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Canes talk Maryland

I'll be back later with some notes from Tuesday. But for now, here are the video interviews before the Maryland game.


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I still find it hard to believe future players and their parents have enough time to actually read this stuff let alone take it seriously. I don't think anyone will disagree that Shannon will be fired within the next 2 years, but what is wrong with people saying what they feal? Stop saying that you are not a real Cane Fan if you believe Shannon should be fired. I will be the first one to tell you get rid of him and I have been a Cane since 1991 and I wear my colors proudly every single day because they are inked into my body. People need to stop questioning the Randy haters fan hood just because we are tired of loosing.

great point JUnkyJoshUm we are tired of losing.

Posted by: JunkyJoshUM |

How convenient that you were a cane fan during the championship run, right ARTY. Doesnt your racist act ever get tired?


Gruden in the mix? Where is the bowl?

Its comments like this that puts out bad vibes towards recruiting.
I am from the inner city you know the area that made da U! And I hear it from the kids at the park and the dudes in highschools about fans hating da U and Randy. This is playing into our rivals hands. You better be glad Randy is here because you think Leach or Gruden is going to recruit inner city kids? Now if he doesnt get the job done in his next 2 contract years so be it. But championships or else sounds crazy coming from any fan base.

Finally like A.Highsmith said "what about investing in the infrastructure of the program?" The UM student rec center is more plush than our training facility 4real I been to both places. I have also been on recruitng trips to N.C. M.Srate those places are like technology fairs with weights.
So just chill eveybody before Randy is making more money recruiting players out of your inner cities with better facilities at another program. Because the coaches at these parks and highschools will always be loyal to Randy always. Trust me on that!

I've been a cane fan since 1978. Translation: I've seen the GOOD, the BAd, and the fuh-UGLY.

SOme points: 1984- the year after the NC. We supposedly had a great team, and were beaten by BC in the hail Mary, by a midget QB. Are youkidding? We had no defense then. BC scored like 1000 points on us. Then being up 31-0 against maryland and we let them come back? Then we lost the bowl badly. It was a horrible year. I think it was like 8-4.

1985, NO Ch.
1986, supposedly all poised to win a NC and guess what, we BLEW IT worse than the Virginia game last week, because in1986 UM was loaded with talent and they allowed an overmatched Penn State team to humiliate us because of 5 interceptions by Vinnie (I will never forgive you for this) Testaverde. If you look at the tape of the game, Vt was throwing balls to defenders like they were on our team. It was somewhat bizarre the ints that he was throwing. I still think he threw the game, but thats just me.

There have been bad years and the U has always bounced back. The malaise of 1995-1999 is case in point. Those were pretty dull and stale years for UM fans. Losses to FSU and it seemed like we'd never beat them again, until we did in 2000. Consecutive losses to East Carolina, and a blow out loss to Syracuse was another highlight of that 5 year span.

So, Don't worry, we will be back. With or without Shalala, despite her and Shannon. The U will be back. I know that for sure.

Oh no, Damian Berry is out.

We LOSE again!

Shannon and his circus ring will get another L saturday against Maryland.. so cane fans get ready for more excuses... because that is all u are going to get under shannon...FIRE RANDY NOW... save the canes image...Dont go to the games until he is gone

FIRE RANDY NOW>> GIVE US A stadium on campus... why are we homeless? dont we fans deserve a stadium with such large fan base? fire shannon

What program has even come close to what Miami did during those dynasty years? No program can sniff it since Miami did it.

Are your expectations realistic?

I expect Randy & UM to play for a NC. But I understand it will not happen as quickly as some expect it. I've seen many coaches including at UM get 5 to 6 years to build. He's done nothing against the rules that does not give him that time. If he does not get them there, then he should go.

I know some will compare his team against another & say that the other team is currently better. Many things can be said about that but it does not matter. He will be here another year or
2 at least & he will have my support.

If a coaching change takes place after, THAT coach will have my support.

Most of the sane fans around here aren't asking for "championships or bust". We just want to be competing or in the running for championships. Heck an ACC championship would be great. Better yet, how about a bowl game victory at least. Has Randy delivered any of those feats? How about playing with some fire? If you aren't alarmed at what you are watching with this team than I really can't say anything that will make you see it. But this ship just smacked an iceberg and is starting to sink. These kids on this team have a track record that they wilt when hit with adversity. Look at the past 3 years under Shannon to close out the year. I don't see how anyone can defend what we have seen 4 years in a row. And recruiting? The kids don't want to come here because they see how the players play just like we do. That's why they won't come. Not because of what some blog says.

Hate to break it to you. Times have changed. They do plenty research on schools & programs through the internet. Parents & recruits DO read some blogs.

Turn on ESPN & they often reference blows & internet chatter on reports.

Actually don't you think that by complaining about how bad the coaching is at UM, we alert a good player from making a bad decision?! Thereby, creating the need to fire RS and Whimple all that much sooner?

Last I heard it was a free country and we have a right to voice our opinions and disgusts!!!

Andy Gus,
Quit worry about the recruits. The ones that want to come will come, now they may not have to many stars near there name but rest assured will get some descent folks, of course it won't be a top line defensive tackle or a top flight Linebacker we just can't get those guys. We will also get a spread or shot gun QB to run our pro style offense. By the way, if you haven't looked lately we haven't had to many recruits singing our praise. That's what losing to scum bag teams does for your program. Kids want to play for winners and coaches who inspire them to be better than they really are. Do you see that happening?

To the UM fans:

I suspect that the negative responses to my recent posts are for the 'most part' from one individual employing a variety of screen names who is a fan of another school.

This is a person who is unknowingly helping to make my point to the real UM fans, because the mere mention of slowing down with the negative responses that are surely making a bad situation worse is met with a barrage of slams on Randy, Donna, the kids and the program and all his reasons he must keep doing so, which are nonsense at best.

Do not be taken in by this one person who does believe what is being posted on this blog does in fact greatly harm the proram, which is why he spends his days and nights posting nothing but garbage he belives will do great harm to our football program.

Most of you are with me and are realistic about what we are seeing out there. I, like many of you, have the right to complain about the product on the field as a fan. Last year, Shannon's excuse not to bring in recruits was the contract. This year, as a few of the fans in this blog say, it's the fans on the blogs. Because you know the blogs in Miami don't exist in other schools and other teams' fans are the greatest and on their best behavior when their teams lose. Gator fans never complain. FSU fans never complain. That's why they get all the top recruits....thanks to their great fans behaving on the blogs. Give me a break.

What you are seeing is the same as what I see. There is no argument there. My patience & overall perspective on this however differs.

Many like me understands this as well. Many like me are realistic. Many like me share the same Passion as you do. Again... just a bit more patience.

I'll be more patient when they become more consistant and play with more passion & not lose to teams like Virginia!

Just found out that Checkers will giving away free tickets because they don't have seating and there will be PLENTY of seats available at noon at the Sun Life Stadium.

So to all my fellow cane fans drive to Checkers, get the Number 5 ACC coastal meal deal, get your free tickets, and meet me and the other fan at the stadium.

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Canes over Gators, AP Agrees | November 03, 2010 at 02:22 PM


Absolutely the saddest post of the Randy Shannon era .

OK: I'm assuming that everyone here is either a fan or a graduate or a former player: That said: I now present you the Top 5 reasons to KEEP RS:
1) He graduated from U.
2) he never makes a problem out of his "contract."
3) He's actually related to Sha-la-la
4) Petrino was U's first choice, but U could not come to financial agreement.
5) Jimmy Johnson wants to keep fishin' in tavernier and keep taking vacations to Cozumel.

Did I miss anything?

Most of you are with me and are realistic about what we are seeing out there. I, like many of you, have the right to complain about the product on the field as a fan. Last year, Shannon's excuse not to bring in recruits was the contract. This year, as a few of the fans in this blog say, it's the fans on the blogs. Because you know the blogs in Miami don't exist in other schools and other teams' fans are the greatest and on their best behavior when their teams lose. Gator fans never complain. FSU fans never complain. That's why they get all the top recruits....thanks to their great fans behaving on the blogs. Give me a break.

Posted by: PCola Cane


Of course you have the right to constantly complain and trash the program, but if you are really a Canes fan then that act is the very definition of stupid.

I have to laugh at you pointing out the behavior of 'other fans' as your green light to trash the Canes. Really? That's what you are going with?

I always thought the argument of being a Cane was we were nothing like other fans... you know... "It's a Canes thing--You wouldn't understand!" Yet, you want to connect yourself with the sheer stupidity of what other fans are doing as your defense of trying to destroy the 'current' program. If anything you bolster my arguement of not doing what the other fans are doing by slamming our head coach, who is not going to be fired this season or next season no matter what his record is--why can't you and others process this fact?

Another poster advised me not to worry about recruits because if we stop them from coming to the "U", will mean Randy will be fired that much sooner. Wow! So, instead of doing everything we can do as fans to help the situation (attending games, begging recruits to come to the "U", etc) it is your contention and some others on this blog that our job as fans is to do everything possible to do more damage. That is the very definition of toxic and losing thinking.

Finally, Randy Shannon is by far more Cane than ANYONE that posts on this blog. He truly bleeds orange and green. He has left his blood sweat and tears on the field while in a Canes uniform to help make the tradition some of you 'think' you know about. When you start eating your own the end is near if not upon us. Now some of you won't understand what I just wrote, but those who have lived life and know what it takes to win will understand.

Recruits don't care what we have to say!

Do you really believe some recruit is going to come on here and make a decision based on what we write about Randy Shannon.

If you're saying he's going to be here until 2011, then it doesn't matter if we don't like him as head coach.

BTW....people from UF and FSU want us to keep Randy Shannon. They think it's hilarious.

Randy is verbally challenged..

Posted by: Andy Gustafson

Yes recruits read this stuff and it can effect their decision(Brigdewater saw the negativity)If he didnt suck so bad I would care if he came or not.

Bobby Bowden did more for FSU then anyone and he got the boot(not on his own terms) so I could care less of how much blood sweat and tears Randy gave. He certainly didn't give UM a bowl win let alone ACC Championship and certainly not a BCS game.

Andy, look man we are sick of losing on the field where it counts. Winning brings in recruits not what people say on this blog.
If you think we are one person with a bunch of alias then you are nuts, if you don't believe me check out this past Saturday's blog during and after the game. Canes fans and players deserve better than what we are getting from Shannon and Shalala. Canes fans its time for a change in leadership for our team.

Can someone tell Shannon to recruit Zach Mettenberger

Someone could tell him but he'd be too stupid to actually do it.

Once again no one cares about this blog for christ sakes. Ask the wide receiver we just lost from Northwestern why he decommitted and I highly doubt he will say ''man I just hated going onto the Miami Herald everyday and reading those blogs the Miami fans write about Randy Shannon'' are you kidding me? No what he will tell you is that ''man I hate that offense they are running with that quarterback that couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a football'' and just ask why Teddy Bridgewater is taking other visits while he is already committed to us. He has already said he is not thrilled about our offense. Get realistic people about what these 18 year old seniors in high school are thinking. If they are scared of real fans that do not like loosing and they are nervous about being on the big stage here at the U then don't bother even trying to play here.

To Canes over Gators:

My name is not ARTY and I said I have been a Canes fan since 1991. That means from 1991 untill now. Ive been there for the ups and downs. And once again my name is not ARTY.

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