ok its nice that its 81 % and 2nd in the nation. Couldn't even be #1 in that either. So UM sks at that too.

Shannon is a hyp-crite because when he first came here he said he wanted to restore the sense of respect for the NCs and to bring the program to its national prominence. Now, what we are settling for 8 wins and graduation?


This program needs leadership. A coach with "huevos" , a stud safety, a stud MLB,and a QB. With those four things, we can start winning more consistently.

Just go back over the past thirty years back to the 80's. We have atleast one national championship every decade throughout that time. No other school has done that. Guess what we are in now as of this year, a new decade. That is how I have been keeping my sanity the past 9 years. All it has ever took was some good south florida talent like we have and have been getting and a great hard nosed head coach. So I am saying all that to say this while I truely have a hard time stomaching the fact that we still cannot get into the ACC Championship game and VA Tech does every year even when we beat them, we have never ever bragged about conference championships because we have always been able to get the one that matters the most and it will happen again people not this year and maybe not the next but when they make the right move at head coach again we will be right there back in it. Just sharing my perspective on things please let me know what you guys tell yourselves to ease the pain.

Again, with great emphasis, Randy Shannon will be here thru the 2011 season.

Posting all the names of coaches who you believe would be a great replacement for Randy does nothing but create needless negativity. Unless you have a crystal ball that tells you the coaches you list will be available in 15 months or so, then what is the point?

By the way, listing Petrino's name even if Randy was terminated today is good comedy, but far removed from reality. Petrino is a God in Little Rock, is being paid enormous money, is coaching in the most respected conference and you think Petrino is going to throw that all away to come coach a school that if he doesn't win a national championship every year the fans will scream he be fired...let's at least pretend we have a clue about life and college football.

There's another way to look at the bad play on the field as it relates to recruiting...prospective recruits may see that as their opportunity to becoming a starter as a freshmen.

I realize that there are agendas on the various message boards. Some pose as UM fans who are really fans of other schools constantly posting negative comments hoping recruits will read their 'world coming to an end' comments, thus scaring them off.

My comments are aimed at the real UM fans who employ common sense in their daily lives as they do when posting on UM football blogs. You know that Donna Shalala is not going to terminate Randy this season or next. You also know that recruits and their parents do in fact read these blogs and like it or not are influenced to some degree by what is written.

That being said, if you were a highly prized recruit and everywhere you turned you read or heard Randy is going to be fired would you sign with a program in such turmoil? Of course not!

What is happening now is the UM version of Groundhogs Day as it relates to the Larry Coker situation. For 3 years our fan base screamed day and night for Coker to be fired. This in turn impacted the coach’s ability to recruit top flight football players as they did not want to be involved in such an acrimonious environment. That's when the howls of Larry Coker can't recruit started coming from the fans. Prior to that time Coker was a great recruiter for over 30 years.

The above comment does not question the firing of Coker, but points out the massive damage the process did to the football program that we are still paying for today. Another fan melt down over Randy Shannon status, which again, HE IS NOT GOING TO BE FIRED, will set the program back to a level where 7 or 8 win seasons will seem like the good ole days.

We should all start a letter writing campaign to the Gopher's head office.... "Take Randy..PLEASE!!!"

don't count on him being here. He might but everytime there is a blog we will bash him to be fired until he is. He is going to have to pull a rabbit out of his rearend just to win 2 of the remaining 4 games. And if he does he will lose the bowl game for sure. SO the way I see it he's at best looking at a 7 and 6 record this year. Kiss your boy goodbye.

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