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Coaching comparison: How Shannon stacks up

Miami Hurricanes fans are tired of mediocrity. They're tired of losing big games. And some (I'd say a majority) are ready and hopeful Hurricanes coach Randy Shannon will be handed a pink slip after this season.

Shannon They've seen Shannon's record against ranked opponents (4-9), seen that he has yet to win a bowl game and are taking the 2010 season as a step backward instead of a step forward. The Hurricanes (7-4, 5-3 ACC) will wrap up their season Saturday against South Florida at Sun Life Stadium. Win, and the Hurricanes would likely end up at either the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando or the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas against a Pac-10 team or a rebuilding Notre Dame program.

Shannon could very easily win both of his final two games this season and finish 9-4 -- the same record as last season. Is that good enough to keep his job? Only UM President Donna Shalala really knows. But before you rush to judgement or an opinion, take a deeper look at some numbers I researched this morning.

For starters, 24 coaching changes were made at FBS schools before the 2007 season. Did you know that among the 16 coaches still at those schools Shannon ranks fifth overall in win percentage? Did you know among those 24 schools, UM is still in the top third of winning percentage (eighth overall)?

School                   Coach                 Total  (pct.)
Alabama                Nick Saban           37-10 (.787)
x-Cincinnati           Brian Kelly           37-13 (.740)
Tulsa                     Todd Graham       34-17 (.667)
x-Boston College     J. Jagodzinski     34-18 (.653)
Air Force                Troy Calhoun       33-18 (.647)
Michigan St.           Mark Dantonio      32-18 (.640)
x-Central Mich.      Butch Jones          31-21 (.596)
Miami                   Randy Shannon    28-21 (.571)
Stanford                Jim Harbaugh       27-21 (.563)
North Carolina       Butch Davis           26-23 (.531)
N.C. State             Tom O'Brien          24-24 (.500)
Arizona State         Dennis Erickson     23-24 (.489)
x-La. Tech            Derek Dooley         21-26 (.447)
x-Louisville            S. Kragthorpe       20-27 (.425)
Indiana                 Bill Lynch              18-30 (.375)
Rice                      David Bailiff         18-30 (.375)
x-Army                 Stan Brock             17-30 (.361)
x-Iowa State         Gene Chizik           17-32 (.346)
Idaho                    Robb Akey             16-32 (.333)
x-Minnesota           Tim Brewster        16-33 (.327)
UAB                      Neil Callaway         15-32 (.319)
FIU                       Mario Cristobal       14-32 (.304)
Tulane                  Bob Toledo             13-34 (.277)
North Texas          Todd Dodge             8-39 (.170)
NOTE: x-School made coaching change

> If you don't care where Shannon ranks among his current peers who took over at the same time, here are a few interesting facts...

- Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer went 17-26-1 n his first four years as a coach (1987-90). He didn't go to a bowl game or win one until his seventh year.

> Here is how Shannon compares to the other two ACC coaching hires made in 2007: 
- Randy Shannon at UM 28-21 overall, 4-9 vs. ranked opponents (4.75 strength of schedule)
- Butch Davis at UNC 26-23 overall, 5-7 vs. ranked opponents (4.16 strength of schedule)
- Tom O'Brien at N.C. State 24-24 overall, 5-4 vs. ranked opponents (3.39 strength of schedule)

> The most common measuring stick used by fans is comparing Shannon to previous UM coaches. For starters, did you know each of the three previous coaches -- Dennis Erickson, Butch Davis and Larry Coker -- each spent six seasons at UM?

> Most fans compare Shannon's situation to that of Davis, who basically came in under NCAA sanctions and had to rebuild. Here is a look at Davis' first four years at UM compared to Shannon's...

Butch Davis
1995 -- 8-3 overall, 6-1 vs. Big East (T-1st), 1-1 vs. ranked opponents  *Bowl ineligble
1996 -- 9-3 overall, 6-1 vs. Big East (T-1st), 2-2 vs. ranked opponents, *Bowl win
1997 -- 5-6 overall, 3-5 vs. Big East (5th), 0-4 vs. ranked opponents, *Didn't qualify for bowl
1998 -- 9-3 overall, 5-2 vs. Big East (2nd), 2-2 vs. ranked opponents, *Bowl win
> 31-15 overall, 20-9 vs. Big East, 5-9 vs. ranked opponents, 2 bowl wins, Faced 8 Big East ranked teams

Randy Shannon
2007 -- 5-7 overall, 2-6 vs. ACC (4th), 1-3 vs. ranked opponents, *Didn't qualify for bowl
2008 -- 7-6 overall, 4-4 vs. ACC (3rd), 0-1 vs. ranked opponents, *Bowl loss
2009 -- 9-4 overall, 5-3 vs. ACC (3rd), 3-2 vs. ranked opponents, *Bowl loss
2010 -- 7-4 overall, 5-3 vs. ACC (2nd), 0-3 vs. ranked opponents, *TBD
> 28-21 overall, 16-16 vs. ACC, 4-9 vs. ranked opponents, 0 bowl wins, Faced 7 ACC ranked teams

> Larry Coker and his 53-9 record at UM often get thrown into the mix when talking about Shannon. But what was Coker's record once Butch Davis' recruits were all nearly gone starting in 2004?

Larry Coker's last 3 seasons
2004 -- 9-3 overall, 5-3 in ACC (3rd), 4-1 vs. ranked opponents, *Bowl win
2005 -- 9-3 overall, 6-2 in ACC (2nd), 2-2 vs. ranked opponents, *Bowl loss
2006 -- 7-6 overall, 3-5 in ACC (4th), 0-6 vs. ranked opponents, *Bowl win
> 25-12 overall, 14-10 vs. ACC, 6-9 vs. ranked opponents


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Ray Ray, that 17 mill will be spread around the 11 other members of the ACC. Please get your fact right. This isn't a Pro, or state university, it must balance it's books, and not deficit spend. It is what it is. That's why they move from the OB, that's why they joined the ACC. The ACC has a much bigger TV contract than the Big East. But the U must share it's bowl revenue with the other members. So it's not 17 mill.

What kind of attitude is that? Let's just accept and steep in mediocrity because the college game is so different now? Let's keep our goal at just being a .500 team because thats what it was in the 70s??

You sir, need to be realistic.

-We are in a hotbed for recruiting
-Our tradition, the one that you dont think much of, still draws recruits to our program.
-Our location is a huge draw for recruits
-Our academics have ALWAYS been above par and are a good selling point for the university

We have an advantage over 90% of other D1 programs. There is no reason to wallow in mediocrity, it is inexcusable!

Continuing on this path shows no commitment to and a lack of vision for our athletics from the administration; neither of which have ever been dis-proven by their actions.

Manny, interesting points. It does not change my view of RS. I'm a long time Cane fan living in the NYC area. Went to the VT game on Saturday and was at the OSU game earlier in the year. This team definately had the talent on the field to win both games. Unfortunately, the Canes make way too many mistakes on both sides of the ball and are not consistent game to game. The good teams like VT and OSU do not make these mistakes. This is clearly a coaching issue. The one thing Shannon has done for the Canes is bring back the talent level on the team that Cocker depleted. The 2007 squad he inherited looked like a JV team. It is now four later and Shannon has not won the big game. Anyone who coaches Miami is going to be held to a very high standard by the fans and media because of the history of the program. Unless the team implodes like the Vikings, he will definately be back next year. I would like to see him succeed because the kids play hard for him and he seems like a good guy. However, he needs to win more games. If not, the pressure on the AD and pres. will be too great next year and he will be gone.

Welcome you have to understand that the tradition of this University is 20 years old. Very hard to compete with the Bamas, Notre Dames, USC, Georgia, Tn, Neb, Mi, Ohio States................of this world.

You all are crappy fans!!! Plain and simple. You have a guy in his first head coaching job and you expect greatness? I wanted him gone the day after the game too, but you have to really think about it. Or is that too much for you all? None of the great coaches were great after their very first 4 years.
BTW, who do you all have in mind for a new coach? And for God's sake please don't say Mike Leach! What the hell have his teams ever done other than score. He's never had great success.

Mr. B,

Its a slippery slope. I know that this program is bleeding and dying a slow death with Randall at the helm.
I love this program, love the players, and they are being failed.

Do I continue to accept this and root for the "team" in spite of it hurting the program in the long run or do I cut my losses, hurt my team initially but reap potential benefits later?

Now I have seen it all.....

A homer journalist who is comparing UM to the Central Michigan, Louisville, and La. Tech's of the world to justify a head coach who probably gives him carte-blanche'.......

How about some REAL JOURNALISM....

Jacory Harris is 100% healthy, but Stephen Morris will start at QB for the Miami Hurricanes vs USF (according to a very good source)

If we can get Jim Harbaugh or Bobby Petrino then we should fire Shannon. Otherwise, there's no point. Let's learn from Notre Dame's Charlie Weis disaster and not fire a guy with no real plan. If there's noone better, then Shannon has a better shot of improving this team next year than a newly promoted career assistant coach (see FSU, or our own Coker period) that would have to re-teach everything.

Harbaugh is right below Shannon on that list despite being the head coach at STANFORD, which never wins but is in the running for the Pac 10 and, for a while, the national championship. Oh, and Stanford is the only school right now with a higher APR than UM.

Bobby Petrino has a great run-oriented, pro-style offense and took no-history Louisville to new heights. He coached in the pro's (I know, he stunk it up) and is currently at Arkansas, so he definitely might move.

I would caution everyone not to get too "Stat Happy". Stats are what they are; what HAS HAPPENED in the PAST. If you have ever seen a prospetus on a companies stock, there is always the disclaimer: "Past performance does not guarantee future success."

thanks for the research - serioUsly. yoU did all this work to prove with nUmbers what all the CANES fans already know WE ARE NOT RELEVANT TO COLLEGE FOOTBALL ANY LONGER!!! all this article did is pUt Us in the same category as tUlsa, cincy, c mich, no tx, idaho etc.... wow how far we have fallen - ive been a sUpporter of randy's from day 1 bUt its time now to make a change Unless these are the teams we want top be compared to and not fsU, Uf, osU, okl, va tech etc..... gotta make a change NOW bUt as always GO CANES!!!!!!

ps - dont expect shalala to care aboUt MIAMI athletics of any kind becaUse if yoU have seen oUr University promo dUring the games yoU will notice she cant even make a "U" itz more like a "W" so this is the state of HURRICANE athletics - what a joke

Thanks ChicagoCane...I too thought about Harbaugh and really like the thought but wonder if he would even be interested. He looks like he's NFL-bound ASAP.

I'm not so high on Petrino, but at least it's a realistic option.

Here's a weird thought: Mario Cristobal.

But with Randy being an ex-player, this may work against him.

Also, next guy MUST bring in Ken Dorsey as QB coach.

I have been a long time cane fan for 30 years.

The problems start at the very top and cascade from there.

1) Money - there will never be enough. With Miami being private we will always struggle in paying top dollar for coaching. Our coaching legacy is taking a young upstarts or visionary's and letting them do their magic.

2) Due to item 1 above, we will never have home field advantage as we had in the ob.

3) The last 2 coaches have not been visionaries in any capacity - both chosen from staff. While different in many, many ways both Coker and Shannon lack the same ingredient - getting players inspired and strong leadership.

4) College is NOT the pros. The key is getting players in the right position, at the right time to make plays and games are decided more often than not based upon mistakes rather than dominance. Just ask Beamer who keeps on winning with average talent.

5) Shannon has upgraded the talent and the quality of the players - no doubt as you can see it from their sheer size and speed as compared to the rest of the acc. I believe he has had the talent on this years team in the range of top 5-10.

If donna is serious about winning big next year, shannon must go as he sets the tone for the team. While he recruits and spots talent and good character very well, he does not inspire his players and does not develop the talent (just ask sam shields). He is also too loyal to players who are inconsistent on the field.

If donna wants to do better, shannon will stay but staff changes will be necessary.

Either way, it starts at the top.

How badly do you want a premier football program? If you are comitted to excellence:
1) Start on getting a new stadium closer to home that gets the crowd back in
2) Schedule with some thoughtfulness
3) Get back to UM's roots of finding an upstart, fiery ball coach.

This would get us back on track...otherwise, we will continue to bask in the luke warm water of mediocrity.

The IDIOT FANS OF 15 yrs AGO are alive and well on this blog now....

That is all...

fire shannon...we need someone that can motivate this team

Did Manny not read his own column, re: Sam Shields. The Packers coach said Sam didn't have the slightest clue about how to play a position he played for a year at the "U" Now I know Randy isn't receivers coach, but isn't he responsible for all his coaching staff? Just asking.
Also, do those other teams below us get the kind of players we're able to attract. Players want to come to Miami just because it's the "U," or at least use to.

You all are forgetting that Randy's first true recruiting class are just Juniors. Allen Bailey's class was hardly complete because Coker got fired and all the kids he had recruited up to that point had dumped the U forcing Randy to scramble and land any recruit he could. And Most of these Juniors are having to learn how to be college players without any senior leaders. Randy had to run off the players that Coker had playing for him because they were no good for the program. So Why don’t you let Randy have a couple more years before you condemn him?

And if Sam Shields did not know how to read or learn Defenses that’s not just on the coaching staff that’s also on him as there are plenty of former 'Canes that he could have contacted to learn. Those former 'Canes also show up on campus all the time and he could have asked for help then.

I think we need to give shannon one more year to turn this around. In all reality we should have won against Va Tech. A pick thrown by an inexperienced qb gave them a lead we couldnt come back from. A pick by an 18 year old isnt shannons fault. We lose to virginia. If whipple doesnt come into the game and throw two picks in six attempts odds are we probably win. And you cant fault shannon for putting whipple in. In all reality how many people would have put morris in? After the fsu loss people wanted harris out and whipple in. Who would still make that decision? The fsu loss is miami's fault anyway you look at it. But the way theyve lost and how theyve lost their last two losses its not shannon's fault. Just one of the many reasons why people call miami fans ignorant. We can never make up our minds. Who would we bring in to replace shannon anyway? Butch Davis? Greg Schianno? Mark Richt? Stop blaming Randy Shannon. The fans have scared off recruits this year. Look up Sammy Watkins. He was a strong miami lean then all you genius fans called for shannon's head. get rid of the player get new ones. would you wanna play for a fan base like this? i know i wouldnt. why do you think rogers left? why do you think chickillo a third generation cane might leave? support your team or dont call yourself a canes fan.

Thank you for some genuine journalistic work and perspective. Three other measuring sticks: NCAA sanctions, academic performance and off-field arrests.

If you consider those as well as turning the Miami program around, Shannon's stock rises higher. Just ask the fans of Auburn and Cam Newton, or Reggie Bush and USC, or Urban Meyer and Univ of Florida (30 arrests) or NC and Butch Davis.

Academics, arrests, NCAA sanctions, are also part of the equation when measuring coaching success.

Thanks again for reporting FACTS and not more blah, blah, blah opinions.

Posted by: Chris


Excellent post!!!

Randy's not going anywhere, nor should he.

When Shalala fired Larry Coker in 2006 she hired a headhunter to go find a replacement coach. This headhunter searched the country interviewing head coaches and assistant coaches...they all passed. Greg Schiano, at the time a highly respected ex Canes coach, was promised a big pay day and given guarantees that the facilities would be upgraded. Schiano passed because he knew that if he didn't produce a national champion every year those people who call themselves Canes fans would be screaming for him to be fired, thus damaging his reputation much the way Coker's reputation was ruined after being around this ungrateful crowd.

PS: Please tell me that you serious Canes fans realize that 90% of the negative posts are from the gator racist Sean Wilson using numerous aliases posing as disgruntled Canes fans asking for Shannon, Shalala, Whipple, Hocutt, etc to be fired.

Sad that argument that's being posed here.

Should some solace be taken that Frank Beamer needed a lifetime to make a previously irrelevant program relevant?

Should people be happy that Butch Davis has a worse record at North Carolina - a basketball school?

Beamer built Tech into a power and they've remained a fundamentally sound team - from Virginia - that oft wins the conference, reaches BCS games and is in the hunt, title or no title.

As for Davis, when you watch this coming NFL Draft and there are a slew of Tar Heels in the first round, let that serve as a reminder for his ability to recruit and develop talent, as opposed to Randy.

In some cases stats work. In this one, these are loser stats that are being used to build sympathy for a guy who's proving he's not head coaching material.

Yes, this team has the talent to beat anyone. Problem is that talent is not being coached up and especially NOT being game-coached.

When Tyrod Taylor celebrated and caused his team to get a15 yd penalty,Beamer got in his face. Taylor looked like he talked back, then backed down and admitted "my bad".

Randy Shannon would sit there with a blank stare on his face, or at most shake his head.

That is the difference.

Bo Pelini is getting in trouble for his temper, but look at Nebraska's record. His players play for him.

Dabo Sweeney is out-recruiting Shannon, even taking Florida kids away.

So what is Randy Shannon's positive side?


Thats all us Cane Fans get under this regime!!

Most people here lack perspective. It's sad.

As long as people continue to make excuses we will remain irelevant and barely mediocre. Shannon is not going to take this team anywhere. Bring back Butch.

I don't think any former UM coach ever had to endure their starting QB missing 4 games due to injury. I shouldn't have to say that we beat Virginia if Jacory never got hurt. We would also beat VT handily if Jacory never got hurt. Morris will be a good backup for Jacory next year, but definitely not better than Jacory. Please, he's got a lot of learning to do. All you fools who voted for Morris to start even when Jacory got healthy are probably feeling pretty stupid right now. Jacory looked a lot better throwing the ball his freshman year than Morris did. This is also when Morris had a lot more time to learn the offense with much better weapons around him. You sorry fans, and there seems to be plenty of you, need to get a clue!

The sooner Shannon is fired, the sooner the program can be restored. Two more years of Shannon, and the program will be at the level it was in the '70s.

Finally, the guy who claims to be George Mira's cousin is a gator ! I can always smell a gator through my keyboard!

When VT finally started to slow our running game down and we fell behind late in the 3rd qtr, Morris look so good. I mean he looked like Bernie Kosar out there when Bernie was a true freshman. Why on earth were we trying to redshirt this guy? When he had to drop back and read a real defense with extra db's in there, he looked so poised................All you armchair QB's out there now nothing. I'm sure you believe that stupid Green Bay db coach that Sheilds learned absolutely nothing last year. Sheilds must have knew something to be good enough to be picked up as a free agent after only playing corner for one year for a team that had a good chance to win 10 games. I hope they didn't know Sheilds knew nothing before they signed him as a free agent. I guess Brandon Harris doesn't know anything either. He will only be regarded as the best corner next year, if he stays that is.

How can you compare UM's program to NC State & NC You must be kidding!! Do you think UM has a edge over those programs for recruiting? Butch Davis & Tom Obrien have a much more difficult time bringing players to those schools, it shows how much better coached they are. Don't forget UM hired the Randy the DC of a program headed down. Did that make sense? The only chance left is to hire a up and coming coach from a smaller school.

If the U of M EVER get rid of Coach Shannon, I hope the football players revolt like holy hell!! I hope that the 'true' fans show their disgust by staying away from the games until they brought Coach Shannon Back!!! Finally, I hope that if the U of M EVER gets rid of Coach Shannon, that the person that's hired to coach them NEVER wins a bowl game, NEVER has a winning season, and that the U of M takes a HUGE financial loss. In short, if Coach Shannon is fired, I hope U of M burns to the ground.

WQAM's Sid Rosenberg, who has no love for Randy Shannon, has discounted the Canes win over Oklahoma in 2009 because the Sooners had lost Sam Bradford to injury.

Based on that, it is appropriate to consider the injury to Jacory Harris in both the Virginia and VT losses. Right? Right.

The back up QB and freshmen QB did not have enough to win.

All useless stats.

There are only two teams on that list that have ever even smelled a national championship.

This is more than about winning, it's about attitude and how losing has become acceptable. It's how we pat each other on the head after a loss and say we'll do better next week...there is no next week, damn it!

Miami fans are totally unrealistic and live in the past. Shannon is doing a good job and is improving the program at a time when the type of players who made Miami great in the past would probably not make it into the school at this time.

Welcome to mediocrity: No depth at defensive line?
Micanor Regis, Marcus Forston, Curtis Porter, Andrew Smith, Olivier Vernon, Adewale Ojomo, Dyron Dye, Marcus Robinson, Luther Robinson.

That's depth ... and five are seniors. They managed lots of pressure v VT.
Five sacks, and that's with Porter and Josh Holmes hurt. I wonder if Josh Holmes will redshirt because of his injuries.

HOWEVER, our DEFENSE DRIVES ME FREAKING CRAZY. They just folded in the 4th Qtr. against VT, FSU, and MD.

Posted by: UCane305 | November 23, 2010 at 10:08 AM

I agreed with what you wrote except for this. Did you mean UVA instead of MD? They stopped MD, got the ball back so Morris could drive to team for the winning score. But against UVA they caved just as the offense was finally scoring in the 4th quarter.

Monkey- you my friend just owned Manny and made him your b i t c h

Vinny anything I said not true.........that's what I thought. And BTW U of M 1978. See Ya.

BTW I don't think you can discount the 2009 Ok win, that's like saying we should discount the losses when JH was injured. A win is a win.










It seems lik wen miami moved to the acc they fell off. I realize that this conference focuses high on academics and all acc teams suk. Shalala was proud to move them there and now we are average. Im not even mad anymore wen we lose

U want to know the biggest difference between Butch Coker and Randy?

This blog didnt exsist for people to spout hate and recruits read.

Now if you say o well that was the past then move on. Take your own advise and move on!

Miami has success when it is ran by a coach who does have aspirations to coach in the NFL. NFL bound coaches recruit NFL bound atheletes better than the coaches who intend of staying here for a lifetime. The downfall began with Coker and continues with Shannon.

All the coaches RESPONSIBLE for winning national titles in Miami (Coker not included because Butch Davis is responsible for our last title) all wanted to go to the NFL. Maybe they realized that if their kids were not ready to play every weekend then they may not get their shot in the NFL and that translated to a better prepared and focused team.

It has been nearly 10 years since I have seen a Miami team ready to play every weekend. This years team went on a vacation against their biggest rivals. Where they do that at? The Alabama and Auburn game, Michigan and Ohio State, are two rivalry games with equal talent except the OSU game might have a slight advantagein personell agains Michigan, but the scores will be closer than the final score against FSU was.

In my honest opinion, we should let him go now because He won't get the recruits he wants this year. Last year not signing him earlier to a longer contract backfired because he lost a lot of good recruits to Florida and Florida State. The same thing will happen this year because no one is sure how long he will be around.

For the sake of the Football program that enabled the rest of the university to do more because of the revenue it generated, I hope Donna either gives him a strong endorsement to let all recruits know that Shannon will be around for another 2 years guaranteed. Or let him go immediately and get a coach that is NFL bound. The best high school atheletes don't really care if their coach will be there all four years because they don't plan on being at Miami for more than 3 years. A perfect match.

The U threw 33 passes with a true freshman QB. Vtech threw only 15 passes with a senior QB. And they won the game folks! I've been harping on the pass happy Whipple all season. I knew he was gonna get pass happy again after the 2 wins with Morris. But we threw 33 passes or less combined in those 2 wins. And now we face a highly experienced DC in Bud Foster! And Whipple puts it in the air 33x? VT never stopped our running game. We would break one for big yds on 1st down. Next play we get 2-3yds and Whipple decides to throw it on 2nd and 7. Rcvrs drop the ball now its 3rd and 7 and we have to throw.

Main point is that a more experienced and proven head coach would put that OC in check and tell him that we're going to run the damn ball. But Whipple thinks that he could be the head coach so why listen to what RS has to say. And RS doesnt want the conflict and instability of making another OC change so he just deals with it. That's a recipe for disaster folks. I don't think we fire RS. We have to see him put both coordinators in check the rest of this year and next. If he can't do that or if he won't do that, then we have to make a change.

As I continue my discourse from the last set of comments from the Sam Shield's blog I look to take on head coaching. Look back 10 years ago and see the comments that were made about Coker. In his first year he was able to walk on water and the populace loved him. With each succeeding year the comments got uglier and uglier. Some were warranted others were not. Eventually Coker gets canned and Shannon takes the reins with a good number supporting him saying he is exactly what the program needed. Now, in year 4, he is despised by many so much so that a large majority of people here are calling for his head. Even if you get his head, who are you going to get to replace him? You hear all the names flying around. Leach, Spurrier, Davis, Saban, Shiano, Wannstadt, heck even Tommy T. But tell me, where does the University of Miami get the money? Miami is a private school with a small student population and a small alumni base. Compare that with a Florida or a Michigan where enrollment is over 30,000 students a year. Miami, if they are lucky has about 15,000. Figure on a conservative number of $300 per student for activities fees that the University collects and the difference is mind boggling.

At a lot of schools the alum kick in somewhere on the order of 5 to 10 thousand dollars just to get a seat in the club level. The dollar amounts become astronomical. Miami isn't going to compete with any big public school because the critical mass is not there.

Remember, when Randy was hired, he was the 4th choice. Fourth choice guys! For those on the slow side, that means nobody wanted to come here. What makes you think any of these coaches whose names you are throwing around would want to come here. Think about it. Miami is the proverbial ugly girl standing in the corner of the high school dance that nobody, absolutely nobody wants to dance with no matter what you give them.

Somebody mentioned Spurrier. Besides this year, when was he ever relevant in the last 10 years? Shiano started with a flash and has sunken into mediocrity. Kelly, jury is still out but in year one at Notre Dame hasn't been anything to write home about. Weiss, I won't even go there. Chizik, maybe he's like Meyer in that he finds that one diamond that he rides until the diamond leaves and what do you have? A team that is barely holding their own. Saban is Saban. How much longer do you think he will be at Alabama.

Every coach has gone through a period where everybody looks to get rid of him but is revered nevertheless. Look at Joe Paterno. Bobby Bowden. Even Bear Bryant in his last years was being pushed out.

I've read so many comments about how the coaches have not prepared the players becaue the players have no fire under them. Guys, it's not the coaches that light that fire. It's the players. Look at the eyes of Ray Lewis. Hear the voice of Ed Reed or Michhael Irvin. They had fire. They had heart. Heck, even Tebow was possessed.

Surely we all have seen the movie the Replacements with Keanu Reaves. What was Maginty's comment to the sideline reporter asking what in a word do his players need to win. The response was HEART.

Bottom line that's what we need to see in these players, HEART.

Monkey 1371 - the football landscape has changed since Butch's era. Actually, in the past a handful of programs had quality players. Today, almost all programs have quality players. Reality is, a play here or there affects the outcome of the game. Alabama's run last year is a good example. They should have lost 3 times but won. Lastly. sometimes games are won/lost by coaching. Other times, they are lost by players. To blame all of UMs losses on RS because he is the "head ball coach or leader" is baseless and naive.

I Went To UM so im glad they graduate players, go 9-4 and run a respectable program. You fans that didn't go there need to stfu....blah blah blah.

IM REALLY BEGINNING TO HATE UM GRADUATES...U STFU!! All of us are here right now because of the FOOTBALL PROGRAM YOU PHUCKING TOOLS. Go comment on a Law & Order Blog or a Med School Blog then



If a Soft Skin Recruit actually reads a blog and gets his feathers ruffled, he has no place at The U1!

This article proves how mediocre we are . Look at the crappy ass teams that have a better record than Miami! Air Force, Cincinnati, Tulsa, Central Michigan???

Posted by: Joseph | November 23, 2010 at 04:40 AM

And who do they play? Cinci is in the Big Least that if we were there today, we'd be on our way to our 6th title. Pitt leads that conference and we blew them out of the water.

Also, don't look now, but we have some teams that have never won a title or at least not in my lifetime in the top 10 of the BCS:

Oregon (never)
Auburn (1957)
TCU (never)
BSU (never)
Stanford (1926)
Wisconsin (never)
OSU (1942, 1954, 1957, 1961, 1968, 1970) - yes, I know.
Other OSU (never)
MSU (1951, 1952, 1955, 1957, 1965, 1966)

College football is changing. It's time we start getting used to it. Playoffs are just around the corner especially with the nice article SI created recently regarding that. It should open more eyes especially when university presidents get a hold of it, and realize the BCS is really losing them money. it listed teams that went to bowls and actually lost money. No joke. You should check it out if you can.

Posted by: monkey1371 | November 23, 2010 at 10:24 AM

Your wrong. Butch Davis did not have to rebuild anything. He had to hold it together. Greg McMackin left Butch a NASTY defense. I mean N-A-S-T-Y defense. This is something Coker did not do for Shannon.

Why don't you go back, and look at what Butch had on defense for instance. Heck, look at what he had on offense, too. Well, here you go:

"The following players were coached or recruited by Davis in his stint at Miami: Ray Lewis (LB), Yatil Green (WR), Kenard Lang (DE), Kenny Holmes (DE), Duane Starks (CB), Edgerrin James (RB), Clinton Portis (RB), Frank Gore (RB), Bubba Franks (TE), Dan Morgan (LB), Damione Lewis (DT), Santana Moss (WR), Reggie Wayne (WR), Bryant McKinnie (OT), Jeremy Shockey (TE), Phillip Buchanon (CB), Ed Reed (S), Mike Rumph (CB), Andre Johnson (WR), Jerome McDougle (DE), Willis McGahee (RB), William Joseph (DT), Sean Taylor (S), Kellen Winslow II (TE), Jonathan Vilma (LB), D.J. Williams (LB), Vernon Carey (OT), Vince Wilfork (DT), Antrel Rolle (CB), and Kelly Jennings (CB). Moreover, Davis' smaller-than-usual recruiting classes are widely considered to have laid the foundation for Miami's undefeated national championship team of 2001 (under Davis' former offensive coordinator, Larry Coker), since many of his recruits were forced to play right away."

Read that last sentence again:

"Davis' smaller-than-usual recruiting classes are widely considered to have laid the foundation for Miami's undefeated national championship team of 2001 (under Davis' former offensive coordinator, Larry Coker), since many of his recruits were forced to play right away."

Isn't this exactly what Shannon is going through now? Notice the key word in there that Shannon uses time and time again about the 2008 class.


Now, let's look at the entire roster Shannon was left by Coker:


Not to mention Shannon saved that class by getting Marve and Cooper. Could you imagine if he didn't get Marve? We would have had another year with Kirby Freeman at QB since Wright graduated. Freeman couldn't even start for Baylor after he transferred.

Good job on comparing the two, but take a lesson from Manny:

"But before you rush to judgment or an opinion, take a deeper look at some numbers"

Go deeper...that's what she said!


360... you state that Coker did not leave Shannon a nasty defense... ummm... wasn't Shannon the defensive coordinator under Coker?

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